My Haired Girl loves banging himself on the paunch

  It seems that the creation of an elegant green sitting on a big rose, treat people jostling around. It closely monitored the approaching twig, which held a huge human hand, and when the branch was supposed to touch him, being easily evaded by passing it by.     - Wow - Surprised kid and began to swing from side to side, depicting what he saw. Turning green head his movements, graceful creature was swaying on his long, thin legs.     - Oh, how lovely - she unceremoniously reached out, trying to pat dancing on the rose "ballerina" ...     ... Among the smooth, non-aggressive movements Read more [...]
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The Winter’s Tale

Oh, what a krasotischa this winter fishing! The bright sun, blue sky and the street zero! Snow has not dropped, and the ice is already holding my 80 and 90 my friend. Ice sleek, blue as the sky, and broke through it visible grass, koryazhki bad taken refuge from predator fish fry. And the depth of the ice like a mirror: everything is clearly recognized that you can shave.Each hit successfully echoes from all sides, and the mirror cracks diverge. I do not like ice pick: it breaks everything so beautiful blindly before we arrived. But the sleek sports include ice auger, both in Read more [...]
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Because of the heat wave in Central Russia attack poisonous spiders

This summer, Moscow attacking spiders. Such of their number in the capital in years past was not observed: now predators lying in wait for the victim at almost every bridge over the Moscow river and other water bodies of the city, on the walls of houses, in trees, in the hallways and even inside the apartments. It is believed that arachnid middle band are not dangerous to humans, but it's not entirely true: we are individuals that can attack people, and to contemplate the evening, these hunters are not all pleasant. And although most of them are just common garden spiders, the situation is Read more [...]
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Web and moon

Do not know the nature of the rains. The first half of the summer was dry, but the rains have passed, and there, in places where the forest is viewed almost through, now look everywhere rests on a solid green wall. Indescribably lush emerald moss found velvet rugs, they neatly lined with dark with moisture Comley gnarled birches. Path on which way through the thicket to the familiar meadow, also become unrecognizable narrow everywhere blocked by new branches of shrubs and trees. On young succulent leaves tremble not yet dried rain - in the sun does not penetrate the thicket - and by the end Read more [...]
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Miracle Network

Night. I was lying by the fire. And me illuminated from below his flashlight stretches in the fork of a large branch network spider. She is not ready - extended frame-triangle of thick strong thread of him come running to the center of numerous direct-boom radius. Spider - Cross tee pretty big - works. Her feet are the radii of the thread, it slowly creeps over them in circles, and a spider stretches thin adhesive thread. Short "nod" paunch, and spider stuck to the radius. One more step, a nod - taped to the next. Spider circles began laying out - they mean the network has not Read more [...]
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And so it is difficult to wade through thick undergrowth, and now spiders around their invisible thread stretched - and then have to stop and wipe your face to remove the sticky web of tickling. Take a few steps - again, you stuck to cobwebs. I bent down to not touch prickly branch, and landed with his face in the middle of a circular spider network. And then the spider-mount - network spoiled, and I care again - get off the cobwebs. No, now I will be careful: if I see in front of the web, the best hand will tear off. Only need to look carefully. Here's the front and another spider's Read more [...]
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Riddle gray ball

On dry land, peremahivaya through the cracks, crawling through the grass and pebbles flee small darkish spider. The Chaser - boy twelve years of age, with a net in one hand and a pair of tweezers in the other - a step, a second, squatted: it is very interesting to show him a spider. Or rather, not the spider, and some large bright pea hanging on the end Arachnidian abdomen. Spider skedaddle his strange burden that is urine, although it kept him clinging to the uneven ground. But the spider dragged her through the obstacles and hurry as soon as possible to escape somewhere.That salvation - a Read more [...]
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Thousands of spiders stranded on Australian farm to escape the floods

March 7. Thousands of tarantulas (Australian spider or spider-wolf) flooded farm in Australia to escape the rising water. Reuters reports that the flooding has forced more than 8,000 residents to leave their homes and move to the city Wagga Wagga in New South Wales. But in the place of each person who left it temporarily for a few spiders. "We see here a wolf spider", - told Reuters Arachnology of the Queensland Museum, Owen Seaman. - "They are trying to hide (from water)."Caretaker Entomological Foundation Australian Museum Milledzh Graham told Reuters, that this phenomenon Read more [...]
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Spider secrets

Spiders probably on my offense. Them, I almost did not paint, and here's me anything about spiders is not written. I knew very little about spiders: they did not have six legs, like insects, and eight that they have not engaged in entomology, and her sister - Arachnology (Arachne - Spider) that some science benefit, killing flies and mosquitoes, and even made sure once the hard way how painful bite living in earthen burrows tarantulas. And only. But, seeing spiders, many times come across a strange and incomprehensible.Once remarked, spider's web, spread out between two tall cliffs. Read more [...]
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