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"It is such a new year's news, this little secret. You know that not so long ago we pulled the boat one of the newest, nuclear cruiser. And at this point began to play on duty missiles mine home last generation", - Putin said at the meeting with members of the government. In mo, it was reported that the Russian Navy took in the combat composition of the second nuclear submarine of project 955 "Borey" under the title "Alexander Nevsky" ( photo) .htmlAccording to the plans of the Navy, strategic submarines of this project Read more [...]
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List of cities goals of a nuclear attack

Just want to warn you that the article is a copy-paste, but the information is extremely interestingPrimary tasks on one stage of the war:* Destruction of at least 90% of the ICBM silos* Destruction of all garrisons 50 SS-25 ("Poplar")* Destruction of the Northern and Pacific Fleets* Destruction of major air bases that can be used strategic bombers (60)* Destruction of 17 strategic nuclear weapons warehouses* Destruction of 136 government Buner* The total destruction of the military-industrial complex on the territory of Russia (including research institutes, design, research campuses)* Read more [...]
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U.S. sent to Guam two strategic bomber

The Pentagon has sent a U.S. airbase "Andersen" in the British island of Guam in the Indian Ocean two strategic stealth bomber B-2. The official statement of the Air Force stated that the aircraft from the air base, "Whiteman" (Missouri), which is based 509 bomber wing to be "temporarily" placed on Guam at the end of January "for training purposes". "This arrangement will allow our pilots to be trained in the use of capacity-2 Application of strategic precision strikes anywhere in the world," - said in a statement.It is emphasized that the U.S. Read more [...]
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U.S. increasing the capacity for global first strike in Russia and China

Because of the fiscal cliff U.S. could cut their defense spending. But it would be incorrect to assume that such a reduction would weaken the United States militarily. In fact, the U.S. has provided more funds for the development of the "Prompt Global Strike", the system is capable of applying precise strikes non-nuclear weapons anywhere in the world for 1 hour. The number of such weapons in the U.S. arsenal will continue to grow, while according to the Russian Defense Ministry in 2015 will be at the disposal of Washington from 1500 to 1800 cruise missiles, sea or air, intended for Read more [...]
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Chinese Dragon woke

Deputy director of the Russian-Chinese strategic cooperation Andrew Devyatov on Russian-Chinese relations. In recent years, political relations between Moscow and Beijing are characterized by "strategic partnership." At the same time, the authorities on both sides emphasize that achieved the greatest level of confidence in the political, that's probably true because Russia and China did somehow agree on political issues and act in concert in the arena of the United Nations and other international organizations. As to what these relationships in terms of the heart, in the mind like Read more [...]
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U.S. offers Russia to give up half of the nuclear weapons

The U.S. President in his annual address to Congress to call on a further reduction of strategic nuclear weapons, and Russia intend to offer the Americans to abandon half of nuclear weapons.Obama has reached an agreement with representatives of the U.S. armed forces to reduce the number of strategic nuclear warheads by about a third, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the portal New York Times.The American edition, in turn, refers to sources in the U.S. administration. Obama "thinks it is possible to significantly reduce the number of deployed nuclear warheads and thus save Read more [...]
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Elementary, Biden

There is a paradox in the just ended "successful" negotiations, Russian and U.S. presidents. Both of them again, as many of their predecessors, which again emphasized their determination to finally put an end to the legacy of the Cold War. Yet their most significant "achievement" was the agreement on the basic parameters of a new treaty on strategic offensive arms to replace the START 1, which expires in December. This contract - A typical arrangement of the Cold War, a useful convention, codify and leading into a relatively civilized manner relations at mutual suspicion and Read more [...]
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Island Siberia

A year ago, I published an article (like inadvertently promised last) on the subject, which I think is important for the security of our country, to be exact - just for its survival within the existing boundaries. I really have not written since the Russian-Chinese relations. But a lot of them, and very convincingly (on the economic and military aspects, respectively) make public a corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences Alexei Yablokov and Deputy Director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Khramchikhin. The events of the past year in this area were justly Read more [...]
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Japan — China — Russia. The new strategic environment

To date, there are no significant factors that have held back Russia in implementing strategies to strengthen the state, as well as in the implementation of an independent foreign policy. It goes without saying that you should not make overtly confrontational to the political opponents of action both internationally and within the country. Balanced foreign policy of the Kremlin today from the national interests, the ability to avoid abrupt actions carefully considered decisions, using the strategy of checks and balances - are the factors that make it possible in the near future to stabilize the Read more [...]
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American strategic assets

HSmall-scale tour of the U.S. strategic targets are clear to all destinations.   Read more [...]
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Body checking

Diplomatic efforts, of course, necessary. But the real argument can and should be a demonstration of the fact that Russia is also ready to defend their legitimate interests, including drawing on the force component. Already stated that the plans for the combat training of the Russian Navy will now take into account the presence of NATO ships in the Arctic. Chief of the General Staff - First Deputy Minister of Defense, General of the Army Nikolai Makarov warned: "The Russian side is adequately respond to attempts to militarize the Arctic. This primarily relates to the problems of the Northern Read more [...]
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