Strange phenomenon in Santiago. Video

Strange phenomenon in Santiago, Chile as a red circle in the sky, on the eve of the earthquake...Shooting dated February 26, 2010. Source: Read more [...]
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Unexplained and military news for 1-11 September 2011

September 1 - Unknown creature smote Chelyabinsk hundred birds. Raskurochennye cage for quail, chicken coops broken doors, torn nets on the greenhouse and 115 bird corpses. Night in a private house at quatrains, 42, on his unthinkable cruelty reminiscent of the plot novel "The Murders in the Rue Morgue." Signs converge: nobody saw nothing, does not know; and judging by the torn cell which is made of galvanized mesh Lining and killer has just tremendous force - International biological expedition discovered in the mountains of eastern Indonesia on the Mekong giant predatory wasp male exceeding Read more [...]
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The spiral over Norway is not the only anomaly. Video

Twisting spiral over Norway Following the overwhelming phenomenon over Norway supported a large number of photos and the video was interesting, but was there anything like that yet, because explanations from the category that is the result of an unsuccessful launch of the \"Bulava\" I was not satisfied.ChinaMore than a hundred thousand people watched something extraordinary, flying in the sky over Central China. A huge plate was slowly moving across the evening sky, and its flickering light acted depressing influence on people. The questioning of the witnesses showed that it revolved Read more [...]
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Strange atmospheric phenomenon in Chile

Strange phenomenon in Santiago, Chile as a red circle in the sky, on the eve of the earthquake... Shooting dated February 26, 2010. Source: Read more [...]
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A strange hum in Florida

Corydoradinae sounds heard by local residents News service reports: \"on Wednesday evening (09.03.2011) us (news channel WcTv.TV - notes. translator) received many calls from residents who heard a strange sound, like a freight train. Residents feared that it was a tornado. But it's not. Perhaps it was about the phenomenon called \"duct\" and in this regard, the national weather service Tallahassee (Tallahassee is the capital pc. Florida - note. translator) made an appropriate statement.\"\"Tallahassee news: \"on Wednesday evening we received a lot of calls, mostly from residents of the area Read more [...]
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Mysterious hum puzzling scientists

on September 16. A strange hum from time to time I hear people on the coast of North Carolina. These sounds strong enough to induce jitter window glass and doors. The explanation has not been found yet similar to the hum may not be caused by hurricanes or human activity, the source remains a mystery. Such noise is not something unique currently and is not tied exclusively to North Carolina. People living near Seneca lake in upstate new York, long enough I hear the same sounds, they called «Guns Of Seneca» (Seneca guns). On the coast of Belgium, the phenomenon is known as «sighs Read more [...]
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Poland: a Strange streak in the sky over the Pond

on December 19. Strange streak in the sky above the city of Rybnik, in southern Poland. The author builds a version of the origin band: track the rocket, meteor, falling satellite, and can be just an airplane.


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Strange sounds continue: Ukraine, Switzerland, USA

Strange sound in Dnepropetrovsk, January 18, 2012.Strange sound in Switzerland, 19 January 2012.Florida, United States. JanuaryUploaded on January 18. The author writes: \"Strange noises in the sky. It seemed that the sound was coming from the East and the beach. Moans came for 1-2 minutes before I managed to pick up a camera and stopped during recording. My dog was excited, and the neighborhood dogs started barking. Terrible thing! I hope that this is not a government experiment or conspiracy. Some people say that the sound could be from a cruise ship or someone who plays for fun. Read more [...]
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Strange sounds. The report from Portugal + collection of new

The report from PortugalEyewitnesses reported the sounds from the sky (not from earth)  Strange sounds in Brazil, Sao Pauloon January 18. Well heard with 21 seconds.   England, 17 January Read more [...]
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In Togliatti hear strange sounds

on January 31.  In Togliatti actively discussing the strange sounds that some residents have heard in recent times. To be precise, we are talking about combinations of different pitch. They seemed to be coming, according to those who heard them, as if from heaven. The flames were fanned by the fact that this phenomenon is not uncommon. They occur worldwide and are particularly frequent in recent times. Especially susceptible are already dubbed them \"sounds of the Apocalypse\". The last case occurred in Komsomolsk region. I must say, \"Komsa\" actually stands out among the other districts by Read more [...]
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Strange noises cause electromagnetic phenomena?

on 5 March. Experts have put forward a rational explanation for the strange sounds recorded around the world. A physics Professor Jean-Pierre St. Maurice said that the source of such sounds can be so-called «natural radio emissions». \"If we had radio antennas instead of ears, you could hear a great Symphony, consisting of strange noises emanating from our planet. They sound as background music in science fiction movies, but this is not science fiction. Natural radio emissions are real, although poorly studied.\" \"For example, radio waves, lightning have terrible sound,\" added NASA. Read more [...]
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Strange sounds continue

Strange sounds 11.03.2012.Short report (Poland) about strange sounds from 12.03.2012Slovenia 01.03.2012. By the middle of shooting, the sound changes.Mountains in Australia 15.03.2012. 1.55, 2.48, 3.33 and 4.17 interesting sound. Read more [...]
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Tips from the Study

Away Clip, 1999 Yearly Jaunt PathfinderTips from the BattlefieldInterviews by Suzy PrestonNevada WierYou particularise in portrait. How do you approaching mass in strange countries to shoot them?Comfortably, it's reasonably crystalise that I'm not Tibetan or Uzbekistani. What I do is grip the camera so it's seeable as I'm walk-to capable person. I don't clutch it to my eye because I neediness to shuffling eye liaison. I trust in eye touch so multitude deliver Read more [...]
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Secrets of the departed

Mysterious disappearances according to scientists in fourth place among the most misunderstood phenomena our planet. People disappear all ages, often without a trace, sometimes in front of many witnesses. Much less a person opens a gift spatial teleportation, which he could control at will. For example, Zhang Baoshen, Chinese descent, often demonstrated a unique ability to teleport, and could dematerialize small objects, which then appear in another place. Experiments to study this phenomenon were conducted in 1982-1983, in the most severe conditions. Specialists stocked all kinds of modern Read more [...]
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Very strange art — ghost hyphae

American designer, known Hissbitch nadizaynil gifok very strange series, the main character of which — the specter haunting still-living relatives. As the author says his work — male silhouette tormented passions that he is no longer available because it's already dead.

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Two Australians involved in an accident, escape from the aliens’

Fairly strange story had police investigate Australian city Brisbane. Involved in the incident, two men, which caused the guards to the place of the incident, assured "that there was something very strange," and the accident was triggered by aliens. Trust only the facts of the police state that the driver of the car had increased proportion of alcohol in the blood. Repeat stories about UFOs Australians have a local court. How influential Australian newspaper reported, "the Sydney Morning Herald," at first it looked like a standard car accident. One of the victims he called Read more [...]
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In the skies over Engels witnesses videotaped strange falling object

The hype around the predicted Mayan doomsday continues to grow. With a strong desire signs of the apocalypse can be found in everything. But the object appeared in the sky above the frightened townspeople Engels really in earnest. Information about this appeared yesterday in the network. Around 17 pm, witnesses saw an unidentified object, and even made it to the video. - He appeared in the "Steal of the city" (New Village poplar). My friends and I have noticed a strange object in the sky burning. The blessing was on hand camera. Closer and found that the object like a comet, Read more [...]
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Androids: new — is well forgotten old

The word "robot" entered our lexicon relatively recently - only in the last century. But it seems that with the robotic creatures familiar humanity for much longer, since the dawn of civilization, people were able to create (or create them) amazing mechanical machines and intelligent action which still raises doubts: could you androids were described in ancient times strange creatures? As you know, android - a humanoid robot that can execute orders and sometimes make their own decisions. Mention of such creatures exist in many old books, and they are often covered with images of myths Read more [...]
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UFOs and strange explosion at a film festival in Sacramento

UFOs and strange "explosion" at the Film Festival in Sacramento, California, December 30, 2012
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The village Smolino eyewitness filmed UFOs

The video clip Chelyabinsk three unidentified object circling in the morning sky over the lake Smolino. In just a couple of days a lot of people watched the video. Many have tried to explain the unusual phenomenon of logical way. Someone said that this is just sky lanterns. However, the motion of the object does not confirm this theory. Almost 5 minutes UFO that appeared over the pond and disappeared, forming a right triangle. It is worth noting that this is not the first time that the South Urals there are similar unexplained objects. So, a year ago, a resident of Chelyabinsk videotaped Read more [...]
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