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«There is no bad weather» - This proverb to the townsfolk and the romantics… For someone who struggling to survive in the wild, the weather is usually a bad or very bad. Very important to predict the weather, to prepare for various eventualities: frost, storm, snow, rain, thunderstorm. And here need high-quality weather forecast, and not the lazhovy as we usually transmits weather bureau. After all, your life is on the map. In this article we will touch on a number, which can make short-range weather forecast. In the fall, spring and winter, when it was cloudy and cold, and in Read more [...]
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Desert – far from being a heavenly place, and the most that neither is hell. Unbearable heat, the almost complete absence of water sources, dangerous snakes and scorpions. However, this is not limited to the whole list of threats to life, to survive in the wilderness. Sandstorm – very common and life-threatening event. To learn how to escape from a sand storm, we'll talk in today's article. Desert – This vast space occupied by sand dunes. Neither you woods or mountains, or other obstructions. If Desert strong wind, he begins to raise the sand into the air and carry its huge mass. Read more [...]
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Overview of traumatic pistol Mph R-04

Gun MPH R-04 - personal weapon of self-defense, designed to fire cartridges traumatic acts caliber 9 mm RA..TECHNICAL Properties:1. Caliber 9 mm R.A.2. Barrel length, inches/mm : 4“ (101)3. The length of the gun, mm - 2374. The height of the pistol, mm* - 1365. The width of the pistol, mm - 376. The weight of a pistol, kg 0,797. The capacity of the drum - 6 cartridges8. Execution - dark blueing* the height of the gun can be different dependent on the installed lining (pen) and the iron sights. Alex PopovichGun Storm 04 8:44Gun Storm 04 7:05Read more [...]
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How to Hold a Silvertip Showdown

A grizzly     Pic: Wikimedia ParkGray-headed Bears at Yellowstone Sentinel Telecasting The Grey Verity Are athirst bears assaultive humanity for nutrient?As told to Jeff Hull1. Be DisposedExtend have nebuliser and experience how to use it.Translate abreast expect demeanor and gestate nutrient habits.2. Forbid Surprisal Birth Encounters When TrampHiking in groups of tercet or more masses.Resound in areas with misfortunate visibleness.Be brisk: See the deliver earlier you storm it.3. Experience How to Respond to a Surprisal Meeting with a Expect Displaying Justificative AggressivenessDuring Read more [...]
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Strong storm destroyed the port in Sochi. Video

Struck the Sochi storm led to severely damaged. Waves washed away in the sea of ​​the structures being built cargo port and destroyed the pier, designed to protect its waters. Three people are still missing. In Sochi, the storm washed away in a sea of ​​pile construction berths cargo port being built at the mouth of the river Mzymta. Element destroyed about 300 m defending the waters mall, damaged drilling rigs and a few taps, reports in Sochi. Element is also thrown on shore diving boat "Nord". Three members of the crew is still considered missing. In addition, Nizhneimeretinskaya Read more [...]
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Snow storm in the United States

Snow storm hit the east coast of the United States. Bad weather caused the deaths of five people. Three of them died in Virginia, where the governor mobilized to fight against the elements 1000 of the National Guard. Movement in the states of New Jersey, Virginia seriously hampered, shops are suffering because of the low attendance of buyers, there are power outages. Now the element is slowly moving to the New England states: Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont. Furthermore, on 19 December, about 40 cm. Precipitation fell in the airport area of ​​Ronald Read more [...]
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Abnormal cold

Weather in the last days of 2009 will bring a lot of surprises the people of Russia. In Irkutsk, December 31 declared a public holiday. The city is now -36 °, and on the field frost even stronger. In Buryatia, the thermometer dropped below -50 °. Today in Ulan-Ude - minus 37 °, and the New Year's Eve forecast promises all minus -48 °. Situation is not better in the Far East. On Wednesday, just four of the region received emergency warning about passing a powerful cyclone. Wind storm, snow, blizzards and a sharp drop in temperature expected in Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands in the Khabarovsk Read more [...]
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Storm warning in the Crimea and the Novosibirsk region

Emergency Management in the Novosibirsk region on Tuesday issued a storm warning due to expected strong frosts. "On the territory of the Novosibirsk Region 6 to January 10, most likely in the north, northeast, set the minimum temperature of minus 35-40 degrees," - said in a statement. Currently in Novosibirsk about 25 ° below zero. MOE warns that due to the cold snap may increase the number of fires, burns and frostbite. Residents of the region are advised not to leave the premises without the need for warm and motorists as possible, refrain from long-distance travel. Residents of the private Read more [...]
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The storm flooded streets in southern California

The natural disaster that struck the American state of California on Wednesday, triggered a flood. Local authorities plan to evacuate 489 homes, according to the American newspaper Los Angeles Times. The National Weather Service has registered in California, at least, one tornado, four rainfall and wind storm, gusts that reached 129 km per hour. According to forecasters, the more powerful and cold storm should fall on a Wednesday evening at the city of Los Angeles. The newspaper notes that the storm will test the old system of flood management in the Los Angeles area, which was established in Read more [...]
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Storm walks in Australia

A powerful storm hit the Australian state of Victoria, the main impact of elements occurred in the city of Melbourne, Kerang and Dandenong. As reported by the rescue service, hurricane tear the roofs of buildings and fells trees that cause breaks in the power lines. More than 20 thousand. Homes remained without electricity. For help on the remote emergency services received more than 500 calls. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, storm front brings thunderstorms and hail.


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Should I get a translatable bivouac?

A:My advice: Hop-skip the Storm, irrespective of the trade. Piece not a bad camp, the Storm 23 was an expensive single-wall framework aimed at a real specialised commercialise. It probably performed trump solitary below jolly frigidity, wordy weather. And Setting Shasta in June is not a slip that I guess would cause it. Judgment you, thither's cipher wrongfulness with the Storm. It's equitable not a camp that had often all-inclusive appealingness, thus The Northward Aspect's conclusion to resign marketing it. Therein marketplace ?- high-end single-walls ?- Bibler reasonably often holds the pounding Read more [...]
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Can I boost the Lav Muir Track in working place?

Lowa Storm     Photograph: courtesy, REILowa StormA:The Muir tail is 211 miles of terrific lot scene, run from Yosemite Vale to Climb Whitney, in the cardinal California alps. In add-on to the Yosemite extend, it goes done two early k internal parks?Redwood and Kings Canon parks, which are immediate and power be seen as a one green. Mostly, the track is in o.k. conformation, and its somewhat great use way it's blanket and unremarkably well-maintained. Its open can compass from something same granite amaze to really ok debris to ache and fir needles. So what rather bang is outflank? Read more [...]
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Israel covers the dust storm and haze

The Ministry of Environment has warned that tomorrow, March 9, Israel will cover dust storm and haze. It is reported by the radio station "Kol Yisrael". Cause of bad weather and dirty air will be the storm that is coming to Israel from North Africa. Haze begin at noon and will last until the end of the day. Ministry for the Environment advises pregnant women, children and people with asthma and other respiratory diseases to try not to go out in the evening. Source: Cursor Info Read more [...]
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Three tornadoes in Arkansas

Several powerful tornadoes struck the American state of Arkansas, three people were injured, according to CNN on Thursday with reference to the National Meteorological Service. According to the service, the first tornado struck the area Selayn (Saline) in the central part of the state on Wednesday. As noted by the representative of the Arkansas Department of Emergency Action Renee Preslar (Renee Preslar), as a result of rampant disaster affected 22 houses. According to one of the residents of the district, at the approach of a tornado was heard a terrible roar. "It was the most terrible roar Read more [...]
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In Beijing, a raging dust storm. Video

Dust storm struck on Saturday at Beijing, bringing strong winds and tons of fine sand. City shrouded in a yellow veil, through which passes almost sunlight. Dust covers the streets, parked cars, enters the room. Before reaching the Beijing dust storm has created havoc in the north-western provinces of Gansu and Qinghai, Xinjiang ygurskom and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Inner Mongolia, where the complicated traffic movement and operation of the airport. Most Beijingers prefer to stay at home, those who still go out on business, wear gauze bandages. Source: Conduct Previous News: · Israel Read more [...]
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The sandstorm rages in Japan

Sandstorm has covered Japan Over the areas between the islands of Kyushu and Hokkaido raged cyclone. Strong winds, sometimes reaching more than 36 meters per second, rip off billboards and breaks trees, people get hurt. Authorities are asking the locals as much as possible not to leave their homes. Victim of sand-dust storm has already become one person, injured 46. Because of the dusty veil and squally wind in Japan canceled more than 100 domestic flights stopped traffic on some highways, suspended train ... In the cities of Osaka, Fukuoka and Takamatsu giant cloud of sand dust shrouded streets Read more [...]
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Beijing again in the grip of a dust storm

China's capital once again covered the dust front. In the yellow haze of the house and drowned trees, visibility dropped sharply. Beijing weather bureau warned residents about the deterioration of the atmosphere, without the need for recommending not to go out. New dust storm that came from the northwest, the strength is not inferior to the previous one, which raged on Saturday and then shifted to Japan, South Korea and Eastern China. This past weekend the dust moving at speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour, covered 16 Chinese provinces over an area of ​​2 million square kilometers with Read more [...]
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Sandy Beijing. Photo

Red flags, orange sky. "The sandstorm from Mongolia reached Beijing on Monday morning. It is expected to weaken in the evening, "- said the representative of the capital's meteorological station. Raised by a strong wind clubs fine sand and dust, he said, went over the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Shanxi and Hebei (North China). Meanwhile, the streets of Beijing and already covered with a yellowish layer gives the whole town "deserted" tone. The sky over the capital today, and not as orange as it was on Saturday, the smell of dust in the air is felt even more strongly, saying citizens. Few Read more [...]
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Strongest hail storm in Australia. Video

Flew to Australia storm. Most went to the seaside town of Perth. The roads are turned into a river. The houses - water. And in addition, all covered with hail. Ice balls the size of an egg povybivali glass in cars, beat the roof. But the Australians did not panic - giant hailstones hide in refrigerators - in memory of the storm. The truth at several tens of thousands of residents of Perth - refrigerators do not work because of bad weather, the people were left without power. At the local airport - collapsed roof. Authorities considered the vagaries of weather, they cost the country $ 100 million.Source: Read more [...]
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Storm in France: 160,000 homes were left without electricity

July 27, 2013. Difficult weather situation persists in the departments of Eure-et-Loire, Indre, Indre-et-Loire, Loir-et-Cher and, Loiret, Maine-et-Loire, Oise, Somme and Sarthe, as well as in areas of Haute-Normandie, Ile-de-France and Nord-Pas-de-Calais. Departure of several high-speed passenger trains delayed on the road between Paris and Bordeaux because of severe storms, according to the French railway company. According to the company, at the railway stations in Paris and Bordeaux waiting for the departure of four trains. Tardiness will be from one hour to three hours. Movement conventional Read more [...]
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