Due to lack color palette of material that is rolled, the platform decided to do a dark color. It is more practical, so I'm not complaining) First they tossed the sketch of the future product, abysmall. If you can't see the dimensions on the sides of 10 mm between rows sling 25 mm, cell size standard 38 mm, because between the seams take 40 mmNext take a thick cellophane. I don't know why he usually used, but as the basis for drawing amazing. In the household stores 1.5 $ /m Remove all excess.Then take a piece of Cordura for the inner surface. Air-mesh no and where to buy don't know. Well and good, Read more [...]
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What we have, and have the machete TRAMONTINA, the lack of them of the sheath and the desire to improve. We will need:" a piece of fire hose, diameter 66 " plastic folder for papers" sling" hardware(rivets, semi)" Shyla" lighter (though any open flames)" clamp (if there is, it is more convenient, but it is possible to do) glue the moment pencil" scissorsThen put a machete to the folder a little hudognechek and not bothered by the cut (it will insert into the sleeve for rigidity). Then this paste applied on the sleeve to draw out and cut again.In advance (photo unfortunately not) to the sleeve, Read more [...]
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Cotter-pouch for a day … (Chapter 2, final version)

And so, it's time to hitch a pouch to its rightful place!On a backpack (RDM) has been set for attaching pouches system Molli, but on the pouch does not, and indeed there was nothing, so I had to think and to adjust to the size. For this, I sewed and glued horizontal sling thickness of 2.5 cmThen, slings (Molli) installed on the knapsack had to strap 4 (wrap around straps and flash).Because fasteksy (clips) I have no, I had to resort to a temporary option and set my favorite Velcro.Then I slipped 2 central fastening straps sewn to the backpack sling in the first through RDM, then through Read more [...]
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Scrolled search "sling." In March last year there was a discussion, but in the comments. Because let "concentrated" material ... For those who have small children (up to 3.5 years) and have not yet resolved the question of evacuation comfortable, well, or just a convenient and relatively tedious around the city (for the city, etc.) sharing information about using slings. The information is intended for the male part of the forum, because of any breastfeeding invisible pros on the go will not speak. All this can be read in the internet. I'm going to announce a sling only as a means to carry the Read more [...]
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Pouch to jar with his own hands

Not so long ago in my arsenal appeared flask, and I immediately a host of ideas for snaryagi jars (much inspiration from poetry to speak). Poking around in the bins, found a couple of pieces of camouflage fabric and then I was quite clouded. First of all decided to sew for her pouch. Little thought, making measurements and pattern, I cut parts pouch, I got them five: front side, back (2cm more than others {height} then tell you why), sides (2 pieces) and the bottom. Cover decided not to do so because there was a lot of ideas and options for its tailoring.I sewed by hand for such a system: first, Read more [...]
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Pouches for flashlight batteries and cassette

As batteries and ammunition scattered in pockets on the need cassette. Well pouch cassette. And time is a pouch with batteries why in the same pouch not put headlamp flashlight. Making PatternsTake a camouflage tarp and backing fabric cut and sew glue adding sling, 25mm wide Velcro, eyelets and buttons at the bottom sling mount.Hang on a backpackCassette batteries made from a piece of 50mm and 40mm straps stitched gum in 10-15mmRead more [...]
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Acquiring Started Kiteboarding: 2013 Catapult Turbine

    Pic: Courtesy of SlingA:Sling’s immense 17-meter Turbine makes it light to rip, evening in the lightest winds. For the 2013 framework, the accompany familiarized the fender tip, designing, and curb for more upper and heavy relaunch. One skillful characteristic of the kite is that it performs likewise on the hoodwink as in the h2o. “When you’re out on the heap on a hard-hitting bluebird day and it’s blowing 10 mph, you can put the Turbine 17 on your snowboard or skis," says Forman. "Its vast canopy keeps you in the air yearner.”Damage: Read more [...]
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RD-54 Modernization

Long time bought myself RD-54 from a friend who brings somewhere and sells all sorts of little things military. From the old canvas differs only in modern synthetic materials and camouflage colors. Read about paratrooper backpack and see the pictures HEREThat looked so my RD to rework (photo on the internet):And here is the updated:Long he lay me around until his hands itch.It took me a small backpack for the attacks "by nature" for 1-2 days in the warm season. And now, instead of that would buy, I decided to remake RDshku that would not lay idle.I must say that is not very convenient Read more [...]
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Knit knots

Anchor loop (Anchor Hitch) Anchor loop is used to attach a sling or to any object. This node holds good even if you change the tension straps. Node can be made even stronger if the floor to add a couple of loops.It is an object.Wound a few turns around the object.Wrap the straps around the end of the stationary part of the sling.Pass the end of the lines made by turns.Tighten. Everything is ready.Bowline, bowline knot (Bowline) Bowline - a very versatile unit. He quickly fastened (when get the hang), he does not slip and not locked. With this assembly can easily make a loop, Read more [...]
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In the end defeating the evil enemy (laziness) and all accomplished, lay out the material for manufacturing a sheath for a machete. Maybe someone handy. The idea is not mine, unadulterated plagiarism, exclusively in my vision and awareness.What we have, and have the machete TRAMONTINA, the lack of them of the sheath and the desire to improve. We will need:-a piece of fire hose, diameter 66 -the plastic folder for papers-sling-hardware(rivets, semi)-Shyla-lighter (though any open flames)-clamp (if there is, it is more convenient, but it is possible to do)-glue the moment-pencil-scissorsThen put Read more [...]
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Bayanists sheath of slings for Orlan-2

Bayanists sheath of slings for Orlan-2I once wrote a friend on Skype, supposedly gave me a wife rezhik but minus one, there was no response of the button strap. I suggested to him to put another button, but he refused arguing that he wants no such Aboriginal sheath as native. I then took over the job.Tool set is almost the same, except for the sewing machine, a photo of her not lead will, can someone also wants a Of consumables I needed a sling 50 mm, 25 mm, and the sling loop fastener "Velcro" 25 mm. Next were drilled rivets on the old sheath, the sheath native served as "donor" to be Read more [...]
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