There Los Llanos

In late autumn 2014 friends, experts in South America, inviting me to take pictures of the nature of Venezuela. And now I have a miniature airplane, who took a course from the airport to Caracas to Los Roques - an archipelago in the Caribbean. If you look at the archipelago of 350 islands on top, it will remind Shattered Necklace Snake or Dragon, preparing to swallow a flock of birds ... Pink flamingos are often victims of the Venezuelan poor who are caught for food or Sale of rare birds and networks hooks attached to kites. Under the wing of the plane opens wonderful Read more [...]
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If the dog is bitten by a snake

Normally, dogs get a bite in the nose, lips, tongue, or front paws. Muzzle swells, behavior changes, anxiety appear, movement disorder, vomiting. Sometimes the animal develops a weak shock. From the bite may ooze blood. The development of the manifestations of snakebite takes six hours. Followed fading symptoms.Photo Zdene? K Fric For the first hour it is necessary to take the dog to the clinic. Not dangerous sting in the neck for the huskies: they have a suspension (loose skin), so they are not crushed in swelling the throat and trachea. But for the greyhounds and pointers with Read more [...]
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Four-legged intellectual

Long-term observations of Turkmen greyhound basins showed that these long-legged with intelligent eyes and a long-eared companion who was amazing inherent intelligence, astonishing memory and intelligenceOne day, while hunting in the evening our driver brought to the camp two years hound his companion. Just the thing: sending in the way darling of the family, the house she had forgotten to put on a winter blanket. As the weather was quite cool, I hurried to hide Akgusha (the name of the dog) small blanket. Deciding that tomorrow is another day, all went to bed. But the calm did not last long. At Read more [...]
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Hunting for snakes

To survive, people must sometimes do things that under any other circumstances – and would not have thought to do. For example, to hunt snakes and eat them. It would seem that from these vile, and often poisonous creatures, you need to stay away. But in extreme conditions, when the question is about life or death, not to prejudice. In this article we will talk about the features hunting for snakes. Psychologically difficult to restructure, but possible. The classical approach: the snake – dangerous, we – victim. But you can approach this situation and Vice versa: we are hungry Read more [...]
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The dangers of the desert

Desert full of dangers for the traveler. In this review we will talk about the threats that are waiting for a lone traveler in the desert and how to avoid them. It often happens that during a trip to an exotic country, and is a tourist lost in the desert. The desert is one of the most disadvantaged regions to autonomous survival. Terrible heat; scorching sun; no vegetation, and therefore shade; dangerous poisonous snakes, scorpions; lack of water, and not a lot of food; Well and sandstorms as the last straw. The heat need to be protected clothing, in every possible way to close the exposed skin. Read more [...]
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Caution — Snakes!

We have already talked about the hunt for snakes and use them for food. Besides that snake, although edible, but extremely nasty critters – they can be extremely dangerous. The snakes are poisonous. And many of them bite is deadly. There are also huge snake Stranglers – like the anaconda, boa constrictor, python. Run into a snake attack possible in two cases: you're hunting her and showed negligence; you acted negligently and peacefully on holidays scared snake, provoking it to attack. Remember! Sami snake attacks you will not. You're too big for her subject. Snake attacks itself only Read more [...]
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The dangers of the jungle

The jungle and tropical forests pose a lot of dangers. How to survive in the jungle and to protect itself from covert and overt threats, we will discuss today. In the jungle, very rich in flora and fauna. Many animals pose a serious threat to health and life. In the jungle inhabited by dangerous large predators such as jaguars, Panthers, black bears. Represent a serious threat to most of jungle of snakes: poisonous vipers, snakes, cobras, rattlesnakes, and Boas, snakes, the Anaconda.No less dangerous to man various small insects: ticks, mosquitoes, leeches, Scorpions, tarantulas. In addition Read more [...]
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30 5 years since my first field trip, the ancestors of almost 4 years, I began to attach to the field of life. It is difficult to calculate how many seasons I managed to spend the first child, later naturalists, and later, and without the help of other student zoologist in expeditions, plus all the hunting and fishing experience, but as they say, and the old woman is...It's been four days, positive dynamics, can use the tablet ))), funny, and even on Friday inflamed echoing the outrage grayish brethren in the land, where he planned to spend the coming season, full of energy gathered from our "wolf" Read more [...]
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Hollywood Endurance: ‘Raiders of the Doomed Ark’ (1981)

SCENARIO: When Indiana Jones (Harrison Crossing) is thrown by his enemies into a pit filled with snakes, he uses a blowlamp to pall them off. If you’re organism attacked by toxicant serpents, bequeath blast scare them forth?THE Good SAYS: “With that many snakes, I remember he’d be screwed,” says Squatter. At outdo, Indy’s blowtorch proficiency is a mint sky: “The warmth mightiness hooking the snakes in, though it could drive them if they’re too conclusion.” But precondition the lot, it was likewise his finish choice—so if you’re someway Read more [...]
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Venomous Snakes

Elapids clique decent neurotoxins to paralyse an grown.     Picture: P.J. LoughranQ: I've heard that the almost vicious snakes on the satellite let mouths that are too diminished to bit us. What gives? —Tim Russell, SeattleA: Sup your congratulate, bub. World are scarce a pip on well-nigh venomous snakes' rad screens. Many of the man's deadliest serpents, e.g., subsist in distant, unpeopled stretches of the Australian remote. They evolved for millions of eld without the menace of raiding sheep ranchers, and olibanum had no expectant pauperism to deflate the homo cuticle.View Read more [...]
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Airforce Drops Two M Envenom Mice on Guam

The U.S. Airforce took to the skies o'er Guam on Sunday to cascade expiry upon the invading and troublesome brownish shoetree serpent. But alternatively of napalm, bombs, and mustard gas, planes released 2,000 deadened mice, stuffed to the gills with venomous painkillers, which sailed mildly refine to the ground on diminutive unlifelike parachutes.The stagnant creep fall was the one-quarter and largest such performance, function of a $8 1000000 broadcast aimed at wiping out the snakes and delivery Guam's endangered hoot universe.  Officials too trust to preserve the estimated $4 1000000 it Read more [...]
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Snake bite, personal experience.

Thirty-five years since my first out in the field, parents actually started with four years of my life to attach to the field. Difficult to calculate how many seasons I was able to first child later naturalists, and then independently and zoologist student expeditions, plus all the hunting and fishing experience, but as they say, and the old woman is ... Four days have passed, the dynamics is positive, I can use a flatbed))), funny, and on Friday inflamed call about lawlessness gray brethren in lands where he planned to spend the upcoming season, going full force with our "wolf" komandoydat Read more [...]
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The snake bite. What to do?

When the snake bite poison can spread quickly through the body, if not to render first aid or to render it correctly. Signs of poisoning: • the bite very quickly swells. The tumor may cover the entire limb and go on the trunk, • in the first 20-40 minutes the victim is in shock: pallor, dizziness, nausea, may be vomiting, rapid and feeble pulse, falling blood pressure, periodic loss of consciousness. First aid: 1. Immediately lay the victim and keep at rest, as any movement increases blood circulation, and hence the penetration of the poison in the body. 2. Read more [...]
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What stuff leave protect me from snakebites?

A:Oh, I honey questions care this! You see, had I not turn the Apprehender of All Things Gearly, I would certainly birth made a calling as a herpetologist, alias Apprehender of All Things Reptile (and Amphibious).The job, course, is this. Toxicant snakes use astute fangs to carry-over their malice to the inauspicious dupe. Piece solitary a few venomous snakes are really open of cleanup a busyness with a 1 snack, Australia happens to be the family of one that can?the Taipan, or Trigger-happy Ophidian. So it behooves one to bear snake-resistant vesture, which is meant to living the ophidian's fangs Read more [...]
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survival medicine

IF THE DOG WAS BITTEN BY A SNAKE. 1st AID.Usually dogs get a bite in the nose, lips, tongue or front paws. Face swollen, behavior changes, experiencing anxiety, impaired movements, vomiting.From time to time, weak animal develops a shock. From the site of the bite may ooze blood. On the development of manifestations of snake bite, it takes 6 hours. Then comes the extinction of symptoms.Within the first hour of the dog should be taken to the clinic. Not so unsafe bite in the neck for the huskies: they have a dewlap (free skin), because the swelling does not compress them larynx and trachea. But Read more [...]
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Help identifying a snake

We went with a friend for a weekend stroll in the nearby forest and happened to us a minor accident. Due to the fact that the survey was not intended to do with this release there is only one photo on the phone during the break for some tea.Returning home, leaving the forest, we met a snake, which for all the time that I live in the Stavropol region, I have not seen. She behaved very aggressively and throws at us, but was defeated . After that, the enemy corpse has been packed and taken away with him for identification, but none of your friends in this matter could not help. So I attach a photo Read more [...]
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In Crimea, & nbsp; & mdash; invasion of snakes

Recently, in the Crimea, there are many snakes. As «Komsomolskaya» the chief of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in Crimea Mazilin Alexander, now in the soil contribute less chemicals and more food was — mice, gophers. « Many signals coming from Saki region, — says Alexander, — Although experts in snakes we have, but people still refer to the MOE. Have to travel. Put on high boots and canvas pants. With the help of sticks trying to get kite from home. One deputy even stood up for us in this regard and tried to write Read more [...]
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Snake attack in the suburbs

As reported by the authorities of the Moscow region, in the field, in particular, the wedge, documented cases of attacks of venomous snakes at people, and they are becoming more and more. «The number of calls of clincin affected by the bites of vipers, in hospitals Klin grew almost twice», — according to the official response of the government. According to the administration, the Wedge, in the past year, victims of bites by vipers began eight local residents, and for the last six months the number has increased to twelve. Experts also associate the intensification Read more [...]
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The Crimea was attacked by unknown insects

Unknown midges emerged in Western Crimea. Their bites cause tourists and locals strongest Allergy . While doctors have no cures such damage, and traditional medications do not help. As reported by Rosbalt, affected adults are covered by a painful rash with severe swelling. Have bitten children appear red blisters and toddler's body swell. Ambulances are regularly bring new patients, resulting in the intensive care unit of the city hospital Evpatoria was almost full. The specialists do not have information on how to deal with the new threat. Traditional antiseptics and anti-inflammatory Read more [...]
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Poisonous snakes attack Vladivostok. Video

Went to the beach — he was in the hospital. Poisonous snakes can ruin the rest is not only the city, but visitors from other regions. However, to meet the creeping reptiles even in the city, and service for catching snakes do not exist. That met with a snake, Alex realized through two holes that are left in the skin. Leg instantly swelled and turned blue. From the Russky island to the hospital arrived quickly — lucky that rested near the people on the boat. The Board was not the only one bitten. Such patients in hospitals in the region this year a large influx. Andrey Read more [...]
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