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NASA Volition Pay You to Check in Bed For 70 Years

Who says thither’s a job crisis in America? NASA is presently look to pay a turn of volunteers $18,000 to lie bed for 70 years. Participants leave be allowed to caper games, tattle to friends and class members, yield classes, fifty-fifty ferment remotely for their material job, as foresightful as they do not exit of bed for the intact length of the experimentation.The bailiwick leave imitate the effects of microgravity on the form by having the beds lean head-down at a six-degree lean, forcing personify fluids to switch to the speed function of the consistency and produce cardiovascular weather Read more [...]
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The one and only contribution to conflict resolution on the project NePropadu

Important Announcement!Please note - you upgraded (clarifying the nature) of the basic "rules and regulations" project will survive. Kindly requested to read and then do not say that you did not knowDear users, as well as guests of the project will survive! Although this publication and does not correspond to the subject of the project (emphasis for those wishing to catch me in violation of its own rules as), But the situation itself, having a place to be on a project requires one open to discuss topics that can help us come to a common denominator.So, in a nutshell (as I understand the situation) Read more [...]
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Testament an Infrared Sauna Assistant My Articulation Annoyance?

A tank way to tender your castanets. Via Shutterstock     Picture: Tool D.A:You power wishing to nab that Groupon. Hither’s why:Fixture saunas traditionally use court stoves or heavy heaters to tender the air roughly you to approximately 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Far-infrared saunas use warming elements that breathe infrared waves alternatively, which perforate the torso more deep than blistering, allowing you to travail more and to warm your joints patch posing in a glower temperature (approximately 140 degrees) than in a traditional sauna. If you deal the electromagnetic spectrum, Read more [...]
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Micturate Your Playlist a PED

If you gaming to win, ascertain your pre-game playlist is good of deep lines deeper than your squats. Old enquiry has plant that medicine can raise erudition and fifty-fifty slenderize nuisance, but a new sketch reports that hearing to medicine—particularly euphony that goes enceinte on basso—can rise feelings of authorization and controller.Dennis Hsu, a doctorial nominee at Northwest University's Kellogg Civilise of Direction, and his coauthors distinct to run whether medicine has empowering effects astern noticing athletes hearing to medicine veracious earlier stepping onto Read more [...]
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MES predicts failures in the supply of electricity in 19 regions of the Russian Federation

on November 28. EMERCOM of Russia on Monday warned about possible violations in the operation of energy facilities, communications, and utilities that may arise in the coming days on the territory of the nineteen subjects of the four Federal districts due to adverse weather conditions. «Operational forecast of possible emergencies for the coming day would be a violation of the energy facilities, communications and housing and communal services, violation of traffic in the Volga (5 subjects, 12 municipal districts), North Caucasus (4 subjects, 17 municipal districts), North West (3 entity, Read more [...]
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The cuts threaten 26 subjects of the Russian Federation due to bad weather and frost

on January 27. EMERCOM of Russia on Friday predicts possible violations in the operation of energy facilities, communications, and utilities that may arise in the coming days on the territory of the 26 subjects five Federal districts due to adverse weather conditions and severe frosts. According to FEMA, emergency situations on the territory of these subjects can cause severe wind and snow, snow slush build-up on wires and trees, as well as fog and ice. In accordance with the forecast, due to the adverse weather conditions possible damage (drops) power lines and communication lines, collapse Read more [...]
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Cinema as a means to combat emotional hunger

According to our observations, in time long trips, submarine movie is highly effective in the fight against the sensory and emotional hunger. Especially popular with divers enjoyed the comedy and adventure, especially the color. In one of the campaigns of the author, together with the sailors looked 17 times film "Carnival Night". Our observations match the data V. Peskov, who writes: "Movies with a dramatic content with a lot of experience, a lot of difficulties, not a great success (in polar. - VL). And movies like" Tiger Girl "look with great pleasure. Enjoyed Read more [...]
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Psychology of boredom

The emotional background is always accompanies waking mental activity, but it is noticed only when shifted to the positive or negative direction. At the stage of unstable mental activity under the influence of monotony is shaking the emotional background of the tendency to reduce it. Especially true in experiments with prolonged hypokinesia in which subjects are placed in bed for long periods - up to 120 days - the prohibition to move and get up. Very characteristic part of wanton mood changes throughout the day: a rainbow mood unnecessarily replaced moderate depression, and depression - euphoria. Read more [...]
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Acute psychological reactions yield

This stage begins immediately after the amended terms of human existence and the time takes a few hours to 2-3 days. What is characterized by this stage? First, note that the cavers exit out of the ground - is reducing the threshold sensitivity of the visual and auditory analyzers. "When we came out of the Snow to the surface, the earth was a moonless night - says Medvedev. - However, our vision has become so adapted to the darkness of the cave, and the ear to the silence that we all saw around him as if over the mountains Caucasus was a clear day. around and we heard no silence of the night, Read more [...]
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The question of amnesia dreams-4

We must assume that a somnambulistic state mentioned subjects differed from that of those who have had a full amnesia. It happens (study M. Suslov) due to somnambulistic stage hypnosis childhood memories after hypnosis subjects were evaluated as dreams. For example, the subject was hypnotized K. and put into somnambulistic phase. In this state he was brought home to remember the experience the age of twelve. He remembered, and immediately told me that he was "in Tbilisi is in an area with other boys with the turtles and the boy put the board on the turtles and they ride." After the Read more [...]
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Cognitive development-10

How can I check whether the child uses these definitions? Fortunately, these problems were analyzed in experiments with adults. Mishott (1902) presents his subjects determine the size, shape and color - say, red three-inch ball, which was located in a particular place. Over time this item is replaced with green three-inch ball. The manner in which this was done is shown in Fig. 7.6. Then the subjects were asked to describe what happened. Usually, they were told that the item has been changed, but remained the same subject. The next step change (subject turns green three-inch cube) produced Read more [...]
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About the beneficial effects of music

In the struggle with the monotony of life in extreme conditions, people have long used music. "During the winter, - said K. Borhgreviik, describing the winter in Antarctica in 1898-1899., - We arrange a wide variety of entertainment, and they have very refreshing. We had musical evenings, during which each member of the expedition successfully competed with music box ... " 350 R. Amundsen in his book "Expedition" Mod "wrote:" 8 hours 10 minutes (vechera. - VL) ... served grog and cigars, and we enjoy the sounds of our favorite - the phonograph "351. Beneficial Read more [...]
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Revived images

If it is impossible to meet sensory needs in unusual circumstances activated processes of imagination, as the impact on the shaped memory. One of the subjects after the experiment surdokamernogo said: "The first night I said some, I would say, romantic images. Specifically, from the bed to the top mirror to visualize the sight glass - a black oval. Two holes in it, which highlights two eyes (bottom crescent of light.) and looks at you kind of mask with the eyes. eyes just light up. Fantomas ... or something close to Russian folklore. " In the isolation chamber subjects began to Read more [...]
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Affective reactions

Studies have shown that many of the subjects at the beginning of the effects of weightlessness the feeling falling through, fall to "a sinking heart and capture of breath", often accompanied by a sense of fear. Thus, as a rule, appear spontaneous movement, which can be identified tonic (lifting arm's length, pulling the legs, bending back the body) and a motor (beating and kicking, grasping movements) components. Loss of bearing surface in normal conditions, usually indicates a possible hitting the ground after falling from a height and, apparently, so accompanied by a sense Read more [...]
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Shortages threaten to light 26 subjects of the Russian Federation due to bad weather and frost

January 27. Russian Emergency Situations Ministry on Friday predicted possible disruptions to energy facilities, communications, and utilities, which may occur in the next few hours in 26 subjects of the five federal districts due to adverse weather conditions and severe frosts. According to MOE, emergencies in these subjects can cause strong winds and snow, wet snow on wires and trees, as well as fog and ice. According to the forecast, due to severe weather conditions can damage (cliffs) power lines and communication lines, collapsed weakly fortified and large format advertising structures, and Read more [...]
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Creation of the interlocutor

Many subjects in our (O. Kuznetsov, VI Lebedev) experiments on long solitary isolation stung enforced solitude. They reported that prior research surdokamernyh not realize fully and clearly underestimated the importance of psychological relationships with other people. "Only in an isolation chamber, I realized - wrote in his diary one of the subjects - that is to be one, what matters to me is communication, not only with the people close to me, but also with colleagues. This, I realized, not only intellectually, but emotionally has experienced. " Severing ties with loved ones stung Read more [...]
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The tactics of cognitive behavior

In our studies (O. Kuznetsov, VI Lebedev) psychogenic effects monotonicity (sensory deprivation) and loneliness used surdokamernye lengthy trial. Isolation chamber was equipped with devices not only support a given physiological and hygienic mode, but also to continuously observe the subjects, make the objective recording of physiological and psychological parameters as during the experimental psychological tests, as well as during the entire life of the subjects during the experiment. In addition, the subjects were able to use personal time intended for rest, for any reason. Ready for Read more [...]
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Thermal state and water-salt metabolism at high ambient temperatures

In humans and other mammals advanced body temperature is kept constant through the mechanisms of thermoregulation, which ensure normal functioning of the organism. Increased body temperature leads to significant shifts metabolism and function of organs and systems. When the temperature of 2 ° is there are significant abnormalities in the cardiovascular system and a noticeable decrease in performance. Raising it to a 4 - 5 ° and more incompatible with the life of the organism. Interest is the relationship of body temperature to changes in ambient temperature. The experiments were performed Read more [...]
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