With spaniel on grouse

  Capercaillie - a very interesting object with hunting spaniel. Firstly, the capercaillie - is an enviable trophy. Hardened cock, taken out of a good job, then remember the rest of my life. Secondly, grouse habitats are very picturesque. This is the harsh northern forests, moss bogs, berries, which are rarely people. Perhaps of all the sporting dog spaniels are best suited for this hunt. Capercaillie is usually not kept a gun rack, especially mothers roosters, they try to escape, as soon they hear a suspicious noise, and fly so that only hear the flapping of the wings of the mighty. Young gluharyata Read more [...]
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Spaniels people

Held under the Cherepovets the All-Russian competition for the duck. Is there such a river Yagorba where nepuganyh ducks simply do not count. Bays, channels, inlets, islands ...Photo Shutter button Extensive shallow water, covered with all kinds of vegetation thick, which sometimes The name is not I know. For the duck tribe — heaven: and plenty of food, and sturdy shelter. End of July — chicks grew. There are more recent broods, but Most fell wing. Even experienced hunters suburbs surprised abundance of waterfowl.AT In fact, Read more [...]
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The tenth – jubilee match Spaniels

Tenth All-Russian personal-team competitions spaniels for field and marsh fowl memory B. E. Vagina already become traditional and are held in the floodplain of the Oka River near ohotbazy "Solotcha" since 1993. Although at different times, they were called in different ways, and inter-regional, and interregional, and since 2002 they have been given the status of All-Russian. And it is clear why – such an abundance of bog-field game which rarely meet, and endless fields let you take virtually any number of dogs.Examination of dogs in competition tests carried out according Read more [...]
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Nut-Zuevskaya exhibition

Photo by Sergey Fokin For those in the hunting dog breeding is not part of the person, there is nothing remarkable. However, not every district society of hunters and fishermen, even in the Moscow region boasts not only the presence of dog clubs, but also the knowledge of canine works at a fairly high level.Without exaggeration, I will say: we, the people, in love with hunting dogs, are very fortunate that the board ROOiR consists of committed and enthusiastic hunters, who do not see access to land without a hunting dog, whether husky, hound, setter or spaniel. Chairman of the Read more [...]
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Quality Hunting Spaniel

Ask ten hunters, making Spaniel hunting? Nine of them will answer: Spaniel brings a duck out of water, it's waterfowl dog. The fact that not only serves Spaniels hit by game, and most importantly, find the bird in the lands and raise it by a shot, thereby making the hunt is much more exciting and dobychlivee, many do not realize.Photo: Mikhail Semin Well put Spaniel hunting turns out quite boring duck standing on flights and empty leg Welding of many kilometers through forests and swamps in a fascinating, dobychlivuyu gambling hunt. This hunt has its own quirks, its own rules, Read more [...]
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Match Kuban

From Kovrova Ladoga to the village of Ust-Labinsk district of Krasnodar region about 1,800 km by car.Photo by the author And here we go together across the country to the North Caucasus, in the Krasnodar region on the race spaniel wild pheasant. Describe the experience of the reconstructed road to the Sochi Olympics track «Don» and the road will not meet today, although it is worth it. In general, in the Ladoga village that is located on a high bank of the Kuban, arrived on October 14 in the afternoon. Having rested, I went to organize the camp ranger at the site of Read more [...]
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Specialty Spaniels

LIFE HUNTING IN RUSSIA Spaniel is relatively recent. I will not repeat here the well-known fact HISTORY OF THIS group of rocks in our country, just recall that, over time BIGGEST common among TRAVEL least once FOR HUNTING WITH Spaniel obtain standardized in 1951 BREED RUSSIAN Spaniel, mainly formed from the mixture of English Cocker English Springer Spaniel and.Field Spaniels quality emerged and began to form a very long time, the first mention of the use of these dogs to hunt game birds for pasture and small animals (rabbits) of crepe under the Falcon appeared in the Middle Ages. This allows me Read more [...]
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Style – a head

Since the early 20-ies of XX century in our country, formation of rock, later called Russian Spaniel. The basis was the breeding material, which had a pre-revolutionary times, imported Cocker Spaniels famous nursery UK and continental Europe as well as individual representatives of other breeds of Spaniels. Pedigree dog has not Only typical exterior, but and a bright, distinctive style of work field. Cause — the desire to get a dog suitable for hunting Russian conditions.The thing is that no All spaniels imported into Russia and USSR, Read more [...]
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Such different Spaniel

Spaniels - sporting dog breed group, created to work without the stand is attached, and be sure to aportiruyuschih game. It would seem that the purpose of hunting breed group has long determined spaniels are hunters in many countries due respect, since the work of these small dogs is abundant in any type of land. None There are less and noticeable differences in field spaniels in leisure depending on the region. AT What is the cause of these differences and how they affect rock formation in this group sporting dog, seen in this article.Great Britain is the Read more [...]
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The first steps of the future champion

Otohotivshis three years, I decided to get a real hunting dog - Russian Spaniel: born utyatnik, compact, quick-witted, cheerful disposition.Photo Galina Titovets A year later, they gave me a puppy from the litter July. My joy knew no bounds. He's a little older, and about the age of 2-3 months, I began taking him hunting.Interestingly, perhaps, was watching us. The dog raced across the meadow behind all that flutters. Half an hour later he was tired and began to whine. We must go home, and I have not hunted. What to do? Without releasing the gun from his hand, I took him to fold Read more [...]
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With spaniel woodcock: practical tips

Autumn hunting woodcock with a spaniel has its own characteristics that distinguish it from hunting with a gun. In a short article, I would like to share the experience with those who are hunting for woodcock with a spaniel, and give some practical advice.author photo In central Russia in October – Month end of the pen with a hunting gun dog. The most recent trophies of the past season are woodcocks.Autumn hunting woodcock with a spaniel has its own characteristics that distinguish it from hunting with a gun. In his  small article I would like to share the experience Read more [...]
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Flushing played Cup

The first Open Championship Kovrov district of the Cup duck club of Russian Spaniel in the end took place!author photo Summer this year, we all know, was hot. In several areas, including and Vladimir, introduced emergency. In these circumstances, to hold the next traditional competition of hunting dogs could not duck the question.It's a pity and a shame: ready, willing spanielisty Kovrov club ROS to this landmark event planned for them, and so on you – ban! Fire hazard! In such conditions, was being prepared for field trials of its partners eared hunting Kovrov spanielisty. Read more [...]
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Feeding spaniel puppy

Russian Spaniel - it is the only breed a sporting hunting dogs, bred in Russia specifically for local conditions of hunting. Read books by famous authors, communicating with experts and experienced owners, being the mistress of Russian Spaniel hours. Shela, I want to share their views on one of the most important aspects of growing puppy - power.Of course, the child should eat a balanced meal. However, do not feed only with use, but and no problem for the owners in the modern employment is very important.General rules for feedingOf course, the obligatory permanent access to water. Read more [...]
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By the early history of the Russian spaniel

Russian Spaniel - only national sporting dog breed - this year celebrates its 60th anniversaryPhoto: Andrey Akimov In 1951, it was approved by the breed standard, which with small changes is still in effect. How did this breed?AT recent years, there were new books and publications, our lives became the Internet. We have the opportunity to study the pedigrees and catalogs of British dog shows until the 19th century. And now we are closer to solution of some of the mysteries, which is full of the history of our species. Was the formation of natural rock or targeted?Yes, it is Read more [...]
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Spring exams

Part twoDay of the hut I I took water drake. Shmelek on shallow water brought it, to shvarknul feet. Again, I say, shvarkaesh? Serve as it is necessary! I filed.Evening. The place is same «actors» The same. Woodcock flew five, all of the edges of our clearing. Finally, sixth, the latter in dark. Thank far — by! On me beat — falls. Like drops — flies with reduction, luplyu again — by. Seeking kurtshaar? No. I not lazy, I went to the a car for old spaniel, searched hectare — Read more [...]
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Spanielinye passion

Recently, hunting pressure has several articles devoted to testing spaniels, an expert from the Nizhny Novgorod SA MatsokinNow there is a new edition of the rules of field trials spaniels. The old rules, adopted in 1972, laid a good foundation, which has allowed to maintain a high level of working qualities of the breed Russian Spaniel. These disadvantages are vague wording, resulting in some discrepancies in the estimates of experts from different regions.Questions about the new edition of the rules have been discussed at meetings of experts and on the National Conference spanielistov where a Read more [...]
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Work with a stop at a leading

It is easy to shoot a bird in the hijacking. Much more difficult, I think, to get into the game, soaring close range and attack you, they say, "hostility", ie right in the forehead. This happens when a bird Spaniel work according to the interpretation of the rules - "calling at the lead." Photo by Sergey Fokin Often when this happens, I surprise shot almost with emphasis three — five meters. The most common target. I think because the charge has not yet been shot I managed to get out of the container and to disperse I flew like a bullet, near the Small Read more [...]
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From spaniels to epanolyu

For many years I keep Russian Spaniel. It so happened that my first hunting dog was a spaniel Russian, and I've fiddled with her nataska. The reason is simple - my inexperience. As a result, many cones stuffed, I made out of my Lada II a very good working dog. After that, I fell in love with Russian spaniels and always kept them only. Photo by Vladimir Krutov Hunting with these dogs is different passion and dobychlivostyu, this breed is best suited to me by my hunting requests, my character. But the nature of my restless, static hunt, long sitting in tents or other ambush — Read more [...]
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Step Forward fear

What kind of cases do not just happen on the hunt! What did not know, what is not met, nothing will be surprised! Once I was hunting snipe with Russian spaniel on swaths in the meadows by the river Naromshi, near d. Pobochnevo. Local hunters on the eve of the season specifically mow strips in the tall grass to attract snipe. Noted: They're going to love these swaths. Just take another handsome weevil. Pervopolny Aitos by submitting a bird working on. I'm a little distracted, considering admiring prey by hanging it in Torok. Suddenly I heard — the high curve of a neighboring Read more [...]
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Kuban pheasant

Two and a slight thousands of kilometers from the Klyazma on Kovrova to Krasnodar Kuban for half of the day - not great record for this motorist charged. Early October. On Kubanschine is bird flight. Rich vysypki woodcock, quail and other migrating from northern regions. There are local «zest» — handsome pheasant… This year, the northern cyclones cheated us golden Indian summer. And so it has turned out, a trip to the Kuban became at the same time and the pursuit of bygone kovrovchan golden autumn for the splendor and richness inherent only to her views. Read more [...]
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