Yakov Litvinov and Sons

Jacob Litvinova rightfully should be put first in a series pervoosvoiteley Ural bowels. Because it involves the emergence of a new Russian state and very important for the country's industries - non-ferrous metallurgy. It was he who first pointed out the deposit, which was soon put the firstborn of the domestic industry mednoobrabatyvayuschey - Pyskorsky copper smelter. Who is he, Jacob Litvinov? Remained very little information about its origin, the path that led him to the Urals. One can only assume that, judging by the name, Jacob was the son of a Lithuanian - "Litvin". Probably because of those Read more [...]
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Place right-flank in this truly iron Kogoro­those Russian history rightly devotes old Russian ce­ily Stroganoff, wealthy merchants, even at the time of the father of Ivan the Terrible examples to trade, to promys­llamas on the north-eastern borders of Moscow. Stroganoff is those first Russian figures, comprehend and all gro­Madni profitability colonization of new lands, and the importance of this case to the Moscow State. Nekol­bimo convinced of the great sense of his works, these people from generation to generation worked the way the new economy­cation for the local land Read more [...]
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Stroganov School of Icon

Stroganov School of Icon stylistic direction in Russian. iconography that has been formed in the last third of the first quart XVI. XVII. and encourage orders Kama salt merchants Stroganoff. Regular. features: chamber, prayer religious character image, filling compositions fantastic architecture and figures, mannerisms their movements and postures, dense olive-ocher background, contrasting with bright colors razbelennye, miniature letters, thoroughness machining, luxurious Uzoroche with blackening of gold. Mn. Icons are heirlooms tags Stroganoff, inscriptions with the date, names of customers Read more [...]
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Stroganov (Usolsky) singing school

Stroganov (Usolsky) singing school creative direction in Russian. prof.-muses. suit-ve XVI-XVII centuries. arising in the realm ur.-Pomeranian industrialists Stroganoff. Found expression in the work of singers and artists who have created samples znamenny singing (Ivan Lukoshkov, Thaddeus Subotin), received recognition during his lifetime. They had worked out the music. ABC theory Usolsk masteropeniya. With the chorus Stroganoff related activities N.P.Diletskogo musician-theorist, author op. partesnogo singing. At the request of G.D.Stroganova he translated into Russian. lang. their transport. Read more [...]
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The system of state feudalism in the Urals. Social structure. Management

In the XVI century. continued formation of the main classes of feudal society: the feudal-dependent peasants and suburban estates. In the feudal class included representatives of secular feudal imperial administration; service people «by descent» viceroys, governors, heads of military units; princes, nobles, «children of the boyars­cal» nobles and as a special class collective spiritual feudal landowners monasteries. Distribution of estates of serving people in the Urals was held in incomparable­edly a smaller scale than in the southern and south-eastern fringes Read more [...]
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One day Anicia Stroganoff

So, 1560 years, June. The newly founded Sliced­the first town on the Kama river. On the steeper the Kama rivers stands a new, fast built­tion experienced by the masters of the farmhouse. Actually, ­slim is not just a house or a small wooden Kremlin, whether thoroughly fortified huge boyar good­we. Gracious two-storey manor Domina consisted of a complex system of towers, rooms, halls, chambers, hall, stands, podklady. All this heap of premises was closely connected with fancy transitions, tight environments­but barns, warehouses, stables, human «culona mi», extensions Read more [...]
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Who are you, Ermak? ..

One of the highlights of the pores of the initial colonization of the Urals - unquestionably organization campaign for "Stone" Cossack Ermak. Campaign, which ended a devastating defeat of the troops of the Siberian king Kuchum actually marked the beginning of the rapid colonization of the Russian Siberian expanse over their entire length - from the wooded steep slopes of the Urals, and to most of the Pacific waters. For four centuries Ermak - widely recognized national hero of the Russian people. His activities included in the tables of the chronicles. A huge number of historians dug megaton archival Read more [...]
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The history and geography of Chusovoi and Demidovs

    Chusovaia only river, intersecting Ural Mountains. Beginning on the eastern slope Stone her way, she ends it on the west slope, falling into the Kama left over 693 km to the Kama mouth. The transition from the eastern to the western slope, from Asia to Europe, Chusovaia commits in the Mount Volchikha near Revda. Places between the tributaries Chusovoi and rivers Ob basin only 3-5 km. In total, river runs over 592 kilometers     In order not to weary the reader, Alexey Ivanov, the author the recently published book "Chusovaia" (St. Petersburg, 2007), immediately Read more [...]
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ILINSKY LOCAL MUSICHER opened in 1921 (in the village. Il'inskii Perm.obl.). First cond. N.N.Serebrennikov. Regular. work on the formation of the collection of the Muses. was carried out ex. employee management perm. undivided estate of Count Stroganov A.A.Vologdinym (1861-1941). In the beginning. WWII music. closed. Since 1943 the music. located in the building of the former. Chap. reign perm. undivided estate of Count Stroganov (memory. arch. beginning. XIX c.). In muses. Department operates. nature, art., Dosov. and owls. history. The fund muses. 14.5 thousand. Items. Among them Kolletsiya Read more [...]
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ILINSKY pos. Mountains. type, p-tion n. in Perm. region. Located at the confluence of r.Chelvy in r.Obvu. The first pos., According to archaeologists, originated in the IV. For a long time there lived Obvinsk Ostyaks. As a result, Russian. colonization in end of the XVI beg. XVII centuries. s.Ilinskoe formed (1623), is the property of the Stroganoff in XVIII-XIX centuries. It housed the management of their ancestral lands. In the beginning. XX century. Stroganoff possessions were nationalized. In 1920-50 th I. developed with both. In the beginning. 1960 I. granted the status of a slave. pos. Read more [...]
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Two churches, two coats of arms

    A few years ago, the chief bibliographer Local Studies Library, chairman of the society ethnographers Valentina A. Datskevich told about the beautiful edition of the book on Stroganoff.     Author, Tatiana Eyriyan live in Permian, and its interest in the ancient family Stroganoff clear. Many years ago she was a young specialist, began to work in Nizhny Tagil, so the subject Demidovs her too close.     After reading the book at me and there was the idea of ​​creating an artistic canvas, devoted to the history of two famous Ural childbirth.     Read more [...]
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Volegov Fedotov A.

Volegov Fedotov A. (1790 village. Okhansky at Old Posad. Perm. Lip. 16.9.1856, p. Solikamsky in New Usolye. Perm.gub.), Historian, ethnographer, anthropologist, chronicler of the Stroganov family, brother V.A.Volegova. Coming from the fortress cross. Counts Stroganov. From 1828 served as chief Elias countable fin. Chap. Management Perm. undivided estate Stroganoff, from 1833 to 1834, manage Iljinsky env. board after the partition of Perm. estates Stroganoff 5 env., 1836 -upravlyayuschy Perm. estate Stroganoff with. New Usolye. Corr. Perm. lips. statistical-ta from Feb 24. In 1855. Vol .: Pedigree Read more [...]
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