Starlings were left to winter in the South of Ukraine (video)

Starlings argue with nature. Instead of heading to winter in warmer climes, they stopped in Kherson region.As reported «Details», flocks of starlings have chosen to Kherson. In the parks even black and from the influx of birds. Biologists say — this anomaly. How to survive in the conditions of Ukrainian winter heat-loving birds, see the plot. Source: Meteoprog Read more [...]
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In Romania starlings died from alcohol poisoning. Video

11.01.2011. In the East of Romania, 260 kilometers from Bucharest, were found dozens of dead starlings, according to Agence France-Presse, with reference to the local sanitary-veterinary Agency. According to the service, the cause of the birds ' death was alcohol poisoning — starlings ate grape pomace left over from wine production.Initially, the experts considered that starlings could have been killed in the outbreak of the so-called avian influenza (H5N1). However, during the autopsy in the stomachs of dead starlings were found the remains of fermented grapes, which helped Read more [...]
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In Turkey massively kill birds

In Turkey there was a case of unexplained mass bird deaths. Dead starlings found the inhabitants of the County Karugaba in the province of Bursa. On the road were dozens of carcasses of birds. About the incident promptly reported to the local authorities, an investigation was launched into the incident. Currently, specialists carry out the necessary tests. However, while they failed to establish the cause of death of starlings. According to ITAR-TASS, according to one version, a flock of birds could hit a few heavy-duty trucks, marching one after the other. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Puzzle 75 dead starlings in England

10 March 2010. The death of 75 starlings fell from the sky and crashed on the ground on the driveway in the County of Somerset very puzzled animal from the RSPCA. Birds were found on Sunday 7 March, near the entrance to one of the houses in Kokki, in Somerset. The animal rights activist officer Alison sparks, which caused police, said: \"This is an incredible sight, I've never seen anything like it.\" There is no evidence that birds were sick or otravleny before they fell to the ground.The theory of the predator Ms. sparks said: \"Witnesses reported that they heard a whistling sound, and Read more [...]
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The invasion of starlings in the Krasnodar region

on January 13. On one of the farms of Krasnodar region starlings — migratory birds — accumulated so much that it became impossible to farm. Threatened the elite herd of cows imported from abroad. On the farm — picture is like from the Alfred Hitchcock film, where American town was also terroritory birds. The village of Kanev threaten starlings fly in the winter for many years. But this year, the avian invasion struck by its size. Several cows have become victims of sharp beaks.«Starlings sit on the ears, the nose, around the eyes. It happens that timely Read more [...]
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Freakish figures living in the skies over Israel

In autumn, millions of starlings are sent to winter in warmer climates. Most of them are going through the cold in the subtropical zone, adjacent to the warm Mediterranean Sea.A flock of starlings near the Israeli town of Netivot. © Amir Cohen | ReutersOne of the popular places of migration is Israel, where in recent days, flocks of starlings are discharged in the sky fanciful shapes. Local residents enjoy watching starlings.A flock of starlings near the Israeli town of Netivot. © Amir Cohen | ReutersSpend the winter in the Holy Land, too, like starlings. Although during Read more [...]
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The brutal links of the nutrient strand, terrifically revealed

Away Cartridge, October 1998DepredationA Endowment for KillThe fell links of the nutrient string, terrifically revealedBy Bernd Heinrich Ereally April since I was a kid, a duad of goshawks deliver reinforced their snuggle in a slow plantation of pines on Selector Mound, dear my generate's belongings in Maine. Our folk has had a longsighted kinship with this brace: More erstwhile I recall mymother stomping out of the household with a scattergun in script Read more [...]
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Riddle 75 dead starlings in England

March 10, 2010. The death of 75 starlings which have fallen from the sky and crashed to the ground in the driveway in Somerset very puzzled animal advocates from RSPCA. The birds were found on Sunday March 7, at the entrance to a house in Koksli, in Somerset.Animal rights activist officer Alison Sparks, who called police, said: "This is an incredible sight, I've never seen anything like it."There is no evidence that the birds were ill or poisoned before they fell to the ground.The theory of the predatorMs. Sparks said: "Witnesses said they heard a whooshing sound and then the Read more [...]
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Invasion of starlings in the Krasnodar Territory

January 13. On a farm in Krasnodar Krai starlings - birds - There were so many that it became impossible to farm. Threatened elite herd of cows, imported from abroad. On the farm - a picture of a movie like Alfred Hitchcock, where American town also terrorize birds. Kanev village threatened starlings who come here for the winter for many years. But this year, the bird struck its scale invasion. Some cows have been victims of sharp beaks."Starlings sit on the ears, the nose, around the eyes. It happens that the time to notice, to treat. And sometimes becomes disabled, "- says Read more [...]
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