Military shoes hunting

Special footwear demanded by many: the army, rescue services, the people working on the ground, exposed to danger exposed, and many other categories of people, including hunters. Specificity of work or hobbies determines the features and characteristics of the required shoes.If you are not going to walk through the swamps, you should not take to heart the lack of a membrane that ensures water resistance of your shoe. If you are not going to spend much time in the cold, it is hardly worth spending money to buy shoes with more thermally insulating layer. Really important for each of us it is only Read more [...]
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SHOES with YOUR HANDS ( photo master class )

detailed annotations under each photoFirst you need to choose the tool:1. Ratfile2. Shyla 3. Beeswax4. Tarmac 5. Lingering ticks 6. Hammer 7. A boot knifealso useful: Nails to tighten the Shoe upper to the Shoepolymer glue "desmocoll" adhesive tape (Scotch tape) Shoesuede ( or leather for Shoethe material for the soles ( in this case "the saddle-cloth"the most dense part of the skins of cattle)1. Preparation material:To make the top:1st and most important step is to lock and load patterns for the uppers. For this block pasting it over the tape, and render it suitable silhouette. Silhouette Read more [...]
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One of the biggest problems in the case of BP is to remain without shoes, with bare feet.. Feet is motion and motion Is Life. Because of my feet need to be taken care of. One of the common solutions is to make a primitive sandals made of tires. This sole is very durable and will be able to assist to keep your feet and move until you pick for yourself what nibut better.. It's Survival - " the plight is always light".this idea can be used to enhance existing shoes , or attach to one that's sole top of something else that happens to get..#vyzyvayustchim@sv_bunkerHelen Adeyewa Read more [...]
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Extraneous Cartridge, Apr 2013

    The Dispatch Away Archives Graze old issues of the clip. Exterior+ Cartridge Relish Away on your iPad. Second approach for impress subscribers.RuinedWhat was the Bountifulness, a square-rigged wooden improbable transport, doing in the midsection of Hurricane Flaxen? That’s the inquiry everyone was request astern it sailed immediately into the dentition of the tempest—and went kill off the Northward Carolina glide. Kathryn Miles reveals the unbelievable accuracy.You Don't Recognise How to RunThe barefoot-running frenzy has overflowing the mart with an consuming align Read more [...]
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survive the cataclysms of nature

ICE is a dense layer of ice formed on the surface of the earth, sidewalks, roadway and objects (trees, wires, etc.) freezing of supercooled drizzle and mist (fog). Usually the ice is observed at temperatures from 0's to minus 3'C. Cork zamershego ice can reach several seeBlack ICE is a thin layer of ice on the earth's surface, formed after thaw or rain in the end of cooling, freezing wet snow and drops of rain.HOW to ACT DURING the ICE (Hololei)If the weather forecast is giving a message about ice or sleet, take steps to reduce the likelihood of injury. Prepare malacalza shoes that Read more [...]
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Masai Barefoot Technology.

Massai Barefoot Technology, which means - "Technology Masai Barefoot" shoe manufacturers design to ensure maximum comfort and compliance with the biomechanics of human walking, simulates walking barefoot on soft ground or sand. • improves posture, • improves blood circulation, • are utilized "right muscles" specially designed for the nature walk, • reduced "shock" load on the spine, knees and ankle. Ie theoretically possible to go faster, longer, and more efficiently! I'm not a doctor - biomechanics, so everything here is purely my and biased. First learned about it more than 10 years Read more [...]
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Protivokonno-antipersonnel obstacles garlic

Protivokonno-antipersonnel obstacles "garlic" For security seekers after BP. When reading the Site, or rather article Military Review, had an idea, but why not use for the defense of the home-seekers' Garlic! "? In production is not particularly difficult and the efficiency is high enough. Actually the "garlic": A bit of history or wikipedia: Iron garlic has been used as far back as 331 BC. e. at the Battle of Gaugamela, the Persians. Very successfully been applied Scots at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. Effectively used in 1609, in the defense of the Trinity-Sergius Monastery against Read more [...]
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Continued testing model Mongoose 24,041. Another report

Location: Abkhazia Time: 22-28.09.2012 Completed: 80 km. + in the mountains 20 km. Highway at sbrosku. General rise 8800 m Continue to share experiences about our testers boot Mongoose 24,041. Original photo report All text and lots of photos in the original. In general shoes in this tester was about 500 km, and maybe more. Just worn specifically for slaughter since April. With his "urban" origin and showed himself in the mountains is not bad. from the author: "Erases all the lower seams, at the height of a pair of see from the sole, enhancing and strengthening the backdrop of Read more [...]
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Propose a short review overbutsov (overboots thermal) British Army, also known as winter shoe covers. Unlike Gamache, overshoes worn over the main shoe, providing extra protection against low temperatures and snow. Shoe covers are sized S (for Russian men's shoes size 39-41, Amer. - 6-7-8) and M (our size 42-44, Amer. - 9-10-11). Often Does size L, I do not know. Placed inside the tops of the company - Vacuum Reflex Ltd. (United Kingdom). We do not have any signs bahil left or right polupary and they can be worn on either foot. I intuitively chose for himself and left, respectively, right, and Read more [...]
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Shoes with his hands.

Inside the post describes in detail the production of shoes at home. What material is required, which tool to use, you'll learn all this under the cut. First you need to select a tool: 1. Files 2. Shiloh 3. Beeswax 4. Tokmach 5. Protracted pliers 6. Hammer 7. Shoemaker's knife Nails to fasten top shoes to a shoe Polyurethane adhesive "desmokol" duct tape Preparation of the material: Harvesting of suede uppers shoes Billets soles "Cheprak" (the densest part of cow hide) Make the top: The first and most important step - making patterns for the uppers. For this shoe paste tape and Read more [...]
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My view of the hiking shoes

Below propose to discuss our views on the choice of shoes for hiking low complexity, for going to the "green zone". The fact that such a "green zone" and about motivation in extreme sports can be read here: So, talk about shoes. In the search engines can be five minutes to find a lot of different articles about footwear for trekking. They are written by experts - commodity Read more [...]
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Mongoose-first reviews

This model Mongoose 24,041 (olive) was given to test our friends in different conditions. Some information how it all went. first review "The first opinion after a week of socks on a new version of" Mongoose ". In my opinion, continued research on the topic of "Cobra" - the same shoes, the sole is the same, but added protection on the nose, changed girth shin hardware differently spaced, the new brand insole in "Python" I was the same - to diverting flow holes. Terms - daily sock in the city. - Range of sizes different from the same "Python" - with 45x moved to 46th. - Pereobulsya with Read more [...]
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A brief overview of the shoe manufacturer Sayan CHF.

Good morning, comrades survivalist! In view of the upcoming three-year anniversary of operation of his shoes, decided to share their short little review. Especially because of the shoe reviews "CHF" for some reason anywhere on the thematic resources are not met. So shoes look on the manufacturer's website I - "summer". However, the tread pattern at my other, and in my opinion, more successful (the photo). Weight of pair - 1.6 kg The height of the tibia at the top: at the first - 25 cm, the tailpiece - 23 cm Fixing soles - glue-pin. Appearance in three years: ] " Why I chose them? 1. High Berets. Read more [...]
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As ankle boots are stitched …

The day came when six hundred ruble favorite ankle boots began to lose the sole ... Scratching turnips and deliberation decided to fix all the options yourself, the more experience in repairing shoes already had. Took diseases, instrument and began ... Added view sila ... The first step is to finish begun ... Here is the result ... Thought they were never taped, but it was present fraction, but little by little ... But nails were (which I did not expect)! Clean and degrease ... both directions ... Clean and creak. Apply glue ... After 30 minutes and another layer of a press ... In this Read more [...]
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Winter in the woods on skis

In comments to the article comrade interlocutor Recent purchases for the next release in the taiga, comrade Rambo described about disposable "skins" for skis. Perhaps it is no secret that winter in the woods (especially in Siberia and the Far East) without hunting skis when snow knee and above, is almost impossible to move. Because could not comment insert photos, decided to write about our change Camus. For those who do not know - I will explain. On the sole hunting skis, if possible, you need to knock Camus. Definition from Wikipedia - Camus - A special lining on the sliding surface of the ski Read more [...]
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choice of mountain boots

The choice of footwear for survival akin to choosing footwear for hunting. No margin for error)) This stuff about shoes for the mountains, the most robust and reliable of utilitarian. Primarily thought of mountain hunters, but I think is suitable for all. Decided to dig a little bit on this issue, the topic is complex and extremely important. Then go down)), and it certainly goes first. Specialized resources generalized information practically do not give the whole information flow is the principle-" Every sandpiper, its own nest. " Fortunately already almost gone " rights activists " rubber Read more [...]
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Shoes for special purposes: tested on itself

The trouble is that in our stores simply do not have good shoes. Maybe closer to the capital of choice and richer, and we have - zero. And no matter how much money you're willing to pay. In my experience, that sometimes bought at the flea market of Vietnam for 300 rubles shoes last longer than the expensive "brand" for 6000 rubles. If modern shoes falling apart, fix it is almost impossible - checked personally. And what a shame: Store gives 21 day warranty. Rovnehonko on day 22 shoes begin to flow. However, disposable things today the number one topic. Sellers are not stupid and understand Read more [...]
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15 Sep 2014 21:00 via Android| I like 316 12 31 comment Misha Sosnovzev replied Maxim Galaide Maxim, crack BP abbreviation for me) thank you. Sep 16th at 18:00| Alexander Hydrometric replied Maxim Galaide Maxim, the heel can separately be pasted. not necessarily the sole one piece to do. Sep 16th at 21:32| Alexander Glebov said Misha Sosnovtseva Misha Seems funny as it may sound, but BP is a Large 3,thdac. Sep 16th at 22:05| Misha Sosnovzev replied Alexander Glebov thanks))) I never would have thought of taking Sep 16th at 22:06| Maxim Read more [...]
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Tourist note: Shoes for hiking hike

Shoes. More comfortable so called travel boots with lugged soles like "Vibram". Choosing shoes for yoga, we must try, that the skin of the shoe did not press down on the fingers and they were free to move. Shoes should be so spacious, so they can be in put extra insole and wear thick socks to the feet, and when they would be tightened lacing tightly covered ankle. As a replacement (substitute) shoes sneakers are recommended. Implementation of sneakers permissible if they are taken to be larger than ordinary shoes, embedded in their double thick insole and they planted two (one - wool) Read more [...]
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Scholarship Wild Beginning Aid

    Picture: Example by Dan WintersIce-climbing fortuityThe generator, veracious, abaft a falling-ice-block incidental in Rough Deal Interior Ballpark, Colorado Woofer studentsWoofer students valuate injuries in bemock scenarios Eggbeater voidingSometimes the sole alternative: a whirlybird voiding at height Scoop Medication Cinque surprising tips that can keep your liveliness.ACCIDENTS Hap. It’s the nature of nature, since pandemonium is reinforced into the arrangement. The magic is wise the rectify affair to do when the damage matter occurs. Which, for too many eld, I didn’t. More Read more [...]
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