In Belgorod, Krasnodar on the last day of autumn, spring flowers bloomed

3 December. On the last week of November in Belgorod dropped the long-awaited snow. But it melted quickly and the whole week on the street kept the spring weather. Despite the lack of sun and tightened by clouds, the sky, the temperature remained in the region of 10 to 12 degrees above zero! And on Friday, November 30, the thermometer rose to the level plus 15 degrees. It is not surprising that such anomalous for the end of November the weather has caused a \"Botanical\" miracles. December 1, on a bed in one of the courtyards of Belgorod bloomed a little brave Narcissus. In another part of the Read more [...]
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Spring in the United States occurred in 1.5 months ahead of schedule

January 17, 2013. The earliest spring on the East coast of the United States for the last 150 years, caused by the unusually high temperatures in 2010 and 2012, according to U.S. scientists. Spring first appeared on the U.S. East coast for a few weeks before «put»; scientists have linked the occurrence of an unusually early spring with global climate change. «Now we can see the spring wildflowers that appear usually at least three weeks later, and some types „hurry“ at six weeks»- said the head of research, associate, Harvard University Charles Davis (Charles Read more [...]
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The Charity of Others

    Photograph: Bathroom CuneoPhilanthropy in America $260.3 trillion: Aggregate that Americans gave to kindly organizations in 2005. 2.2: Share of after-tax income that Americans donate to charity. 1: Outrank of spiritual organizations in backup standard. $3,405: Norm family donations in Utah in 2004, thenation's highest. $912: Median in W Virginia, the last. 25 TO 95: Share of every clam unbroken by for-profit fundraisers (normally telemarketers) leased to woo on behalf of charities. 0: Percent they get if you hang and pay forthwith to the charity.I DON'T DONATE. I'm not combat-ready Read more [...]
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Edible mushrooms

So, with a little understood poisonous mushrooms. Perhaps in the future, I will cover this topic in more detail, talk about toxic substances in mushrooms and the symptoms they cause, perhaps it will be interesting to someone. Of course, there is no universal prescription where to go, and where to gather up a lot of mushrooms. However, taking advantage of my advice, you're all the time in the spring and the autumn will be with mushrooms. Which, in turn, will help you to survive in difficult conditions. As I said, the mushrooms grow almost anywhere. The timing collecting mushrooms can be Read more [...]
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Yellow ground squirrel or gopher-sandstone — citellus fulvus lichtenstein. The practical significance

According to different authors (Orlov, 1929 Sludsky, 1938 Argiropulo Vinogradov, 1941) and our observations, yellow gopher in some regions of Kazakhstan serves as a pest of crops. It hurts wheat, rye, barley, of melons: watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes harm young shoots, kills nursery of fruit and ornamental trees, damaging alfalfa, sunflower sprouts. DN Kashka rovym and L. Lane Sokolova (1927) were cases destroying gopher grape nurseries where animal damage inflicted on the young shoots of 80-100%. BS Vinogradov (1936) believes that in the conditions of Uzbekistan yellow gopher in many cases, Read more [...]
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Premature spring in the far East

April 30, 2013. Residents of Magadan region can be congratulated with premature early spring. In the last two days in Magadan temperature reached +10 and even set two daily record heat and a new maximum of the month. Previous extremum April was +8.0 has held since 1984. In step with the times keeps the spring in neighboring Yakutia. In the South the temperature is +15 degrees, and in the North hits record heat. In particular, April 29, on one of the \"pole of cold of the Northern hemisphere ? in the Verkhoyansk ? fixed value of +10. For comparison, in Sunny Madrid on this day also it was +10. Read more [...]
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Chukotka spring flood got in early summer

June 8, 2013. In Chukotka in the beginning of summer came the spring freshet. Banks took several rivers, including the river Anadyr. On highways to move it is necessary solely on the boat.

Source: Lead

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Severe flooding paralyzed life in South Australia

Photo: © AFP The disaster caused by heavy spring rains, has also caused numerous landslides, roads became impassable, and people trying to build a dam of sandbagsSevere flooding paralyzed life in the state of Victoria in southern Australia. Spontaneous disaster, caused by the strong spring rains - and in the southern hemisphere is spring - has also caused numerous landslides. Local Rescue Service has received hundreds of calls with calls for help.Thousands of residents and tourists from campgrounds were forced to spend the night at higher elevations. The rest are trying to build a dam of sandbags. Read more [...]
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Chistyakov spring

Common name: zhabnik, rabbit salad kuroslepnik, salad bowl. Description. This herbaceous perennial spring plant of the buttercup family with beams tuberiform thickened roots and delicate branched stems. Leaves orbicular-cordate, shiny, thick, margin sinuate-crenate with long petioles. Plate of juicy, tender. Flowers solitary bright yellow, golden. Lobes at the base nectary, disguised scales. Many stamens and pistils. Fruit - achene team. Plant height 15-30 cm Flowering in April-May (cover photo). Grows in the Perm region along the river banks, wet meadows, deciduous and mixed forests, Read more [...]
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The heat has brought nature of mind. Blossom cherry and rowan

At one of the farms in Ludza Latii region in mid-August, cherry blossom, and in Jelgava - rowan.As reported in the portal elgavchanin Boris Zaozersky, August 5, in the trees next to bunches of rowan berries, he noticed new buds. Blooming rowan growing under the windows of his house on the Boulevard Chakstes.Bird-cherry tree, as the newspaper Ludzas Zeme, blossomed on the farm "Chiekurkalni." Whole bush covered with flowers in the spring, although the leaves with cherry already partially fallen. The farmers remember that one day, they almost fall blooming pear and apple, Read more [...]
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In the center of Kiev chestnuts bloom

On Khreschatyk Kiev blooming chestnuts. Recently, this happens regularly.In past years, chestnuts bloom a second time in the autumn, when the temperature dropped. The reason for this was a large flow of cars, which resulted in a lot of gas is released, heated air. Chestnuts "believes" that it's spring and bloom.'This effect is called the "arrow." It happens from the temperature drop, tree it reacts and throws flowers. In the spring they will bloom longer. The climate in the city is getting warmer, and we need to change the plant - thermophilic planted ginkgo biloba, Read more [...]
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In Krasnoyarsk, at the end of the summer lilac blossom

Residents of one of the districts of Krasnoyarsk wonder: what to do - to meet spring or autumn to wait? In mid-August at the window blossomed lilac. This usually occurs May-June, but this year all the rules.Biologists believe that because of the rains and cold weather in the bush lost their biological clock, and he interpreted the anomaly as the beginning of spring.Maybe lilac knows something about the imminent warming? ..Source: Gismeteo Read more [...]
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Under the newly bloomed flowers Kemerovo

Imagine, in my garden flowers blossomed in the spring! - Shared with the editors of "Komsomolskaya" Alex Dobronravov regular reader, a resident of Nutcrackers. - Similarly, in May! And primrose, lupine and ... Yes, so beautiful! And recently went into the forest - and there is my favorite flowers - lights. I do not even think until next summer to see.So many have noticed that the second round began to blossom willow. Here and there around Kemerovo blossomed Briar: right on the same branch, and you can see the flowers, and ripe red berries ...- Blame the unusually warm autumn! - Read more [...]
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Primrose in November

Author: Ruth VasilyevaDespite the late fall, I suddenly bloomed in the garden for a second time primrose - one of the early spring primrose pervotsvetov.Tsvetuschaya with white flowers and bright yellow center came to my house on March 8.It bloomed in a pot on the windowsill until the end of April, and then was planted in beds near her house, where he continued his violent bloom until early June. And then it was summer, one after the other went to the color of peonies and phlox, daisies and roses, dahlias and gladioli, and the first spring flowers, I soon forgot.And late in the autumn he again Read more [...]
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In the fall of spring came Slavyansk

Photo: Tatiana BogomazNov. 25 on the calendar, and in one of the city's flower planting bushes forest violets, which is popularly known as "zozulinі slippers."These fragrant flowers make us happy in April, when the air gets warm enough. It is likely that the unusually warm first two weeks of November - up to 20 degrees Celsius during the day and 12 at night - they made the plant "confused" autumn with spring ...Commenting on the natural phenomenon, the biologist Alex Pogrebnyak said the current warm autumn he observed flowering willow. The current weather conditions are Read more [...]
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In mid-October in the south of Kazakhstan bloomed lilac. Photo

Lilac blooms. Shymkent, October 20, 2010. Shymkent residents these days have witnessed a wonderful natural phenomenon. Trees shoot buds, apple blossom and lilac. According to experts, the last time was such a hot autumn in these parts in 1936.In the yard of a resident of Shymkent Diorditsa Love blossomed lilacs. Usually this plant blooms only once a year - in May. Although the phenomenon of nature in the middle of autumn and surprised everyone, Love Diorditsa considers it a bad sign. She says that the late blooming flowers "predznamenuyut cold winter."- The last time the fall of Read more [...]
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In Nizhny Novgorod, flowered hawthorn. Photo

Photo: Helen BYKOVAMid-October in the yard, and Sormovskiy area resembles a botanical garden. Passers-by in the street culture photographed with hawthorn tree in the yard, on the branches of which adjoin the fruits and fresh green shoots with white blossoms. And very near the young leaves and flowers "released" rowan.- It's a miracle, like a fairy tale come April in the middle of winter - smiles sormovichka Natalia. - In the spring there was a smell!- Secondary bloom in our band - not an uncommon phenomenon, - the botanist Ilya Mininzon. - But this year, more of these cases. Read more [...]
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In Kaliningrad there is the spring bloom

In Kaliningrad can again watch the autumn flowering shrubs and trees: an unusually warm autumn has not gone unnoticed to the plants in the garden of the children's center of eco-tourism.

Swollen buds on the roses and shrubs Keriya and Weigel, which usually bloom in early spring, bloom again in mid-November. In addition, residents can see the white acacia flowers on Moscow avenue in the school № 23.

Source: Online Kaliningrad

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In Yekaterinburg, swollen buds on the trees. Photo

In Yekaterinburg, came the "second spring." November because of uncharacteristic zero temperature swollen buds on the trees."Spring" behavior marked trees throughout the city. In particular, the swollen buds show shrubs and trees in the Arboretum Park - the birch catkins appear, ready to bloom willow. Recall temperature early November in the Central Urals already 2-4 degrees higher than normal, and by the middle of the week this figure will rise."The swelling buds on the plants usually occurs when the temperature gradient goes through the" plus five degrees, "- Read more [...]
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In Buryatia, the plants again began spring

Of the republic is abnormally warm for this time of year the weather. Temperature by 3-5 degrees higher than it should byt.Mnogie notice that beginning to blossom willow. In some places in the area of Ulan-Ude blossomed Briar - Plants thought that was spring.Afternoon in the southern regions of the republic average monthly temperature readings exceeded by three to five degrees, which is unusual for November. Rapid temperature changes are not expected. While in the north of the winter is come into its own: night temperature falls to minus twenty degrees.On 6 November, the capital of Buryatia Read more [...]
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