Goliath Farming Snails Occupy Florida

Florida is again below beleaguering from an invading species. This clock, residents are veneer a downpour of muck and dung brought on by the hulk African farming escargot. The mollusks, which were outset spotty in the Miami-Dade expanse in September 2011, can produce as gravid as a rat and bang to eat everything in their course, from gardens to stucco walls. The snails are besides known to hold a epenthetic lungworm that can movement a mannikin of meningitis in man. Luckily, no such cases birth been reported soh.Government let had footling circumstances nerve-wracking to influence the origin of Read more [...]
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Veliky Novgorod attack snails

In Novgorod local gardeners do not know how to get rid of snails — such their invasion in the area was not, perhaps, never. Pests literally precipitated all the gardens, they do not act almost no chemicals, collect their accounts manually. And it is not easy to do — because breeding shellfish at an incredible rate. Three weeks from one snail are born 300 individuals. «Every day I collect 120-150 pieces already brought four cans. A leave — scary», — says a local resident. «They are collected, or after a rain, or in the Read more [...]
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Mass Mor sea snails in Bangladesh

on may 24. Thousands dead sea snails were found beached in Bangladesh.

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Corrosion by water: snails are at risk more than anyone

Ask any student that looks like a snail, and his answer will begin with a description of the shell. Perhaps in the near future, this description will always remain in the past. Shells of marine snails rapidly destroyed by ocean acidification. The pH of water is now changing more rapidly than in any of the previous 300 million years.A team of scientists at the British Antarctic Survey by Dr Tarling Gerenta published in a popular science magazine article in which scientists tell us that the coast of Antarctica, they have found a significant amount of free-floating empty shells, pitted corrosion. Read more [...]
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Genes snails hide in itself means that stops aging

According to The Courier Mail, the researchers examined a remarkable ability snails almost completely stop aging for a period of hibernation. Now experts want to find the genes that allow the snails to deal with over time. Perhaps the positive effects of these genes actually broadcast and on man.Dr. Scott Cummins, a molecular biologist at the University of the Sunshine Coast, said: "In this way, some snails can prolong his life from age 3 to 23. Dragging it in person, the duration would increase from 70 years to nearly 500."Now Dr. Cummings attempts to identify genes and neurohormones, Read more [...]
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Delights in the forest

Remember, some restaurants serve snails? They happen to also eat. Of course, the restaurants serve very large, the size of a large fist up, fed and treated specially. Their wild relatives are somewhat smaller, though wild grape snails in southern Russia can be quite large. Almost ubiquitous pond (small and large). They have an elongated conical spiral shell. Live in thickets of grass as rivers and lakes. Gather up their snap. When they should be used cautiously, mollusks are the intermediate hosts of the parasites which occur in pets. Cleansed body snail shells can be boiled or roasted. The Read more [...]
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Veliky Novgorod attack snails

In Novgorod, local gardeners do not know how to get rid of snails - their invasion in this area was not, perhaps, ever.Pests literally besieged all gardens, they do not act almost no chemicals, collect they have to hand. And it is not easy to do - in fact breed clams with incredible speed.Three weeks from one snail are born 300 individuals. "Every day I collect 120-150 units already brought four cans. A post - scary, "- says a local resident."They are collected, or after a rain, or at night when moisture falls and they go out and squeak, contagion. I will type in the arm, they Read more [...]
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