Discipline: Walk to Ferment Leave Spare Your Spirit

Walk to study may be the following super-drug. Compared to citizenry who crusade to the berth, walkers and cyclists let a 40 pct glower probability of development diabetes, according to a bailiwick in the American Diary of Incumbrance Medicament.Astern surveying 20,000 citizenry in the UK most their commutation habits and wellness, the researchers besides exposed that multitude walking to employment are 17 pct less probably than citizenry who ride to deliver hypertension, a chance element for cardiopathy. And patch 19 percentage of multitude who campaign to study in the UK are weighty, the numbers Read more [...]
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Offspring Parentage: Kyle Discipline

    Picture: Jolin BevinAGE: 13Athletics: KayakingKyle Battleground began kayaking when he was 8. Fin days subsequently, he’s a extremity of the Gig Nurse Canoe & Kayak Racing Squad, which barely won the interior championships in Oklahoma Metropolis. Battleground, whose rivalry was generally elder than him, won the 200-meter Diminutive run. He says the effect was his outflank wash to see. “He was a ducky for the 1,000-meter airstream besides, although a surprise ruined the locus the eve earlier his wash,” says his generate, Lynnette Study.Safekeeping up with Read more [...]
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LITVINOV Boris Vasilievich

LITVINOV Boris Vasilievich (12.11.1929, Lugansk), physicist, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1997), Corr.-Corr. Russian Academy of Sciences (1991), Dr technology. Sciences (1988), Professor (1989). The genus. the family of an employee. Graduated From Moscow. the fur. Inst. (1953). 1953-61 engineer, Deputy head of the Department. VNIIEF. Since 1961 the chief designer, 1978 first Deputy scientific. hands. RFNC-VNIITF. Tr. associated with the development of nuclear weapons studies. explosive and high-speed gas-dynamic processes (including in emergency situations in nuclear power), Read more [...]
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Historiography of the history of the Urals period of primitive society

The first written information about the nations of the Urals are Antic­Nome time. In V. BC. e. «Father of History» Herodotus, according to the torus­traffickers, who went away with the caravans in the north-east from Scythia, with­put the description of the peoples encountered along the route of caravans. To the north-east of the Volga steppes Savromats in the forests inhabited by a tribe of hunter-populous Thyssagetae [58, p. 192], which some historians identify the population that left Ananyinsky memorabilia­ki Prikamye [77, p. 19]. Lived east of the forest hunters Read more [...]
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Found evidence of past geological and climatic changes

An international team of scientists from several universities in Europe, Japan and the United States completed the data collection and analysis of cores from the glaciers of Greenland. According to the research experts reported on two very significant temperature jumps that have occurred during the last Ice Age. Experts say that these races have had a significant impact on the circulation of atmospheric tides on the planet.Ice samples showed that in the northern hemisphere of the planet were two significant warming period - the first took place 14,700 years ago, when just 50 years of global Read more [...]
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URAL INDUSTRIAL ARCHAEOLOGY Section of Archaeology U. studying prom. memory. XVII-XX centuries., In Vol. H. Archaeological and traditional. methods. This comprehensive Inst., Based on dec. types and kinds of sources, and integrated in the interdisciplinary field Inst. lt; study and preservation of industrial naslediyagt ;. At the prevailing value of the written and others. Archaeological sources utilization. methods determined by the need for them. By tradition and current scientific. specialization there dec. to determine the place and role of AP in Inst. W. and abroad. In particular in the Read more [...]
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Unprecedented earthquakes threaten Europe

August 19, 2013. The French newspaper Le Monde has published the latest results of a study aimed at assessing the risk of earthquake in the next 50 years. A new European study confirms that Romania is among the countries with the highest seismic risk on the continent, according to an article published by the French newspaper Le Monde.\"The unprecedented earthquake potential in Europe\" under this title published an article by Pierre Le hir in the French newspaper, which refers to the results of a study conducted by an international team of 50 professionals. He first used the same criteria Read more [...]
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MOSCOW, 22 Feb — RIA Announcements.

1st piece of the meteor that crashed last Friday in the region of Chelyabinsk, delivered in Moscow, in the laboratory of meteoritics Institute of Geochemistry and analytical chemistry, Vernadsky Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geochemistry), where experts will conduct in-depth research "guest" also to prepare the application for inclusion of a meteor in the international directory.In the framework of programs of research scientists plan to make a sliced piece of meteor width of 40 microns for petrographic research. Not counting, of course, is exactly the type of meteor, its Read more [...]
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Whales suffer from sunburn

A new study has shown that the skin of whales can burn in the sun like burn people who don't use sunblock cream. And lately it happens more often. Despite the fact that most of the time the whales underwater, they cannot fully escape from the sun, should emerge to breathe. And just like people they don't have hair long enough to protect the skin from the ultraviolet radiation passing through the ozone layer. Specialist Zoological society of London and one of the study's authors Karina Acevedo-Without (Karina Acevedo-Whitehouse) concluded: \"We found that whales get acute sunburn, but at the Read more [...]
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Samuel Morse to 34 years, was an artist and had no interest in technology. In 1825, a messenger brought him a letter from his father in which he said that his wife dies. Morse immediately left Washington and went to new haven, where his family lived, but his arrival spouse already buried. This incident forced Morse quit painting and delve into research methods frisky message delivery for longish distances that led to the development of Morse code and the electronic Telegraph in 1838.=) 1 lesson study Morse code13:30Read more [...]
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A huge volcano under Yellowstone Park continues to grow

According to a new study, the last few years, a huge volcano under Yellowstone national Park is growing at an unprecedented pace. In ancient times this volcano was the largest source of continental eruptions, but as scientists say, his recent activity does not necessarily mean that another catastrophic eruption is imminent.His recent activity is unprecedented in the Caldera (kotloobraznye depression in place the top of the volcano; approx. mixednews) Yellowstone, but it is not unusual for other volcanoes in the world. In the new study just came out that the Yellowstone Caldera is more active Read more [...]
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In Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, exploring the mystery of failures

on December 22, 2010. Scientific Union and the Technology Association of Ho Chi Minh city has created a team to study the causes of failures in many areas of this Vietnamese city. To date, there are 59 failures, the first of which appeared in July. A team of 12 experts aims to study the phenomenon, identify the causes and to present a solution to the problem. Experts will examine the 30 greatest failures, to determine whether they are associated with electric and communication cables and water pipes, which are located within a radius of 50 meters. Also, the team will produce drilling at depths Read more [...]
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Solar activity and natural disasters

on July 28. The company \"3TIER\" from Seattle, which deals with the calculation of risks in the international energy market, issued a report and map of the solar activity in Australia over the last year. Analysis data illustrate a significant reduction of the intensity of the light above the \"green continent\" during December 2010. This unexpected anomaly perfectly correlated with unbelievable in its scope, the floods in Australia in January 2011 and proves the importance of beginning a wide study of the solar problem\" in the near future. The representative of the company \" 3TIER\", Dr. Cameron Read more [...]
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Scientists: Alpine meadows are under threat of extinction

8 January. A detailed study of the effects of climate change on mountain regions of Europe revealed that many Alpine meadows may disappear in the next few decades. Researchers from 13 European countries stated that some plants are literally on the verge of extinction, as the warmer weather conditions force them to look for the usual cool environment and grow higher and higher on the mountain tops. The study, published in the scientific journal Nature Climate, confirms a direct link between changes in the plant populations in the Alps and increased summer temperatures. Source: BBC Russian service Read more [...]
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Research forest avalanches

3 April. Scientists from the research group on avalanches UBC began to study the impact of avalanches on the forests of British Columbia. Understanding the avalanche mechanism and the destructive power of these natural disasters will help in the proper assessment of risk to the centuries-old forest stands and harvesting of these trees. The study demonstrates that the effect of avalanches can be more than unpleasant for those areas where unskilled logging. The group involved in the project (in particular, Dr. D. McClung), is trying to develop ways to predict how far this or that avalanche can Read more [...]
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Scientists investigated the deadly virus of unknown origin

European scientists have published the first study of coronavirus, which killed 12 people and was first seen in 2012 in the Middle East. Reviewed the records of dozens of patients, biologists suspect that in front of them is just the tip of the iceberg. The study, published in the journal of the American Association of Microbiologists mBio, shed light on the possible ways to treat patients.New coronavirus NCoV belongs to the same family as the common cold or SARS. In the human body it can penetrate through the respiratory tract, and then attacks the immune system in the lungs.Developed symptoms Read more [...]
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Our Sun — it may merger of two proto-stars

According to researchers at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, at the beginning of the solar system, when our sun was still in the stage of active formation in the system are prerequisites for the development of the two stars and our Sun could well under certain conditions, be a binary system. It did not happen. That led scientists to suggest the probable binary system? The fact that the planets in the solar system are not on the same plane, but with some deviation relative to each other and the Sun's equator. Says physicist and study author Constantine Batygin, such deviation Read more [...]
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There is a spontaneous magnetization of magnetic metals

Earlier, when I suddenly found that metal objects in my home, I proposed magnetized site users "The Earth Chronicles" an experiment to study the effect. The results of these studies may be a statement of fact universal magnetization items. The study of the existing theories of magnetism and the Earth's geomagnetic field did not give answers to the possible causes of the spontaneous magnetization of magnetic metals. But, as the issue took me much, I continued to study magnetic objects. Obtained the following result - as a result of magnetization was "to create a" Read more [...]
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Odessa University students will study the aliens

Biology students of the Odessa National University I.Mechnikova offer listening course on astrobiology. As the press service of the University, the course of extraterrestrial life will be read at the Masters. "The objective of the course - to help students broaden their scientific work, using the methods of astrobiology," - said the head of the future course of Mikhail Ryabov (Candidate of Science, senior research fellow of the Odessa branch of the Institute of Radio Astronomy of NASU, assistant professor of astronomy). - All scientific work of students, one way or another, related Read more [...]
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Canada dry lake

on October 18. According to the laborious satellite imagery, in the period 2000-2009 Canada has lost 6.7 thousand miles? (1,2%) surface area (only in the country of 1.3 million lakes). It's weird. It was predicted that the lake will grow, not shrink.The reduction in Arctic lakes has been seen before, but only in the most southern part of the Arctic, where warming is melting the permafrost and allows water to escape into the soil. A new study Marc Carroll from the University of Maryland (USA), proves the opposite: North lake, apparently, will be dry, and the South is not. It's amazing though, Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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