Forty Days

Mikola Zuhar on the last fishing trip. With a recent caught fish. We met with Nicky at all, consider recently. About 10 years ago, even, maybe less. But time to get used to each other. Now that Nick was dead, I have to wean. We give it hard. I still probably do not fully understand how much lost.The most striking, I think, Kolya's character trait was a sense of responsibility. Neither of whom I had heard so often phrases «That's my fault». «it's my fault». The desire to look for a cause failure – the best way to grow, to improve. Combined with the Read more [...]
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Bear from the Estonians

Bear ran for a beer, and I began to cook shrimp. The mood is more than good. On Monday we were both on vacation and going to this thing to note. I knew that the shrimp is still not enough, and went to the balcony for sun-dried bream. But now, finally, everything is ready for the feast, there is only Misha beer. Where the hell is it?Having taken a critical view of the table, I thought for a moment and decided that in any case it is necessary to shift the bottle of vodka from the refrigerator into the freezing compartment. "Well, what if? - I asked my inner voice. - No chance, "- said my first voice, Read more [...]
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Earthmoving carp

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Valentin went on vacation to his mother. He was the guest of honor, so the time spent in idleness. Unbridled hot crossed all fishing plans. Surrounding ponds, where she could hobnob fry, dry. Valentin was sitting on a bench in front of the house, his legs were stretched out on the bench, and his back propped up the fence, straw hat, shifted on his forehead, to protect against overheating. The street was deserted: the dirt road, at home with stunted vegetation, bare bushes with withered leaves – all this brought back the gloom. In the shadow of the fence Read more [...]
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Peasant knife. A little test.

This article is aimed primarily at it to make our Denis Denisovich still buy a "real company" knife But seriously, the blade and the truth is not quite normal, a lot of questions. So whether it is convenient and reliable, as painted by his boss happy. So I Potestá it a bit. Unfortunately thrust test shoot for objective reasons, failed. (My half inserted zvezdyuley me for what I am middle of the night "wake all the noise" and "dragged the camera still." But I want to note the following when thrust into a hard surface (board, such as aspen) hammer, saber and reverse grip . Hold the knife steady Read more [...]
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Lancinating Howser     Photograph: Courtesy of Stabbing

Howser place by Stabbing.

Après-Ski Etiquette Refresher:
Quieten in your ski boots at the bar at 8 P.M.? Clock to go family. 

Make: Piercing$65
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