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Earlier You Produce Up: Be a Wildlands Fire-eater

    Exposure: Ding/FlickrHatch this as the child leagues for wishful hotshots and gage jumpers. On-call firefighters, many of whom are college students, read the ropes by workings 14-to-21-day stints as mop-up crews at forest-fire sites, submersion flames and glade out felled clash. Family during workdays is a encamp or a quiescence bag involute out on the grunge. The balance of the meter you can raise, bicycle, or upright assuredness your heels in township. Prereqs: Candidates moldiness be 18 or old and fit sufficiency to pass tercet miles with a 45-pound camp in 45 transactions. Read more [...]
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    Photograph: Mat MahurnOn the one-quarter try, I matte my backrest go pop. I heard the cowcatcher say ended the tuner, “If I try this again, I'm exit to rip the kid in one-half.”It was former dip 2011, and I was trey weeks into a class with the Subject Outside Leaders Shoal in southeast Utah, hike with ternary over-the-counter students on the Unclean Dickens River. Approximately noon, we came to a item where the canon surround met the river. A sandbank elongated into the irrigate, and I walked out thereon with another guy. Astir 20 feet from shoring, I dead sank stifle rich. Read more [...]
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Harvard Votes to Ban the Bottleful

Harvard University students birth voted to ostracize moldable h2o bottles from their campus on the curtilage that they typify an environmental fortune.64 pct of students who voted in the referendum end moth were in prefer of “conclusion the sale and dispersion of shaping non-reusable piss bottles on campus (including at Harvard cafes and Redden Catering events) and devising imbibing pee more approachable done the installing of extra piss fountains and recyclable irrigate bottleful pick stations.”The terminal conclusion on the ban now rests with schoolhouse administrators, who volition Read more [...]
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School at factories

    We know almost nothing about Demidov vocational schools. And such a the middle of the XIX century were at six plants: Vyisky, Nizhny Tagil, Nizhnesaldinskom two Shaitansky and Laisk. In so far known only print the first of these craft and practical, which opened in 1833. And it worked under mentoring Miron Efimovich Cherepanov. Graduates are given special certificates.     I have read of archival documents show that the craft schools two or three years taught various factory specialties graduates as factory and parochial schools. Note that at the time, all school Read more [...]
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Cherdanskaya Campsite

In the vicinity there are several tourist Sverdlovsk bases. By purchasing a ticket through the trade union organization on one of them, you will provide a catering, accommodation, equipment for the holidays. Each of the hostels has developed routes in their areas, as well as organizing for tourists and vacationers radial routes in the surrounding area of ​​one to several days. To do this, the company where you work, is to make a preliminary application by the regional committee of the union. One such bases Cherdanskaya is located in the middle reaches of the river Syserti, about 40 kilometers Read more [...]
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At the threshold of the native

    At the corner of the Tagil and Kirov in the old building for a long time and until 1978 high school was named after NK №1 Krupskaya. In In 2002 she went to the anniversary date.     155 years of age, and a solid, certainly deserves attention. And if remember that the school number 1 is descended from the first in Nizhny Tagil girls' school, the there is every reason to closely scrutinize its history and start an excursion into the past with a curious archival document. It "birth certificate" together with thorough story about the future life institution.    Read more [...]
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Dance at the turn of the century

    November 2, 2001 at the Palais des metallurgists was jubilee "Kaleidoscope" group, which, as I seems to know everything in the city. 25 years old by the standards of a significant period of amateur creativity. Ensemble "Kaleidoscope" and its permanent leaders have become the wife Krasnikova Tagil legend. Like all talented teachers, they are exceptional people. Mark Jury Krasnikova, the 50th anniversary of which is celebrated all recently. Do you know many people who do not learning in music schools, self- mastered to play the accordion, piano, trumpet, guitar Read more [...]
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There, behind a birch grove

Read more [...]
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    Nizhny Tagil Engineering College (Since 2003 branch GOU VPO STI Ural State Technical University), which in 2005 celebrates 70 years, with strong ties associated with Uralvagonzavod. He and was established in 1935 on the basis of this enterprise as the evening Carriages College, where the-job training has begun technical middle managers: foremen, foremen, engineers, chiefs plots in three departments: welding, foundry, assembly and installation.     In August 1935 goals were equipped with two groups of first-year students the best-trained workers and employees Uralvagonzavod. Read more [...]
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According to the commandment Demidova

    In September, November 1806 Privy Councillor valid chamberlain, Commander of the Order of John of Jerusalem Nikolai N. Demidov remained on their Nizhny Tagil factories. Among the institutions, he deigned to visit, was picturesque School, based on his will in the same 1806 Vasily Albychevym, graduate Imperial Academy of Arts, which Demidov entered into a contract.     Nicholas was Nikititch well aware of the widespread in their factories podnosnogo fishing. Therefore, School of painting established for "Glory plants" - for distribution industry varnishing.     Read more [...]
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The first music school

    The first musical School in these days of spring meets the 75-year anniversary. More 3000 young tagilchan got here music education. Many graduates have become professional musicians and continue creative life, begun in the native land.     Children's Music School №1 one of the oldest in the area and is the first in our city. Back in 1935, when in the Lower Tagil just started construction industrial giants, the opening music School was a great cultural event. Thanks to the energy and remarkable organizational ability of the first director Alexandra Alexandrovna Read more [...]
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Teacher training schools 60 years

     The first teacher training institutions in Nizhny Tagil was discovered in 1926.     44 people have been taken if the first course: the Red Army, the children of workers and peasants. In difficult conditions, was born a new school: there were no premises of its own, textbooks and teaching aids are often hungry and cold. But the enthusiasm of the young enthusiasm overcame setbacks. With great warmth and teachers of the city today remember the first teachers of the school: Alexey V. Markin, Pavel Stepanovich Shamin, Michael Andrianovich Batin.     Read more [...]
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Special grace Demidova

    From September 27 to November 28, 1806 , the Privy Councillor valid chamberlain, Commander of the Order of John of Jerusalem Nikolai N. Demidov remained on their Nizhny Tagil factories. Of the institution, he deigned to visit, was picturesque School, based on the will of its professional Vasily Albychevym, graduate Imperial Academy of Arts.     Nicholas was Nikititch well aware of the widespread in their factories podnosnogo fishing. Therefore, School picturesque established for "Fame plants", "solely for the dissemination of varnishing industry". Read more [...]
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Neugasim Ural Candle

     Oldest beacon of culture in the Urals" named in 1912 a well-known scientist-metallurgist, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of VE Groom Grzhimailo Nizhnetagilskom Gornozavodskoye school. More than half a century before the governor of Perm in the report to the king was forced to admit: "More than any other is worthy of remark Nizhnetagilskom factory school where pupils, except the subjects taught in all schools teach the knowledge of the mountain side, in the use of what I learned while visiting the Nizhny Tagil factory, where almost all the work Read more [...]
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The time is not

     July 28, 2009 Nizhny Tagil State Socio-Pedagogical Academy was 70 years old.     Let me say: what 70? NTGSPA also appeared recently on a fresh memory. But the increase in the Academy at our dear "Peda" was a long and difficult path. In the old days of the beginning of the XX century, the city had a teacher training college. June 27, 1939 the Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR adopted a resolution on the reorganization of teacher training colleges in the People's Commissariat of teachers' institutes. July 28, 1939 the Presidium Read more [...]
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We are not separated by class

Today, when the king's burial to the remains found near Yekaterinburg, just a few days in the company of the newly hot debate about the events of eighty years ago. Here we only judge them from the standpoint of knowledge gleaned from from school, and acquired experience. So, whatever these judgments, they do not have the freshness and immediacy of perception. More curious seem to me a few handwritten pages found in his father's archive. Tagilchanin Nikolai Klimov, who studied in 1917 in a real school, recalls how he and his classmates took the February Revolution and the abdication of Read more [...]
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Born as a school of the future technicians

     By the Engineering College at a special clapboard, good attitude, and it immediately felt came into the team a few years ago, the current head of the educational institution, or rather Dean NTMT FSF STI (f) Ural State Technical University Leonid A. Litvinov (today College Faculty of average vocational training of the university ). A third of workers FSUE "Uralvagonzavod" graduate "cars"And the center of Dzerzhinsky district is simply impossible to imagine without the building of engineering college. It was erected in 1957. Self study institution much Read more [...]
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The history of higher technical education in Nizhny Tagil

     I. Taghilsky industrial     There are in our city area associated with the history of the first technical college. These are the three buildings on the street Ural houses 2, 2a, 4 here in July 1944 began life Nizhnetagilskogo Industrial Institute (NTII). His grandparents Bezhitsk Mechanical Engineering and Krivoy Rog Mining Institute, who found refuge in the Great Patriotic War in the Urals. After the liberation of the western parts of the country from the Nazis institutions returned to their homes, leaving some students, mostly tagilchan not dared to leave Read more [...]
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Forgotten Institute

A few lines from an article in the newspaper Yu Skomorohova "Taghilsky worker" April 1, 1987, as well as a note in July 1994, marking the 50th anniversary of higher technical education in Nizhny Tagil, resurrected distant, bygone days. Immediately memories came flooding back In the summer of 1944 in our city was organized by Industrial Institute on the basis of evacuated here during the war, Krivoy Rog Mining and Bezhitsk of engineering. For applicants from Tagil and nearby towns and cities in the region it was happiness: do not go for the "end of the world" for higher education. I went to Nizhny Read more [...]
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At the desk and at the bench

     On the eve of the October Revolution in Nizhny Tagil per thousand of the population accounted for only 73 students. The city had nine one-class and two-year colleges, the same parochial schools. Enrollment in their 2342 student.     Were in Nizhny Tagil women's gymnasium, four-year colleges and metallurgical. However, many of the children of workers because of the high fees are not able to attend these schools.     Old Tagil metallurgical PN Grachev says: "Learn I had two years. Yes, and it was considered a son working for happiness. After Read more [...]
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