How to catch soot

Photo by Sergey Gulyaev Freshly smoked fish – delicious product. Typically, this method is prepared fish species such as catfish, eel, perch, bream, chub, tench, goldilocks, grayling and others. Smoking can be hot and cold. In the first case, the cooking process is faster, but it is designed to preserve the fish (without refrigeration) for only 3-5 days, while treated with cold smoking, it is stored for a long time.In field conditions, hot smoked fish can be prepared using a special rybokoptilni in the form of a rectangular box. Most anglers use a smokehouse made of stainless Read more [...]
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Fish delicacy

In our time, ingenious technology and surrogate products is likely to buy a fish, smoked in a smoke, a carcass doubtful freshness and soaked in some chemical called liquid smoke alder. Not trusting our trade and producers of smoked meats, many fish prepared at home. Naturally, in this case, the angler is much easier. The fish that he caught a own hands, usually fresh. That what we offer in the shops and markets, it is usually repeatedly frozen and thawed. Often, this fish is more like something soft and liquid enclosed in the skin and scales. This is something the bones stick Read more [...]
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Cold smoking

Want to apologize in advance, if not on the blog wrote, but for some reason only in the guest can write. The biggest plus smoked - fish stored for much longer: up to 2-3 months in the summer without special equipment such as a fridge . The biggest disadvantage - a very long time preparing. Describe the easiest way to try out me in geological parties. Preparing fish. 1. Catch . Fish any suit, but better, of course, decently: grayling or pelyadku but perches with roaches too good. 2. Saline. Fish gut, do not need to be cleaned. Here bushmen offered in the fish back and roes to invest, I think you Read more [...]
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Three facts and two on tobacco.

Good day, community.Visit the site a lot of smokers comrades. I think a little information about what they smoke does not hurt. I will just point out the facts and ask questions. Draw conclusions - leave you. Proceed. - People smoke cigarettes because they contain nicotine. Every smoker consumes desired level of nicotine in his day. This level is approximately constant, but it leads to a reduction of excess irritability, headaches and discomfort. - Harmful no nicotine, namely cigarette smoke, as nicotine and cotinine and its derivatives nornicotine and even aqueous extract of cigarette tar Read more [...]
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To drink or not to drink? .. That is the question …

By writing this opus I pushed two topic: - "Dakotsky hearth and fat" - comrade umcbrat, and "On the benefits and dangers of alcohol and other stimulants" - comrade vtorogodnika. To begin with, that the two great product on the letter "C" should be always near! BACON + moonshine! Even the Nazis, after they created a unit "SS"! True, they lohanulis, it was necessary to refer to the abbreviation "Hilti" - Fat + Schnapps! ))) I think so ... On the first "C", comrade umcbrat created a unique smokehouse (honor and praise!), Though not indicated in the total amount of what she put her and gallop time Read more [...]
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Smoking and survival

Good day, Komrad.

Obrisavalas interesting situation, decided to conduct a survey among «nepropadayuschih» on attitudes to smoking.

My answer to your own question, negative attitude to smoking, but I do smoke when I drink. I do not often drink, but nonetheless.

Ask voters to leave a comment.

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Smoked fish in the field

I think it will be interesting. Waiting for opinions.Solim water to such an extent that the raw potato it does not sink. Fish carefully cleaned from the viscera, and omit in my pickle. Salting process takes about 20 minutes (depending on size of fish: fish more than the longer salted). Before smoking puts on a skewer through the side of stringing, departing 1 centimeter from the gill covers and dry in the wind about 15 minutes. While dried or salted fish dig a hole depth of 70 cm and a width of 10 cm shorter skewers.Dilute it in a fire (willow, birch). When the coals at the bottom will take Read more [...]
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Knowing how to keep surpluses produced but hunting and fishing, will come in handy. And the construction of the smokehouse is just what we need!Article taken HERESummer is good because you can take a break from the boring pots-pans, clicking on a light meal of vegetables and herbs. And, of course, tons of all gardeners buy meat and fish and grilled kebabs. And how else can diversify holiday table? Bloating!Smoking - is thermal processing of products, process impregnating their smoke, which is formed by the incomplete combustion of wood.Smoking as a way to prepare various products (mainly Read more [...]
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As I sunk to such a life. Actions to advance.

Here I am sunk to such a life. Imagining. Or feel.
The first thing to do to — is to get rid of bad habits. I’m talking primarily about smoking. Besides this additional expenditure resursy.V stressful situation (for myself I know) a huge amount of cigarettes smoked. I think more would be a problem with their purchase.
Smoker threw. At the beginning of hard. More easier. Do not smoke for 1 month. Does not pull.
Even if nothing happened, still useful for health.
Inquiring survivalist on this topic.

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How to save the extracted food

If it becomes necessary to save the extracted meal, you can do so: Fish catches can not be stored for long periods in water - fish becomes flabby. It should be wrapped in nettles and put in recess dug in the ground; then it during the day or two is still fresh. To keep the fish for a longer period, it should be salt, provyalit or soot. Salting fish two ways. 1) Semuzhny Ambassador (dry method). Gutting fish (without removing the scales) or cut along the spine and deploying carcass on two planes (bedded method), or along the belly, then get full carcass. In this case it is better to use bedded Read more [...]
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How to make a pipe for smoking tobacco.

Do sometimes self-made pipes and decided to share the experience on video. Maybe even someone handy to BP. There are also all sorts of re-enactors, tolkinisty ... I do not smoke and I do not advise others, but if anyone still smokes, I advise most poisoned pontovogo way. Tube (even "matchlock") for such purposes - the most it. (And the low quality video, I do not blame and world imperialism.) Read more [...]
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Another option smokehouse.

Greetings to all survivalist. I want to introduce to public review one of the options making the smokehouse. I must say the idea of ​​making not mine. But in my opinion, this home-made noteworthy. And so this is my first article. Ask for any errors strictly do not scold if something goes wrong. Well, move closer. Surely many of us are somewhere in the far corner of the old washing machine to form resembling a barrel. In such a machine or the tank is set from aluminum or stainless steel. We need the one with the stainless steel tank. This will look so smokehouseNeed of a washing machine and Read more [...]
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Everything!! Fasten!

Fasten with tobacco. I hope this post will inspire someone too comrades of such a decision.That this long-awaited day has come, the day of "X". Today in the morning you do not have smoked a cigarette. If it is not and you had a breakdown, if you made at least two puffs, do not attempt to carry out these instructions. Better move full day of quitting the next day. Perhaps before you have repeatedly tried to quit and apply for this different methods, techniques and tricks. Perhaps before you tried to find out from the familiar manner in which they quit smoking? You probably already tried to build Read more [...]
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Tourist note: Do not smoke tobacco

Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is exclusively in written guidebooks that Amsterdam - city and full of boundless freedom and allowed to fully all there. Weight restrictions, of course, there is also the capital of the Netherlands. For example, it may seem like complete nonsense, that in a town where all smoke marijuana in public places (in other words, in any coffeeshop, amidst a smoke cannabis) can not smoke tobacco. Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Hot smoked fish

Hot-smoked fish  prepare special rybokoptilne. Unlike drying for hot-smoked fish actually apply all kinds of fish. In particular, in the savory smoked eel obtained, bream, tench, cod, carp, river perch, burbot. For hot-smoked fish gut, leaving the head and scales, because in the final form it will be more sympathetic and less dry. After gutting and washing the fish, sprinkle with salt (the rate of 1 tablespoon of salt per 1 kg of fish) and leave for 2-3 hours for prosolki. You can add salt fish and a concentrated brine. For its production added to the water is the amount of salt in Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Hot smoking

For hot-smoked fish is cooked well. Freshest fish weighing 300-500 grams not gutting, but only large salt liberally salted and kept for 3-4 hours. Then it is washed and dried well in the wind until the complete removal of water. If the fish is large, it is salted 10-12 hours, and that she did not collapse during smoking, it tied with twine.Oil lamps come in various types - and complex, and ordinary. Smoking can create even dymoprovode ordinary villa stove. But in the long fishings more criteria justified oil lamp, arranged in land slope or a steep bank from scrap materials.In the Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Cool smoking

Subject of special lust at least some fisherman is smoked-dried fish. When cool smoked fish disappears only moisture, so it is processed in a cool smoke. So she immediately makarom and sun-dried and smoked, but not brought to the hardness of dried roach: smoking process stops somewhere in the middle - when the fish is only half the water will evaporate. Because in a smokehouse very fundamentally vsepostoyanstvo stand and force the smoke, he should not be above 25 degrees. This protects against loss smoky fish fat and overdrying.Salting of fish for smoking is cool is the same as if I want Read more [...]
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Quit smoking!

For "the harm of smoking" campaign will not, you know that it is harmful. I want to help those who want to but can not.) Namely share how I did it. After issue of survival and that includes how we survive without the onset of PD. Someone might say, "Well, I live less than five years, so what?" And I answer this, what is important is not how much, but how. Quality of life, vitality, performance, mood, belief in the best-all available for smokers. And now to business. Smoking history of 17 years. All the while wanted and tried to quit, tried everything. For me, it was possible to tune in for a month, Read more [...]
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Most gourmets like smoked meat, poultry, lard, and fish. But such products are often sold unclear property or at a higher cost. Candidate acquisition smoked only have his independent production, for this we need to build a smokehouse cool smoke.Cool Smoking anticipates that the products are exposed to smoke, the temperature does not exceed 32 degrees Celsius. What should be the smoker, and how to correctly create smoke, so we got meat, fish, poultry cool smoke?The cooling of the smoke is due to the distance between the furnace and the Smoking-shed. It is called the Department for goods. These two Read more [...]
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Is It Rubber to Workout Nigh a Late Wildfire?

Is it good to tire your street again? Via Shutterstock     Picture: mikeledrayA:In May, the Internal Pelagic and Atmospherical Brass wrote that “wildfire activeness crosswise the U.S. was infra medium,” with 337,182 land burnt-out. That all changed in June when astir 50 fires set the Westward afire, and affectionate, dry weather spread-out the flames. (Check Google’s U.S. Wildfire Crisis Map for updates on stream fires.)The U.S. Environmental Tribute Way says that gage from fires is principally composed of ok molecule contamination from burn trees and over-the-counter Read more [...]
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