Noughts and crosses

I finish its long journey, making his way through the snowy woods and marsh alder. Fast fading frosty December day. The sun was still bright, but that even if meager, the heat that is felt in the afternoon, it was not. Soon I came to the swampy meadow. In the summer here I would not set foot man. But now viscous sludge was frostbitten and covered with a blanket of snow. Nest with grouse full clutch of seven eggs. Looking around the tops of the trees, I He caught the eye dark object located close to the barrel Surrounded by black branches. Whereas the object Read more [...]
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Wolf Tail

Sensing danger, the wolf will be back on his trail, then to escape to the mountainsPhoto: Valery Liushkov Two days raging blizzard. Snow fell from the waist up. Reindeer hard foraged. I had to overtake a herd on a hill, where the snow is not as powerful. At dawn, the shepherds found the pasture Zadran wolf deer. Most of the carcasses had been eaten.Wolf tracks left in towards the low hills of the neighbors gully. By freshly fallen powdery snow fed predator goes far to night and back continue the meal. By trail went young shepherds team — Semyon Nicholas. Read more [...]
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Rybinsk Reservoir report on duty over the pond

In the morning loaded snow flakes ... again. And so it filled up! .. When reached Milyushino snow only razoshёlsya.On the field Snezhik slightly led, and he began to be filled up in the pow. Seryoga stopped ... I tried to get off the snowmobile, set foot on the snow ... Fell above the knee and firmly felt.At sea, the visibility of half a kilometer, then everything closes snowy shroud.Buranki not knurled, Snezhik on track burrows into drifts so that the snow flies through the hood. By virgin ride unpleasant. 28 mm of precipitation during the night, giving so much water ... And Read more [...]
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Traces of capercaillie

Short winter day. Before ringing in the ears softly in a snowy forest. Its inhabitants prepared for the cold weather, can withstand extreme frost test, but it is not enough to survive the already harsh conditions. We must also guard against the enemies ...Traces of feeding female capercaillie on pine — the top branches clipped beak bird needles. And the droppings from the remnants of the needles. In gluharok litter smaller than roosters. That's Now comb the forest hunter, not adapted to noiseless movement, heard from afar. Throwing behind double-barreled Read more [...]
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Crow against proteins

The chase travel to the forest less than a hundred meters. In the distance, where the tall pines, heard the incessant dog barking hysterical. Bark moose - the first thought that comes to mind.Photo tfangel /  AT this protracted and very snowy winter elk really no longer afraid of the city and come to feed on small shoots residential areas. I do a hundred meters into the forest.Around high pine in povlazhnevshem loose deep snow without I ran, and rather quickly crawling, falling, a small wiry dog. — Dina! Dina! — Read more [...]
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Labor hare

The most coveted beast for me hare. To hunt for chernotropu, I walked along the plantations, searched the overgrown chapyzhnikom ravines and thick bushes. A couple of times I managed to raise the skew, but it happened by chance, due to the strong noise made by me in going thorny bushes. Therefore, all raised rabbits safely fled without firing a shot, and I was satisfied at best the contemplation of their flashing heels. All hope was on the fallen snow. But it fell in the year just a lot. On the way to the land I mentally rubbing his hands in anticipation of first production, but there it was. I Read more [...]
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Powdered rabbit Malik just guessed on the white canvas of the forest. If it was not until white stubby branches of aspen may not caught the eye and have a place for it. We just have passed without paying proper attention. But for some inexplicable reason, we seized on the utilities bills, sensing that this is our chance! Photo Dzhus / FLICKR.COM Thrill of the Hunt embraced us father and we began to unravel barely visible trace. Hare dvoil, went trodden path, did everything to confuse their tracks. However, increasing the circles, we still found a single chain, which has Read more [...]
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Why nature is killed in the capital?

Illustration Natalia Efimova Although today in the forefront of public life out of passion for the elections, the theme of ecology has not ceased to be relevant. To paraphrase a famous saying: people can not deal with environmental policy, this policy is still engaged in them. Dear Editors!Although today in the forefront of public life out of passion for the elections, the theme of ecology has not ceased to be relevant. To paraphrase a famous saying: people can not deal with environmental policy, this policy is still engaged in them.Banal, but the majority do not realize the truth Read more [...]
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Catch noon

Photo by the author I vkidyvayu gun and press the trigger. Dry cracking shot, and the hare, having turned over his head, digs into the snow. Heart pounding from surging emotions.– Goto-oh-oh-in! – I shout in triumph for the entire forest.After a week of cold and full bessnezhya it's finally warming welcome from the snow. Fluffy, voluminous flakes gently hovered outside, settling on the gray and rough, like a stale crust of snow. He walked all day, transforming the dull landscape outside my window. Nature seemed to put off the everyday nondescript clothes and dressed Read more [...]
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A few days of life

"It's really Prokopic sighed when he saw the sugar-sable fresh trail with sweeping escort dog paws. For a while he looked at the trail sable. There was so much splendor in the rapid dash between pairs of footprints in the most of this pairing, and each pair of oblique stretching, preserving all over volatile synchronicity. On the bottom is necessary to distinguish fingerprints pads, and the whole framed oval crust and soft edges were in gentle Scherbinka. "(M. Tarkovsky" Yenisei, let me go! ")Photo by the author — Is that snow? What is the snow for the end of October? Should Read more [...]
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Found protecting people

Rusak flashed among young pines, and I had to shoot at random and randomly place where he could be in the next moment. Here failure! Why such an unlucky day!Photos Martin Nikolaj / Six hours I have trodden the virgin snow. Another dawn has gone far in the field early in the morning hoping to hunt foxes mouse. But the search proved futile. And partly because of freshly fallen powdery snow a lot is not even on wide skis. And so the hunt until you see moth need tramped ten, or even more kilometers. And sometimes the day aimlessly kill. Although there are exceptions: I do Read more [...]
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Gon on the white trail

Dear Editors! This year our good numerical Vladimir forests hare - traces a circle and "nuts." After four years nezayachih obviously got a lot of young animals. However, my pervoosennyaya hound while walking on hard zhirovki, alone can not entice a hare. She and a half years, it naganivali May, and the first fall she worked snosno.Letom and chernotropu she chased well, but most rabbit raised a hunter, but it is not. And now the snow without any lift and pomychki. Maybe with time to fix it, or is it feeble flair? Sincerely, Sergei G. Algalov, Vladimir region., D. KrasnenkoePhoto by Sergey Fokin The Read more [...]
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Seventy-five to fifteen

Grigorich opened diary, count how many times he was in this season on the hunt. Multiplied by the average - coveredPhoto: FOTOLIA, SHUTTERSTOCK Sighing heavily, Grigorich stopped before the next rise, and, glancing at watches, thought ten-thirty, we have to rest. Before twenty kilometers to go home, and still a lot of work. Today, it is necessary to close the entire Putikov.Sitting on skiing, he looked at receding into the distance and Tyagun He is shaking his head. What it is long, almost a kilometer on rough terrain. By both sides of the Read more [...]
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Sweethearts of the Snow Queen

45 million heads in good years is the number of ptarmigan in autumnPhoto: FOTOLIA Ptarmigan in the years of my youth hunting was plentiful and often it falls under the shot of the hunter. In this bird is a lot of local names. Cockerel called kuropach, pitun drummer (because of its current voice); female — chicken, partridge, kuropat, Talovka, white grouse, and Olhovka Berezovka.It is found in ptarmigan European mixed taiga in strip of tundra, forest tundra, birch forest-steppe of Western Siberia, Sakhalin, Kamchatka and in the Read more [...]
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Overnight without shelter

Cases where it is impossible to construct a particular skeleton-fabric or snow shelter or build a fire in the practice of accidents are extremely rare. Even the most extreme emergencies, usually leave a person to build a primitive shelter.However, we must be ready for action in the toughest, most extraordinary circumstances – for example, when the accident occurred in the treeless terrain where the snow cover is virtually absent, and when the victim did not have absolutely no building materials and construction tools.It is common practice in the travel situation in which one or more persons, Read more [...]
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Gray feather

Adjacent to our region Ilyinsky district, which is in the Ivanovo region has always been rich in partridge. Large areas of grassland plains and fields that stretch for kilometers, are ideal places for this data, in fact, wild birds. Start your essay with pretty fun and I remember an episode that occurred with me these locations beginning in August 1996.On a sunny warm day, I was walking along the scenic river Suhodoy, winding between hilly meadows the vicinity of my village, and at one point, though subjected to machine-gun fire. From below the sod on the Read more [...]
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The good morning

Six o'clock in the morning. Nasty squeak alarm pulls me out of the arms of Morpheus. I'd like to sleep, but the cold showers and hot coffee mug help to wake up. What I have planned for today? It is necessary to check the two bait, so to come back into the far corner, where I did not go this year for foxes. It is 80 kilometers in one direction. And we must go back to the hour – He promised to help his wife with the housework. In my head quickly earned a calculator: leaving in fifteen minutes at the first point at 7:20, 40 minutes to reach the bait, check the camera, and scatter nakrohu mashine- Read more [...]
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Rybinsk transformer

Big, powerful, vseprolazny snowmobile for any avid hunter and fisherman will certainly be a good acquisition. But if every fan of winter fishing need a car to get through the drifts multimeter for tens of kilometers from civilization to their cherished lurking-hole? «Rybinka» — Snowmobile «Melee». It is clearly focused on trips by packed snow and the ice on small distance. For your pleasure and without much effort to go fishing on the ice within a dozen kilometers, does not need a full snowmobile. It will fit such a device Read more [...]
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Red Beast on the white snow

I know, I know: the red beast in Siberia and other northern fishing areas known as sable. Well, in Siberia! And we have no sable, but Fox is enough. And for me this wonderful animal production is always a happy event.11 species of the genus includes foxes (Vulpes). The most common member of the genus — ordinary fox. To my great regret, I went to Past great hunting a fox approach — exciting experience when, showing the wonders of caution, restraint and patience, Hunter was selected on thirty–40 meters to the sleeping on open Read more [...]
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News from the land

Before the opening of the spring season in the Ryazan region two weeks. Very pleased with the news that the planned opening for Easter, postponed to next weekend. Holiday signed cartridges prepared things found and stacked. The weather is wonderful, and I'm going to explore in the fields and meadows. Saturday April 4 issued the first really warm day. Probably so, and he met me outside the house of his spring song of the first pair of starlings. In the city of snow is almost gone, and the picture is different in the fields of: more than half of the area is nestled white veil. And so I was not able Read more [...]
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