Bear Fever in the Wild North

Wild coast of the White Sea - a good place for hunting: people a little, but a lot of abandoned villages. In one of these and I happened to be with my friends.When falls raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, cloudberries, Bear is switched on dairy ovsy.Nablyudatelnye hunters argue that it is not each variety of oats bear will eat. All the days we spent in hunting geese and for an evening of fun by going to the hut.One evening to We arrived fishermen who lived in Forest hut right on beach, kilometers six of us. It Read more [...]
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Hunter Stanislav

Lately, I am lucky young hunters. What's in Siberia, that we in central Russia. With one of them I got to know recently.In August, we with my friend Kolya hunted ducks in one of the game farms near Moscow. Morning Dawn we have developed is not very good - for two we were able to take only one mallard. One, unfortunately, did not find - she fell in dense thickets, and the dogs we have, alas, it was not, so that all or a desperate search to no avail. But the plan for us to do to shooting was needed, and so I turned to a local huntsman requesting further help us with shooting and gave him a party Read more [...]
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Bear Fever

Wild place on the shore of the White Sea - a good place for hunting: people a little, but a lot of abandoned villagesauthor photoIn one of those villages, and I happened to be with his friends. All the days we spent in hunting for geese, and in the evening a cheerful company assembled in the hut. One evening we were visited by the fishermen, who lived in a forest hut right on the beach, six kilometers away from us. It turned out that the guys there plaguing the bear terrorizing their raids.We did not have to persuade. The next day together with the fishermen to teach the bear went Stas, Lech, Max Read more [...]
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Question for enthusiasm. In case of BP who have any supplies of ammunition and in what quantity?

12 Sep 2012 10:08|I like12 32 commentAlexander Mammon answered Victor Belov Victor, question me?13 Sep 2012|Stas S. replied Alexander Mammon Alexander, who You such? C'mon discorage bye13 Sep 2012|Alexander Mammon answered Stas S. Stas, boy, popytalsja what?13 Sep 2012|Stas S. replied Alexander Mammon Alexander, you dryer will be with their suckers to work,dumpsters13 Sep 2012|Nikolas Shpeer answered Stas S. Stas, Read more [...]
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WE have the tragedy of the Burning TAIGA((( OMSK BECAUSE of the SMOKE VISIBILITY 100 METERS…although taiga 70-100km… wind from the Tomsk region, generally there ASS Complete ban on the movement of vehicles, not counting special and electro… Soon we in Omsk as will be Shorter… begin to slowly suffocate…(((

28 Jul 2012 22:29|I like116 commentsSerge Abramovich Sorry On the level of thoughts you Write, did people make use of respirators, and what, and what is the point ?29 Jul 2012|6Andrew Pastushenko 2 years ago we in Ryazan was the same song, and in areas surrounded by forest was so thick smoke that visibility is 10 meters=((((29 Jul 2012|Alex Yuriy and we in the Vladimir region shit was when the peat burned29 Jul 2012|Alexander Gaivoronsky Thank God that I live in the suburbs, but if it comes it will be hot. Around kilometer Read more [...]
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