Colossus Trace: Caption of the Mothman

One one-half of the Mothman.     Photograph: Litigate Chen via ShutterstockMore Monstrosity Run GhostsMinnesota Iceman ChupacabraGood off Master Street in Detail Pleasant, Westward Virginia, thither is a 12-foot-tall stainless statue that looks similar a chromium-plate mosquito, but with bat wings and humming legs and an fantastically well-defined stomach. The stain it stands in put-upon to be called Gunn Green, but the describe was changed to accolade the statue and the bod it represents. Now they vociferation it Mothman Parkland.The statue was divinatory to be eventide weirder. Read more [...]
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China built its statue of liberty

The memorial was built in honor of the martyrs who died in 1911 in Guangzhou during the uprising led by Sun Yat-sen.  At the top of the memorial statue of Liberty.
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Archaeologists in China have found a huge statue of an unknown animal

01/21/2013 Near the city of Chengdu (southeast China) archaeologists managed to unearth a stone statue of the animal, according to the publication The Daily Mail. Dimensions of the statue is more than three meters in length, a little more than a meter wide and about five feet in height. According to experts, the weight of the statue should be around eight and a half tons. Age finds scientists estimated at about 2,000 years old. What kind of animal is this statue depicts, scientists still do not know exactly, but it is quite possible that this is a panda. Sichuan Province - one of the habitats Read more [...]
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In Egypt, a new statue of the pharaoh found

A group of French archaeologists discovered a statue of Pharaoh Egypt unknown period of the New Kingdom. The find was made during excavations Montu temple northeast of the temple of Karnak in Luxor.The statue was 125 cm It was made of black granite. The figure of the pharaoh, who could not be identified, will be sent to the repository Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, where it will be restored, according to Ahram Online.Temple of MontuCategory: Archaeology Read more [...]
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In Turkey, a female statue found walled age 2.5 thousand years

Women's statue, whose age is 2.5 thousand years, was discovered by archaeologists in the Turkish city of Izmir in Turkey. The sculpture was found during excavations of the ancient city, which lasted for 22 years with the support of Sabanc? Foundation.According to the head of the archaeological team of Professor Serdar Ainekov devoid head statue was entombed in the city wall. Height figure of a woman, dressed in a robe, was about 2 m According to archaeologists, the statue could represent aristocrat, who played an important role in the management of the city, according to Hurriyet Daily News. Read more [...]
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Kiss Virgin

There is a tradition that one way of killing the condemned these secret tribunal, was as follows: the victim was told to kiss the statue of the Virgin, standing in the dungeon. The statue was bronze and giant size. When we approached the statue and touched her, she was splitting in two and revealed the interior, studded with sharp, long nails and sharp blades. The doors were also bristling with piercing and cutting weapons, and for each, at a man's head, was a nail longer than the other, these two nails gouged out his eyes. When the door is revealed, the victim with a secret mechanism is Read more [...]
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Jesus Statue Volition Halt Atop Ski Hangout

On Tuesday, the U.S. Afforest Servicing annouced that it bequeath reincarnate the tolerate for a 60-year-old Jesus statue atop Whitefish Flock Hangout. The Timberland Serve agreed with the Montana Country Historical Saving Position that the life-sized statue, nicknamed "Big Deal Jesus," is eligible for a post in the Home Read of Historical Places. The Kalispell Knights of Columbus erected the statue in 1955 as a repository to soldiers in the Tenth Deal Sectionalisation who fought in Humans War II. Members of the Tenth Hatful Partitioning are credited with establishing leastways 60 ski Read more [...]
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