Humanoid robot for the first time rose to 32 km in a balloon

Why was it necessary to drag robogumanoida into the stratosphere? Well, for example, in order not to risk another protein-and-arrow ("Where are you now?"). In fact, the organizers of this action plans are not so simple.Spanish company Zero 2 Infinity fulfills a kind low-end-sector space travel, planning to put on a stream turpolety to stratospheric heights of up to 36 km, where the sky is black, the world is round, and the stars in brightness almost equal space.For these and similar species can pay much more than $ 143 thousand, unless, of course, use a missile. (Here and below the Read more [...]
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New weather anomaly: a sudden stratospheric warming of the polar vortex split into two parts

Sudden stratospheric warming the polar vortex split in two. The polar vortex is formed and deepened, when the atmosphere loses heat to space in the dark long winter nights in the Arctic, has been divided into two large parts is being reduced. A series of intense storms in the far northern part of the Pacific Ocean has increased to very long waves in the lower atmosphere. The energy of this, planetary-sized wave came up from the lower atmosphere over the Himalayas and the Tibetan plateau and broke into the stratosphere, causing a strong sudden warming. It is very fast abolished strong cyclonic Read more [...]
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Scientists have found that controls the currents in the Atlantic

on September 24. Scientists from Germany and the United States argue that the stratospheric influence on the troposphere and long-term fluctuations in the Earth's climate. In particular, they were able to discover the relationship between the extreme cases of the winds in the polar regions of the stratosphere and fluctuations in temperature and strength of currents in the Atlantic ocean. Researchers have studied and compared the data obtained during the observation of the oceans and the Earth's atmosphere over the last 30 years. Their findings published in the journal \"NACA Geosains\"to which Read more [...]
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Is there a relationship between the observed cold weather and sudden stratospheric warming?

January 15, 2013. In the last days in many regions of the Northern hemisphere celebrated the cold and snowy weather. Think or actually harsher winter than usual? You can even hear the question: \"is There a relationship between the observed cold weather and sudden stratospheric warming?\" Obviously, the answer to this question is quite difficult. Indeed, now in the stratosphere over the Northern hemisphere there is a sudden warming. Sudden stratospheric warming (SSW)that occur in the winter, causing the most intense interest. Meteorologists continue to actively investigate the mechanism of their Read more [...]
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The anomaly of the ozone hole over Antarctica is almost explained

The ozone hole 2010 was one of the smallest. The largest size (22.2 million km?) she reached 25 September (on the chart). (Image NASA's Ozone Watch.) Significant reduction of Antarctic stratospheric ozone hole in 2010 and in previous years is the result of extreme weather events, sometimes peculiar polar winter. Scientists call this sudden stratospheric warming (sudden stratospheric warming, SSW).The annual appearance of the ozone hole over the Antarctic is associated with a gradual increase in atmospheric chlorine, caused by anthropogenic production of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). International Read more [...]
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