Any city in wartime is different from town peacetime, first, the lack of shops and places of work. In particular, this rule applies to cities, which fell fate to endure a siege or capture.A peaceful person can ask a question - "where is the procurement of goods supply, and how it happens?" I will answer openly. Whatever you contrive to buy, you buy at the local natural markets. "Where traders take these markets?" - ask a peaceful inhabitant. But now I will start my book.The epilogue.War. No matter what war, this struggle of one group by another. The war was conducted by the population of the earth Read more [...]
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Steps in KHARKIV (infa updated in the comments)

now the night is 15/03/14In Kharkiv militants "The right sector" opened fire on activists of guns and automatic guns, and used flash-Bang grenades., Molotov cocktail. collisions occur at rymarska street. Defenders of Kharkiv fight the militants believed to be from "the Right Sector", arrived on the bus. According to witnesses, they are firing machine guns.The firing from the Windows of the house, which is the headquarters of the structural organization of the "Right"sector, where they sat down.. with floors of buildings throw stun grenades and Molotov cocktails. 2 people killed, wounded Read more [...]
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LOCAL FOLKLORE To L. F. include production, created and existing only in small SOC. group. L. F. always sovr., even topical. This is a lively and ever-living kind of drug. creativity, because it happens fast. the thematic change new appears daily, monthly, annually, although something disappears at the same rate. The name of the writer is, as a rule, Izv. We have hundreds of local songs, parodies, rhymes, verses, sayings, depicting the life, work ur. RAB., their relationship with the owners of factories, stewards, local police, priests, landlords of pubs and the like, e.g., the song of the Heron Read more [...]
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PEASANTS SPECIFIC cross., belonged to the royal fam. Replaced the category of palace cross. according to the decree of 1797 subsequent legislation got new management (Min of inheritances, specific offices, orders), the change in the legal position in the direction of limiting the personal and property rights, more specific design supplies of land and the cross. the royal family. In the mid. XIX century. lived in Yaranskoye, Sarapul, Elabuzhsky, Urzhumskoye, Nolinsk, Tinkers, Orlovsky had. Vyatka Province. (171 thousand. Both sexes), Birsk, Ufa, Menzelinsky y. Orenbah. lips. (61 thousand. Both Read more [...]
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Sniffy PUBLIC was originally introduced in specific estates W. Act 1827 prescribed for each specific villages. to have a special land. areas to processing-ryh attributed to the cross. of the Society. Harvest from these areas was intended to fill the villages. spare magazines. Land under ZO was removed from the cross. x-in (in mnogozem. villages. 1/16 ten. each field from each males and in land-starved for 1/32 dec.). By Ser. XIX century. Vyatka in specific estate near 3.O. 8689 was ten. land, Orenbah. 1996 dec., In Perm. 2231 dec. The reform P.D.Kiseleva ZO introduced in the state. village. Withdrawn Read more [...]
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Three hundred million Jihad

The scenario of the Third world, in fact, already emerged in place of the Head Villain defined the Islamic world. Smashing secular regimes and installing in their place of Islamists, the West reach to clean transactionno Muslim population in the Jihad against Europe because specifically in Europe are concentrated infrastructure to be utilized. Our homeland in this scenario falls under ice rink exactly as it is - as usual - will have to pay Western civilization taxes blood. Cannon fodder. And grandpa Brzezinski specifically this meant, telling tales about the accession of the Russian Federation Read more [...]
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Syphilis of kidney

Specific syphilitic changes in the kidneys can occur at all stages of disease. The clinical picture Syphilis kidney similar to acute or chronic nephritis, at least - amyloidosis P. Syphilis Kidney has no specific symptoms. The diagnosis is established when there are other manifestations of syphilis (see) or by exclusion of other diseases. Gummatous lesions in P. sometimes simulate clinical-radiological picture of the tumor or tuberculosis. One of the differential diagnostic methods for suspected syphilis kidney disease is a specific treatment ex juvantibus. Syphilis such treatment leads Read more [...]
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Functional disorders and their morphological manifestations of mechanical asphyxia

Typically, mechanical asphyxia is acute. All her for from the beginning to the death fits in 6-8 minutes (the time during which perishes cortex). Despite the brevity of the period of in vivo flow asphyxia in the body occur acute pathophysiological processes that occur in stages, which are reflected in clinical and pathological manifestations detected in the investigation of a corpse. In some cases, the process starts with a reflex apnea breath hold (20-30 s). If the mechanical obstacles to breath persists, anoxia occurs in the course of which one can distinguish four phases, passing each other Read more [...]
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Resistance of the body

Resistance of the body - is the body's resistance to a variety of pathogenic factors (physical, chemical and biological). Resistance of the organism is closely related to the reactivity of the organism (see). Resistance of the organism depends on the individual, in particular constitutional, features. Distinguish between non-specific resistance of the organism, ie, resistance to any pathogenic effects, regardless of their nature, and the specific, usually to a specific agent. Nonspecific resistance depends on the barrier systems (skin, mucous membranes, reticuloendothelial system, etc.), from Read more [...]
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Reactivity - a property of the body to respond to the diverse physiological and pathogenic stimuli environment. The basis of reactivity is reactive species, which includes the features characteristic of the species, such as seasonal changes in life (winter and summer dormancy, hibernation, migration, etc.) animals. All animals have the same species and the general, specific for this kind of ability to produce antibodies or reproduce allergic reactions. However, even within a species can distinguish different groups that respond differently to external stimuli according to the constitutional differences Read more [...]
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Metabolism and biosynthesis of proteins

Exchange and biosynthesis. Proteins play an important role in human and animal nutrition, as a source of nitrogen and essential amino acids (see below - Protein in the diet). In the digestive tract B. digested into amino acids, in the form which is absorbed into the blood and undergo further transformations (see the nitrogen metabolism). Enzymes acting on B. (protease, proteolytic enzymes) are themselves proteins. Each of them specifically cleaves specific peptide bonds in the protein molecule. To proteolytic enzymes, digestive tract include gastric pepsin, trypsin, chymotrypsin and pancreatic Read more [...]
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The problem of motivation in personality psychology

The problem of motivation in personality psychology is an important place. Set of motives and human activity is a psychological form of expressing their needs. Motives are fairly stable dispositional characteristics of the individual, potentiate specific activities (Lomov, 1984). Motive - Is an individualized (more value) before the disposition of human what-or activity, or before making any behavioral act. Under the mutual disposition of the person understood the positions of individual components of the structure of personality and, in particular, its key relationships that drive personality Read more [...]
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Needs structure of human personality

Needs are inextricably linked to the formation and orientation of the individual with the development of its interests. The surrounding world with its ever-changing social and physical characteristics have on the human constant exposure requires a corresponding change in its internal environment and thrust him to change their behavior and to implement appropriate actions. Process human adaptation to the environment, on the one hand, and human adaptation of the environment to their needs, on the other hand, there can not be accompanied by the emergence of the individual needs of both to stabilize Read more [...]
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Treatment of viral diseases

Sometimes in recovery from infectious diseases are important specific antibodies. We know that after certain viral infections (such as measles) for life is absolute immunity to them, whereas after bacterial infection occurs only relative immunity, which often eventually disappears. The successful use of specific vaccines also demonstrate the role of antigen-antibody interactions in viral diseases. However, virus-infected body produces antibodies only in a relatively late stage of the disease, so they can influence the course of the disease only at a very late stage of her. Himself virus had Read more [...]
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Immobilization of enzymes

Enzymes can be prepared in an immobilized (insoluble) form without loss of activity. These enzymes can be stored for months and years at a high temperature and it does not lose activity. For the immobilization of enzymes use two main methods: 1) chemical modification of the enzyme, and 2) its physical isolation in an inert material, such as starch or polyacrylamide gel. Immobilization enzymes may open new ways in biochemistry and analysis of enzymes. Immobilized trypsin or chymotrypsin preparations enable allocate specific inhibitors of these enzymes with columns containing the drugs, as well Read more [...]
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Parenchyma - A set of cellular elements of the body, exercising its specific function. In contrast to the stroma, which is formed from connective tissue parenchyma may be represented by different types of tissue: blood-forming tissue (eg, spleen), Epithelium (cancer), nerve cells (ganglia), etc. Parenchyma (Parenchyma; from Greek. Parenchyma - the fill weight) - a set of cellular elements of the body, exercising its specific function. Parenchyma body is closely linked with its connective core, the stroma (see) or interstitial tissue and forms a coherent whole. AP has no concept of histogenetic Read more [...]
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People and drugs

Drug addiction as a disease in the broad sense of the word is a need for a change in the subjective inner space of consciousness, and to meet the specific needs of the individual. These requirements can not meet any drug, but only a narcotic substance with certain psychopharmacological properties. Thus, the structure of the personality is in a certain kind of interdependence with the drug, and the ratio of people - drug determines the type of drug. Therefore, in search of personality traits that can define the phenomenon of drug addiction in general, we must first consider the factors predisposing Read more [...]
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Antifagin is a modified vaccine consisting of the substances released from microbial cells by heating, subsequently filtered and canned phenol. Now staphylococcal antifagin prepared from 10-12 different strains of Staphylococcus aureus and white. Antifagina mechanism of therapeutic action is mainly due to the activation of anti-microbial immunity and the cessation of bacteremia, and the desensitization of the organism to staphylococci and a general increase in the protective response to staphylococcal infection, manifested specific antibody and a sharp increase in phagocytosis. Phagocytic activity Read more [...]
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Antibodies against cancer

As the lymphocyte immune cells generally use the mouse spleen, which received an injection of the antigen. Lymphocytes have a relatively short life span and produce antibody long. Hybrids inherit property from the tumor cell proliferation to the Infinite, so uninterrupted production of antibodies. Propagated hybrids called a hybridoma clone, the perfect camera to save it is the abdomen of syngeneic animal. At present, the hybridomas are not just mice and human cells. Monoclonal antibodies obtained after immunization of mice with human tumor cells, selectively interact e tissues of colon cancer, Read more [...]
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General information about infectious diseases in children 6

Standing requires a lot of attention prevention importations in institutions. Child care facilities, such as nurseries, kindergartens, attended by children from different families and apartments, where they spend much time with other children and adults, and can easily become infected. A sick child while visiting a children's institution may be the cause of mass diseases, having the character of an epidemic of a fire. So sick child and the child, who had contact with infectious patients, in any case, should not attend child care until they solve the doctor. On the sick child's parents Read more [...]
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