Everything you need to know about snowmobiles

Registration of snowmobiles, right on snowmobile registration snowmobileREGISTRATION SELF-PROPELLED MACHINERY (CM)1. CM purchased after 1995.In accordance with clause 2.8. "rules" and p. 4 "Resolution" required:- passport (PSM);- reference account;- statement;- imported car customs Declaration;- a copy of the certificate of conformity.Lost documents recover routine.2. CM purchased after 1995 and was not registered, no papers.Documents recovered by the owner at the place of purchase. If the organization no longer exists or does not issue a duplicate in the court.3. CM acquired Read more [...]
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Robocop vs. Terminator

Snowmobiles Lynx, despite the similarity with the machines Ski-Doo - Finnish purely look at what should be a real snowmobile for tough guys. Arguable claim that SWT (Super Wide Track) Lynx 69 Yeti 600ACE best kept in the virgin lands of his brother, a WT (Wide Track) Lynx Xtrim Commander LTD 600 E-TEC, and the last unit in comparison with the first just walking toy.All of these statements is fundamentally wrong, although at first glance some logic in them is.Both devices are built on one platform L-XU. This interpretation of the legendary Finnish and ultralight solid Read more [...]
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Heavy Mountain

Model snowmobile Lynx 69 Yeti Alpine 1200 4-TEC was created with a clear eye to it have shown increased interest in the technical staff of ski resorts and rescue services. Model snowmobile Lynx 69 Yeti Alpine 1200 4-TEC was created to clear sight to a It took particular interest in the technical staff, and ski resorts rescue services. But surely such a «tractor» zapadet many hunters and ordinary users snowmobile equipment status who do not put any crazy extreme, but the ride up steep slopes, deep snow for fun, but with maximum safety — is always Read more [...]
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Viking for herders

Several years ago, Yamaha announced the discontinuation of its cheapest snowmobile Bravo. It would be logical to assume that after the Bravo to the dustbin of history will leave another Japanese survivor snowmobile market Viking VK540 IV. But the descendants of the samurai are not easy to give up and presented a real surprise to his closest competitors, putting on the market a model Viking VK540 IV Tough Pro.Unfortunately, under the psychological threshold 300 000 new Tough Pro in not retail I managed to fall. Yamaha dealer has 7–8 years ago dreamed of Read more [...]
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New Russian snowmobile

On the decline of the current winter season the company "Velomotors" officially presented its own design line of snowmobiles, consisting of three models: STELS V800, STELS STELS 625 and 521.All three models are built on snowmobiles STELS one base and They differ only in power plants. Pre-production prototypes, ispytannnye us and in the winter forest, and untouched virgin fields of deep snow, and even on the motocross track, proved quite efficient machines.The rumors that the brand STELS about to begin mass production of snowmobiles, any three or four years ago. Exactly Read more [...]
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Back in 2008 in Rybinsk was a presentation of a snowmobile "Buran" with a 4-stroke engine Briggs & Stratton Vanguard. In the same year the engineers' Russian mechanics "in full swing preparing start serial production of a snow machine called" Taiga-Tungus ", again with the 4-stroke powerplant from the company Weber. However, both the project due to the global financial crisis and had to turn postponed, as they say, to better times. Not know how there with «best times»But, judging by the around, four topic Rybinsk decided nevertheless Read more [...]
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Losevka on Macht

Makhty, large and small - two secret lake on the right bank of the Ob in Mochalovskom district of the Tomsk region.Most of the moose antlers begins to drop in January. Therefore, December, Hunter still have a real chance to get the trophy animal. Hummocks on belt mile impassable thickets of bird cherry, and willow currant ... Karasu Macht as a spade shovels, one on a large frying pan with hardly fit. AND come here for the city fishermen fishing line and singing springy eversion of the wells dvuhkilogrammovy perch. We also had to Macht Read more [...]
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Occupation Viking

Undoubtedly, the best-selling model in our snowmobile under the brand Yamaha - this "unsinkable» VK 540 III. Last year alone, in Russia, these machines have been sold more than 5500 pieces. The second place in sales, the Japanese took RS Viking Professional. About him today and will be discussed. Photo by the author Regardless of a fashionable and something even the sleek look of the model RS Viking Professional is a complete utilitarian snowmobile. The width is 508 mm truck — at generally for use in Hunt mode — fishing and funny Read more [...]
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Universal Soldier

Creating a universal art - it is very difficult, and sometimes impossible. However, a couple of years ago, the company has built Arctic Cat snowmobiles that can successfully replace of three of his fellow Photo Arctic Cat This is a series Bearcat, namely – Model 570 XT, the first personal acquaintance which was held before she went into the series. It is believed that the first impression is the most correct, as it turned out, and in the case of Bearcat 570 XT. This two-stroke snowmobile engine attracted me right away, and immediately turned to go fast on it regardless of Read more [...]
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Accessories Ski-Doo: how to create your perfect snowmobile

When snowmobiles first appeared, their main evaluation criterion was the patencyModern snowmobiles have long ceased to be purely working «horse». This means that the journey they must be not only safe, but also a truly comfortable and convenient.An important role in ensuring the comfort and convenience of playing well-chosen accessories.  Many accessories for snowmobiles good fit for different parts and their functionality. However Accessories Ski-Doo snowmobile is always a perfect fit and never fail, they are easy to install, reliable and ergonomic.As part of the ergonomics and Read more [...]
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Wolverine released into the wild

Utility snowmobiles are particularly popular among avid hunters and anglers. This is understandable: after all, these workhorses are able to breeze prohvatit on virgin soil, carrying not only the breadwinner, but his luggage and trophies. But some utilities to take - Japanese, American, Canadian or Russian? 275 000 — is the retail price of «Wolverine 800» 2014–2015. by STELS. At the current price hikes imported products, domestic Snezhik looks particularly attractive. Tested Republic Jaca­And this brand new Snezhik «Wolverine 800» Read more [...]
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Bet on the «athletes»

In pursuit of customer snowmobile manufacturers are coming up with more and more new segments for its products. So, over the past few years, they have successfully defeated the "classes" single, it seemed, an array of mountain "Snezhik." Suddenly it became clear that some of them elegantly prepared for loitering on slopes «by pow»Others in increasingly sharpened by jumping. AND Now a new trend: «sawing» on narrow segments class utilitarian snowmobile. AND First it up — the emergence of so-called light utility. Models Read more [...]
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Wild cats on ice

In line 2013 the best power density has SKI-DOO EXPEDITION SE 1200 4-TEC (1 hp falls 2.4 kg versus 2.7 kg in other snowfields. Murmansk during our meeting was gloomy and rainy, but I do not philosophically I began to attach importance to this: all our lives impermanent, everything changes, and in the end this should only rejoice.In front of me waiting for a pleasant acquaintance with innovations in technology snowmobiles BRP model range in 2013. Authorized dealer «Rosan»Arranging a test drive with snow­moves, promised a lot of Read more [...]
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This time the two articles in №10 «horn" "Slaughterhouse near Solnechnogorsk" and "Last Bow gon 'forced to take up the pen.Paying for membership in January interdistrict society heard from the distinguished chairman of female phrase, that this year because of the mild winter failed to close a license for elk and wild boar. We would be glad that the animal will survive and game lands will be more, but no. In February, a neighbor to testify could not believe that the hunting of ungulates closes on January 15 after a familiar huntsman promised to arrange everything.I have no doubt that "February Read more [...]
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In edition of "hunting the Russian newspaper" received a letter, which reported on the events that occurred with one of those who protect nature - and debt service, and just at the behest of the heart. Photo Anastasia Veschikovoy What happened to the hunters Myunskogo hunting and fishing economy Todzha district of the Republic of Tuva (Tuva republican society of hunters and fishermen) Yuri Nikitin February 14, 2014 in the hunting grounds Todzha District Tuva Republican society of hunters and fishermen, as well as possible confirms that our hunting terminally ill.On that day, Nikitin Read more [...]
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Hunters at gunpoint poachers

Andrey Grigoriev, senior game manager Zaraysk district of Moscow region: "I want to punish him for daring to delay the "cool" people"Photo: Vladimir Tikhomirov On these two cases we wrote many newspapers. At first I could not believe that this is possible, but still not anywhere, but in Moscow: to hunters, poachers detained, brought a criminal case. Corruption has long been widely blossomed in law enforcement. Recent events in the village of Kushchevskaya only one episode. It turned out, even in the Moscow region «the powers that be» everything is permitted, Read more [...]
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The SNOWMOBILE. ( right, check, TB, fines, etc.)

Snowmobiling is not only a means of comfortable winter travel on hunting, fishing, active leisure and entertainment is also a responsibility. To purchase a snowmobile is to be ready to comply with some rules. If you decide to purchase a snowmobile, be prepared for the fact that you, as the owner of a snowmobile, you can check on compliance with the rules of registration, you have the rights to control the snowmobile and other qualities. In all regions of the Russian Federation is held each year preventive operation "Snowmobile". This year engineers-inspectors STS together with the police to inspect Read more [...]
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Volition Yellowstone’s Snowmobile Regnant Commute the Industriousness?

    Picture: jeffgunn/FlickrOn October 22, later 15 eld of argue and talks 'tween commons officials, wildlife experts, engineers, and politicians, the Subject Green Serving proclaimed its last rules on how it volition regularize the use of snowmobiles and snowcoaches in Yellowstone Internal Parkland. The rules, start in the wintertime of 2014-2015, finalise limits on the issue of c machines, or "oversnow vehicles" (OSVs), that leave be allowed into the parkland apiece day and requires that these vehicles walk rigorous air and racket emissions standards.During the Nineties, Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Snowmobile Linx

In a sense, snowmobile Linx was virtually impossible to invent. And can not wait to touch them with your hands, hold his hand on the corrugated surface of unusual design panels. Show tezhelovesnost snowmobile Linx and power professionally supplemented as necessary rather big area of low birth weight underweight. Unusual marginalia finish delight the eye intricate multicomponent plastic linings finish at least some degree of softness and texture. The developers of the first step Pininfarina took an active part in the work on the external appearance of those.A little bit of a project, selected Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Snowmobile Snow Hawk

Snow Hawk snowmobile manufacturer company AD Boivin Design Inc. positioning his creation as a motocross racing shell with a bias for ultra-high doses of adrenaline. This is understandable: the constructive scheme 1 + 1 ski track to another application simply not adapted. Actually snowmobile Snow Hawk - designed for winter use motocross bike on crawlers. Snow Hawk snowmobile no "trigger" the throttle as snowmobiling, and there spinning handle, as is customary on bikes. There can not be the brakes and all of this does not remove the legs with footrests - after stopping it is imperative Read more [...]
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