Factory Industry

Factory Industry in Dosov. time incl. negornozavodskie (processing) industry prom., is run by factory-s-dskoy inspection. The emergence and development of AF-ZP W. was prepared width. the proliferation of small-scale fisheries and crafts. Settlement and development of the edge in the second half. XVI-XVII century. accompanied by the influx of craft us., to-Roe brought with them from u. districts of the country's traditional crafts, tools and techniques of craft work skills. Already in the XVII century. in ur. , there were more than 70, and in the villages. areas up to 40 craft specialties; was Read more [...]
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TRADE UNIONS (UNIONS) mass org-tion of workers who share common interests in their professional activities. Roar. movement of the late XIX beginning of XX century. in Russia has prepared the emergence org-tions, is the prototype of the trade unions. This strike to-you, strike funds, cash drag, etc. Their activities help workers to defend their economic interests. With the rise of societies. movement in 1905 began to appear unions. First created them employees, intellectuals, a group of people of the liberal professions. In October. 1905 ECAT., Orenbah., Perm acted fin. All-Russia. unions of railway Read more [...]
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VOCATIONAL AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION uch-conductive, schools, etc.. spec. stationary Account. agencies engaged in the training of skilled slave .; Regular. link system prof.-tehn. Education and Training (TVET). W. prof.-tehn. uch. institutions emerged in the beginning. XVIII century. (Gornozavodsk school). In the first quart. XIX century. were open env. mountain uch-conductive in ECAT., Zlatoust, at Votkinsk, Theological and Goroblagodatsky z-dah. In the second floor. XIX century. VET is in decline due to the crisis in ur. gornoz-dskoy prom. In 1910, on the ter., Orenbah jurisdiction. uch. env. Read more [...]
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TRAINING WORKERS one of the forms of training and advanced training on the job Manuf., was developed in the prom. W. P.O.R component h. System of vocational education. P.O.R. was carried out on the z-dah U. in the first quart. XVIII century. Children artisans and workmen trained prof. skills, usually from their parents. Education extended period of time was of a makeshift nature, was carried out without the programs and uch. plans. Acquisition of prof. Knowledge hampered almost universal illiteracy slave. Improving literacy, improved techniques and technologies Manuf. during the Industrial Revolution Read more [...]
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Pavel Preobrazhensky

Pavel Preobrazhensky (13.01 (01.01). L874, Krestezkiy y., Novgorod province. 09. 10 1944, Moscow), a geologist, Dr. geol.-mineral. Sciences (1935). He graduated from St. Petersburg. bugle. Institute (1900). In 1900-18 slave. in gold district tries Eastern. Siberia. In 1922-24 Professor. Lv. and Perm. University Comrade. In 1924-38 slave. in Geolkom Ts and scientific-Inst. geological and exploration in-ones in 1938-41 Ch. geologist and cond. Institute of geology and metallurgy, in 1943-44 deputy. cond. State. Inst mining and chemical raw materials. Regular. Tr. Geology of salt deposits, their genesis Read more [...]
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PERM Decembrists

PERM Decembrists Populist rev.-org-tion. In 1880 on the initiative of the student of Kazan University, the local native V.F.Kazakova in Motovilikha originated circle. It consisted of high-school students, seminarians and clerks VG Kuznetsov, E.V.Popov, A.I.Kuzovnikov, V.Gribel, A.Gulin et al. Subsequently circle widened. At the end of 1881 he was involved group Motovilikha slave. V.I.Pershin, V.F.Ermolin et al. Most active period of 1882-1883 in the activities of the org-tion. Recognized hands. at this time was V.A.Pomerantsev expelled from Kazan University for participating in student demonstrations. Read more [...]
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FIRST RUSSIAN REVOLUTION Democratic roar. 1905-1907, to the paradise led to the modernization of watered. system of Russia. W. rise roar. movement early. not since Jan. 1905, and in May, when there was 37 strikes a slave. 35 thousand. participation., ie 2 times more than in the preceding 4 months. In March 1905 in Alapayevsk during the strike originated first in the country the Council office. dep. In April. The Council was formed in Nadezhdinskoye, and then under dec. titles. in Motovilikha, Nizhny Tagil, ECAT., Ufa, Zlatoust, Izhevsk and others. Y and z-dskih pos. U. Their total count in the Read more [...]
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MINING in prom. form of extra-economic coercion, which consisted in mandatory training on s-dah certain number of days in the city for the right to lease from factory owners farmland, meadows, pastures or receive fuel, p. materials. On a number of s-ing (Mikhailovsky, Yuryuzanskom etc..) For the right to get a job slave. had to cut and deliver to the sd certain number of Kurennykh firewood. In the beginning. XX century. 25 h of privately-dah Perm., Ufa, Orenbah. lips. of 210, 3 thousand. dec. land, which was in use gornozavodskogo us., 159.9 thousand. (76%) were allocated slave. free or for a Read more [...]
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MUNICIPAL PUPPET THEATRE TALE (1992) opened in 1957 as Sverdl. region. Puppet Theatre (Novoural'sk). First cond. Baranov VI, the first ch. dir. Alekseev Max. Math. staging dir. POZDNIAKOV K. and thin. Tihovsky L. great magician, Sister Alenushka brother Ivan, a play by V.Goldfelda baby house, Toshka and giant. A new stage in the work of the team began performances Military Secret Gaidar, Humpbacked Horse N.Ershova Adamek of insects I.Skupy, Chipollino Dzh.Rodari staged Honored. Art. Taj. SSR dir. Harkevicha B. With the advent of the theater Honored. slave. Culture Minister Korkodinova V. appeared Read more [...]
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Motovilikhinskiye REBELLION

Motovilikhinskiye REBELLION 12-13 December. 1905 in the village. Motovilikha, armed uprising pers. combat org-tions of the RSDLP and the Socialist Revolutionary Party. Cause of recovery. was considerable dissatisfaction h. slave. and employees ext. and ext. watered. autocracy. The occasion was the adventurist armed uprising led by the Bolsheviks slave. in Moscow. Regular. recovery requirements. were presented at a meeting in Motovilikha December 10. 1905 overthrow of the autocracy and the establishment of a democratic rep., The immediate release of all prisoners in the Russian watered. cases, Read more [...]
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MARXIST CIRCLES initial stage of folding in Russia illegally Sots.-dem. a servant. party prior to its formal design, when was the spread of Marxist doctrine, developed the doctrine and program of Sots.-dem. The first Marxist work has entered the U. in the early 1870 agriculture In the 80s dissemination of Marxist literature has become large scale. Turn ur. revolutionaries to Marxism occurred in 1890-X. In the late 80's early 90's circle Marxist direction formed in the ECAT. CL. mug Nasardinov, ISI and others were Rev. propaganda, attempted to create an illegal printing press, kept in touch with Read more [...]
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LYSVENSKOYE STRIKE anti-war speech slave. Lysvenskoye C-Yes VT. . 20 July 1914, mobilized in the arm. Took the nature of armed conflict with ADM. and authorities. A servant. gathered in front of the C-doupravlenija and demanded to be paid two weeks in advance and provide for their families. Refusing to comply, officials ADM. OCD. and C-Yes, that was in the building, opened the crowd slave. shooting. Hastily armed with sticks, stones, hunting rifles, slave. besieged building C-doupravlenija. To help ADM. police arrived. In a shootout which killed 10 people from a number of ADM. and several. a servant. Read more [...]
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STRIKE (From Italian. And Spanish. Basta basta, enough, enough), strike, one of the DOS. forms of struggle slave. for the improvement of living conditions. Z. is the collective refusal to continue to work on the same terms. First Z. took place in Italy in the XIV century. In the XVI-XVIII centuries. Received wide. distribution in Europe. gos Islands. In Russia, the first recorded at the Z. of certain enterprises in the XVIII-XIX centuries., But Ser. XIX century. were extremely rare. V.Dal in the dictionary, giving the definition of Z. close to the present one, specify that it is a foreign Z. Read more [...]
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UNIVERSAL political strike in October 1905

UNIVERSAL political strike in October 1905 one of the most important stages of the first Russian. roar. It served as a prologue to the fight against Bulygin Duma. For the preparation of the strike in the summer of 1905 spoke Vseros. Union of Unions and w / d union. V.O.P.S. beg. Roads Moskov. w / d unit on the night of October 7. U. first (October 7.) It entered the railroad Ufa, then strike the railroad N-Tagil Chelyaba., Chrysostom, ECAT., Vyatka. By October 14. became a general strike on the train. d. W. Concurrently. with the railway in the fight involved the telegraph, they were joined by Read more [...]
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Alexey Belyakov

Alexey Belyakov (1870, in Lapushevsky. Kazan province. 1927, Moscow), the Social-Democrats., Bolshevik. Of the cross. In 1888 he graduated from the Samara Pedagogical Seminary, in 1893 passed the external examination for engineer page. In roar. movement since the late 1880s. In 1892-93 participation. Samara Marxist group, led by Vladimir Lenin. From 1893 he worked in Chelyaba. in the management of the railway, was involved in illegal circles, corresponded with Vladimir Lenin and N.E.Fedoseevym. In 1897 one of the org-tori and hands. Lv. slave. Union maintained links with the slave. circle in Read more [...]
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Alapaevskih Soviet of Workers’

Alapaevskih Soviet of Workers' (Authorized), established March 8, 1905, in the course of the strike slave. Neiva-alapayevskogo met. h-huh. Consisted of 33 depots. Leading positions occupied Social-Democratic. and SRs. Presents t. EA was a Bolshevik Soloviev, secretary. vacillated between the Social-Democrats. and SRs G.G.Vetlugin. First, the Council acted as strike-ta. This is evident from the content of petitions to the pr-woo and calls to local adm., Includes DOS. economic and social demands. In the future, the Council viewed the growth of watered. requirements and the desire to carry out the Read more [...]
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No slavery … illusions! ?

Comrade kiberwolker dedicated!"The weakness and helplessness of one substance is often provocation immorality, sadism and despotism in another creature ..." Hegel A lot of things broken survayverskim community debates about the fate of the world after you know what: "Who, when, who, where and lope ... cans of corned beef?" Main issue "Che finally do something?" There is, however, another beloved question "Does the NEA took the toilet paper?" but he accepted answer reproachful look. And here, in a variety of disputes and sleepless gigabytes komentov no-no and start talking about who is actually Read more [...]
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Modern slaves

1. Economic coercion of slaves to constant work. Modern slave is obliged to work without stopping to destruction, because the Funds earned by the slave for 1 month, enough to pay for housing for 1 month, food for 1 month and travel for 1 month. Because the funds are sufficient the modern slave is always only 1 month, the modern slave is obliged to work all my life to ruin. The pension is also great fiction, because Slave-pensioner gives all her money for housing and food, and a servant-pensioner remains available funds.2. The second mechanism hidden forcing slaves to work is the creation of artificial Read more [...]
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Locality Slave lake in Alberta almost no

UpdatedThe town of Slave lake, which, as the name implies, is located on the shore of the lake, it would probably rebuild it. Forest fire, driven by the wind speed up to 80 km/h, almost destroyed several buildings that housed the offices of the village, where he lives (or lived) about 7 thousand people.Mayor Karina Pillay-Kinney confirmed that the fire burned down and the city hall building, and a local radio station. All highways in diameter and 70 km from the burning town are closed to traffic. The smoke from the fires was so thick that it is hardly possible to consider the subject, Read more [...]
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New population of Russia

In Russia, no one will work? But the experience of the new settlement deserted countries in the "civilized" is! In the XVI-XVII centuries. slavers depopulated Africa to populate the Americas. Populate the Negro slaves. Primitive tribes of Indians massacred just to "liberate" them from the rich tropical land. Plantations Indians died by the thousands, worked captive Indians badly, "breeding" - is even worse. Exploit their practical Europeans considered unprofitable. And then "had" to start the import of black slaves Africa. In 1522, the first time the Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).