Dry summer – autumn mushroom

Mushrooms went together, and in large quantitiesauthor photo Vladimir region has always been famous mushroom places, but this year the hopes of the mushroom autumn there was none. The forests were burning everywhere, all the forest streams, peat ditches, marshes have dried up completely, it was a feeling that the water in the forest left at all.In the fall, of course rains were, but in general it also upheld the dry and warm. If usually in September, and even more so in October, the road to the forest became impassable because of the mud puddles and, in this year could pass without Read more [...]
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Again, hot summer?

June first is cool, nelaskov. Unstable weather is typical for the first two pyatidnevok.According to national signs, summer begins with flowering rose hips (6 June), summer begins at the phenology of the third five-day week, with flowering viburnum (June 13). Astronomically, summer begins with the solstice, June 22, when the Sun passes from the southern to the northern hemisphere. Normally less changeable summer than winter and spring, and up to its «average» appearance.Folk omens for this summerIf the cold in January, July is hot and dry. In January, a lot of frequent and long icicles, Read more [...]
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What will be the summer of 2012

In the folk calendar, summer begins with flowering rose hips (6 June) at the phenology summer starts with the third five-day week, with flowering viburnum (13 June), the astronomical summer begins with the solstice, June 22, when the Sun perehoditf from the southern hemisphere to the north. Anton Zhuravkova Typically June is cool at first, nelaskov. Unstable weather is typical for the first two pyatidnevok.snowy winter – to the long spring and rainy summer. The winter was snowy and prolonged spring. Summer can expect rainy.Winter Summer builds. As winter falls summer. Winter Read more [...]
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Rain, so the expected and necessary for all life, finally "took place." First, politely and shyly murmured almost inaudibly, scratched first, barely had time to reach the tiny droplets on the roof of a greenhouse, and for a moment, as if listening, silent. Then, emboldened, he began to gain momentum, tapping although still rare, but substantial enough, tyazheleyuschimi drops around that came in his way. Finally, he rustled the leaves of oak overhead.Oak this up on my site for gardening itself, the nature is so ordered. When it first, even the tiny, samples of soft green shoots in the grass, I stopped Read more [...]
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- Well, yesterday was the fishing?- Oh, just an ordinary day, an ordinary fishing ...- Nothing special, nothing interesting is not it?- Yes that there may be special. Lure, bait thrown when pecked cut down, caught a dozen goldfish.Here such, or approximately the same place I had a conversation with a familiar fisherman. I marveled at what he called the usual fishing. So, could not or failed to notice the unusual in a normal day.Winter this year has been crazy, but spring and did ridiculous. Storm and not heard the beginning and at the end of May. After a damp and cool weather suddenly suddenly Read more [...]
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Summer whims roach

WATER RESERVOIRS WITHOUT FLOW     Food supply for the small fry is now a splendid. Caddisflies, bloodworms, worms, mosquitoes, midges, pollen from trees, young thread algae - all this diversity is provided in the form of a peaceful fish feed. As a result, the roach has otela and began to act up in the choice of food. Moreover, it is interesting to catch.     Personally, I usually start to catch roach summer now in small lakes and quarries. Reservoir just too lazy to go specifically, but all the patterns of fishing on the pond saved for reservoirs in full as a small fishing and small pond Read more [...]
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Karelian seasons. Summer

Otkipela new moon on cherries and covered with white confetti Creek. Faded white hats viburnum. On the river there has aquatic vegetation, even weak, rare, shallows thicker. Water lilies threw brown-green buds. Zapoloskalis ducts for low-willow branches. PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Dismisses river fry eggs; schuchё changed teeth again drive on Pleso melochishku. Chub on rapids booze tails — stifled even feeble, sweet strekozok. AT Nudel air midges. Fresh Rosny sunrises, sunsets flared crimson sultry summer. That's fly mayfly, usyplet water crisp, clear Read more [...]
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Summer on Fire

Let us remember 2010, when Moscow hung over the smoke from the fires. Its density in the morning was such that it was difficult to see neighboring houses a hundred meters. It's the smoke from burning peat and forest fires.Photo by Dmitry Kashirina Summer time record dawned hot and dry. Forest fires: evil or good? It seems that the answer is obvious. But not all so simple. The fires needed in nature. On the ground, burnt areas, start to grow low forests, grazing elk, wild boar and other game. Another issue is that instead of fighting a similar effect is achieved by felling forests Read more [...]
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Summer dawns on Voloshne

Even novice spinning know that to go on pike without durable metal leash — it is almost hopeless. FROM Lesko, in including braid, spotted predator crushes easily and just. Exceptions, however, are. For example, if you are felled on the edge of her lips. But often it happens so that when fishing for chub, ide, chub and other predators lure unexpectedly attack the pike. Over a rather narrow bay, framed mixed forest and above the Voloshney slowly dissipate torn shreds of night fog. Indescribable beauty. Three days in a row short Read more [...]
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Summer care donochnikov

Sometimes when fishing feeder uses pop-feeder spiral that easy to make yourself. It is enough to push the center of the spiral and make the middle of the trough foam ball. The ball and the spiral must be balanced so that freed from the groundbait feeder when removing floated above the bottom. This is particularly useful when fishing in areas where the hooks are possible because of the presence of benthic barriers.The advantages of bottom gear primarily include the fact that it can be caught from the shore in cramped conditions, throwing bait at a considerable distance, which keeps Read more [...]
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The bait for winter open water

Applying the areas of open water winter Bologna flywheel rod or a fishing rod with a lateral nod and jig, sometimes use different types of baits, including cooked Summer principle. Of course, as much cold water usually work best bait containing incorporates a live feed. This is mainly involved with bloodworm coastal soil. However, there are a number of thermal lagoons and other water bodies, where for some fish work well different compositions vegetable baits. Moreover, fishing with bait on the principle of daylight can positively prove himself in the early spring, when the flood Read more [...]
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How I spent summer

Framing threshold rocks look impressive. Once again, the summer took me by surprise. Friends gathered on some northern river where there are strange fish, and on shores and berries mushrooms abyss. And I was not before. Earned. And I work hard once again he buried his dream. The only that I had enough, — this evening and to carve out to go on Leningradsky railway station to hold the men. What was going on there! Boats, paddles, fishing rods, backpacks, people ... And how much I I met old friends there! Everyone asked Read more [...]
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During the summer smaridoy

Many Crimean fishermen have long called this inhabitant of the Black Sea sea bass. Although, frankly, superficially, this fish is quite different from its namesake freshwater, but when caught on the hook for their affiliation to the vast global ocean squad percoid issue unless large enough prickly front fin on the back. Which, again, we must also find smaridy because it is not so hard and usually pressed against the body.Inhabited at the Crimean coast ordinary smarida lower body has an oblong, slightly compressed laterally. In most cases, gray or grayish-brown. Small schooling Read more [...]
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Summer bait and tips

The summer season is marked by the onset of many anglers the best time to catch white fish. Water is warmed, the fish spawned a long time, «otbolelo» and began to actively feed. This is a good reason to go to the pond, taking the gear — chances of successful fishing great as ever.Summer is good in that you can fish with a huge variety of plant and animal baits that is often ignored in cold water fish. A list of attachments is quite extensive and includes work as a permanent attachment on which the fish does not give up at any time of the year, and quite specific, Read more [...]
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Indian summer in Karelia

Every year in late summer - early autumn for already more than one decade we go to Karelia. Relax savages from the busy, bustling metropolis, breathe clean air, enjoy the autumn colors and the North of Russian, of course, to hunt, to fish, to annoy and nasushit mushrooms, gather cranberries or cranberries. In general, such labor holiday weekdays. Sometimes «crew» is at full family composition, and sometimes only the «skeleton». A «skeleton» — This we Nikolaevna and two three dogs. Mixed Shepherd — eight-Rex and two huskies: Karelian Read more [...]
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Before the word "Opening" Everyone understands that it is a duck. With this hunting and the hunting season began many, many years.For most (along with woodcock) duck hunting - these are the first steps on the hunting trail. Democratically, available in large quantities.Naturally, I was no exception, and my hunt begins with a woodcock and duck.Long lasted three months from the closing spring hunting and that's the long-awaited ... duck! Hardly were those who missed the event. Prepared thoroughly, business bustled in hunting shops stuffed checked, boats, twisted bullets ... and bought alcohol. Read more [...]
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In Moscow, a new deadly poisonous mushroom

Scientists are puzzled how a rare fungus could be in our latitudes,Refrain from collecting summer honey agaric mushroom strongly recommend mycologists. They found in the woods near Moscow poisonous mushroom as two drops of water similar to his brother's edible.As reported «MK» at the Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University, a fungus called galerina bordered never previously met in the capital region. Until now it is only occasionally found in the North Caucasus. Why is this a toxic body has expanded its range, scientists have not the slightest suggestion. Perhaps this is due to Read more [...]
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Cherdanskaya Campsite

In the vicinity there are several tourist Sverdlovsk bases. By purchasing a ticket through the trade union organization on one of them, you will provide a catering, accommodation, equipment for the holidays. Each of the hostels has developed routes in their areas, as well as organizing for tourists and vacationers radial routes in the surrounding area of ​​one to several days. To do this, the company where you work, is to make a preliminary application by the regional committee of the union. One such bases Cherdanskaya is located in the middle reaches of the river Syserti, about 40 kilometers Read more [...]
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Circulating climate factors KhMAO

As noted above, the dominant in the temperate latitudes of the northern hemisphere Western transport is one of the most important factors in the formation of climate KhMAO along with the influence of the continent. The combination of these factors, as well as the influence of topography give the atmospheric circulation over KhMAO some peculiar features that are not typical of more western and more eastern parts of Russia, and lead, in particular, to a large variability of the weather. Under the influence of the Ural mountains change their direction and enhanced cold surround invasion, and under Read more [...]
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Uktusskie mountains. River Patrushikha. Elizabethan pond

Uktusskie mountains are very famous even beyond the Urals: it held the All-Union and international ski competition, there is a series of ski jump (40, 80, 100), including the artificial turf for the summer training in the winter time work Resorts sports associations "Labor", "Dynamo", "Labor reserves"SKA. From the top Uktusskih Mountains offer beautiful views of the Sverdlovsk village Uktus and Nizhneisetsky pond. Historically, it is also interesting placeIt is here, on the river Patrushikha (in the old days was called Uktuskoy) flowing at the foot of the mountains, Read more [...]
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