Fishing on the bottom of the Earth

Fish White blood cells.In most vertebrates, as is known, blood red, but in Antarctic waters inhabited by unique channichthyidae. They were first investigated by one of the Norwegian scientists forty years ago. It is found, for example, in Blood iron crocodile icefish — part of hemoglobin — at 25 times less than that of Conventional fish. But in her heart three times greater than that of kindred nototheniids fishes red blood. Accordingly, more and the volume of supplies the body with blood. Curiously, not breathing icefish gills Read more [...]
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We are waiting for amendments to the draft!

It is expected that the second reading of the draft will still take place in May. In January, the deputies of the State Duma rejected an alternative draft of amateur fishing, which was introduced by a group of MPs. By 17 February reportedly receiving over amendments to the draft, adopted on first reading 10 December 2013.Work is over what, because taken as a basis for a project submitted by the State Duma by the Russian government in the spring of 2013. According to deputies, did not impress fans of fishing and citizens, it has changed little until the moment when he was finally Read more [...]
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Putin on Wednesday to discuss the topic with the fishermen fishing fee

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Wednesday to discuss the topic of paid fishing with representatives of public organizations, anglers, the press service of the government.Meeting with the head of Federal Agency for Fishery Andrei Far be held at the site of the Popular Front. ONF has actively participated in the discussion of the draft law on recreational fisheries, which, on the idea of ​​government should open up new opportunities for the development of water management, without depriving the people of their right to free fishing.At a meeting with the head of government invited representatives Read more [...]
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The radiation level in the water under the Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" rose to the highest level since the tragedy at the station, reports the operator of the nuclear power plant Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO).Scientists took water on the content of radioactive gasesti. Eventually in well on technical terrain the second power station exceeded 2.7 million becquerels per liter of water at a rate of 150 becquerels. The water emanates a strong beta radiation, which testifies to its radioactive strontium-90.on January 13, the content of radioactive substances in groundwater at this site Read more [...]
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The U.S. has Prohibited the PLACEMENT of GLONASS STATIONS IN their Own Areas.

President Barack Obama signed into law the military budget, virtually prohibiting the construction areas of the country ground stations GLONASS, reports the BBC. Our country wanted to build on areas of the United States a few towers for navigation monitoring of facilities antenna type, which should improve the accuracy and reliability of the GLONASS system. But the South American military fear that station GLONASS can be used in espionage purposes and to increase the efficiency of Russian weapons.As noted by a member of Congress from the Republican party, the law is practically oriented, in order Read more [...]
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survival hero of our time

Senior police Sergeant Dmitry Makovkin the cost of his own life saved 10s of people, stopping the terrorist.Lost in the terrorist attack in Volgograd police officer Dmitry Makovkin suspended terrorist at the entrance to the station building. "Thanks specifically his prof actions could avoid more serious consequences, to avoid more human victims," he told ITAR-TASS in the press center of the Ministry of internal Affairs. Senior Sergeant of police, police of the separate company patrol police Volgograd Linear control of the RF Ministry of transport Dmitry Makovkin now served as part of the patrol Read more [...]
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just no words…

RIA Announcements Dec 29, 2013 17:52At 12:45 capital time at the railway station of Volgograd there was a terrorist attack. The bomber detonated an explosive device that killed more than 15, injured more than 40 people. 1 through 3 January in the Volgograd region declared mourning. The phone "hot line" MES: 8-800-775-17-17 .html?utm_s..1st footage from the scene of the terrorist attack at the railway station in Volgograd 0:40Link The terrorist attack at the railway station in Volgograd: 10s dead and pokalecheni | RIA Read more [...]
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Energy and self-sacrifice will not be forgotten

     June 25, 1918 White Czech troops took Ekaterinburg. Now the brunt of the fighting occurred in the direction of the Tagil, which existed from July 25 to October 6. Throughout this period the second Ural Division, which fought here, commanded twenty-four division commander Robert Petrovich Eideman. Young Latvian Red Army commander, moved into the period of the revolution, has shown outstanding ability in organizing and conducting major military operations under Tagil.     Revolutionary-minded son of the Latvian national teacher Robert Eideman in 1914 entered Read more [...]
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Ferris hillfort and Sandy Lake

Length of 22 kilometers. A group of tourists comes in the way of the station sorting, reachable by tram, by bus or by train. At first it is necessary to go along the railway line to the west, to the village Palkina (distance 3, -5 km). Near the village, where the river Iset almost at right. angle falls River Grille, should make a small camp to see the archaeological excavations carried out here for several years. More detailed information on the excavation Palkinsky tourists can see in the Sverdlovsk museum. The village itself, to the north of the railway line, there are spectacular cliffs - Palkinsky Read more [...]
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The ridge Inaccessible

1 According to the Northern Railway Station Pechora (from Moscow 40 hours) or Kosyu (42 hours). 2 From the station to the village Pechora Voroshilovka on passing truck (up to 1 day). 3 Skiing Voroshilovki from ridge to Saber, 50 km (3 days). 4 Climbing to the top Sabres, 8 km (1 day). 5 Skiing through Aranetsky Pass (10 km) and along the eastern slope of the ridge to the river Vangyr Saber (31 km). Only 41 km (2 days). 6 Up the valley to the headwaters of the Right Vangyra Vangyra (40 km) and crossing the ridge impregnable to the border forests in the upper Parnuk (8 km). Only 48 km (3 days). 7 Read more [...]
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Chronology of construction

1980 year August. August 28 of a vertical mine shaft on the future station "Ural" removed first excavator bucket land. The next day was established party organization Sverdlovsk Metrostroi. She was elected secretary of a mining engineer, surveyor Yu.A.Pestryakov. September. At the station "Ural" unfolded evaluation assets. October. The construction of the trunk № 7. near the station "Dynamo" organized callout utilities. November. First orders metrostroevtsev (on steel forms, anchors, mining complexes, and other equipment, materials, tools) are available on Uralmash, Read more [...]
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Chemmash. Nizhneisetsky pond

Iset River, flowing into the city, forms the lower Park of Culture and Rest named after Mayakovsky large beautiful pond Nizhneisetsky pond an area of ​​about four square kilometers, -Plotina pond built in 1789. Pond has an elongated shape, in the middle of it a few small islands. The length of the pond 5 km, width up to 1.2, the average depth of 2 to 2.5 meters. The right bank is steep, high (Uktusskie mountain), left low-lying. In the forest are a holiday home and sanatorium "Pinery". Beyond the pond, where once stood a pine forest grew large area of ​​the city Sotsgorod Uralhimmashzavoda Read more [...]
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Narrow Gauge Railway

    Narrow Gauge Railway Nizhny Tagil - Ently-in Duck, the original Track 883 mm, built in 1895-97 years. for the transport of coal and timber, altered to 750 mm in 1960 .; in May 1998, it was movement of the stations Kedun bulls Gorbunovo - Antonovskaya Ditch Chauzh Bobrovka Ural - Ently-Shaitansky (city Visim)-dependence of the duck.    Stykovenie with broad gauge station Kedun-bulls trehrelsovoy scheme. Until 1981 road belonged NTMK, then they put in loading and transport management (PTU), which was composed of NTMK until 1989 and moved to maintenance Vysokogorskogo Read more [...]
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Technical masterpieces

    "August 15 Uralvagonstroya site offers children technical station. It has six laboratories: photographic, transport, electrical, electronic, model aircraft and joinery locksmith. Reception children station is already open. It will study 400 children". This post was published in the original newspaper "Vagonogigant", №187 on August 15, 1935 year from the archive fairgrounds Uralvagonzavod.     Children's technical station Dzerzhinsky district in 2010 for 75 years. Many children were brought up and trained technical skills over the Read more [...]
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So it was

    October 4, 1918 under the goal the solemn ringing of bells and the Czechs Kolchak took Nizhny Tagil. The bourgeoisie and the clergy met their procession and immediately "wishers" of those in the revolutionary days In 1905-1906 was in the society of the Archangel Michael, took up the issue of counter-espionage and the Bolsheviks sympathizers. Difficult it is time.     We in the locomotive depot Nizhny Tagil station where I was working lathe apprentice, to the leadership of people came in past, which were connected with the Tsarist secret police. Agents Counterintelligence Read more [...]
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SYSERT ,, R th C. in Sveral. region, located 50 km to the South from ECAT. in R. Sysert. The first settlement was founded in 1732 by decree of the Emperor. Anna Ioannovna page when the breech bottom-Sysert iron and steel C-Yes. In 1757 Sysert the plant was transferred to private ownership Affordances. In the XIX C. C. C. Sysert mountain ROC., and Sysert C-d one of the largest enterprises U., product-cerned with the mark in the form of herons for excellent quality have won awards at various spare parts. the exhibitions. C. was famous for forging and copper plumbing trades. There were match-f-ka, Read more [...]
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Maramzin station. Kamyshevsky pond

Getting off the train at the station Maramzin, it is necessary go to the south, cross Kamensk-tract, along a country road pass small field, and you will be taken to a good forest road leading to the village on the river Golovyrinoy Iset. The road goes first to the east and then south, on the sides of the pine, sometimes mixed forest. Coming in the forest, turn left and move to the edge of the forest south-east to the large village of reed (8 km). (Until Golovyrinoy we have not reached, it remained to the south.) Kamysheva located on both sides of Iset. The left bank of the river are steep and precipitous. Read more [...]
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From the station to the mountain Iset Tolstihu

Near the station Iset-lovers, tourists can make an interesting two-day training trip. These sites are characterized by low wooded ridges with granite outcrops on the tops (shihan). Leave the station and leaving Iset granite quarries on the left, a group of over 2 kilometers beyond the azimuth 260 ° (considered Easting + 12 °) to a height of 438.2 meters. Here, at the foot of the heights, near one of the streams is possible to arrange a night halt, if the group went hiking in the evening. Around - pine forest with birches. In the morning, taking a bearing of 280 ° from the top at the High Line, Read more [...]
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Sverdlovsk Around the World

Small trips around town with a circular route with tourists are called "krugosvetok". Dining krugosvetok different. There "small ring" length of 70 kilometers, it can be completed in four days off, which entitles you to an icon "Tourist USSR". Average Around the World will have 165 kilometers and will require six days (or three two-day hikes). And finally, a big circumnavigation, covering a number of areas adjacent to the city (250 km), would require about ten days hike. All segments of the routes or areas in one way or another are described in the guide, so we give Read more [...]
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Sagra. The Black River

Station Sagra Gornozavodsk on the railway line is well known to many fans "humble hunting", On the slopes surrounding the station many hills a lot of berries, especially blueberries and wood jungle between the station and the highway Nizhnetagilskim famous mushroom places. For tourists station Sagra at all times of the year is the starting point of many routes. At 20 meters from the railway line runs east to Lake Issetsky small winding river Black. Brought together on the banks of the light canoe, water travel lovers embark on a journey. Low river banks are overgrown with bushes, surrounded Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).