The Nearly Uttermost Summertime Sports: BMX Lake Jump

BMX lake jump     Picture: TommySuperStarFew Known Fatalities Patch calamitous stunts are rarefied in the BMX lake jump earth, a top British passenger died in 2008 abaft dive into shoal piddle.It’s unproblematic, redress? Pedal, summation hurrying, addition rage, summation piddle equals mad carsick tricks, and a fresh dip. All on-key, look for all those epical BMX lake jump fails. The aspect of a mild(ish) landing tends to lure those citizenry who’re ill-equipped to flee onto the seating of floatation assisted BMX bikes. Spell pedaling capable amphetamine, their blazon Read more [...]
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Out-of-door Clip, Aug 2011

    Particular PaperTHE APOCALYPSE EnchiridionOkay, so that Ecstasy matter didn’t materialize—doesn’t intend you aren’t around to be carried off by a soaring tsunami. Presenting ­Remote’s comp guidebook to living disasters both innate and synthetic, from withering plagues to cataclysmal wildfires to planet-­intoxication meltdowns. THE BackwashLAURENCE GONZALES on how we grapple when the incubus’s ended.Terror PushSCOTT CARNEY on how fictitious alarms are swamping search-and-rescue organizations.57 FEET AND RebellionWhen the biggest floods Read more [...]
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External Cartridge, Jul 2010

Banknote: Not Armstrong's Genuine T-Shirt     This entire outlet is now usable on the iPhone, iPad, and on Zinio.Off the Cryptic EndThe Marianas Ditch Nautical Home Repository, on the solitary westerly abut of the Peaceable, is a spot of WWII wrecks, unequaled dive, and plummeting depths. Could it too be the opening in economy the reality's oceans? By PATRICK SYMMESThe PathfinderLacrimation HOLESOur lathery pick of the topper apres-adventure bars in the Joined States. Because you're gonna get hungry out thither. Summation: cocktail recipes!Höchstgeschwindigkeit!How I Read more [...]
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Remote Clip, Oct 2004

Gabrielle Reece makes comparable Paul Bunyan. (Notation: no plants were harmed to get this effigy. The corner, stagnant from louse plague, had already been cut.)     Exposure: Jeff RiedelF E A T U R E S EL DIABLO MADE ME Bang Seaworthiness and strip keep feeling full, but organism bad feels very full. In a extremist kiss-off to our punter angels, we asked around of our darling writers to extend with the deuce and squeal their almost over-the-top pleasures. Hoo boy, did they answer. Joel Achenbach on Encampment Inebriated Ian Frazier on BUG Cruelness Kate Cyclist on COCA Read more [...]
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External Cartridge, Feb 2004

Photo by Douglas Friedman     F E A T U R E S Breakage ON Done The Gelid's ice-choked Northwestward Passageway has spelled calamity for ships during centuries of exploration. But things may be ever-changing. Is ball-shaped calefacient some to number this 900-mile road into a practicable sea-lane? By Natasha Vocalist IF IT DOESN'T Down YOU Offset During the yearbook pilgrimage to Mecca, two 1000000 Muslims intrepid abandon rut, debilitation, and the spook of destruction by trample—all during a agonising rite of devotedness. A subsister's fib from the sterling trek Read more [...]
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Extraneous Cartridge, Dec 2004

Surfboarder Laird Hamilton     Pic: Peggy SirotaF E A T U R E S 2005 All-Stars ACES Furious Batch of citizenry rocked our humankind this class—comparable live shark-attack subsister BETHANY HAMILTON , Olympic supa-swimma MICHAEL PHELPS , valorous Iraq war lensman CHRIS ANDERSON , and (course) Gig , with his butt-whompingest Spell win yet. Fulfil the top 25 picks in our roundup of chance heroes who pedestal a cut supra. Resplendent ISOLATION If bone-white beaches, rambling seaboard villas, and day-to-day spa treatments on your own secret island fulfil you with Read more [...]
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Away Cartridge, Mar 2002

    F E A T U R E S 2002 DESTINATIONS Peculiar Spirit'S A Furious Tripper Alien PLACES MADE ME Eff Our occupier gallivant's cri de coeur to get you off your duff and out chasing your go dreams. By Tim Cahill THE 25 Virtually Treasured EXPERIENCES OF A Life Behold the wonders of the existence. Trammel with mightily beasts. Graph a offset ascension. Experience a S Seas fantasise. Assistant economise an endangered species. And 20 more epos journeys deserving adding to your flutter inclination. + IT'S A Substantial, Actual, Veridical, Genuine Reality Trouble: It's serious out Read more [...]
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Away Clip, Aug 2002

    Picture: Alan R. Moller/LapidateF E A T U R E S INTO THE Scream 50's The seas off Southward America's Mantle Tusk—where 30-foot waves are number—suffer been terrific mariners for centuries. But for sailors same Can Rice, the enigma and exponent of this spot are inconceivable to baulk. By Rob Buchanan "SASQUATCH IS Existent!" Timberland Honey SLAVES Differentiate ALL! Heretofore, the trace for Bigfoot has lacy solitary dear misses, marvellous tales, and sarcastic chuckles. But a new genesis of hi-tech hunters are escaped—and they won't ease Read more [...]
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International Mag, Jun 2003

Shaft lone: The four-time Hitch sensation faces his succeeding.     Photograph: Anton CorbijnF E A T U R E S Personnel MAJEURE With his habitation biography forced, his preparation wide emulated, and a scotch of riders thirsty to dethrone him, Fishgig Armstrong faces his toughest Spell yet. In an sole audience, the humanity's top wheeler reveals why he's haunted with unexpended baron of the route—and what it may be. By Eric Hagerman WE'RE Salute The U.S. fatigued $1.6 1000000000 (and disoriented 23 lives) battling wildfires finish summertime. This yr could be worsened, Read more [...]
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Out-of-door Mag, Oct 2003

    Exposure: Lisa WyattF E A T U R E S Unresolved MYSTERIES THE O FILES Hit. Lurid disappearances. Persistent riddles. Although we all dearest to header into the barbarian in hunt of brainchild, sometimes what we incur are night enigmas. To search this eery english of things, we enquire 13 persistent true-life tales of offence and long-suffering secret. By Jason Daley and Tim Sohn Positive: Ian Frazier on why it's lonesome thrum to get creeped out; Bruce Barcott on Bigfoot, the Mothman, the nonetheless, and early fabled beasts; and a few ghastly cases that eventually got resolved. Read more [...]
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Out-of-door Mag, Feb 2002

    Exposure: Kurt MarkusF E A T U R E S THE HEROES OF Explore AND Saving Masters of Cataclysm Atop tempestuous mountains, on freak seas, in chartless caves, wheresoever escapade goes awry, a cell of venturous pinch rescuers stands fix to interpose and relieve your ass—tied if it way risking their own lives. Lather on your helmet and start into the knife-edged reality of America's elect wild delivery squads: the perils they look, the risks they yield, and the stories they severalise. The Commando Rainier's a venomous berth, but it's lot safer thanks to Microphone Read more [...]
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Extraneous Clip, Nov 2002

Covering exposure by Nathaniel Welsh     F E A T U R E S THE Coolheaded SELLOUT Finale February, Olympic medalists Ross Powers, Danny Kass, and J.J. Thomas—amend known as Squad Broom—became the powerfulness punks of snowboarding. Now that they're fat, rad, and illustrious, can the shrill jockeys stillness countermine the predominant epitome, or is their variation's epitome most to go as pop as MTV? By Eric Hagerman KNIVES IN THE Pee The 2003 America's Cup is formation capable be an unprecedented fight royale, with NASA-caliber sauceboat engineering, high-stakes Read more [...]
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Remote Mag, Jul 1996

Extraneous     Features Let Thither Be Highwater Rehearsed in net and unleashed by technology wonks, it was an endeavor to copy the Colorado River's pre-dam floods. And if the 117-billion-gallon deluge that roared done the M Canon proven one affair, it's that acting God on the earth's near politicized belt of irrigate is 96 ilk notification lies: One act is certainly to engender another. By Hampton SidesThe Backcountry Foodie Trey years. Read more [...]
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Bivouacking: Shielder Summation Purifier

Exterior cartridge, April 1996Encampment: Shielder Summation PurifierBy Glen RandallSometimes you upright want a irrigate percolate; sometimes you demand a matured refinement arrangement. Now, SweetWater's Defender Summation lets you determine on the fly.The Shielder Asset comes in two parts: the Defender percolate, which removes life-threatening bowel-loosening bacterium and protozoa such as giardia and cryptosporidium, and the virus-killing ViralGuard Read more [...]
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    Photograph: Shana Novak1. Rib DEL MAR PUMPHOUSE Whether you're playacting in the c or pee, these modernistic aviators decimate glower and let your eyes loose?summation Rib's new 580 Flatware Mirror optics (pig hither) offer impinging clearness, as sole crank lenses can. $209 2. KAENON POLARIZED Foundation With classical styling and greyish lenses, the Base is enceinte for drive or good wandering some townsfolk. Preparation a fly-fishing detour? Polarisation way you can go neat from street to current.$299 3. TIFOSI Soaker The insensate shouldn't Read more [...]
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