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On draft from Kasyan

I walk for Kasyanov, who occasionally glanced at his portly, slightly hunched figure, tired gait of a person's life. I am admiring spring landscape. It has been too many years since I was here the first time, but the craving and love for Polesie still alive in me. How many times I was carried away here in my dreams many times seen in his imagination, and the forest with birch on the selvages, and the dirt road extending to the eel, the last year covered matted grass. And it's great that finally broke out of the world around you barricade, rallies on the Maidan, chatty parliamentary Read more [...]
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Under the sky of my Africa …

Later, while, as usual, bred-parted company. The master went to live in Kostroma village, where he had a house, explaining his decision by saying that it is close in spirit to the idea of ​​the ancient Greek philosopher Crates the Theban, who, to get rid of the hassle of device petty everyday life, chose for himself a refuge poverty. During the rainy season from Animals do not have problems with watering, but when it comes to drought, the going gets tough for all the inhabitants of the savannah. Heart of Africa is full of singing and the glow,And I know that Read more [...]
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Landscapes. The moments when you do not take his eyes. Part two

Previously made pictures nice view, because remember where you were, I saw, and it was wonderful. It is especially nice to do in the winter, when 95% of days-gloomy and overcast.Remembering a blue sky - it means waiting again look.However, at the moment the sun is shining, spring starts to smell, despite the frost, and has felt pain in the same place. Hormones, probably. And the moon awakens the instincts of all sorts.On this meadow I whiled away the evenings on valdshnepinoy traction. If you stand exactly posredinke between the right and left birch fir trees, all shorebirds are in the shot, where Read more [...]
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«Under the sky of my Africa …»

The road goes up and down from hill to hill. The sun beat down mercilessly. Shadow was not there. Small animals grazed directly from the bushes, and Dmitri watched them and then lean to the grass, twisting their tails.Thirty years I wander through the woods,I'm not afraid of people or fire,None of the gods… But I know, I know:There is one who is stronger than me.This is the elephant in the thickets unexplored,He, like me, great and lonelyAnd plunges all passingYellowed broken tusk.GumilevHuge birds bare necks were sitting on branches of a large tree open beaks, and from the Read more [...]
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An hour before sunrise

The vernal pools from my steps blurred reflection of the sky and trees. Gusts spring breeze with the smell of pine forest is now nicer every air conditioner and air freshener. Cellular lost a few kilometers back. Now I'm really cut off from civilization, nearly a day. No, not at night. Before you approach a deaf singer will include navigation. With every kilometer the load on the muscles stronger their heats, but often halts. Backpack seemed heavier, the strap insistently put pressure on his shoulders, and get up when you do not want halts. What does it mean to lose shape overstayer house in winter… Read more [...]
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Propellers soar into the sky

Exercise in target shooting-propellersPhoto by Victor Gurov The Sporting has an interesting exercise - target shooting-propellers. As the competition is held in this form, I will show the example of "Open Championship First Shooting Hunting Club" on 19 May 2002, a party of which I happened to be. Shooting playground, its equipment and the target Rifle pad can be fitted on any open spot. the main thing – provide a measure of security. Shooting is conducted with a small number. From a distance of 25–30 m five-throwing machines are installed at intervals of 3–5 meters and 20 meters Read more [...]
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All finally happened!

Hunting excitement our team enough. And like hunting we have seen different, and success is not achieved once and experience of any call. But hunters gooseries our team was not. And to learn there was nobody. In the spring hunt in 2014, we began to make plans somewhere February. We visit both exhibitions in Moscow. Something bought with someone to talk to. Not the first year, passing by the stand of the hunter-Gusyatnikov from Ryazan Yuri Sidorov, I from interest considered his homemade camouflage suit «Stubble». Tempted to try every time Read more [...]
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Greetings ladies and gentlemen. Reading many posts, often scratched his head. Thinking about the need a huge backpack, with an incredible amount snaryagi, an endless search for associates, weekly fees and for all day access to the forest ... And why such troubles? Here are today walking along the embankment of my city ...And reading different funny inscriptions...Pulled me to where there is one-treasured place. It is not far. On the other bank of the Ob, the benefit of winter and to cross the river, you can walk. Along the way, we see that the fish in the Ob and winter caught!But it is Read more [...]
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Come spring, summer came. Thanks for that Party!

A little poetry ...What is summer? - This is heaven, In the sky, circling important old Messor. Without answering, he reads the article, Shakes his head wise Messor.What is summer? - This rock, It sneaks Nord with an ice pick, A GreyWalker done - our dentist stager Solo beats with a sick toothWhat is summer? - This LESHIY Torments tired grinder. And when the cow zamychit invitingly in the stall, He milked her, throwing welding.Summer fades minusovschik, He grazes on glades obese. And calm for your articles comrade Galushka, Battles for ratings izmuchal.Broken acacia and ficus, Walked Read more [...]
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You are doing your chores, as usual, life goes on as usual, joy and sorrow. Meetings and partings, some in love, some divorced, some only lives with children or with parents.. And suddenly , the sky darkened, became very very quiet, and later....Later came "THEY".. unprincipled as from the sky or from the ground... they want You .. your kids.. Family.. Wish US ALL For yourself .. "jam"..In short, the situation of the movie "War of the worlds"..THE QUESTION IN THE INTRODUCTION ? What will you do to try to escape? And are you ready for such a situation?Answer the questionnaire Read more [...]
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On the eve …

On the eve of the FloodDrops falling from the sky cloudy, That is not my tears pouring rain. It is in the sky angels wept There holding the last effort.Bluish white angel and the angel, Leaning against the gates of paradise, Wept bitterly. What's the matter? You guessed the answer himself.Walked past the Savior, and the angels Stand at attention in a hurry to take. - Tears in vain you drop, Indeed, in the paradise we have grace.- It is true, God, sin we grieve, And being in paradise easy. Do not be angry, we love it here, All native is, his own.We mourn the heavenly abode Read more [...]
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survival threat from the sky

The consequences of the FALL of a Meteor IN the URALS:*According to the Observatory of Ekaterinburg, close to the ground was the asteroid that caused 07:23 GMT to meteor rain in the form of fireballs over the territory of the Chelyabinsk region. *In the Chelyabinsk region, according to the latest data, hit 1 thousand 200 people.*No dead, but two people are in a languishing condition in intensive care. *Other scientists report that in the sky over the Chelyabinsk bolide exploded.*The authorities of the Chelyabinsk region was estimated material losses from the fall of a meteor, in General, they amount Read more [...]
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For tourist: Folk omens in January

Lots of snow - lots of bread. Reddish sun enters into the cloud - a day will be clear and frosty. Than vigorous frosts, the hotter summer. Samovar very buzzing - to frost. Dry icy January - to the hot summer. Snow in the fields - bread bins. New year - in the spring turn.January 1 - What is the first day of the month in January, and this first day of summer.January 6 - Lots of stars in the sky - high expected picking berries in the woods.On January 7 - If at Christmas starry sky - a good year for berries will stand out.January 13 - If Vasilyeva night from 13th to 14th Star - picking Read more [...]
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Tourist note: For good weather

Bindweed flowers disclosed in cloudy weather - a sure sign of the coming of sturdy sunny days. Flies awakened early and busy buzzing. Bramble leaves are twisted into a tube - ahead of the bad weather is not stable.If the mist after sunrise dissipated rapidly, you can be sure that the recent weather fun.Fog creeps water and disappears without wind after sunrise. Abundant than in the evening dew, the hotter will be next day.Milky Way perfectly visible and clear. Rainbow during the rain with a catchy and sparse yellowish blue sky predicts changes in the weather on the sun. Rainbow after Read more [...]
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For tourist: Cancel weather

Cancel weather - clouds occur in continuous lumens blue sky.Not bad weather - the evening in the west strip of clear sky. The sun is setting on a bright sky. Form setting sun distorted.Not bad weather - in the evening (and NIGHT MODE) fog.Not bad weather - cirrus clouds appear unusual shape, disappearing in the evening.Not bad weather - uniformly increasing pressure.Cancel weather - very temperature drops.Not bad weather - Swifts fly high.Not bad weather - NIGHT MODE evening and heavy dew.Not bad weather - funny day the wind increases, the evening quiet.Cancel Read more [...]
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