Everest a Class After: Fictitious Tip

    Exposure: Andrew Eccles For this cartridge it began quadruplet age ago, when we heard that 40 climbers, various of them clients on commercially guided expeditions, had reached the top of Rise Everest on a unity day. That so many should gang onto the highest office on world was staggering and perturbing. What mightiness this propose to early weekend climbers astir the seeming repose of adding Everest to one's prize cause? What mightiness it betoken on a crown already swarming with too many climbers too inexperient to economize themselves—let others—if caught by one Read more [...]
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Everest a Class Subsequently: Sham Crown

    Exposure: Andrew Eccles For this mag it began four-spot age ago, when we heard that 40 climbers, various of them clients on commercially guided expeditions, had reached the acme of Setting Everest on a ace day. That so many should bunch onto the highest office on land was amazing and perturbing. What mightiness this hint to early weekend climbers around the patent relaxation of adding Everest to one's prize vitrine? What mightiness it auspicate on a vizor already swarming with too many climbers too inexperient to write themselves—get others—if caught by one of the Read more [...]
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How to Evasion an Assaultive…

Mind the wild baboon     Exposure: belgianchocolate/Flickra. Baboon: Notoriously firm and guileful, baboons sometimes rape mass, deliver snatched weeping babies, and can surface car doors. Problem: If you're standing betwixt a distaff and her sister, watch—the parade testament gang-attack. Neither gaze nor oscitancy; both think "I need to fighting" in Scallywag. Stoppage out of the way, and ne'er, e'er provender one. Tactic: Bandstand, call, and clack. Lull upcoming? You're property nutrient. Cliff the Twinkie. Tardily retreat. Ne'er let them see your bum.b. Elk: Read more [...]
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The 9 Scoop Foods for Athletes

The 9 topper foods for athletes     Picture: Shutterstock/Stefano PareschiThe marketplace is inundated with foods and supplements marketed toward fittingness fanatics—if you use the terminus "nutrient" broadly, that is. From vigour gels to protein powders to meal-replacement bars, you can receive something packaged and refined (and commonly, rather dear) for every typewrite of jock, whether you're an survival offset or a superpower booster. Feeding for acrobatic operation, withal, shouldn't upright happen later the gym or rightfield earlier a big case. It's Read more [...]
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Does anybody pee-pee semisynthetic briefs?

A:Thousands of men who scan this pillar are wincing in charitable painfulness, Tom. I learn an chronicle someplace of a wintertime slipstream where it was so inhuman a turn of the participants really got...frostbitten (you recognize where). They were linear to the men's board with newspaper cups total of lovesome pee, into which they swaybacked their half-frozen members. Fortuitously, your trouble is moderately easy resolved: Dump the cotton briefs. Attend a track entrepot or an outside fund and buy about synthetical briefs intentional for outside activities. Patagonia already makes something ilk Read more [...]
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How can I forbid bulwark scabies?

Capilene Shorts     Pic: courtesy, PatagoniaCapilene DrawersA:Wellspring, why not? We acquire all questions hither at Geartrain Guy cardinal?and this one deserves as lots attending as any. You've already figured out what's causation this abominable trouble, Tim?passion, and perspiration. Your cutis is wet from exertion, and yet that can exasperate any soreness caused by wearable or otc things friction against it. Are you rather a compact guy? Because that can bestow also?if you're 98 overweight, so the inner of your thighs can rub unitedly redress about the bulwark are. The antic Read more [...]
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What’s the outflank multi-tool for hike?

The Crampoon     Photograph: courtesy, Swiss ArmyThe MounterThe CrampoonA:Yikes, thither are so many out thither, it's gruelling to piddle a pick. I ne'er could solve the thousands of multi-tools out there…I conjecture they're democratic give items.Personally, I stay truehearted to Swiss Army knives, because they're utile and not too large. The Swiss Army Crampon ($35) is a bang-up all approximately stab/putz. It too connects well to a mounting rule to attend as a belay stab.Affair is, knives don't get plyers, and plyers can be super utile. So if you neediness plyers you motive Read more [...]
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Proteins The owner of a small manufacturing Nicholas was going to spend Sunday with his family, but the bell rang and sleepy businessman said he had come, or commission, or delegation, tf at City Hall gazuyut enhanced engine, and it is necessary to meet the guests. Nicholas phoned the shop superintendent, pulled his pants and obediently left, leaving his wife Tanya in annoyance and dissatisfaction. Their village house on the outskirts of the town was transformed into a house, but the neighbors zahazhivali simple. Tanya began absently clean rooms, there was a great-aunt Vera, who adored hang out Read more [...]
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Why do cycling place detriment my feet?

A:I hypothesis the get-go motion is: How farseeing was this family? And a corollary: How lots thirster were pedaling than the longest you've asleep antecedently? Because my feeling is that the nuisance has something to do with the cycle, the wheel frame-up, or the fact you harbour't fatigued all that often metre on the wheel. And this conclusion item is something you're loss to birth to sustenance in brain as you start existent education. The unproblematic fact is that route bikes are an ergonomic incubus. You're session on a difficult, narrow-minded bottom, knack terminated, spinning your legs Read more [...]
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Reality and construct

Twice I tried to read Zahara Prilepina. And both unsuccessfully. Last time did not so long ago, when he graduated to write an epilogue to the "disappeared" Anton Gasimov. Even before the release of the "disappeared" in the format of the book I published a postscript in his own LiveJournal, not explaining his appointment (http://markshat.livejournal.com/142177.html). And got an ironic comment: read your text and began to read the "disappeared" in the "Ural" for the 12th year. Hard to wade through sentences and paragraphs in which are boring description. In your review, I think, once betrays a desire Read more [...]
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What’s a beneficial couple of constrict binoculars?

A:Heaps of choices out thither, Joe. Worldwide rules of flip: Get something with seven- or eight-power blowup for all-round use. Ten-power can be meliorate for something wish boo observance, but can besides be more unmanageable to hand-hold (12-power is harder lull, as you overstate hand-shake besides as the effigy). A bigger lense diam (the s routine in something alike "7X35") is broadly improve as it allows more twinkle done, but in the press compass a diam of 18 to 25mm is virtually park, and I've constitute that to be hunky-dory for daytime use. Speechmaking generally, lower-power Read more [...]
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Letter to Stalin

    Directing letter Comrade. KOSTROVA, which was sent letter addressed to Comrade. STALIN, we offer a 5-day period to test and give specific materials supply workers Kb In your area, and that they were issued in fact, in September, the month of October.     All materials with send us a letter in Oblsnabotdel.The sector scan execution TNA. 2 copies. Copies. Number 1 address Copies. Number 2 in the case(Signature)     A copy of the Comrade. STALIN     Tell me, please, whether work ox when he does not get the stern.     Read more [...]
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PP Bazhov inscription on the stone

From year to year we with his schoolmate conducted beginning of the summer holidays in the countryside Vozdvizhenka. How to get it over with exams, so now there, to have time to plunge into the clear mountain lakes near silence Castle, not yet swooped here boisterous men with guns and dogs sumatoshlivymi. In Vozdvizhenka glass factory owned Zlokazova then, my friend was a distant relative, an old loner Ivan Nikitich. Most of his life he worked as a carpenter-shop patternmaker with artistic casting in Castle, but in his old age, all of a sudden his friends, moved to Vozdvizhenka where professional Read more [...]
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PP Bazhov Markov stone

The old owners have Turchaninova something Pietro da Marco genus interspersed go. Father, for example, Petro Markych and son Marko Petrovic. Demidov Tagil, those again Akinty yes Nikita. Looked, apparently. Such a fashion was. Noneshnego barchonka, Coy in the summer did not come in, too, listen-to, they call Mark. Well, that's their business. Working man in the little sweets. Petro see, Marco and all the master. Not to the conversation that their names be dismantled. But there is just not in the seredke our factory cottages mountain Markov one stone. That factory and think that Mark Turchaninov Read more [...]
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PP Bazhov Expensive imyachko

It's still in those years was when the old people lived here. At that, it means that the reservoir where poddernovo Gold now find. Gold this krazelitov copper was full. Take it as you want. Well, only the old people to this svychny were not. What they? Krazelitami though the children were playing, and in gold, no one does sense did not drive. Grains of yellowish sand yes, but where they? Nugget a few pounds or even twenty pounds is about, on the trail, and no one will pick up. And who is prevented, so that it only sopnet aside and care. And then there was this, listen-to, fashion was. Going hunting Read more [...]
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Autumn — it is a gift of nature

Autumn – it is a gift of nature, intended for artists and poets. Especially, like, nothing to rejoice, and I some inexplicable sorrow and sadness meet each new in my life fall.     In one of these osenin and there was a case that stood out and remembered like no other.     Often used to go on the slopes of high mountains. That in knots diy, then with a bucket in the stream pobrazgatsya or etyudik write. Benefit in the form of the south side is just wonderful!     In the vastness of the blue at the foot of the mountains of Azov, is seen Zyuzelga Read more [...]
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Gunsmiths Chrysostom

Truth and disorders added. I thought that there kalyat to forge forge yes. And no. All the machines. A zakolyayut has long been a special elektropechke timer. Met with the owner of all this production Vasyuhin Vladimir A. and his wife Victoria. It is seen that people love with their work and about the gun Vladimir A. can speak as everyone who loves their job for a long time. What was read, not a Cossack in my heart, chopped down all the cabbage does not pull me completely. But damn blades hold in their hands! Well, it's still something masculine. Yes, men. To think that this blade is decorated Read more [...]
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Can not see or hear …

Not the first time I was offered the role of a terrible opponent. More risky mind the people with whom almost all agree. But the truth all the same tend to be born - albeit not in the debate, but all the same in any discussions. Whether entertaining a normal child children's literature? Fascinating if he reader? I would venture to say that, in truth, not very much. This focus of any work of art. "Norma" has always been the background against which at all times played out something extraordinary and abnormal: crazy love of Romeo and Juliet, unauthorized campaign for the "Golden Fleece" young heroes Read more [...]
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In the summer of 1930

    "Mercedes" Vasi Mazin     The train arrived in Tagil night. A dozen cabs excitedly shouted:     Will take on the seven Galanko UAH!     You need New? Fifty dollars.     Log city was immersed in darkness. Through the shutters of the Windows occasionally flashed the light. Bumpy streets were a desert.     First impression Tagil was unhappy. It is not dissipated and another day. Most Rudansky street, where I stopped, overgrown with nettles and was almost deserted. The fire barn two firefighters barefoot, Read more [...]
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Olga Markova Green Story Vladimir Prokhorov, a trailer of the 2nd Brigade, homesick. No one suspected. Boy doing his job perfectly. Occasionally laughed; seemed, and slept fine, but was white, just smoldered quietly; His face took on a blue transparency, but this is his comrades attributed by the bustling life of the field, night work but common to all alarms for sowing, for the first self-hleborobstva own experience. Volodya forget about longing exclusively to work. And in the hours of rest out into the steppe, looking in one direction and then the other, trying to guess where is the darling of Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).