Spain Cracks Doping Gang

Spanish constabulary deliver arrested 84 citizenry and confiscated ended 700,000 doses of anabolic steroids, EPO, and emergence hormones subsequently busting two gangs that imported and trafficked the prohibited substances.The gangs introduced more 750 kilograms of drugs from Chinaware, Greece, and Portugal, selling them at sports centers and homes. "Officers get razed two organizations importation the products, which can movement dangerous price to wellness," the Ministry proclaimed in a instruction.On June 13, Spain passed a new, tight anti-doping law to supercharge Madrid's shooting Read more [...]
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Chris Horner Wins Circuit of Spain

American Chris Horner became the oldest success of a chiliad enlistment Sunday afterward cruising into Madrid as the boilersuit leader of the Turn of Spain. The 41-year-old ruined 37 seconds forward of this twelvemonth's Circuit of Italy success, Vincenzo Nibali, with Spain’s Alejandro Valverde winning one-third.“I suffer faced jr. and bang-up riders wish Nibali, Valverde and Joaquim Rodriguez," Horner told VeloNews. “They bear had a big hitch, so for me it is a fabled bit that may not be perennial.""I cognise I am besides the get-go Northerly American to win the Read more [...]
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In Spain and Portugal, an earthquake

On the Atlantic coast of Spain and Portugal on the night of Thursday, December 17, there was an earthquake, according to AFP. According to the National Geographic Institute of Spain, the epicenter of the earthquake was in the ocean, 100 kilometers south-west of Cape St. Vincent. The earthquake was at a depth of about 59 kilometers. The strength of the shock was 6.3 on the Richter scale. American Center for geological studies, in turn, reports the magnitude 5.7, and the depth of focus of the earthquake, according to the Americans, was 10 kilometers. In addition to Spain and Portugal, tremors Read more [...]
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Flooding in Spain caused a shortage of drinking water. Video

Torrential rains have caused major flooding that swept from 25 regions of Spain. Banks came out a few rivers. In the cities, flooded basements and first floors of buildings. Many people try to manually drain the water out of their homes, and have to sleep on the chairs. Road blurred - Drivers abandon cars on roadsides. Livni was forced communal urgently release water from the reservoirs, and this, in turn, has led to the break of the dam. Several towns are still without drinking water. Local authorities help hotels and restaurants, providing them with food, the owners did not close places. At Read more [...]
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Flooded the South of Spain. Video

On Spain hit flood that filled the south. More than just hurt the town of Jerez, which was cut off from the outside world. Roads are covered with water, in connection with which they were blocked and can not drive the train. The local airport has suspended its work. The water crept up to the terminal building so close that the airport was forced to turn off the electricity in it. On the runways of the flow of water carried a pile of stones and tons of mud. Dozens of flights canceled flights, said "Russia 24". Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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Rivers of Andalusia (Spain) overflowed. Video

The traditional Andalusian definition of "sunshine" today will sound out of place. Heavy rains and strong winds made this resort region of Spain in the disaster zone. Guadalquivir, familiar to all Russians in poems of Pushkin, is now not only noise-run, but also floods the surrounding area, causing serious damage to homes and industrial buildings. Banks went out and other rivers of Andalusia, and all are forced to release water reservoir, since its level is already risen to critical levels. Most flood affected province of Jaén, Córdoba and Seville - evacuated dozens of families. Many sections Read more [...]
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Flooding in Spain. Photo

After hit the showers from the coast of Spain left the Guadalquivir river, which led to flooding in the south. Authorities said the evacuation of 1.4 thousand. Persons. In the 28 provinces of Spain Civil Defense put high - orange - the level of anxiety. Previous News: · Rivers of Andalusia (Spain) overflowed. Video Source: Komersant Photo: / REUTERS / Javier Barbancho / Read more [...]
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Hurricane «Xynthia» covered Europe. Photo

Andernos, France Hurricane that formed in the Atlantic and struck first on the territory of Spain, reached the French coast on Sunday night. He swept through the central region to the east of the country and across France got to Belgium. Wind gusts in some areas exceed 140 kilometers per hour. Together with showers, who accompanied him, the hurricane pulled down the dam, felled trees, tore off roofs, forcing airlines to cancel flights and delayed trains. Killed dozens of people, disrupted transport connection, there is no electricity.The number of victims of the hurricane struck France Read more [...]
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Strong earthquake in southern Spain

South of Spain An earthquake of magnitude 6.2 occurred on Monday night in the south of Spain, the devastation and injuries were reported, reports Agence France-Presse, with reference to the USGS. According to the American seismologists, the epicenter of the earthquake that occurred in 00.08 local time (2:08 MSK), located 24 kilometers southeast of the city of Granada. Hearth quake was located at a depth of 616 kilometers in the vicinity of the mountain range of Sierra Nevada. Magnitude: 6.2 Time: April 11, 2010, 22: 08: 11.4 to UTC Depth: 624 Coordinates: 37.05 N 3.49 W Source: RIA Novosti, Read more [...]
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Abnormal France. Overview

Tuesday, May 4 France was dominated by the elements. In the south-west of the country have fallen snow and rain, the temperature in the region has plummeted to almost zero. Of the May frosts are not observed more than 130 years. Raging storm and the south-east. The famous Cote d'Azur collapsed wave 6 meters high, caused by strong winds, which is already the second day does not calm down in this part of the Mediterranean Sea. As a result, affected the beaches of Saint-Tropez, destroyed many buildings on the coast in Nice, closed to traffic Promenade des Anglais city reports «Russia 24».In Read more [...]
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Spanish beaches closed due to jellyfish

Vacationers forbade bathing on the beaches of Spain due to the accumulation of a large number of poisonous jellyfish at the shoreline. Most pink-purple stinging jellyfish spotted off the coast of the Costa Blanca in the Alicante province. Pink-purple stinging jellyfish can cause serious allergic reactions. On one of the beaches of the Costa Blanca, the doctors had to help 50 vacationers just half an hour. They fear a repetition of the sad record of 2008, when jellyfish suffered 4 thousand people. Now the coastline patrol boats of the Ministry of environment of Spain. They ensure that tourists Read more [...]
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Hurricanes and heavy rains made it to Spain. Video

The authorities of Germany, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic and Lithuania and count the losses from floods. Due to the continuous rains inundated dozens of villages and even a few Polish cities. And while the water is in no hurry to leave the basements of apartment buildings. Still blurred many of the highway and railroad. In rescue operations involved not only the firefighters, police and military, but even prisoners. But in Spain the disaster came only the day before. In Catalonia was a powerful storm that brought rain and hail. Killed almost the entire crop. The rains have caused numerous Read more [...]
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In Spain and Portugal raging strong fires. Video

In Spain the victims of the fire was a few people. Heat does not give fire to stop the onset of fire. Difficult situation in the North of Portugal. There forest fires come close to human settlements. More than a hundred local people are already evacuated from the dangerous region. To fight with fire was thrown aviation. However, due to strong gusty winds to localize foci failed. To the rescue operation was also joined by two French military aircraft. Source: Capital TVRead more [...]
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People in Spain suffer from the heat. Video

Residents of Spain would be happy now at least some rain. On the South of the country was established 40-degree heat. It is nearly 10 degrees above normal for August values. Because of the heat they changed the work schedule for many enterprises. Shops, for example, work only a few hours per day, according to «Russia 24». Local residents suffer from the heat: — To work under the burning sun, on hot asphalt awful. — Very poorly. Should be prohibited from working in Seville. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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In Spain raging fires. Video

In Spain raging fires. For the last day of fire was raised eight areas in the East of the country. In Valencia evacuate the population. The road was covered with smoke, interrupted by the railway. Firefighters do not exclude that the cause of fire could be arson. Over the past year in Spain because of the fires have burned 20 thousand hectares of forest, reports channel «Russia 24». Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Pedal Touring in Europe: Spain

    Photograph: Howard Sayer/Shutterstock A:Of the more naturalized westerly European holidaymaker destinations, Spain stiff among the more low-priced. It’s too got plenteousness to propose for cyclists: mountains and coastline, cities and villages, and one of the frown universe densities in crowded Europe. Try the Camino de Santiago, the illustrious pilgrimage path. Or selection a neighborhood: Catalonia lets you tap into the Pyrenees, the Rib Brava, and a copious aesthetic inheritance; Andalucia, south, is domicile to the Sierra, flamenco, and centuries of Moorish story. Read more [...]
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Lecture to me almost Spain in the later summertime! I’m preparation my trip-up now and deprivation to birth a sin of a clock!

Rib del Sol, Spain     Photograph: ABEL/Digital Sight/GettyRib del Sol, SpainRib del Sol, SpainA:That's quite large-minded doubtfulness, isn't it, Lisa? But, if you lack Spain, I'll consecrate you Spain. Kickoff we'll startle with the bedrock. As you recognise, the realm of Spain lies on the Iberian Peninsula, bordered by the Mediterranean on the s and eastward, those loony French and the Atlantic to the n, and Portugal to the westward. The mass in the identical s can level see Morocco from their family (nigh). So its ethnical influences are as plentiful and wide-ranging as anyplace. Read more [...]
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Portugal and Spain come to life after a violent storm

In the North of Portugal in the strong winds downed hundreds of trees, flooded dozens of roads. The pressure of the elements could not stand even some brick buildings. Went and parked cars. The effects of bad weather fix and North-West Spain. In two districts was declared the highest, red danger level. In mountainous terrain off several landslides, cause traffic on the freeway. Source: The first channel Read more [...]
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The strongest rains have caused floods in southern Spain

7 Dec — RIA Novosti. Torrential rains that struck on Tuesday night in Andalusia, the southernmost region of Spain, has caused flooding in several towns and knocked out dozens of roads, information about the human victims did not report on Tuesday, the Spanish media. More than any other from heavy rains affected Ecija (Ecija) — a city with 40 thousand inhabitants, located about 50 kilometres South-West of córdoba. According to the newspaper Abc de Sevilla, currently in «Andalusian pan» — so the indigenous people call it the hottest in Spain place — Read more [...]
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Spain. Flood

Source: LeadSpain. FloodsSource: Lead Read more [...]
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