Hunting Conference at VVC

The International exhibition "Hunting and fishing in Russia" February 26, 2014 held an organizational conference "Hunter, hunting and hunting in the realities of modern Russia." It will take place at the All-Russia Exhibition Center (VVC), Pavilion 75 Conference Hall (Moscow, Prospect Mira, d.119, Metro ENEA). The conference begins: 11.00; Registration of participants from 10.00.The organizer of the conference on the state of hunting Russian and preserving the traditions of Russian hunting acted as a social movement «Russian Hunting Union» with the support of the initiative group to Read more [...]
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Moscow Society of Hunt

From age to ageParticipation of Alexander II in the hunt hosted by the Moscow hunting society, positive impact on the formation and development of the Company, as represented proof that built it not for empty fun individual, and there has been a serious public-benefit purposes, or the emperor would not have had it so personal attention.It was the first time the participation of the monarch in the hunt conducted by the NGO. Since then opinion «white stone» in relation to the Moscow Society of hunting varies strongly in favor of the latter. Candidates wishing to become members of the Read more [...]
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Ravished Taiga

Hunting supervision Priangarye entrenched in the courts for the joy of poachersIrkutsk taiga taken over poacher. Deer, elk, moose shoot dozens without permits because hunting ownerless. Service on protection and use of wildlife, Irkutsk region has declared war on hunting farms in the region, which leads them to budget money in the courts.While hunters in this property disputes kicking against bureaucrats, poachers are decimating livestock animal, shoot him paragliding, hand in local restaurants deli meats, cut out the forest, destroying the natural habitat of birds and calving. This situation Usolsky, Read more [...]
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A typical situation?

Hello! I appeal to you not only on its own behalf but also on behalf of many hunters Dolinsk District, Sakhalin region, which is also, like me, very concerned about the problem, which will be discussed.Photo: Ilya Magrycheva Hunting permit me a long time ago, I retired, when he worked for a long time gamekeeper. Previously, to get it, we all come into the society of hunters and fishermen. In this society, we had a membership, has certain rights and duties carried – paid dues, hold meetings and solved many of the issues chosen chairman of the society, etc.Then over time it Read more [...]
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For the history of the Moscow Society of Hunt

In the third issue of the "horn" of 2013 contains an article by Sergei Osokin "public association of hunters Russia," in which the author gives facts about the history of the Moscow Society of Hunt behalf of the Emperor Alexander II. Some of these facts are inaccurate.The first chairman of the Society was not SV Pensky, as the author writes, PA Talyzin staying in this position from the occurrence of the company before January 11, 1862. The second chairman was just SV Pensky rather than VI Butovo, according to S. Osokin, after it has presided yy NF Dudin and KN Petrov – they were all the chairmen Read more [...]
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Past and present

Yuryev-Polsky district society of hunters and fishermen was established in 1946, in a difficult post-war period. Its population is about 400 people. In the initial period of the organizational abilities of its members have expressed such as IF Kop'ev, FM Novikov, Yu Shpenev, AI Nikolaev, MN Tsapalov, KN Nazaretsky, VA Nahodnov and many others. Photo Boris Emelyanov The best of success achieved in a society period of the chairman of the MI Kiseleva, since 1968. The number of members has increased twice.For a society was enshrined 128.0 thous. Ha of lands, It Read more [...]
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We, the members of the society of hunters and fishermen, carefully read each issue of "horn" for a long time. You are, in our opinion, is the only publication in Russia that is clearly and objectively examines the problem of hunting and fishing industry of Russia. But to be honest, very sorry that your newspaper is not read nor legislators nor the leaders of the country.I am personally touched article EK Kandaurova that very objective assessment of the situation with the game management in Russia. In my opinion, all quite true. We have long since forgotten about whatever was true; everything can Read more [...]
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Holiday in the regional society

Recently, I was invited to visit the hunting base Golubino Domodedovo district society of hunters, where May 24 was planned to hold a sports event. They greeted me like an old friend. Before the competition, I was asked to tell Yuri Vladimirovich Bashmakova how to live and work the district society in the new conditions. And the chairman of detailed answers to all my questions. First of all, I was interested in the size of the company. TO Unfortunately, he fell to 1,400 members. True, said Yuri, released the hunters began to return. I I talked with some of them, Read more [...]
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Ohotkollektivy and clubs: similarities and differences

On the Leningrad society of hunters and fishermen written quite a lot, so far this public organization attracts attention. Is it because that the concept of the work of the Board is that "it is important not the prey, and the unity of the people, love to the animals and nature. For it is not production, and the concept, the process is the main. "Photo Adrian Kolotilina Let's look at an open mind the realities of life on this popular Northwest Russia and ohotkollektiva do not remember Only the story of its creation and vicissitudes of development of which Read more [...]
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Astrakhan Society of Hunters: results and prospects

Newspaper "horn" has already reported that the October 11, 2013 the new chairman of the Astrakhan regional public organization "Regional Society of Hunters and Fishermen" (hereinafter - AROO) elected Yuri Savenkov. One of the main tasks of the new chairman and members of the Council considered the problem AROO return to society of hunters who left him. Such counting of the Council over the past three years has been almost six thousand people. Over the past months, the society has grown to 236 members, and this work continues.After all, the Council understands that the quantitative Read more [...]
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Our patience is not unlimited

I have the memory of the speech of Chairman Vladimir OOOiR SS Zhukov at a meeting with the area of ​​hunting grounds users in April 2010. Here are his words: "In the area of ​​hunting grounds should be a reasonable balance of accessibility for hunters hunting different social strata with different incomes." Photo by Ivan Dupletova What do we see now? AT Depending on a whose conducting there are land, the cost of hunting massive game species increased to 20 thousand. Rubles. Almost hunting ceased to be public, it has become a expensive fun for the Read more [...]
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What awaits the Russian hunters?

Interview with the Director of the Department of Hunting of the Ministry of Russia AE Bersenyev (2010)— Anton E., our conversation is appropriate to begin with the issues of concern to many hunters who believe that the transfer of hunting grounds to legal entities, including private users, will lead to the infringement of the rights of hunters, especially local, hunted here from generation to generation.Now many who criticized the earlier society of hunters once again turned to face them, believing that the best of a bad society, guaranteeing hunting than good private sector, the screener Read more [...]
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Hunting society and our youth

First, let's say a little about hunting economy of Russia. This, my dear readers, there is a total collapse and the abyss. A "help" in the officials directly responsible for its prosperity. Photo by Aleksey Dzyubchuka Of all the shortcomings of the Law «On the hunt», Hunting rights and other important legal documents or who just wrote and wherever may say. But no one hears! Even previously issued an appeal to the president (because only the strong-willed decision can be all at once and irrevocably change!) Had no effect. Poaching of senior officials for the sake of Read more [...]
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Do reserves have ohotnichgo social movement?

In recent years, only the lazy did not pass on the problem - the issuance of hunting permit uniform federal sample (OBEFO) without passing the exam ohotminimumu and other "complications", which in previous years was accompanied by a hunter in the future entry into society.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova For public hunting movement in Russia came the hard times, despite the what it exists more than one hundred years old and proved their worth in preservation of fauna of Russia, from education members of the public respect for the Nature.At the time, Bernhard Grzimek Read more [...]
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Loyalty to traditions

Kupinsky district society of hunters and fishermen are now one of the oldest in the Novosibirsk region. It was created in May 1945, that is, when the Great Patriotic War has ended, culminating in the greatest victory in the history of our nation. IN AND. Bibikov Hunting areas that have received for use in the united society of hunters Kupinsky district, just unique. First of all, it is the southern half of the waters of Lake Chany, the largest in Western Siberia, which is comparable in size with a modern Aral Sea. Further south down to the Russian-Kazakh border stretches vast steppe Read more [...]
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Our numbers will grow

Interview with the Chairman of the SBI, CA UNOS Vyacheslav Vasilyevich PavlovPhoto by Ilya Lipin — This year marks five years «Hunting Act…»That much has changed in a familiar, well-established life hunting associations and has caused a lot of criticism of hunters and hunting affairs specialists. It is known that amendments to this law appear regularly. How do you assess the importance of the law for Military Hunting society? That he has changed for the better, but what hurt?— I have not said that there is no perfect laws. Not ideal and the law «On Read more [...]
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There is safety in numbers

In recent years, only the lazy did not pass on the problem - the issuance of hunting permit uniform federal sample (OBEFO) without passing the exam ohotminimumu and other "complications", which in previous years was accompanied by a hunter in the future entry into society.Photo by Sergey Gulyaev It is not necessary to get down in What is the purpose of the event department of hunting, perhaps, who had to those years a different name, but result — on the face. The ranks of the members of societies of hunters significantly «lost weight», a crowds Read more [...]
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Problems of the Union of Hunters — Continuing the theme

- Vladimir A., ​​for a long time you - chairman of Kurgan regional society of hunters and fishermen. In a few words, please tell us about society; state hunting resources; problems.Photo by the author – Vladimir A., ​​a long time, you – chairman of Kurgan regional society of hunters and anglers. In a few words, please tell us about society; state hunting resources; problems.– Vladimir A., ​​a long time, you – chairman of Kurgan regional society of hunters and anglers. In a few words, please tell us about society; state hunting resources; problems.– Read more [...]
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The congress was held. What’s next?

Photo by Alexander Lisitsyn In the first lines of his article, as in the old days, our ancestors began the letter, I want to congratulate EV Bender on his election as Chairman of the Central Board of the Association «RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz».And wish him even greater success than the first term of service of Her Majesty and the Hunt for the benefit of Russian hunters. I know that the Office of Edward Bender, some staff expressed dissatisfaction with my article «Towards the Congress» («HORN» Number 47, 2011). If I protect public hunting association, Read more [...]
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From Karelia Karelia …

From 11 to 14 November 2014 were 28th Tver regional competitions of hounds. Like last year, they were held in the Tver region Rameshkovsky District - in the middle of the so-called Tver Karelia. Yes, here and in the surrounding areas near the Russian Karelian villages are villages whose residents until the middle of the last century, only spoke Karelian. Karelians moved here in XVII century, fleeing from oppression-Lutheran Swedes seized Karelia after the Time of Troubles. Even the local area is a bit like the real Karelia: the abundance of rocks on fields, sandy soil, Read more [...]
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