The orientation of the stars

Orienteering during extreme survival in the wild – it is extremely important. Must use all possible ways and signs to navigate in unfamiliar terrain and choose the right path to salvation. In many areas of extreme travel at night is extremely dangerous. This has to be resorted only when it is impossible to go during the day because of the heat or other reasons. But clear, starry night – the perfect time to to navigate by the stars and to chart the route the next day. Of course, orienteering at night is quite limited, since it is not always the sky is clear and the stars are clearly Read more [...]
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Films from Tribeca: The Nightshift Belongs to the Stars

    Photograph: Courtesy of the Tribeca Shoot FeteThe Nightshift Belongs to the Stars opens out-of-door a infirmary: Matteo (Enrico Lo Reverse), an greedy mountaineer, has equitable standard a nerve graft. He says leave-taking to beau bosom patient Sonia (Nastassja Kinski) and waves a karabiner at her—a monitor of a climb engagement they’ve set for the hereafter.Six months subsequently, they donjon their plans and fill in the Dolomite foothills of Italy. She has a hubby, but this isn’t an thing. She mustiness pee this rise, she tells her economize, to accomplish Read more [...]
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The Darkest Parks in the U.S.

Equitable comparable cleanse air and pee, wickedness dark skies are a diminishing imagination. The culprits: unshielded, undue, or badly aimed out-of-door unreal lights. The commodity word is that the External Dark-Sky Affiliation (IDA), a nonprofit, has stepped in to rise preservation efforts.In 2007, the IDA began designating External Night Sky Parks, or exceptionally shadow sites encircled by communities consecrate to preserving them. This makes for heroic stargazing. According to the IDA, piece you may see round 500 stars in your middling light-polluted backyard, Night Sky Parks much brag more Read more [...]
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Rushed into the room.

COMING TO LAND COMET To our planet at high speed approaching comet C/2009 R1, was opened in 2009. In mid-June in the northern hemisphere will be able to see this object in the sky with the naked eye. According to NASA, now a comet can be seen with binoculars before sunrise in the northeastern part of the sky, in the constellation Perseus. By 15 June it reaches the minimum distance from the / The head of the celestial body size larger than the diameter of Jupiter and is a cloud of gas around a greenish comet nucleus. Tail length is about a million miles away. Read more [...]
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Hundreds of dead starfish stranded on the coast of the British Isles

Dead starfish in Wales   Several hundreds of dead starfish have been found stranded on a beach in North Wales, the BBC reports. Naval officer Barry Davis said that sea stars can be ejected during spring tides, but it is not clear why they migrated so far from the shoreline. The Chairman of the Committee the harbour in Barmouth intends to hold an official inquiry to determine the causes of the incident. Advisor Trevor Roberts added: «What I would like is a full report of the experts about what caused the death of these sea stars.» Source: FinalNEWS Read more [...]
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Biologists are trying to establish the cause of death of sea stars off the coast of Canada and USA

October 30, 2013. In the Bay of Puget Sound, state of Washington, USA, and off the coast of Canada, the cases of death of one of the species of sea stars. Why is this happening, scientists are still a mystery. To get the answer to your question, the researchers collected tissue samples as dead, and healthy invertebrates. Causes of death starfish can be associated with contamination of their habitats, or the spread of some diseases, TV channel KING 5. see also: Kamchatka dying starfish and urchins Analyses of samples will be conducted at Cornell University and laboratory of new-York. The research Read more [...]
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The Angry Register

    Exposure: Example by Jason HolleyQ) How should I opt my bottled pee? Adam Sussman, New York, NY A)Intimidating, ISN'T IT? All those varieties, all those claims to existence the purest—how is a athirst jock to determine? Deliverance any talking of "enhanced" seaworthiness waters for another day, let's consider the wellness benefits of the two canonical kinds: urine with englut, and piss without. Beginning thither's mineral pee, which contains 250 parts per trillion of dissolved solids alike ca, mg, and zn that's been acquired from hole-and-corner deposits. Read more [...]
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Cosmos’s Oldest Ace Observed

Our sun has burnt-out for approximately 4.5 gazillion days. Recall that's old? Scientists deliver observed a maven that makes the sun looking alike a shaver—and they recollect it's the oldest one in the macrocosm.The squad, led by astronomers at the Australian Internal University who wrote some their study in Nature, believes the hotshot formed 13.7 zillion eld ago, briefly afterward the Big Smasher. They desire the asterisk—which, at 6,000 ignitor geezerhood from Land, resides comparatively nearby in galactic price—can allow clues some the alchemy of antediluvian stars and Read more [...]
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Our Sun — it may merger of two proto-stars

According to researchers at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, at the beginning of the solar system, when our sun was still in the stage of active formation in the system are prerequisites for the development of the two stars and our Sun could well under certain conditions, be a binary system. It did not happen. That led scientists to suggest the probable binary system? The fact that the planets in the solar system are not on the same plane, but with some deviation relative to each other and the Sun's equator. Says physicist and study author Constantine Batygin, such deviation Read more [...]
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Winter 2012: How to predict the weather by the stars?

Many winter enjoy watching the night sky - it seems that the winter stars are larger and brighter. This feeling is understandable. Winter constellations actually brighter. We do not see in the winter are the stars that summer. The part of the sky, which is available to us on summer nights in the winter is over your head during the day. Conversely, part of the sky that summer day was the winter show at night. Just in this part of the sky and are especially beautiful and bright constellations - Orion, Taurus, Canis Major. That winter, we see, for example, Sirius - the brightest star that shines Read more [...]
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Balloon telescope hovers over Antarctica

A giant balloon filled with helium, drifting over Antarctica, at an altitude of about 36 kilometers. Launched on Christmas Day, he is hypersensitive telescope BLAST (Balloon-borne Large Aperture Submillimeter Telescope) with almost two-meter mirror, which is measured in submillimetre light waves coming from the area of the so-called star nurseries in our Milky Way. This "Christmas start" - the last of five research program on the study of our galaxy. Scientists hope that in this last mission BLAST show why there are so few stars are born. After a test flight in 2003 in New Mexico and Read more [...]
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Aliens send us e-mail through the North Star

North Star (Polaris), amazing long and thorough. Someone seemed to be specially "hung" in the sky that the brightest flashlight to travelers from ancient times to focus on it. I "hung" so that the earth's axis put her right into it - its northern (polar) end.Now the North Star is interested specialists in space navigation and ... interstellar communications. Interested, as a representative of a mysterious galactic family - Cepheids. A such beacons in interstellar space. She - the closest to the solar system such a beacon. Recently, astronomers have refined the distance Read more [...]
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Supercivilizations, how we imagine, less than one in a million stars

Despite our limited resources SETI, the most powerful of them, we would have already noticed. Yet nothing like this has not happened ...A team of astronomers led by Andrew Seeds (Andrew Siemion), including Jill Tarter (Jill Tarter), who heads the SETI, analyzed the results of the observations of the radio telescope in Green Bank. Considered 86 candidates for planetary systems discovered Space Telescope "Kepler".The observations were made for frequencies in the 1.1-1.9 GHz (the same ones that operate cell phones), but only for the signals in a very narrow range, no wider than 5 Hz. Read more [...]
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Scientists at the Berkeley Space listen carefully to find the brothers on reason

Today, scientists at Berkeley used a telescope "Green Bank", located in West Virginia. With this device they intend to detect radio signals sent from the planets orbiting 86 stars, intelligent races. Until now, there was no sign of life in outer space, but researchers had been calculated, according to which the Milky Way is present less than one star in a million, carries the well-developed civilization to send and receive signals of this kind. The oddest thing was that the scientists say: even in this situation in our Galaxy are able to exist millions of advanced races and their various Read more [...]
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NASA opened up access to the exoplanets

A team of scientists NASA, working with astronomical satellite Kepler, which is specifically designed to search for exoplanets updated online archive of mission and opened the database.Researchers have placed all the available data about the planets on the site NASA Exoplanet Archive. Last catalog of candidate planets Kepler was updated in February 2012, and since then the number of such facilities has increased by 20%. Total number of planetary candidates on the roster - 2740, and confirmed exoplanets - 870 (orbiting 642 stars). The catalog will be dynamic: new exoplanet will be entered into Read more [...]
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Betelgeuse is a few thousand years will crash into the wall of dust

One of the brightest stars in the sky - red supergiant Betelgeuse - a few thousand years will face a mysterious interstellar structure - "dusty wall", according to the European infrared telescope "Herschel."Betelgeuse - a star in the constellation of Orion, which is on the "right shoulder" star Hunter, is one of the brightest stars in Earth's sky, its distance is about 600 light years, and the apparent magnitude - about 0.42 (magnitude of the brightest star, Sirius, is minus 1.46). Unlike the Sun, the stars of "middle age", Betelgeuse is in the last stage Read more [...]
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From the Chilean desert, astronomers spotted the emergence of new stars in space incubator

Astronomers from the European Southern Observatory (European Southern Observatory) witnessed the amazing beauty of the phenomenon - the birth of a new star - and even managed to capture it. This observation is not only aesthetic value. The important thing is that it will allow scientists to be one step closer to unraveling the mystery of our star, the Sun, and the Earth. In view of the international team of researchers working at the Observatory in the Chilean La Seelye, horrible cloud Lupus 3, located 600 light-years from Earth in the constellation Scorpius. A powerful two-meter telescope Read more [...]
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Star cluster in 3D

Suppose this is not the actual image, and the model with its share of mistakes, but still very nice!Finnish photographer Jukka-Pekka Metsyavaynio not be offended if we call him a magician. Look at this amazing 3D-animation star cluster Melotte 15 in the Heart Nebula (IC 1805)!He'd dabbled in stereo pairs and anaglyphs, but it's something really incredible!"In my 3D-experiments combines science and art - says the hero. - First, I collected information about the distance and other information and then proceed to the 3D-transformation. Typically, the image contains famous stars Read more [...]
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Star SN 2009ip — exploded and become a supernova

Astronomers are authorized to state that a massive star, which they repeatedly was caught in 2009 for simulating a supernova exploded yet to really (contrary to some doubt).The results of observations are of particular interest because they provide important information about the throes of massive stars in the years immediately preceding the explosion.Joseph Brimakombom."Height =" 308 "width =" 600 ">Image of SN 2009ip, received September 24, 2012 by Joseph Brimakombom.Bright variable SN 2009ip was in the spiral galaxy NGC 7259, which lies 67 million light-years Read more [...]
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Every sixth star system has a planet the size of Earth

Nearly one in six stars in our region of the Galaxy may have planets the size of Earth. This is the opinion of astronomers podvedshih preliminary results of observations with the Space Telescope, "Kepler". This tool was created specifically to find extrasolar planets. Although not especially large mirror, it has a very wide field of view and is equipped with a sensitive photometer, which has long been measured directly many stars shine. Similar observations have allowed scientists to detect regular fluctuations in brightness, where between us and the star were rotating around the Read more [...]
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