Massive loss of squid in Australia

on February 25. Experts do not know what caused the death of thousands of squid in the river Derwent this week. Starting Tuesday, many dead and dying arrow squid were found on the shore and in the water in the area of Austin ferry and Berridale. The locals claim never seen such. Department of environmental protection (EPA) confirmed on Thursday the discovery of a greater number of dead squid downstream of the river. This is the third case of death of aquatic animals in the Derwent for the last two weeks.At the beginning of this week in Windermere Bay, near primary school Claremont was observed Read more [...]
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Dead squid on the beach in San Clemente, USA

on September 22. Up to two hundred dead squid was found stranded on the beach of San Clement, CA, reports The Humboldt squid, also called giant, appeared in large numbers in Orpah orange and San Diego in the last days. Dead specimens ranging in length from 30 cm and more attracted the attention of tourists during the cleaning of the beach from the dead carcasses. «They were quite large, almost two feet in length and very thick»- says Carl Christ from Dana Point. «I've never seen anything like it.»Source: FinalNews Read more [...]
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Kraken wakes, what is trying to tell us arhiteutis

First filmed live on video in his deep element in the camera's focus swam arhiteutis giant squid - the ocean monster hero sea stories and legends of the fishing taverns. Swam in a living reality of flesh and blood. But why now? Here they are monsters. Neil Landman (Neil Landman) and I, along with a group of students standing in the store of the American Museum of Natural History, which in Manhattan. Landman curator, he was responsible for fossil invertebrates. We gathered there for the audience, which won us arhiteutis, or giant squid. Before us is a large stainless steel containers Read more [...]
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California squid committed mass suicide on Christmas

As long as people are preparing tables for the New Year and Christmas, California squid starving. According to biologists, this is most likely the reason why the sea creatures at once decided to run aground in the Monterey Bay. On the shore beach scattered thousands of corpses unique creatures, reports National Geographic. Scientists can not say exactly what caused the mass suicide of Humboldt squid on the California coast. Once the mussels have started themselves thrown on the sand. In the Monterey Bay area quarantined - now you can not swim, and collect squid for culinary purposes is Read more [...]
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Thousands of squid stranded on the beaches of California

Marine biologists are doing research to find out the reason that prompted thousands of Humboldt squid washed up along the coastline Santa Cruz County Sunday. The beaches are covered with thousands of dead creatures. Thousands of dead squid covered 12 mile stretch of coast from Aptos to Watsonville and have not yet found out what happened to those with sea creatures, and that caused them to commit mass suicide. Authorities and scientists recommend not to touch or eat these squid, as they may contain harmful toxins.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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The scientists measured the speed of the flying squid

Some squid related to the form Ommastrephes bartramii, can jump out of the water and fly over the surface of more than 30 m throw away the water jet, they are able to accelerate to 11.2 m / s, it is the first to establish the Japanese researchers at the University of Hokkaido. Observations of squid scientists conducted in July 2011 in the Pacific Ocean, 600 km from Tokyo, reports AFP. When approaching the ship, a few 20-inch creature jumped out of the water. Thanks to the camera specialists to study in detail the mechanism of flying squid. According to scientists, squid plan out of the water Read more [...]
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In California, investigating the invasion diabolical squid suicide

California biologists are struggling with the deciphering of the phenomenon that they are lucky to watch on the beach in Monterey Bay. One morning beach was littered with thousands of carcasses of Humboldt squid, for some reason to throw out on the sand. Local residents have been warned that collecting seafood in gastronomic purposes is not worth it - just in case. Yes, and California divers now have a reason to worry. Group suicide cephalopods residents of Santa Cruz could watch last Sunday. The coastline of almost 12 miles was covered by the time already starts whiff squid, reports CBS. Read more [...]
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Biologists alarmed invasion of the devil squid-suicide

on December 13. California biologists are struggling with the solution of the phenomenon, which they were lucky enough to see on the beaches in the Monterey Bay area. One morning the shore was dotted with thousands of carcasses of Humboldt squid, for some reason, stranded on the sand. Local residents have already warned that collect seafood in the gastronomic purposes should not — just in case. Yes and California divers now has cause for concern. Group suicide cephalopods residents of the district of Santa Cruz was able to watch last Sunday. A coastline of almost 12 miles have been Read more [...]
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