Stager Force Pursuer Killed

Oldtimer ramp pursuer Tim Samaras on with his 23-year-old son Paul and longtime following collaborator and  acquaintance Carl Unseasoned were caught and killed by a enceinte crack that torus done El Reno, Oklahoma, Friday.Jim Samaras, Tim's sidekick, proclaimed the dying of the surprise pursuer on Facebook Sunday, expression all ternary died "doing what they loved."Samaras was one of the area's pm ramp chasers, who engineered probes to captivate data at the foundation of tornadoes. In edict to hoard information, Samaras and his squad pursued storms, placing probes straightaway in Read more [...]
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Schoolbook Standard from Missed Send

A absent American schooner with 7 mass alongside sent an undelivered schoolbook substance a month ago. Government released the content astern quest it from the planet telco Ir and the U.S. Submit Section. The June 4 content with a misspelling interpret: "Thanks surprise sails sliced death dark, now publicize poles. Goining 4kt 310deg volition update path information (at) 6PM".Officials conceive the transport potential sank in firm storms, but birth continued their lookup for survivors, hoping the crowd may birth made it to the liveliness hatful or to country. The hellenic wooden Read more [...]
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Baneful Storms Hit the Midwest

A serial of knock-down supercell thunderstorms furled crosswise the Midwest on Sunday triggering an eruption of tornadoes that dismantled towns and killed leastways 7 citizenry. According to AP Word, six multitude died in Illinois, which suffered the brunt of the tempest. The one-seventh dying occured in southerly Michigan.By Sunday aurora, forecasters at the Home Upwind Help had issued a rarefied PDS (Peculiarly Grave Post) twister sentry for Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin. This was the kickoff PDS sentinel since May 31, when a serial of tornadic storms ripped crosswise Read more [...]
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Powerful ejection on the Sun reaches the earth in the environment

Photo: spaceweatherPowerful ejection of plasma occurred on a Sunny Sunday morning, the plasma reaches the Earth in the environment and can cause bright auroras and magnetic storms, said on Monday night, the press service of the Harvard-Smithsonian center for astrophysics. However, Russian scientists doubt the validity of this prediction, RIA Novosti reported. «The release was directed straight in our direction, it is expected that he will get to us early in the morning of 4 August», — said the fellow at the centre Leon Golub. The coronal emission — the emissions Read more [...]
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The rain caused chaos in Washington. Video

Rainy weather in the late summer of characteristic areas of East coast America, but the storms that swept through the capital on the eve of and the surrounding States of Virginia and Maryland, made him worry many. The President of the security officials said the White house after gusts of Gale-force wind blew construction fencing in the Northern part of the territory of residence of the head of state. Tropical rain break working under voltage equipment, a fire broke out that the builders were able to repay their own. Storm front hit Washington in the morning, many were either going to, or had Read more [...]
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In Brasilia measures introduced security from solar storms

Ban on UPS during peak solar storms introduced on Friday at the airport of Brasilia, said in the message center air traffic control air force of Brazil. To 20 September no plane could not fly from the international airport named Juscelino Kubitschek between 14.45 15.00 local time (21.45-22.00 GMT), said the service. According to the Agency, within a specified period of time on the Brazilian capital increased solar activity may cause interference at frequencies which aircraft is used for communication with air traffic controllers. UPS will be abolished in the interests of safety. At the end Read more [...]
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Latvia threaten drought and malaria

Swept our country in the last storm and the storm is only the beginning, says Director of the world wildlife Fund in Latvia Ugis Rombergs. According to him, the consequences of global warming and climate change will become even more destructive weather events. So, he predicted, Latvia may become a victim of even more extreme heat and drought, and storms and lightning storms can be even more powerful and happen more often. Rotberg recalls that phenomena, unusual for Latvia earlier, now happen all the time for Example, a short but heavy showers, when for a few minutes, poured almost monthly norm Read more [...]
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Hurricane Igor\» threatens the island of Newfoundland

Hurricane Igor struck on the night of Monday to Bermuda, moving towards the island of Newfoundland in the canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador). Meteorologists already announced about the threat of the parish in the district of Newfoundland strong winds, heavy rains and storms. This the greatest danger element can represent the energy of Newfoundland, as there are offshore implemented three projects for oil. Some companies have already decided to move to the land of their employees working on the platforms, although oil production to suspend until collected. Currently, the hurricane, Read more [...]
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Egypt was covered by sand storms

Nod, sweeping the weekend Mediterranean region, has not spared Egypt, coming down upon the showers in the North and bringing sand storms in the Central regions of the country. Provoked by bad weather numerous incidents claimed the lives of 7 people, 44 were injured. The storm that had swept the weekend Mediterranean region, has not spared Egypt, coming down upon the showers in the North and bringing sand storms in the Central regions of the country. Torrential rains that have already two days do not stop in Alexandria, the second largest city «land of the pyramids» that led to the Read more [...]
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Midwest \»drowned\» in the snow

A powerful cyclone that originated off the coast of Mexico, to gain strength, covered the Midwest of the USA. The wind speed in some areas up to 80 kilometers per hour. Powerful snowfall has covered almost half of the U.S., covered over some areas of the Midwest under 60-cm layer of snow. According to authorities, wind and icing caused breakage of the transmission lines in the area from Texas to the States of New England. Freezing rain and a sharp decrease in temperature resulted in the breakage of the transmission lines, but also to the failure of several substations. On the East coast of the Read more [...]
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Kuwait has covered sandstorm

Kuwait's state oil company KPC (Kuwaiti Petroleum Corporation) has temporarily stopped on Friday the extraction and export of oil because of the strong sand storms, said on the night of Saturday, the Xinhua news Agency. «Due to bad weather, the state of emergency was declared on all objects KPC, gas stations and export bases», — said the representative Sheikh Talal (Sheik Talal). PE will be cancelled when weather conditions permit, the report says. Because of the strong sand storms, which in places has reduced visibility to a few feet, was also closed Kuwait international Read more [...]
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Sand storms, heavy rains and storms are raging in China

Dark clouds on 17 April covered the sky in Beijing, the city was lashed by rain and sand storms. In southern China on the same day, a storm wind was 45,5 meters per second, a hailstorm in Guangdong province and Guangzhou caused the flood threat.In the cities of Foshan, Zhaoqing, Dongguan, South China's Guangdong province, on Sunday, as a result of natural disaster has killed at least 17 people and wounded 118, the official publication of China \"Xinhua\". In the spring of 2010 sandstorms in China has covered 16 provinces. Residents were not displaced from their homes. Over the last 50 years Read more [...]
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About the effects of dust storms in the southwest U.S.

October 30, 2013. Dust storm that recently occurred in the South-Central part of the U.S. state of Arizona, has caused the deaths of at least three people; after meeting with the element on the track a little to the North, the semi-stretched fabric-Peak and South of Casa Grande for over ten residents were injured, getting in a serious accident.During the climax of dust storms wind speed rose to 48 km/h and visibility dropped so low that in that moment on the road 19 cars were not able to continue safe driving and collided, creating long traffic jam. It later emerged that the maximum visibility Read more [...]
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Irkutsk was covered by dust storm

on may 16.Dust storm hit the city. Winds reach 23 feet per second. The wind picks banners, posters, breaks down the trees. The editors call our viewers. According to them, in the neighbourhoods Green, solar and Sverdlovsk district tore off the roofs of houses. In most areas of the city had shut off the light. Now the rehabilitation works are emergency team «Southern electric networks». According to forecasters, the evening possible thunderstorm and rain. At night the temperature drops to zero degrees. — This morning a cold front passed through the Western areas of the region. Read more [...]
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Thousands of residents of Venezuela suffer from tropical storms

Photo: EPA on may 16.The Governor of the state of Merida in the North-West of Venezuela Marcos Diaz stated that a request to local authorities on the provision of emergency assistance for the last day turned more than seven thousand xtkjdtr. They all suffered from the effects of tropical storms. Gatherings mudslides destroy the house, lead to deteriorating roads and eroding agricultural lands. The elements are also raging in the territory of neighbouring States Trujillo, Tachira, ITAR-TASS reported. On the eve of the government of Hugo Chavez has extended by three months the state of emergency Read more [...]
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In Bangladesh, tens of people killed by lightning strikes

24 MAV Bangladesh for the last day at least 40 people were killed and over 150 were injured as a result of lightning strikes during a severe storm. According to local authorities, killed — mainly peasants, which the storm caught during the field work. On the eve of the monsoon rains in Bangladesh frequent and powerful storms with lots of lightning. During such storms often people die, but the current number of victims is considered a record, reports Reuters. Source: Radio Liberty Read more [...]
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Engender Nature’s About Disastrous Endure

Grievous lightning storms, such as the one that killed one and injured leastways vii on Venice Beach finis Sunday, are fabulously rarified events. Anxious because of one? Eventide rarer. Nonetheless, a composition on extremum endure–related deaths released Wednesday launch that destruction by deluge is evening more rare.The information, equanimous by U.S. Centers for Disease Mastery and Bar researchers, showed that patch lightning strikes killed 182 Americans betwixt 2006 and 2010, flooding was now responsible 93 fatalities.Scorn disk stateside flooding inside the yesteryear yr, the Read more [...]
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France suffers from storms and floods

France was raging elements. To the South of the country was lashed by storms and torrential rains. They have caused floods. In the Alpes-Maritimes and Alpes de Haute Provence several rivers were overflowing. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Thirdly Duster Hits Phoenix

A duster involute into Phoenix on Thursday eve, downing exponent lines, stall dealings, and delaying flights for the thirdly meter this summertime. Tv footage from local intelligence stations shows a chocolate-brown defile hundreds of feet high-pitched and with winds of capable 60 mph forward on the metropolis. Sandstorms, known too haboobs in Arabic, shape when thunderclouds flare-up in desiccated regions, sending gamey winds into the desolate coldcock and kick up moxie. The former storms, both in July, reached thousands of feet in peak and were responsible standardized disruptions. Haboobs materialize Read more [...]
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Bolivia paralyzed due to heavy snowfall

Bolivia paralyzed because of the strongest over the last 20 years of snow storms. Thousands of people were cut off from the outside world. The authorities have requested assistance from neighboring States. They asked helicopters to drop support for caught in the snow captivity, and heavy equipment for clearing snow blockages. Source: Earlier in Bolivia because of the sharp temperature drop people died from hypothermia.There were snow storms in BoliviaIn several areas of Bolivia declared an emergency, reports «Russia-24». Bolivia because of severe snow storms in a Read more [...]
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