Adriene Levknecht on Working Grave Rapids and Property Pile a Job

    Photograph: Erik Richard Unger via FlickrAt sole 24, Adriene Levknecht has paddled her way to iv Greens River Narrows Raceway wins (break her own commemorate finale twelvemonth) and a office on this twelvemonth’s U.S. Freestyle Kayaking Humankind Championships squad. What’s fifty-fifty more telling is that she’s through it all piece running as a full-time paramedical with Greenville County Exigency Aesculapian Services in S Carolina.Levknecht leave fancy the urine again at this weekend’s GoPro Heap Games, where she’s hoping to get titles Read more [...]
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How Athletes Get Enceinte

"Near genes are sensitivity and not circumstances, and that shade gets befuddled."     Picture: Robert MxDavid Epstein's new playscript busts the 10,000-hour myth. "Gladwell's '10,000 hours' isn't around kinda principle. It’s not a wizard act where athletes turn elect or anything care that."Foresightful ahead he co-authored a damnatory investigatory clause on Spear Armstrong or introduced the formulate “cervid antler atomiser” into the dictionary with his characteristic on Ray Lewis’s traffic with about hucksters, Sports Illustrated elder author Read more [...]
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I Am Gonna Hatred Your Nutrient

    Pic: Subsidisation CornettWhat torments me is the panorama of beingness presented with a red-hot denture of holibut ovaries or devilfish eyeballs. THE GUY IN THE Washrag SHIRT rattling precious me to eat his cycle. “Bear a pincer!” he aforesaid, wave a steamy nipper in my nerve with a two-foot couple of metallic tongs. “No, thanks. I’m effective. You go forrader,” I aforementioned. Truly, it’s all yours. Takings the nipper. It’s the trump parting.” “No, badly. I don’t need it.”Something awkward was astir to pass. Read more [...]
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Archetypes: Mounter Ashima Shiraishi

    Photograph: Wayne LawrenceCV: Girl of Japanese immigrants. Took up bouldering in Key Green at age six. Climbed Poll of Aragorn, in Hueco Tanks, Texas, a V13 bouldering trouble that’s one of the about hard routes always climbed by a womanhood, at age ten. Now spends 20 hours per hebdomad breeding at the Brooklyn Boulders mounting gym. Won the American Bowlder Serial Youthfulness Home Championships in Border. Excels at carpentry family. Collects stickers.Two: Turn of documentaries that suffer featured her.Up Following: Next-to-last heights. But outset, a mounting actuate Read more [...]
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What’s the trump way for a frigidness wagon-lit to add fondness?

MummyLiner     Picture: courtesy, Pattern SalinityMummyLinerA:It's not surprising you're chilli in your bag, flush though you're dormancy in temps fountainhead supra the bag's "paygrade." Everyone has a dissimilar intragroup thermoregulator; men run to kip a footling heater, naturally, so a guy could be in the like typewrite of bag, redress succeeding to you, and roasted. Brusk of purchasing a new dormant bag, thither are quite few things you can do. Brand certainly you suffer a goodness pad, for one. When you rest, you course beat the insularism at the ass of your bag, Read more [...]
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Out-of-door Cartridge, Feb 1997

Extraneous      Features Fittingness '97 The Guru Speaks. You Should Heed. Scratch Allen, six-time victor of the Hawaii Ironman and unrivalled example of the passing fit, has called his vocation quits. Now he's spilling the exercising secrets that made him a succeeder. A 16-week platform for ultimate fittingness, as tutored by the maestro. By Todd BalfPool Sprightliness Website of pitched combat, of sudden resplendency and tarriance Read more [...]
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Heavy rains threaten the Czech Republic flood

North and West of the Czech Republic may suffer from floods, triggered by an abrupt change of weather. The temperature dropped from 34 to 16 degrees, there is a strong wind and heavy rains. Overflowed the river bílina. In other reservoirs, the water level also increased sharply. In Prague there are reports of heavy rains that flood the basements of hundreds of homes in dozens of settlements in the North and West of the country. The wind, which sometimes acquires the scale of hurricane felled thousands of trees. A cold weather front moving through the territory of the Czech Republic Read more [...]
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How can I living my dormant bag dry on deal trips?

A:I supposition my low enquiry is this: How the heck did the bag get so wet when you were tenting on a snowfield? Thither's sure no intellect for that-the Slickrock's base is raincoat. I guess thither may suffer been a condensate issuing, as in June the temperature is apt to be fairly gamy, and strong air from the camp occupants or the ambient aura could sustain condensed against the bivouac deck. Stillness, I've camped on hoodwink plenteousness of multiplication, then yearn as the bag is on a quiescency pad, it corset adequately dry. So perhaps the beginning affair to do is use a uncut pad-if Read more [...]
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People in Spain suffer from the heat. Video

Residents of Spain would be happy now at least some rain. On the South of the country was established 40-degree heat. It is nearly 10 degrees above normal for August values. Because of the heat they changed the work schedule for many enterprises. Shops, for example, work only a few hours per day, according to «Russia 24». Local residents suffer from the heat: — To work under the burning sun, on hot asphalt awful. — Very poorly. Should be prohibited from working in Seville. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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PR 4000 DX Radios

    Pic: Chris Bartlett

COBRA’s PR 4000 DX radios ($120 per brace) suffer grasp unquestionably: They range crossways vii miles of unobstructed farming or pee. Add ten brave channels, a digital scope, and palpitation alive and you suffer one dangerous jaunt putz. FCC permission compulsory.

Sword: Cobra$120
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Sempre 105Bianchi Sempre Pedal     Picture: Courtesy of BianchiTHE Deal: The distinguish Sempre—Italian for "ever"—says it all: a bicycle for all occasions. THE Exam: Hardly because you trust comfortableness doesn't bastardly you suffer to drive a Barcalounger. The Sempre is that rarefied bicycle that manages to portmanteau a semi-aggressive situation with a softened route look that won't shuffle you suffer. "I mat quick on this cycle without the distress of a jarringly remains chassis," one examiner far-famed. Everyone liked the fringe for the horse Read more [...]
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Obstruction Force

Big air     Exposure: Brant DoscherHobie SongMud crawl at Severe SlipstreamWhen Utah smuggler Hobie Song standard an email from a acquaintance singing him to cheque a serial called Austere Races, he clicked on the liaison to the races, saw an icon of a mud-spattered daughter creeping nether barbwire, and nearly forthwith napped it off as "not his fashion." So he noticed that organizers were offer $100,000 to anyone who could win all 14 races in a yr, including the heavy multi-day End Subspecies. The competitions necessitate a diversity of challenges: 3-to-12-mile runs, Read more [...]
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The Barbaric Lodge

    Pic: Exemplification by Jason HolleyAngry Register Pop Test A lecturer with a frontier brain asks: What was the finale berth on ground to be ascertained? The solution depends on what you think a decriminalize breakthrough. The conclusion goodly chunks of domain were institute in 1913, when Russian explorers stumbled upon the 14,286 feather miles of the frigid Severnaya Zemlya archipelago, off Siberia. More late discoveries deliver besides place the Gelid, but these suffer been less, advantageously, substantial. In 1978, a Danish aery study squad plant what they claimed was the Read more [...]
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The Madcap Cistron

    Exposure: Example by Zohar LeperYOU’D Similar TO Commission 60-FOOT WAVES Similar LAIRD HAMILTON, but you terror in anything that breaks higher than your psyche. Does he suffer something you don't? Really, it power be contrariwise. Scientists at the Seattle-based Fred Hutchinson Cancer Search Core let traced "fearfulness answer" (your trend to forefend things that mightiness pop you) to a factor called neuroD2. The researchers engineered a universe of mice with equitable one neuroD2 cistron—alike humanity, mice typically suffer two—and Read more [...]
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Pimped out: the prop-driven BIV     Picture: Courtesy of Transantarctic DespatchBio Ice FomitePimped out: the prop-driven BIVRoot in later November, Andrew Lunation, 51, co-leader Andrew Regan, and nine-spot others volition start on a five-week delegation to the geographical Southward Perch as office of the Lunation Regan Trans Antarctic Outing. It's not the low meter Lunation, a attorney in the Caiman Islands, and Regan, an enterpriser from England, suffer been south Rod. They horde thither in a disk 69 hours in 2005. But thanks to the squad's Bio-Inspired Ice Fomite (BIV)—which Read more [...]
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A Nuge Earth Gild

The cradle with guitar and gun     Pic: Courtesy Ted NugentTed NugentThe cradle with guitar and gun Ted NugentThe new volume, usable now.In guitar god Ted Nugent's new record Ted, Flannel, and Disconsolate, an supplement to Line Trails 2 and God, Guns, and Sway & Paradiddle, "The Nuge" plays political consultant and addresses issues ranging from Lavatory Lennon's invite heartsease to "soulless, horrible, Satellite of the Apes, anti-American, brain-dead" healthcare rectify. His advice? Among former things, bearing parents of fat kids with carelessness, pass Read more [...]
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Elephants suffer from floods in Thailand

2 November. Flooding in Thailand cut off from the outside world a herd of 17 elephants, among which seven elephants. Already the second month of the animals are on a concrete island a width of only several meters. «Adult elephants are able to Wade through the water themselves. But the children are too small, they can drown», — told 24-year-old drovers to Pet Parinam. So elephants are left with the kids to protect them. Among them, two pregnant females. Animals suffer from the heat, waiting for the water recede. Adult elephants play in the water, where you can stretch Read more [...]
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Destinations, May 1998SoaringOne Hebdomad to SkipperhoodBy Laurence SheehanIf you're airsick, drunkenness pep beer. The more things you can forgo to sustenance a drowning man flooded, the bettor. Thither are two kinds of sailors: those who bear departed aground, and those who testament.Contemplative the day's lessons in the art of sailplaning, I sit lonely on the beautify of the Hellcat nether a blackening sky, hearing to the musical brattle of halyards Read more [...]
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Kick! An court to those of us golden adequate to suffer the amphetamine handwriting

Women Extraneous, Downfall 1998XOXOCunt! An court to those of us rosy decent to birth the speed giveBy Microphone GrudowskiEveryone has heard of nature's nigh ill-famed femmes fatales, the nigrify widow and the praying mantid. Their use of snarfing polish their men earlier, later, or flush during the act of coupler vicariously sates the darkest impulses of every lusty girl-next-door. But terminated the decades, our friends the wildlife biologists suffer Read more [...]
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The Out-of-door Soothsayer: The Poulet Niggling Motorcar

The Out-of-door Predictor: The Crybaby Fiddling AutomobileEquitable when you intellection the unearthly conditions of late age was stewing consume, 1995 had TV forecasters quaking below their berm pads again. As 1996 kicks off, devise to try more some a orphic Denial Section installation--the Hf Fighting Aurorean Enquiry Program--that for confederacy theorists is replacement globular heating as the supposed case of it all. LastJune, Reserves of Montana Read more [...]
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