Signs of the approaching storm

Pressure: Jumping or slowly, but steadily decreased Temperature of air: increases in low wind day soars. 0blachnost Cumulus clouds appear early, intensive development, taking the form of towers or anvil, and in the evening do not disperse, if the morning on clear sky moving fast altocumulus in the form of towers or poles, the storm is expected in the afternoon, and if the storm clouds are in the form of individual narrow and tall buildings, the storm will be short-lived with a shower, but if the clouds are piled on top of each other, forming a mountain with a dark base, it is likely to be a strong Read more [...]
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Clear signs of change in the inclement weather

Pressure: Falls, the faster - the more truly offensive foul weather, after the passage of a cold bar. Front pressure increases. temperatureIn winter rises (comes a warming), in the summer reduced the difference between day and night temp swarm; warmer night than during the day. Wind: Increases, especially in the evening, daily changes violated the right of local winds, wind direction changes clockwise (if the storm center passes north of the place of observation) or counter-clockwise (storm center passes south of the place of observation, in this case, precipitation does not occur); decreasing Read more [...]
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Weather prediction by thunder

Signs of bad weather If you go during the storm of noise large dark clouds - will hail, and the same thing, if the clouds are dark blue, and among them are white. If the thunder long, rolling and sharp - it points to continued bad weather. If it thunders continuously - will hail. Sharp explosive thunder - to shower.     Muffled thunder - to the gentle rain. Signs of improvement in the weather If thunder abruptly and short-lived - the storm will be over soon. Predicting the Rain If the air is rich with moisture and well-heated in the lower Read more [...]
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Everest: The Outer Limits — Last Breath (Season 3, series-5)

Episode 5: The last gasp Everest does not spare those who challenged him, and severely rewards those who are able to subdue him. Witness how a group of brave climbers under the New Zealander Russell Brice (and others) will storm the slopes of Mount Everest, overcoming superhuman physical and emotional stress. With the latest methods of shooting at high altitude, you can see the exciting and shocking footage from the diary of Bryce team that has managed to do the impossible ... 5. One Last Breath Brice'' s weakest climbers are left as a storm threatens and he gambles to allow them the Read more [...]
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Lightning protection in the mountains

Lightning - one of the most ubiquitous cause of death mountain tourists (in the warmer months). Therefore, at the first sign of impending thunderstorms should think about measures to protect his life. What exactly do? In this article, I have collected a variety of recommendations for lightning protection and Mining "gromootvedeniyu." One of the masters of martial arts formulated his "extreme" algorithm as "anticipate, avoid, to act." Applying this sacred order with respect to the storm can make the following recommendations:Weather prediction. Storm rarely creeps Read more [...]
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Weather conditions and signs of change

Winter Frost, cold crows circling flocks and sit on the tops of trees; tit morning peeps; Trees crack; wind; Smoke from the fire pole; Morning dawns soon burn out; Stars shine strongly; see the northern lights. To sustainable, fair-weather tan dawn; night frost, which weakens the afternoon, in the evening, with full windless sky completely covered by low stratus clouds.   A strong wind, the Buran the wind blows, and no frost, thunder in the winter; beak bird hide in the sand; Birds sit on the lower branches of trees.   Read more [...]
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Rules of conduct during the storm

First of all you need to learn how to predict the storm and in this case it is better not to go into the forest, field, or to the water, it is advisable not to go far from home. If you hear the distant rumble of thunder and see the lightning, then determine the approximate distance to the lightning activity can be the length of time between the flash of lightning and the first peal of thunder. Lightning flash, we see almost immediately, because light travels at a speed of 300,000 km / s. speed of sound in air is about 344 m / s, ie about 3 seconds of sound is 1 kilometer. thus dividing the Read more [...]
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How to protect against lightning

Zipper top the list of weather events, which can kill a person. Any number of people can conquer the depths of space and call themselves the crown of evolution, but the formidable natural forces, he still bug. Each year, an estimated from lightning strikes in Russia killed 550 people in the U.S. - about 200. Approximately 25% of those in whom was struck by lightning die, usually as a result of cardiac arrest. Surviving are serious violations of the body. The process of formation of lightning is not fully understood, scientists remain many questions. Birth of Rain starts as the clouds of ice Read more [...]
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The storm and cold

Storm in the mountains - a wind of great strength with sharp gusts. Storm may be snow and snow-free. Even in canyons force storms not only very noticeable, but it makes sometimes take drastic measures of protection. The greater the height, and the lower the temperature, the greater the force of the storm, the greater the danger. Severe frost in calm weather is transferred more easily than the weak cold strong wind. Often without snow storm rages in a very clear day. Then the bottom of the gorge, you can see the storm raging on the mountain tops, the so-called "flags", or, as Read more [...]
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Summer day rarely goes without Rain. Know the rules of conduct in the storm is very important, because their violation may lead to tragic consequences - lightning. The danger of lightning is an electrical charge that affects not only what it gets, but anyone who is or what is next. That is why during the storm should immediately stop the movement and seek shelter. Safer to wait out the storm in a hollow, ditch, pit. If there are no grooves, to lie down and wait until the storm stops. You can also set up a tent in the open, preferably before the rain to under the tent was dry. During Read more [...]
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