Storage spinning

Hunters well. After hunting guns cleaned and placed in a special safe. And how to keep spinning? Interest Ask! Maybe, in the garage, as many? Or the country? On the mezzanine or in the closet? Vertical, horizontal? Do I have to somehow preserve? One thing – cheap spinning, and how to keep spinning for which money is set aside from each paycheck?Primarily it should be remembered that the spinners should be stored at a positive temperature, but not near the heaters, and under normal humidity. After fishing it is necessary to dry it. And do not forget to remove the protective Read more [...]
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Fighting «mustached bonus»

Fishermen, as hunters often face is not so, on what counted. When fishing for perch and pike-perch can bite the owner of the pool – Som. Most often it happens unexpectedly and most often the angler to this fight is not ready.For a long time I had no luck with catfish. Even all my friends were KGS poklёvki spinning. Someone taking the fight is over «mustached tadpole»Who do not, and I was totally unlucky. I was a witness and could only give advice on vyvazhivanii and take pictures of happy faces. But, knowing that poklёvki catfish are random, that the catfish Read more [...]
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The April pike

It's time! It's time to go for spring pike! The ice on the lakes is gone forever, in the literal sense of the word. That is about to begin pre-spawning pike zhor.What to fish in the spring?Ten years ago on this question, I would say definitely – trolling! Every spring we made a trip on the lakes and Eric Volga-Akhtuba floodplain, as soon as it dries out enough to be able to pass on my old «Six». The most beloved and working was the legendary Spoons Atom 2. It cost 30 cents at the time. Steadily catching pike and big perch. Of course, there were other spinners, Read more [...]
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Spring Meeting on Akhtuba

The first to go through a time when beauty Akhtuba wake up from hibernation – always honorable and memorable. One thing - the mud puddle in the already punched someone rut more – to break through the first track of their SUV. I have a thermos of hot tea, spinning and spinning belt, which has everything you need for jig fishing. In March, it is not necessary to hope for a warm spring weather. Sometimes, of course, that in the morning when you start to catch the frost minus 3, and for dinner the air warms up to 18 and the weather - as a piece of summer. In such a sunny Read more [...]
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Spinning in the grass

There are summer seasons, when a certain territory falls excessive amount of precipitation, and over a long period of time, which does not decrease the level of reservoirs, and it only causes fluctuations in the level exceeding single bet. At the same time the rivers change of this kind are expressed much brighter than in the waters without currents, but decreases and water in the river after rising fairly quickly when rain comes a break. For this reason, in rainy river fishing time is less predictable than, for example, at a «stable» reservoirs, ponds and lakes. Read more [...]
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Waiting for winter with spinning

In the light of the abnormally warm winter in Russia how not to talk about the spinning winter? Imagine, in the Stavropol or Krasnodar region are the winter without any ice on the ponds! This is the feature of the southern regions of that ice formation there waiting the longest. Or maybe it is not necessary to wait the most ice? Why hide spinning into a corner?About materielYou need to know that the winter spinning requires a careful preparation. Listening to the weather, be sure to note the direction of the wind. In summer – it's just the wind, and in the winter – Read more [...]
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Autumn spinning on Okuneva trail

Bright light puffed distant horizon, but to go on a fishing trip a bit earlyAutumn frost and the first night frosts are already being felt, and the underwater inhabitants are not very active in the early morning. Fish out of the pits and will "walk" acquainted trails in search of food an hour or two after sunrise.When the chilled air is warmed and melted a bit damp night, I go to the boat in search of fish swarms. This time my spinning aimed at fishing perches, preferably large, that on the eve of the freeze-up is often a good pet cool. Solid trophy goes to the most restless anglers who are not Read more [...]
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Filing into spinning

To hornblende predator grabbed enough of a second, when it will flicker in the narrow zone of clean water. For two or three decades preceding the spinning, as a way of catching predatory fish, divided into some very isolated areas with different methods of feeding and conducting artificial lures. Apparently, because among anglers it is considered bad form to use equipment at digital parameters are not suitable for terms of fishing, although often dictated by practical need absolutely the opposite. Thus, for example, to catch on heavy jerks, Read more [...]
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The best hunting

We are a welcoming forest hut and lunch of fragrant soupPhoto: SHUTTERSTOCK End of August. The city is always noisy and lives in a frantic pace, between the stone boxes scurry cars okatyvaya stinking smoke. Around noise problems — I am tired of everything! Yeah so sick of that cast for a week all cases, and not very important, and going into the woods.I threw in a backpack everything you need, drove the dog and the permit and — out of the city. It has long dreamed of visiting the old, abandoned cabin on the lake and the forest. Once upon a time was not far from the Read more [...]
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From the «barge» to «Jungle» or Winter spinning on the Volga

In our southern latitudes winter – it is not just fishing from the ice. Sometimes the winter is such that we wander from spinning until mid-January. Root Volga freezes in the Volgograd region and downstream is very rare. The work he's doing his «black» business. The water level is constantly changing and gives how to consolidate the young ice, to tie down the river in the vicinity of the fairway. The advantages of winter spinning I attribute the fact that the fish caught are generally larger than in summer. When the bulk of the fishermen with longing looks at Read more [...]
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Spinning on small rivers

Photo: Anatoly Mailkov Rapid cooling of the water in the fall dictates underwater inhabitants as victims and hunters, a certain line of conduct. In large reservoirs, large rivers, lakes and reservoirs, all of the fish, followed by predators (pike, perch, chub, perch, chub), leaving the coastal zone to the deeper, often inaccessible from the shore to spinning tackle areas of reservoirs, but continue actively feed until freeze-up. Fishing from a boat out there is not always possible due to the usual at this time of bad weather and storm winds.In such a situation could unburden himself Read more [...]
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Tandems in the spinning

Photo Anatoly Mailkova It often happens that the predator is peaceful fishes, he becomes a victim of his own, a strong opponent. So far gentlemanly relationship between the clan of predatory fish is not a sin use the angler. A namely to apply snap spinning lures imitating and the one who runs away, and the one who catches up. It's always chasing, always excited.One incident I remember in particular. It was almost a meter pike, warming themselves at the back the surface of the water and imposingly with dignity sailed meters Five Read more [...]
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Spinning on the Black Sea in winter

Recently, a very popular destination in the marine fishing becomes coastal fishing spinning. author photo Experienced anglers know that fish willingly takes the bait, which is moving slowly along the bottom, simulating the weak, the wounded fish. By moving the bait stops, it can be a great fishing on the waters, and the likelihood of bites and catching the fish has grown significantly. Fishing in the morning and evening, and the day has long been used by fishermen to catch almost any fish, but night fishing has always attracted fans of exotic. At this time, you are practically Read more [...]
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From what pike muddying

These teachings are not simply invented by inflammation of the brain of the author. It is a defensive reaction to the endless theoretical refinements individual "experts", sometimes reaching up to no less absurd.MAGNETIC STORMSMagnetic storms depend on solar flares and their effect on the activity of the pike has long been known. During magnetic storms in healthy pike there is some irritation and self-doubt. Large pike tear it out on small, and those, in turn, take vengeance on the most defenseless. Quite different things patients pike, especially in adulthood. Pike - serdechnitsy and pike - asthmatics Read more [...]
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Good luck

In fishing around major trophy discussed and remembered for a long timeThis carp weighing about 12 kg and was caught after the "wrong" bite spinning. Hard fighting continued for more than half giant, and cost a lot of effort and nerves. And the same question: "honest" if he caught? .. Photo: Anatoly Mailkov. My story is deposited in my mind for a lifetime. For all his years of experience fishing the fish on their gear, I did not catch. I do not even imagine. However, he knew that the fishermen caught it on the Donkey, kiddle but to spinning…AT the quiet and warm Read more [...]
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Spinning on the winter river

With the boats catching cold is not quite comfortable, and dangerous to her side and begin to paddle covered with ice, the boat is heavier, it becomes difficult to managePhoto by the author In winter fishing spinning much more difficult than in the fall, spring or summer, and yet, success comes to those who correctly chooses the place of fishing, bait and on the situation moves from one technology to another fishing…Speaking of winter fishing spinning, you need to have an idea of ​​where this fishing takes place: in southern or central Russia on the ice-free rivers. Read more [...]
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Big fish, Meow Meow!

Sergei and on the most primitive tackle "fishing line + a huge hook" caught three pineapple KarasikPhoto: Ilya Antoniuk Unfortunately, in Russia, good places for fishing every day is becoming less and less ... You have to climb out of the cities and towns, so as not to be surrounded by garbage dumps, koi I've seen a few years ago on the banks of the reservoir Ruza. There was a sense that people (in this case, if you can use such a word) do not go on a fishing trip, but just take out the trash! Since then, the desire to travel in the Moscow ponds I lost completely. Perhaps because Read more [...]
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Spinning in snags

Part 1: Principles of gearauthor photoFishing, I think, something akin to the eternal craving a certain category of people to the knowledge of other worlds and mysterious place than the upcoming fishing, the more it has magnetism. What fisherman, still does not spill gear, I did not feel the thrill of gambling, having appeared on the shores of a dark, bottomless whirlpool or in the shade of a wooded cliff-slumber, hanging over the river bend? And sticking out of the water slimy driftwood further added to the severity of your favorite places, and is unlikely to have any spinning prudence will overcome Read more [...]
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Spinning — catching pike

Of all the artificial lures Spoons Lures, probably the most ancient. Meanwhile, they are also popular with anglers, as versatile and simple. Moreover, fluctuating spinners allow freedom in the wiring, and even start spinning may cause grip on the pike at all, it seemed silly game of bait, and at different rates of take-up.  Just falling into the water column to the bottom, baubles already playing, and a variety of wiring methods make these spinners at certain times of some of the best pike bogus.In a set of spinning lures should be light, medium and heavy. This is one of the main rules. For fishing Read more [...]
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Spinning, catching walleye and bersha

Tattle "goodies"                                                                            Photo by the author Pike and Bersh always been coveted prey for anglers and sportsmen. And not only as Read more [...]
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