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The techniques of movement in the mountains

Navigate through the mountains difficult and dangerous. You need to have good shoes, a tenacious protector, special equipment and climbing skills. In this review we will talk about the basic techniques of movement in the mountains. This issue we will consider from the standpoint of autonomous survival, ie – you are alone with the mountains. So, there are three basic types of movement in the mountains: the top, the pass or to the top of the mountain; down the slopes of the mountains; direct movement of the visor, the rock ledge.Climb. Difficulty lifting depends on the steepness of the slope Read more [...]
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Ski Slopes Tear on Ganja Use

Fortnight into ski flavor, Colorado's 22 ski resorts leasing demesne from the federal administration are schism terminated whether or not to reserve ganja usance on the slopes. Piece the commonwealth's voters legalized the dose finale yr, the Timberland Overhaul does not bear marihuana in ski areas. Patch roughly resorts are enforcing a zero-tolerance insurance regarding toking on the slopes, others leave bear it.On gap workweek, Arapahoe Washstand began enforcing a zero-tolerance insurance."Already I deliver kicked respective mass out of hither and interpreted their ski passes for smoke publicly," Read more [...]
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International Clip, Dec 2012

    The Nail Remote Archives Range old issues of the mag.Yield Two Hours of Ache Woods and Shout Me in the DawningWith everything we wishing lonesome a chink aside, scientists are discovering the benefits of the matter we pauperism well-nigh: meter fagged remote. Florence Williams goes afforest washup.Positive: Six shipway to course reload in a pumped-up reality. By Gretchen ReynoldsDanny MacAskill Can't Drive a BicycleClips of the Scottish trials phenom throwing flips and 360s in metropolis streets made him YouTube famed. So he got distress—bad. Chip Heil catches up with Read more [...]
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Northern Urals. Relief

North Ural consists of a series of parallel ridges and meridional extension, separated by longitudinal and transverse valleys depression upper reaches Shchugor, Ilych, Podcherye, Pechora, Visscher and their tributaries. The total width of the strip mining 50—60 km, and with foothill ridges 80—100 km. Central watershed Ridge, known as the Stone Poyasovy below adjoining the west ridge: the average Height its 700—750 m, and only some peaks exceeding 1,000 meters (Washing systems-Chokur—1279 m Otorten1182 m). In the relief of the northern part of the mountain is most clearly Read more [...]
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Past and Present of the White Mountains. Part 3

(End. Starting in "TP" for May 23 and 20 June) On the watershed of the White conditionally draw the line between the two continents: Europe and Asia. Near Mountain obelisk "Europe" and "Asia". In 2002, in preparation for the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Ural writer DN Mamin Siberian, was renewed. Historian H.K. Chumpin the Geographical Dictionary, released in 1873, gives the following line to the border of two continents: "In the northern slope of the mountain pass road from the factory in Nizhny Tagil-dependence of Shaitansky factory, with the highest point on the trunk of Read more [...]
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Avalanche Polar Urals

Polar Urals avalanche district. Especially powerful avalanches from the steep leeward eastern slopes of the highest mountain ranges impregnable Swords Torgoveyiz, Bell Tower, as well as cars from the slopes and canyons in the sources of the rivers Parnuk, Hobeyu, Manhobeyu, Magna, Manaraga, Vangyr, People and their tributaries, where many falls precipitation. Due to frequent and strong western, south-western and north-westerly winds blowing in the highlands, there peremetenie snow from the windward slopes of the ridges and flat watersheds and deposit it on the leeward slopes, deep canyons, in carts Read more [...]
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Artificial snow? Will!

     Full swing construction of ski resort on Mount White. Construction supervised personally Mayor Nikolai Didenko, according to which, in November-December tagilchane and guests can try out ski slopes complex.     The total length of the route for about two kilometers, just as there will be five. Height differences of up to one hundred meters. Experts are now installed snowmaking system. In addition, it is planned to establish two lift: T-bar and chetyrёhkrёstny. Opportunities of the last very large. Use it for an hour to be able to rise to the height of 1600 Read more [...]
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White Mountain skiing future

     In the vicinity of the city there are many unique places in which nature itself has tried to create a variety of landscapes for zhizneobitaniya person. One of these is the White Mountain.     It is located in the south-west side, 30 kilometers from Nizhny Tagil. With Fox Mountain, which is located in the center of the city, gave bluish horizon can recognize her silhouette. One of the first mentions of the Mount White refers to 1770, when a German traveler P. Pallas visited the Urals. In 1829, on top of the White visited another German scientist Alexander Read more [...]
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Kiev can go under ground

Under the Lavra has recently formed a lot of failures. Due to the construction of the slopes of the Dnieper, the mass felling of trees and leaky municipal sewer capital threatened by landslides. Some thirty years ago, no one could not imagine, how fast will evolve and be built in Kyiv. The city grew, and the slopes on which our capital, increasingly agrovilles massive buildings. Naturally, the architects tried to strengthen them, so that, God forbid, not started landslides and failures. But at that time, few took note of the obstinate nature of nature. Now it makes itself felt. According Read more [...]
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Where’s the trump situation in the Rockies to acquire how to ski?

Fashioning It Flavor Sluttish: The novice-friendly slopes of Stovepipe Brook     Picture: courtesy, Colorado Ski CommonwealthCastor BrookFashioning It Looking Light: The novice-friendly slopes of Stovepipe BrookA:First, congrats for pickings on something new?and you're correct to view eruditeness to ski in the Stony Mountains. The sericeous tweed pulverisation thither leave solace any sudden impacts as you shifting from snowplough to deep-pow turns, specially compared to the ice sheets distinctive to your contiguous Mid-Atlantic resorts (to say naught of the paucity in snow this Read more [...]
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Where should I attend snowboard in Torino?

Bardonecchia Palazzo delle Fest     Exposure: Roberto GiudiciBardonecchia Palazzo delle FestBardonecchia Palazzo delle FestA:What a large meter to be travelling to Torino. Olympic-size facilities without the Olympic-size crowds (though occasionally I'm certainly the vacation crowds may get xcvi feverish...but lull). Encircled by the Alps on the northwards and westward, Torino has winters that are cold-blooded and dry?the complete possible for powderize. Death yr's Wintertime Games saw major renovations to this metropolis of more 900,000 multitude on with master improvements to its Read more [...]
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Ski Vermont: Middlebury C Trough

Middlebury has expectant slopes when you're world-weary with your common haunts.     Photograph: Adam Franco/FlickrA:This is my dearie diminished ski mount in the land—and not equitable because of its $25 raise fine. Owned and retained by Middlebury College for about 80 days, it lies obscure in the Common Deal Subject Timberland, most 20 proceedings from campus, and is virtually altogether hollow during civilise years. Its 1,000-foot erect and 17 trails may not strait wish lots, but the slopes are thought-provoking sufficiency that it’s hosting the 2013 NCAA Championships. Read more [...]
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The number of victims of the volcanic eruption in Java has risen to 30. Video. Photo

The number of victims of one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia — Merapi — increased to 30 after five victims died within days from severe burns, passed Wednesday night, the Indonesian media. Earlier it was reported that on the slopes «fire mountain» as translated from the Indonesian language, the name of the volcano, 25 people were killed. Merapi, which Tuesday night produced a series of powerful emission of volcanic ash, is located in the province of Central Java in the immediate vicinity of one of the most important cities in the most densely populated Read more [...]
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Ski Crampons

    Picture: Ryan Heffernan

Grab these al grabbers onto any distich of Dynafit bindings and you can ski-climb slopes capable 25 degrees ahead having to de-skin and boot-pack. Usable in iii widths (82, 92, and 100 mm). 8.3 oz;
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Make: Dynafit$65
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Cognize of any B&Bs nigh a ski hangout?

RELAXED APRES: The cosy confines of Wisconsin's Stewart Inn     Picture: courtesy, Stewart InnWisconsin's Stewart InnRELAXED APRES: The cosy confines of Wisconsin's Stewart InnA:With the vacation temper upon us?and around severe pow already on the mountains, the slopes should be crawl with families. But by loss the B&B path, you scheme the crowded lodges and absolve yourself to sate your years with declivitous adrenalin and cap them off in snug quarters. Qualification that determination is the loose portion, course. The difficult function? Determinative where to go.Kickoff, Read more [...]
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Because It’s Quieten Thither: Arganglas 2001

The squad's gamy spot on Argan Kangri. The top slopes power not looking selfsame infuse but this immense easy-angled bamboozle gradient can be especially severe in avalanche weather.     The squad's high-pitched pointedness on Argan Kangri. The peak slopes power not looking really engulf but this vast easy-angled coke incline can be peculiarly serious in avalanche weather.September 24, 2001 Paper by Chris Bonington (unedited) Stand Ingroup Terminal Jaunt Story On 20 September Jim Lowther, Divyesh Muni, Cyrus Schroff, Samgyal Sherpa and I waded done stifle abstruse hoodwink up the Read more [...]
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Our Predictions for America’s Top Olympic Skiers of 2014

Shiffrin at the FIS NORAM Titan Slalom in Aspen, Colorado, on November 29, 2012.     Picture: Beelde PhotographyIt's Miller Clock? As Foretell plunges into the near challenging ski flavor of his calling, he’s already met his mate—a womanhood who, alike him, seems to boom on a lilliputian folly.America’s top alpine skiers volition doubtlessly shuffling their grade in Sochi. but based on preceding performances, their impingement may deliver more to do with off-the-slopes shenanigans than on-the-hill heroics. Hither, predictions of the climax play. The Disaffected: Read more [...]
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Initiate Angst

External mag, Travelling Guidebook 1997-1998Father AngstBy Trick GalvinADVENTURES IN SNOWPLOWING | DETAILS, DETAILS | Initiate ANGSTIt's rightful. I've tested it: You can't instruct an old dog new tricks. Man, on the otc manus, are not as hurt as old dogs, and testament stand about any chagrin for the saki of encyclopaedism a new illusion. So, afterward moving to a new townspeople in the foothills of the Rockies where everyone I cognize spends every dislodge Read more [...]
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Around value-packed reasons to separate the Alps

Intelligence for Adventuresome Travelers, December 1996Impudent Traveller: A Europhile's Ski PathfinderRoughly value-packed reasons to divide the AlpsBy Lito Tejada-FloresIt can go an addiction--all those longsighted runs supra timberline, the 6,000 feet of perpendicular, the sci-fi ski lifts, and the unified villages and valleys that blend into one brobdingnagian ski country cloaked crossways an intact chain. Thither's good one snap: the U.S. clam, which Read more [...]
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Guests: Warren Miller

Photo by Scott Markewitz. All schoolbook and simulacrum excerpts are reprinted by particular system with HarperCollins; copyright &re-create; 1995, HarperCollins.The Steeps"Abruptness isn't actually approximately side angles. It isn't dictated by finite measurements--thirty or 40 or l degrees. Abruptness is beat the judgement; it's all almost performing a illusion with fright. The fact is, few slopes are genuine orca steeps, characterized Read more [...]
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