The smaller half a meter

Photo by Aleksey Kolomiets Most fishing experts begin analytical articles with phrases like: «…The first time I caught this way many years ago. In that day…»- And then, after the amusing stories, go to generalizations. But my first ice fishing on the minimum depth in the spring, so I will speak in the order, and get back to the case and then, if the word is necessary.First iceAt this time the fish are biting at any depth, we can not say that it tends to be shallow. Another thing is that the angler tends to sites with opaque ice, which are usually located Read more [...]
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What you need to know all buyers of boats and outboard motors

There is bi-stable opinion (just as common as it is false). In order to use the boat no special documentation is not necessary. Get documents for the boat and the right to manage a small boat is very difficult. There is bi-stable opinion (just as common as it is false):In order to use the boat no special documentation is not necessary.Get documents for the boat and the right to manage a small boat is very difficult.In fact, no need for each boat documents and law. If your inflatable boat load of 225 kilograms or more and / or on the outboard motor is installed (any capacity), then you are a happy Read more [...]
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Spawning ecology and ruff

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Ruff, the smallest predator perch family, is constantly present in the catches anglers. It is quite numerous in reservoirs Canal. Moscow. Early maturing, relatively high fertility, easy maintenance and a wide range of food provide a high number of perch in the lake. Usually the size of a ruff of 10-15 cm, rarely up to 20 cm. Weight 15-20 g, rarely up to 50-100 g ruff reaches sexual maturity in the second year. Spawns ruff the second half of May. Caviar ruff larger than perch, about 1 mm in diameter, with a large oil drop. Spawning takes place in small portions, Read more [...]
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Pike last ice

At first glance, catching on winter zherlitsy may seem simple and even boring. It would seem that there may be special in this fishing: dotted «flags» and tarry, wait for a bite. But as in any fishing, there are some nuances and secrets.Vividly complexity and ambiguity of fishing on zherlitsy manifested in the spring, when biting pike become moody and fickle. How many times: sitting on the pond in the company of other zherlichnikov, bite, only one, the others are empty. What kind of miracles? Or this: catch in the pond is not the first time, you know, it would seem, Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Last week was notable for the fact that the crash began mayflies. Where a lot of it, for example, on the Oka, Pakhra, SENEZH, nibble fish became decidedly more cautious. Much rarer are present in the catch large specimens peaceful fish.The second factor that makes it difficult to stabilize biting is changeable weather. Due to frequent changes in wind direction biting unstable and accounts for some hours of the day. In all of this nature on a summer fishing fun. All more or less accessible places occupied by fishermen in the waters, and just relax.SPINNINGThe Read more [...]
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What mormyshkas what do you want? Part 2

Gluhozime - size and shape of the bait.Photo Anatoly Mailkova Gluhozime — this is such a time, when the fish takes a minimum of activity and, as a consequence, bad bite. At this time there is only one fisherman, but rather a tangible advantage. The fish moved less and more slowly, which means that it is theoretically easier to find a few. That theory as to pass the inactive fish is very, very simple. Fish can be disabled so that it will not pay attention to any bait. This happens quite often, but will not now analyze what it depends on. At the very least, bring the fish Read more [...]
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Catching bream frosty winter

When it comes lingering winter cold, have any fishing pond there are many problems. It will have to deal not only with the weather, thick ice and difficult transitions to deep snow, but with seeming almost complete besklevem any fish. In this situation, experienced anglers tend to believe that «There is no bad weather»And there is only wrong clothing matched so incorrectly selected pond, way of fishing and fishing object. The fact is that because of the biological characteristics of different fish react differently to the deterioration of living conditions, so the Read more [...]
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In the footsteps of Jack London

This is not my first hunt. Behind much of Russia, twice Kyrgyzstan, Austria, Germany, Poland many times, twice Spain, Croatia, Africa five times, produced with the "Big Five", Mauritius, Tajikistan, Altai, Kamchatka, Texas ...Photo BillC / And so — Alaska ... My American colleague with stunning named Peter Hall (St. Peter), said on road to an airport «O'Hara»Valery, you first visited teplloy America itself is now flying in the coldest». The flight turned out not small Moscow — Warsaw — Read more [...]
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Catch … in a matchbox

Nicholas Glushchenko — pensioner with relatively little experience. However, the full time to learn the science of hanging out in a completely free from work during retirement. He has two passions — cottage and fishing.This time we were not lucky. What we did wandered across the frozen pond, no matter how much digging holes in either the float so never once flinched. Usually at this time I nicking small roach. However, in this day and she was tempted to flavored with garlic and roasted sunflower oil (own recipe Nicholas) test bait. Home not go like the day was clear Read more [...]
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Special fishing grounds

Part 2. In shallow waterPhoto: Alexey Goryainov Shallow water may be a promising area for fishing not only during the first and the last ice, but some waters in the middle of winter. Much depends on the flowing water bodies, and weather conditions. (End. Start cm. "EGR №7 on 09.02.11")For whitefish and perch shallow area is attractive because it is with the establishment of freeze for a long time is a good forage base. Scuds, nymphs, small leeches, aquatic worms live and develop normally at shallow depths. Later, with the advent of frost days, the fish moves to a depth Read more [...]
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Pike small rivers

Photo by the author In the suburbs, there are many rivers, classified as small. In summer, most of them the abundance of carp fish fry. It has to feed a small spring comes pike. But as I made sure to catch her – occupation is not simple. Why?Indeed, pike small rivers are more cautious than those predators that live in large reservoirs, rivers and lakes. Particularly fastidious in small rivers are toothy predator summer, the abundance of food: small bleak, plotvichek, golavlikov, roaches and other fish fingerlings. In a small river is rarely seen large predators, usually pike Read more [...]
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Spawning ecology and burbot

Photo Anatoly Mailkova The only representative of the family of freshwater cod burbot is found in reservoirs Canal. Moscow often. The body is elongated burbot, covered deeply seated in the skin scales, terete, releases copious mucus. Body color is olive-green with black and brown spots, gray belly. Masked burbot in the color of the bottom. On a lighter color of the soil lighter. Burbot head flattened, the upper jaw protrudes slightly, mouth equipped with small bristle teeth, chin mandible a mustache. Burbot very holodolyubiv, spawns in the winter when the water temperature is 1 Read more [...]
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Large or small?

There are two different opinions about the dependence of the size of the effort propping shotIn the book SM Scheinin «Experience perfection rifle ammunition» states that wedging in the choke large fraction smaller than small. And in the book EV Shteingol'd «Everything about hunting rifle» It says: «The larger grains will be, the greater will be the wedging force between the spent grains, and their pressure on the surface of the bore».The actual understanding is particularly important for hunters to equip their own cartridges. To this end, in early October 2010 Read more [...]
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Joyful shine halmasy

Photo Austro Fish trifle drizzled and drizzled from a small mesh. Ran from the coastal village of women and children began to help fishermen, shaking from the grid transparent small fry. I'm tired of being just an observer (and maybe Lankans tired of looking at the overly curious foreigner), I took up the edge of the grid, and also began to shake her. So our hostess carefully shake out after the winter rugs. For half an hour I mustered a decent slide fish detail. «Halmasa!» – joyfully exclaimed one of the fishermen scooping up a handful of silver weight.The best Read more [...]
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Opening pike place

Photo by Aleksey Kolomiets This season, all zherlitsy postponed, while others have traveled more than once. True, it caught small pike, with the exception of a 5 kg and a pair of rumors. But in mid-January and then pull it is impossible. To go into a crowd where zherlitsy busy all visible space, we do not like, because, following the tradition, once again went to the virgin lands, smashing bumper drifts…Each zherlichnika its troubles, we – This live bait. And despite the fact that there are experts who are just bait is produced everywhere and fast. Here I must say Read more [...]
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Do invulnerable winter ide?

On rarely visited by anglers reservoirs ide reaches the weight of 8 kg. Typically, this beautiful silvery fish with red fins catch spring vprovodku during prespawning stroke. But no less fascinating catch ide and freeze-up in the season, especially on the last ice. However, we must admit that the ice ide comes mostly by accident, when fishing for other fish.In central Russia in late March-early April ides start to climb up the rivers along with bream and roach. Of course, catching ide the ice is fascinating and dobychlivoy only if you are well aware, in any waters, and how densely Read more [...]
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As you live, bream?

Body shape, it is very similar to the young bream, or rather, a white bream. But she scales much larger, and paired fins have a reddish color. Body bream strongly flattened, and the height thereof is not less than one third of the entire length of it. Her nose blunt, eyes big, silvery. The back is bluish gray, sides silvery-blue trunk. Unpaired fins are gray, and the guy at the basis of red or reddish, to the top of the dark gray. However, this fish, according to age, season and local conditions, represents a significant modification. Gustera never reaches a significant magnitude. Read more [...]
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Chub jig

Bite, the line cuts swiftly across the water flow. Invisible opponent makes underwater pas, in the dance parting farewell to the river. Vershinku light rod stretched into a string, just an old rugged coil occasionally makes a sound clutch. But the fighter was tired and gleaming silver sideways handsome chub reluctantly comes to the landing net. The evening was a success.Summer heat with curly gadfly horseflies and depressing, not only on the people. Daytime biting can please only glib teenagers fish tribe. Veterans of the underwater world shed slumber in the twilight. And at nightfall champ and Read more [...]
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Happy moments

A small jerk, something reminiscent of crucian, noisily splashed into the shallow bay near the shore. Falling volume bait in shallow water, such as exploding shells tossed the dregs from the bottom of the fountain. Calm underwater inhabitants was suddenly broken. Trifle, prigrevshayasya near the shoreline has not yet cooled down for the night water, a fan gave all directions. Small schupachki, laces, and this last year, backed with distrust, working intensively pectoral fins. Such a sacrifice it was not too tough, and if it was not the carp, they came themselves to flee to avoid Read more [...]
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Bait, bait and aromatic additives winter

Using bait, bait and some flavors in many bodies of water significantly improves the result of fishing. However, incorrect use certain components to attract fish, and we can scare her. Reveal some of the nuances of the case.Well privazhivayutsya to certain parts catching bream, roach, bream, blue bream, white eye, bleak, ruff, perch. As bait can be spread on the bottom of the trough via taper aft crank (as mixed with soil and in pure form). Privazhivayut carp and various herbal blends marketed fishing shops. Usually these mixtures are marked «Winter».Bait spread in Read more [...]
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