Do you need a stuffed monkey and spring?

We continue to talk about ethics and rules on spring hunting with decoy ducks drakes. Perhaps the most controversial is the question about the use of this stuffed animals and hunting decoy. Today we look at these issues.Photo by Mikhail Semin On a stool or with stuffed?Hunting regulations provides both methods, but from time to time in the orders for spring hunting in some areas the use of stuffed animals put under the ban, hunting is permitted only with the decoy. Of course, this makes it possible to some extent to reduce the influx of hunters in the land, but still believe that Read more [...]
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Stuffed trout

Gefilte fish – often decorated with a festive table. Normally, her cooking – complicated process takes a lot of time. This recipe will allow you to cook a stuffed trout effortlessly.Ingredients:2 large trout (about 900 grams)70 grams of rice80 grams butter1 bunch parsley (if you do not find parsley – suit and other aromatic herbs)60 grams of raisins140ml dry white wine20 grams of ginger rootsalt and pepperCooking method:The washed raisins, soak in warm water and leave it in a warm place for about 2 hours. This time it will just be enough to prepare the fish. Burke trout very carefully Read more [...]
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Autumn hunting for grouse with stuffed

I'm not a big fan of hunting: I absolutely am sorry to shoot this wonderful game sedentary, beat on it as if on target. Looking for shelter from heavy killed Lyrebirds handsome, I feel a sense of disappointment and some frustration.The dead gun hunter for the season when the swamp was flying the whole game, and Forest frustrated outside shot, I'm glad all hunting and because sometimes I sit with stuffed. Not too much lacking in this hunt, and especially — working dogs, it is too uncomplicated, not It requires sitting in hut no Read more [...]
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«Galoshes» on the water

Hunters, looking at the calendar, sometimes take out their favorite gun, examine them and famously throw their shoulder - oh, opening soon at the ducks! Since the second half of September, begins an interesting hunting stuffed on migration and continues to of freeze-up. Hunting duck is still for many of us the most accessible and favorite. Although, recognition of the right of hunting classics IS Turgenev, «for this wild duck hunter is not is nothing particularly captivating…».But just for them and go to the opening Read more [...]
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After waiting for the announcement of the order on the opening of the spring hunting, and get a coveted ticket to Neftegorsk hunting, all my family: me, my mother and Spaniel Timka, began to collect everything necessary. Photo: Mikhail Semin Since the street was still a lot of snow, and faced a night stay in the car, my mother got out of the chest of drawers us more blankets, sweaters and other warm clothes. I tried my old camouflage suit «Fagot». Separately, in a duffel bag folded cartridges and semolina. Brought from the garage folding tent. And, of course, I took Read more [...]
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With stuffed for grouse

Autumn firmly come into its own. The sun rarely pleases us with its warmth, increasingly fine autumn drizzle of rain, sometimes turning into ice pellets, and even sleet. It has long been flown to winter wood pigeons, grouse, corncrake, rails,, snipe, and only occasionally in the wet mud to raise the cases of one or two half snipe. Patience, endurance — the main components of hunting with grouse stuffed. Hunting gun dog is getting poorer, woodcock flight ends and upland game has a lot more cautious and not holding rack, soaring on inaccessible Read more [...]
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Pochard, or as it is called - Blue Duck, belongs to the genus dives. In addition to his nest in our area belonging to the same genus tufted duck and scaup span is.Photos William N. Of the two dozen drakes, caught me at the previous spring hunting season, seventeen of them were krasnogoloviki. About the same alignment visited before. Therefore, we talk about them.Unlike ducks river, or so-called noble, dives during foraging dive to a depth of four meters, foraging at the bottom of the pond. Therefore, they are rarely seen on the rocks, the grass and reeds and Read more [...]
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And snow, and the wind …

End of October. The work concerns ... Occasional weekend "crammed"! It is necessary to catch pike on spinning, Gonchakov field excuse, for want mushrooms, last apples in the garden podsobrat. Early frosts reduced the list of temptations, and formed «window» I I decide to devote hunting autumn duck. I hunt usually her mid-November, more often alone, but there were favorable conditions!Storm wind Volga River, just below zero temperature, small steppe vodoyemchiki stood at Reservoir on Coastal reeds formed ice zakrayki. Read more [...]
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Spring drake

Or about the ethics of spring huntingPhoto: Anton Zhuravkov On the calendar the middle of April. In nature, clearly visible  signs of late spring: the high bright sun and disappearing in front of snow and arriving to our migratory birds.Waiting for spring hunting hunters impatient revived: phone calls to each other in hunting stores «regiment arrived»And in a hunting periodicals increased spring theme. And I received the latest issue «HORN»I saw an editorial SY Fokine in the protection and «preservation of spring hunting». As my esteemed Read more [...]
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With the fall of decoy

Since the end of September ducks begin to gather in flocks in preparation for the flight. At this time, very effective hunting decoy duck and stuffed. After dropping decoy (and even a few mannyh ducks) and more attractive to a dozen or two stuffed animals, a hunter will not remain without a trophy. In contrast to the spring hunting in the fall, you can shoot and drakes and ducks, and seating and flight. Accordingly skradok for this hunt is being built with an open top. You can just get into the reeds near the water or drive the boat here.Decoy planted in shallow water, a bit further are arranged Read more [...]
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On drakes with stuffed

The hunting literature you can find many tips for hunters. Therefore, I will not teach, but just remember a few hunts with stuffed and share some of the conclusions.With Sergei Borisovich, my new companion for hunting, sitting on the bank of a ravine swirling water flow and wait for the first glimpse of dawn. Stuffed already arranged, prepared ambush. We are talking quietly and waiting for the dawn. Finally, close to the side there was a hasty doublet. The hunt is on. We wished each other good luck spending.  Comfortably seats in the backpack, I charge both barrels triple izhevki. I freeze. Read more [...]
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On Chernysh with stuffed

Autumn colors in the leaves and circles. The rainy season puts grass on a cranberry bog and make impassable. Snakes are preparing to spend the winter. Caravans of migratory birds go south. Pours woodcock. As the grustnovataya's time, but most hunting – large hunting season. Autumn knocks grouse in flocks, where they will spend the winter until spring. Until you hit the cold, you can hunt on their way to the Russian classic stuffed. And only then, with the loss of deep snow to shoot holes. To hunt with a stuffed most important to find a good place and the first thing to put a tent.Tent set Read more [...]
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On Chernysh with stuffed 2

Autumn has its, tearing down the last remnants of leaves and banishing flocks of migratory birds. Almost every day, leaden sky crying rain. Soon enough her friend Winter and land cover white blanket. Light decrease days, and nights grow. Hunting heart again rush to the pampas. The monotony of step with the headlamp flashlights lulls. Through the fog blurred stars. Immediately we decided to make a knight's move and go to the corral. Knight's move did not come out. Flocks raised. We care again in a tent. The last time, too, so it was. But beautiful. No words to describe or show photos. Wood grouse Read more [...]
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Cycling’s Well-nigh Emasculating Custom: The Toy Lion Prize

You’ll ne'er see Peyton Manning triumphantly keeping up a Mickey Pussyfoot dame afterward victorious the A-one Trough. Or Lebron James hugging a teddy afterward victorious the NBA Finals. No. Those dudes endure trophies. Big-ass, superlative smooth-spoken trophies.So what’s the flock with bountiful cutesy stuffed lions to Enlistment de France leg winners? What do the cyclists do with them? Cut the heads off and setting them similar hunt trophies? Reefer them in a spyglass showcase so they won’t get sundry up with their kids’ Beany Boos? Cuddle with them permanently hazard?What Read more [...]
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Deceptions (stuffed) to hunt wood pigeon.

Want to share my experience hunting wood pigeon. Especially because she came into the category of "Favorite hunting." In our area hunting for wood pigeon allowed about 10 years. This advice soforumchan-hunters from the southern regions of Ukraine, had to change to local conditions. From my own experience. Found a harvested field with stubble. Near the woods, planted pine ravine. But, more importantly, through the field held high-voltage line. Here, here, and it was a favorite place of pigeons. The hardest thing to do quietly ambushed en route flight. The more that try to guess where they sit, Read more [...]
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The Northward Boldness

Scorpio     Picture: Terrycloth HeffernanA Lilliputian SUMMERWEIGHT BAGThe N Brass claims that its revamped occupation of Escape Serial bags are the commencement semisynthetic sacks to touch equivalently rated kill bags in burden and squeezability. We were disbelieving, but this 40-degree comes jolly damn finis. The mystic?It's stuffed with Climashield's newest binge, dubbed Neo, which is barge and loftier—and, on humid nights, more breathable—than former iterations. The Northward Look besides saves burthen by wrap the bag in an ultralight framework and ditching Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Stuffed pike

Stuffed pike .Pike clear from the scales, wash, dry, cut along the back, carefully, trying not to break, separate the skin as gently break the spinal bone near the head and tail, pull the "body" of the fish, and the head and tail, without separating from the skin in the lower cool water. Pike stuffed meat to bone, add about 150 grams of the white crumb of bread soaked in milk, crushed 2 onions, peeled 7 anchovy bones, 2 raw egg yolks, 2 tablespoons melted butter, chopped dill, salt and pepper to taste mix wood pestle and grind to a dough.Skin put on the chopping board, filled with Read more [...]
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Winter hunting for grouse

Winter grouse hunting is conducted with stuffed. - From late October to January, when the leaf shall fade, disappear and grouse berries begin to eat birch buds. At this time grouse fly in flocks to feed. Neobhodymo explore where and at what time hold grouse, in what directions do flights and what trees usually sit. Hunting with stuffed carried out of the hut. Tents are set in advance on the edge of forests or forest clearings, near the place where grouse usually sit down at the trees. Tents placed near trees, visible from afar. For the manufacture of tents used by native vegetation. Not recommended Read more [...]
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Hunting for drakes

Spring hunting drakes from the day of their arrival. Shoot drakes only allowed out of the hut with decoy (Circular) or stuffed duck and decoy. You can not shoot drakes with lifting or flights, as in this case, instead of a drake can kill a duck. Determine the most appropriate place for hunting, it is necessary to build hovel, skradok or for shelter. Decoy or semolina, duck hunting for the hunters are usually grown from the home (sometimes with a mixture of kryakovym drake) ducks, medium-sized, color similar to mallards and have a sonorous voice. Special decoy ducks are raised by our hunters Read more [...]
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