The Trip-Finder, January 1999NiueLiquid with Spinster DolphinsOutfitterTermsAccommodationsHumans BreakthroughTours888-876-4055,$2,295 (incl. airfare from U.S.)tenting, tourer hotelsThe Path: 8 years of caliber clip with spinster dolphins, which congregate in disc numbers approximate this 100-square-mile s Peaceable atoll. You'll schnorchel with the spinners everyday, smear migrating crookback whales, raise the Read more [...]
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Acoustic Lures

Among spinners to select lures that have sound and protivozakruchivayuschim scaffold effects. Leader among They are spinners «Vibrax» company «Blue Fox». Required effect achieved through the built-in cabinet spinner rotor rotating in the opposite lobe. In another way, it is called the effect of the bell. Lures are essential when fishing in deep water, strong currents and murky water. Quite suitable for fishing spoon Company «Konger».  Read more [...]
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Universal spinners with a propeller at the bow

If the fishing is applied from the bottom of a large number of different baits in design, the universal spinners, especially capacity as it hangs in the water (a typical example - the octopus), the competitors do not have, extending the impact of predatory fish close to magnetic.Spinners fishing in the upper layers of water are not considered, since their construction differs little from the streamers of similar import. Especially, If the bow is present baits such detail as the propeller. Read more [...]
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Catching roach podust, dace

With the advent of the coastal zone and defenseless masses calorie fry-fingerlings are not able to move quickly in the water, most cyprinids temporarily forget their usual diet (insect larvae, threadlike algae, copepods, amphipods), and are beginning to eat their own offspring, not yielding gluttony in predatory fish. This period is usually from 1.5 to 2.5 weeks. Interest in the young disappears as it grows and the ability to move quickly over the pond. Fish of the carp family, including a large bleak, caught on spinners, spoons, Mukho № № 00-0, cast which is not a problem if ultralight spinning Read more [...]
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Catching ide

Speaking of the predatory instincts of ide, I must say that it's not as "bloodthirsty" as chub. In my opinion, it is only slightly larger than these relatively peaceful fish like sabrefish and roach. Ide are prey species of carp fingerlings. So up to the autumn cold water baits larger than № 00-1, it does not react, and the use of baits with a larger petal does bite ide random. Well, at the spinners sizes 00-1 successfully caught a small (150 g), roaches, and quite solid specimens. To catch the most suitable: Mukho-spinner «Blue Fox»; spinners «Aglia Long» № 0-00; Read more [...]
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Tackle for sheer blesneniya (Winter Baubles)

One of the most active and, therefore, ways of fishing sport fish in the winter - sheer blesnenie. This is not spinning, some say not good at this point fishermen. Gear used for sheer blesneniya is spinning with only one thing in common: in both instances, the artificial lures called spoons. Fishing at the last winter, of course, no spinning (rotation) is performed. Lures are moving in the water by different rules and trajectories. Tackle has udilnika with carrying rings lesohranilischa, fishing line, a nod, spinners. All these elements can be of different capacity and size depending on the Read more [...]
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Multifunction spinner with a sinker-head

Deep predatory fish leaving the shelter only during Zhora, in most cases the interest falling to the bottom of the lure that imitates a sick, demolished over the fish. In this case, the body of water with a strong current without such spinners can not do. In horizontal wiring well executed bait "plant", touches the surface of the water, not in 40-100 cm as separate items of the kind sold by the animal market. Properly designed spoon attracts fish from the moment of entering the water, creating during the game strong vibration and thus attracting fish. Due to the active vertical game Read more [...]
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The universality of spinners

Versatile lures, suitable for various fishing conditions, - units, and among rotating these are absent. It would be foolish to use the spoon in situations in whichtechnical characteristics, it obviously can not be applied. And, yet, look for versatility one of the most popular among anglers trolling: «Aglia». Some may ask, "Why spinners company« Mepps »? Because «Mepps» surely is one of the first places in the top ten firms producing quality and cheap spinners (sort blesenny consumer goods). If spinners firm Daiva Hopkins, Silver Creek, Lure Jensen relatively expensive and for Read more [...]
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On the possible upgrading of famous models and self-production of new spinners

Everyone understands that seriously modify the well-known, much less to create and produce a new, worthwhile bait, only by a few. From a variety of homemade, in general, quite good spinners like to highlight two designs for pike at depth. I will not make a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of these structures, I can only say one thing: both spinners well-proven in the pike. The one and a serious lack of spinners: progress in the game crashing lobe (not sticky, and it failed) and a partial loss of the game when you touch the ground. The most striking, and perhaps the only person who managed Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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