«Too late, Dubrovsky! ..»

Lied merchants, to the extent of how much things have to happen for the lied saints more than lied to merchants, for the sanctity of more trade and believes himself a skillful way ...Internal capacity a brass sleeve tsentroboy, to our chagrin of Sanya, was clearly small. According to the instruction on the package smoky «Bears»We fell asleep to equip the sleeve 16-gauge minimum, ie, five grams of powder.Then zapyzhivali cardboard kruglyashi and two felt-pyzhami from 12 gauge, after re-cardboard lining, umyakushivali navoynikom almost from under the hammer (though smoker and is not afraid Read more [...]
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Beaver in belehovski

So, today we are preparing a beaver.Take the sleeve for bakingBeaver meat soaked 12 hours changing the water at least 5 times.Then you can soak another 5 hours a solution of vinegar (optional)Take the cabbage and separate sheets, laying on the bottom of the sleevesSeasonings can be any. I took these:Cut the largest Bulgarian pepper. It will be laid meatDo not forget to salt !!We close the sleeve and put in the oven at 200 degreesBe sure to poke a few small holes sleeve. Otherwise, the sleeve will break par!An hour later, the temperature has lowered to 150 degrees. Next product looks soRemove the Read more [...]
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And again on the brass sleeve

Part twoPhoto: Anton Zhuravkov Now, about the experience and the intricacies of equipment and operation. First, the economic component. For those who do a lot of shooting (doves, quail), there is a direct sense to buy these cartridges even a fantastically high price – 40 rubles apiece. At first, the cost of the cartridge will be prohibitively high, but after 10–15 recharges the sleeve has to be free.With careful operation it will be enough for 100 shots, and even more. Just one piece of advice: check all purchased sleeve, without departing from the counter. Our producer Read more [...]
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The effectiveness of fire - a multifactorial process that depends on a complex interaction of "arrows - weapons - chuck". To achieve maximum results, all part of the complex should be impeccable and, in addition, optimally matched. Here, all the elements are important, but the decisive role belongs, of course, the arrow.Device for crimping bullets Dultsev cartridges cartridges rifle. Functions arrow (or hunter) can be divided into two parts. One of them is in the right rifle skills: the ability to handle a weapon, possession of a set of stable starting position for shooting.But Read more [...]
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To break the capsule paper — in detail

I want to show the answer to the second image to the article "The breakthrough capsule" What is shown in the first picture I saw in the right barrel, at a distance of 30 millimeters from the official cutoff. This sleeve welt decreased by 1.7mmBack to article A.Yarkovogo: "Break capsule"In the second case, I do wrong until «dissected exhibit» and I do not understand what is missing.The reason is that I had no idea of ​​the design is the sleeve and received his sight, stumbled in his closet for a similar cartridge.In the first photo, we see that picture in the newspaper Read more [...]
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First study, then shoot!

Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Part 2You always have to remember the lesson of the old hunter ST Aksakov that each gun has its own special charge, which has better. I would add to that the need to have a gun for personal liner. Before charging of the cartridge, you need to lathe manufactured, knowing the exact size of your internal gun, the two tools. First – This pyzherubka, cardboard pad beneath which must go through the channel of the barrel with a certain preload, tolerances turner knows better than anyone. Second – navoynik a metal, the outer diameter of which should Read more [...]
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About gunpowder «Salute»

Gunpowder "Salyut-4" I started to use 10-12 years ago. I bought a couple of cans on the occasion. Charges, as usual, with two cardboard spacers, and felt pyzhamiPhoto: Anton Zhuravkov Powder «Salyut-4» I started to use 10 years–12 ago. I bought a couple of cans on the occasion. Charges, as usual, with two cardboard spacers, and felt pyzhami. Charges in sleeve with a plastic wad container, then embedded with an asterisk. These bullets were shot from rifles TOZ-34; TOZ-87; TOZ-66; IL-27; MC-21-12. Particularly good results on the accuracy and clarity of the two Read more [...]
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She remained under the birch

What did not happen to us during the hunt! For example, by itself you will fall down a long-awaited trophy, sometimes from the sky, sometimes a tree. However, there are also quite controversial cases ...Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Even in the dark duck flew heap and unexpectedly. And when a pack came out of the bushes into the open, I hit her in the trail only once since the second time did not want to shoot a gun. This is when all the firing, but around whistling wings, floated the ducks! What the hell, I swear, turning and looking at his new MC-21-12. What with her? Ochumev from Read more [...]
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Misalignment of the cartridge

I have a MC 20-01 is sometimes a problem. Another patron, fed from the store, wedged in the window of the receiver. This usually happens when the shutter is too sudden movement forward.If this happens, it is necessary or ramrod to push through the barrel of the cartridge, or some object, having rested in lip liner, try to apply it back. All this leaves some, perhaps, not very large, but still time. How to speed up this process? There is a solution.It is necessary that the subject, which is fed back to the cartridge, precise and fast, even for nervous and awkward movements of the hand, found the Read more [...]
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Stability shotshell

Suppose that as a result of selection of the components of the cartridge and the relations between its members achieve the desired parameters of the shot shot: accuracy radius R50, sguscheniek center, uniformity, sharpness. Cartridge to the gun tucked up. And what about the constancy of the fight?Photo: Sergey Lev Suppose that as a result of selection of the components of the cartridge and the relations between its members achieve the desired parameters of the shot shot: accuracy radius R50, thickening towards the center, uniformity, sharpness. Cartridge to the gun tucked up. And Read more [...]
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About dampening properties wads

In this article, I want to touch on one small question: what are the dampening properties of plastic wads containers, and whether they have all these properties.As far as I know, pyzhami container engaged Michael Blum, and probably he himself was given the name of the part of the wad, which is located between the bottom of the container and collar obtyuriruyuschey of the wad.Well, Mikhail called her as Blum – somehow it was necessary to call it. But later this title has become axiomatic, not giving anyone the possibility of doubt viciousness name. All subsequent hunting literature directly Read more [...]
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New in the old world of ammunition

The end of the XX century and the beginning of XXI give a lot of surprises hunters. There is a rapid build-up of an entirely new technology in a hunting rifle, ammunition, hunting. In Moldova, opened the hunting market, and there are many foreign weapons, it is not known to us, the manufacturer.In addition to the new range of shotguns, new ammunition. This was new in the old, familiar world of ammunition and written this article.Gunpowder «Falcon»Of course, there will still be a long time. He thoroughly studied, mastered by all. But it would be foolish in the presence of the restaurant's Read more [...]
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About MC 20-01 and its lesser Bratz

Deciding to go hunting, I went to look for the start of some plain ruzhetso and bought MC 20-01. Beautiful to look at, multiply charged acceptable to the novice hunter price ... Well ... ... I Went targeting holders fitted out himself without a passport overstating recommended batches of guns ...When checking the sharpness combat instructor sighting dash once said: «More gunpowder!» In the end, these words were heard: «Hunting is not suitable ...» Several frustrated, going home ... He began to think that the same ... At the very beginning the instructor said, «We currently Read more [...]
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Black powder

Previously, it was a lot, was a gunpowder "Bear", "grouse" numbered 2, 3, 4. A particularly valued the so-called Selective Low smoke gunpowder. Previously, rural hunters from their berdanok 32, 28, 20 gauge shot metal cap sleeves "Tsentroboy" and only black powder and beat any animal from the hare to the moose and birds - from quail to the capercaillie. They did not recognize the smokeless powder, and for some reason, a large-caliber guns, ranging from 16 gauge and more. Now, especially in the countryside, complete breakdown, unemployment, and who works, wages are not received over the years. That Read more [...]
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Random cartridges — not casual slips

Of course, at the present time, few Tutor ammunition cartridges. But with such a valuable hunting lodge and game, like geese, this work is very rewarding. Among my fellow gooseries majority equip themselves cartridges. From this (if you want to achieve the best fight of the trunk) does not leave anyone ... Otherwise, as they say, random bullets - nonrandom wounded animal ...His conscience had lawsBut one dear to me, though Slash.I do not believe in ready-made cartridges,When you come out to the line.(Mikhail Smirnov)It has long been verified – the best shock absorber for the fraction is starch Read more [...]
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Return Move

Or even just about felt PyzhiShutterstock Photo Once again I found myself in «HORN» on the tooth Boris Laputko  – even throw write. The fact that this long-running dispute has bothered me the order and respond to attacks Boris I is not going to. The debate enters the final time, so for me it is very important to be printed this time.Yes, I use a felt wad neosalenny, whatever may be said in 1913 on the occasion of trading in a hunting weapon Tarnopolsky, publish under a pseudonym «Civil Engineer».Looking on the Internet these days, I asked a question Read more [...]
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Cartridge for shooting in cold weather

I would like to reflect on the problems of ammunition and equipment to tell about my practical experienceIn this connection, will offer fans of the autumn-winter hunting is one of the variants of equipment cartridges, providing a reliable and stable enough to fight gun. The process equipment is a minor modification of the embodiment based on the use of felt cut wads. Yu proposed hunter Florentsevym E. Shteingol'd and approved in 1962 («Fishing and hunting», №2).  Cases need new, cardboard or plastic, preferably with a high metal rim (skirt). I stress that the polyethylene liner Read more [...]
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Ignite charge!

It would seem a simple task ignition of gunpowder charge for many centuries does not rest gunsmiths. And today in this direction are constantly going ...Capsule to dulnozaryadnym muskets. A characteristic feature of the structure is cross-shaped petals, convenient for quick manipulation capsules. Initially, the ignition of gunpowder charge in Firearms produced using pieces of smoldering coal, a little later — a red-hot iron rod. Around the 1370-ies begins to apply the wick — slaboskruchennoy cord from hemp yarn impregnated with a solution Read more [...]
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Samokrutov for deer

European and Siberian roe deer - the most promising species for hunting economy of our country10 million individuals of European and Siberian roe deer lives in the world today. It Was recently pleasantly surprised to read in EGR several articles on independent gear cartridges. Before of the more common materials other content, favor ammunition factory production. My personal experience and bitter experience tells friends that are responsible for hunting cartridges need to prepare yourself. Too hurt to miss the prey when buckshot barely breaks it skin Read more [...]
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Polymer alternative

The heating rate and the depreciation of the trunk, the accuracy, recoil, muzzle velocity and weight of ammunition - all of these characteristics can be improved thanks to the plastic sleeve. More precisely established modern polymers.At a recent in US SHOT Show, one of the largest exhibitions dedicated to arms, the company PCP Ammunition tucked in his belt and critics competitors: they were able to create a non-metallic sleeve chambered 7,62h51mm and outfitted it high bullet Sierra MatchKing HPBT.In addition to a cartridge assembly weighs third less than in the same brass Read more [...]
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