Boston Was Chitter’s Saddest Day

The Boston Marathon bombings triggered Chitter's saddest day in pentad eld, according to a radical of scientists who rails emotionally crocked tweets. The squad's "hedonometer" scours the microblogging overhaul for run-in with disconfirming or confident excited connnotations and uses them to calculate a "felicity exponent" for users as a grouping. According to the Washington Multiplication, the squad institute that speech care "burst" and "obliterate" dropped the hedonometer kill to the famed low, contempt the fact that electropositive dustup comparable "passion" Read more [...]
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Genealogy thick- articles

What is the essence of three sources and three component parts of modern thick- article? - The Three Sources and Three Component Parts of the essence: a sermon (lecture), confession, and the conversation in the kitchen. Why modern heavy article? - Since the writers of 1) filfaka injured, 2) the amount of catching up. How do they catch up the volume? - They are catching up volume 1) due to the input structures, 2) at the expense of the rich Russian synonymy. How exactly do they do it? - Here we are, columnists ("Stylite"), usually catching up the volume using okolesiny. Okolesina - a figure such Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Saratov region

Will talk about fishing in the Saratov region and about what is happening on the local waters. Our guest spends a great part of their free time and with pleasure will tell about these beautiful places.Judging by his words is really a very beautiful place and it is very promising in terms of fishing. In the main we will talk about the Saratov Reservoir, its oxbow lakes and bays.Read more [...]
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Muammar Gaddafi speech at the United Nations

Translated into Russian language, speech Muammar Gaddafi at a meeting of the 64th session of the UN General Assembly in 2009 godu.V it discussed many issues, the importance of which is undeniable and today den.Stoit noted that it was not able to master the interpreters, as he said Farsi with periodic use of the Libyan dialect.
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Julian Assange: Ordinary people become enemies of their governments

WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange on Thursday night made a Christmas appeal, which he read from the balcony of the Embassy of Ecuador in London, where he hid for more than six months. Assange called on to defend democracy and freedom of speech in the world, saying that "we need to act and act now." Editor of the controversial site thanked his supporters for their support. "I am encouraged by your solidarity," - he said. In his speech, WikiLeaks editor urged his supporters to continue the fight for democracy "from Tahrir to London." Ordinary citizens in Europe Read more [...]
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The wave structure of the DNA molecule

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences group leader Peter Garyaev worked with his group study of the wave structure of DNA. Scientists came to a stunning conclusion: DNA takes human speech. Its "ears" a really adapted to capture sound waves. Researchers have invented a device that converts human speech into electromagnetic waves. And they are known to affect the DNA molecule of heredity. Swears man, still - and its chromosomes are broken and bent, the genes are swapped. As a result, the DNA begins to produce unnatural program. This Read more [...]
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Assad: War in Syria are the views of extremists Al-Qaeda

President of the Syrian Republic on Sunday appealed to the people about the situation in the country, saying that the Syrians oppose extremists supporting the views of the "Al Qaeda", which helps to fight from the outside other countries.President at the beginning of his speech, said that he "regretted refers to the situation in the country due to which people are killed and many become refugees."He noted that in Syria there is a conflict between the people and the armed gangs who are killing civilians, destroying schools and infrastructure, "Interfax"."This is Read more [...]
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