Abnormally hot summer in Europe, will soon become commonplace

Abnormally hot summer, not typical for Europe, will soon become commonplace. This is the conclusion Swiss researchers from the University under the direction of Christoph ETH Cher, who compared the six current climate models in the region with eight older indicators. After analyzing the data, the scientists made a very unfavorable prognosis. As it turned out, from year to year during the summer growing number of so-called tropical days, when the air temperature exceeds 40 ° C. At the same time, according to the researchers, in the XXI century. intense heat will burn the old world more and more. So, Read more [...]
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Austria covered with snow on the eve of the summer solstice

Austrian weather continued fever: over the weekend the western part of the country covered with snow, the traffic on some mountain passes was paralyzed. According to local media today, it is - an unprecedented event for the country, because an unexpected winter returned before June 21, that is, on the eve of the beginning of astronomical summer. Today, the day of the summer solstice, which in Austria is the official beginning of summer. However, think about the heat is not necessary - in the west of the country in the federal states of Styria and Tyrol because of heavy snowfall over the weekend Read more [...]
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Top 10 summer diseases

Read more [...]
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Come spring, summer came. Thanks for that Party!

A little poetry ...What is summer? - This is heaven, In the sky, circling important old Messor. Without answering, he reads the article, Shakes his head wise Messor.What is summer? - This rock, It sneaks Nord with an ice pick, A GreyWalker done - our dentist stager Solo beats with a sick toothWhat is summer? - This LESHIY Torments tired grinder. And when the cow zamychit invitingly in the stall, He milked her, throwing welding.Summer fades minusovschik, He grazes on glades obese. And calm for your articles comrade Galushka, Battles for ratings izmuchal.Broken acacia and ficus, Walked Read more [...]
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In Moscow, hotter than Africa

In Moscow in recent days hotter than in Africa. These days in the capital of Chad, N'Djamena desert - only 28. And in the capital of Russia - to +34. And if the capital itself will be saved, then beyond this heat perceive cool. Across the country - "thirty." Warmed time zones from Moscow to the Far East. The temperature of the temperature of the body, so the body tends to fall into the water - it is cooler. Ministry of Emergency Situations watching synoptics - those watching the weather. Burning heat no better snow drifts. From the heat of the forest burn very quickly overheat transformer Read more [...]
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Five cities in Italy because of the heat assigned the highest level of risk

The national service of civil defense of Italy awarded five cities — Rome, Genoa, Sicily Messina, Frosinone (Frosinone) and Campobasso (Campobasso) in the center of the country — the higher the red danger level due to stifling heat wave which hit these days on the Apennines. According to the published Wednesday special Bulletin, ten cities assigned to the second, orange level alarm. However, on Friday in connection with meteorologists predicted a return to Italy African anticyclone, which will bring the country to the South 40-degree heat, the alarming list will Read more [...]
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In the Leningrad region have registered tornado. Video

Rare for the Leningrad region the phenomenon of tornadoes this summer almost settled in the region. The entire North-West Russia begin to compare with the American state of Texas. Fortunately, we have tornadoes are not very powerful. On the Internet there is mounting evidence of the appearance of vortices. Here are just a few places: Volkhov, Pine, Kolpino. By the way, in Kolpino tornado watch from the beginning of summer. Whirlwind there's even tossed and turned the car. Forecasters explain - tornadoes occur when extreme heat and humidity. This weather just ends hurricanes. Source: Read more [...]
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Because of the heat wave in Central Russia attack poisonous spiders

This summer, Moscow attacking spiders. Such of their number in the capital in years past was not observed: now predators lying in wait for the victim at almost every bridge over the Moscow river and other water bodies of the city, on the walls of houses, in trees, in the hallways and even inside the apartments. It is believed that arachnid middle band are not dangerous to humans, but it's not entirely true: we are individuals that can attack people, and to contemplate the evening, these hunters are not all pleasant. And although most of them are just common garden spiders, the situation is Read more [...]
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In the suburbs bloomed cherry

After the abnormally hot summer in Moscow region, Krasnogorsk 1 September bloomed cherry. As the correspondent «Interfax» flowering he found a Bush cherry, which grows in the courtyard under his Windows. In early August, the leaves of this Bush because of the heat dried and circled. The summer of 2010 was the hottest ever in the history of meteorological observations of Moscow and Moscow region, which has led to various environmental anomalies. So, in the Moscow river because of the heat wound up tropical jellyfish. And in the district of Strogino floodplain due to abnormal weather Read more [...]
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The shock of the summer

Abnormal, according to all indicators, the summer of 2010 will long remember Ulanova. NG decided to draw some conclusions three hot months Temperature In the Ulyanovsk region beaten temperature record. 2 August in the village of Canada (Mykolaiv region) recorded +42 degrees Celsius. This temperature was not in the field during the whole time of observation. Almost from may to August in the region was no rain, \" says the head of Ulyanovsk weather forecasts weather service Almira burnaev. - Soil drought began on 6 June. 24 days we lived during abnormally hot weather, excess temperature standards Read more [...]
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In the capital blossomed chestnuts and dandelions. Photo

The leaves of the chestnut dark, and the flowers bloom is a paradox of nature Photo: http://marinakavil.livejournal.com/ Candle chestnut flashed the \"Red gate\", the balls dandelions appeared on the lawns in \"Kolomenskoye\". The weather and nature does not cease to amaze: like Indian summer as a joke \"what Baba - this summer, does not indulge heat wave, but the plants in the metropolis some of his strange life. In our capital city the next natural disaster. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the Red Gate and on Sadovaya-Spasskaya flowering chestnuts. On some trees with candles came out Read more [...]
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Meteoroloji. To want — not bad…

...and even useful. Here's the Urals wanted and waited for this \"Indian summer\", with claims on the summer heat! For Ekaterinburg 25° in the second half of September - the record high temperature. Compare it to 5°, which took place ten days ago, and let's pay tribute to the patience of local residents and the whims of the Ural September, which on average is about the norm. In recent abnormally warm days daily record maximum temperature was also observed in Perm, Kurgan, Tyumen and other cities of the region. Source: Gismeteo.ru Read more [...]
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In Tajikistan, the snow

Tajikistan, September 25. In Tajikistan, the snow fell. The first cooling met the inhabitants of the mountain villages of Siddi. However, people are used to it, so to prepare for the winter began in the summer: - stocked with food, animal feed and coal, reporter ITRC \"Mir\" Zarina Abdurasulova. \"8 months of winter, the rest of the summer.\" These words from a song specially written for the residents of highland village of Siddi. On the eve of here first snow fell, temperatures plummeted to almost zero. And this is now, in late September, when the capital is about 20 degrees, but Dushanbe Read more [...]
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Chilling Sorts

Chilling sorts (entertaining tale ... and maybe not a fairy tale) - shooting in July 2010One good friend has a cottage in Karelia. In this country, as usual, there is a toilet. Friends say that when they were given a plot hole in it already was, and it remains only to put together a booth ... A month ago when someone forgot to close the door, a strong gust of wind it (the door) blew the fuck, and now she lies next:As part of our route, we stopped by Karelia to visit him, and then to the country. Without a visit to the toilet has not done. Imagine our surprise when sortirnaya hole instead Read more [...]
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In the Komi Republic for the summer killed 120 tonnes of trout

Farmers Komi summarize the abnormally hot summer. As reported on the meeting of the Committee on budget, taxes and economic policy of the State Council of the region today, 29 September, the Minister of agriculture and food Komi Sergey Chechetkin, due to abnormally hot weather the economy are experiencing problems with the feed. According to Sergei Chechetkina, in the region harvested only 73% feeds from the plan, it 20% less than last year. Suffered the most annual grasses, therefore, in the Republic of harvested silage only 30% from the planned volume. In addition, because of the heat in the Read more [...]
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Climate change 4 times increased risk of heat waves in the U.S.

September 5, 2013. Climate change in the past half century have increased the likelihood of abnormally hot summer in the United States, similar to the summer of 2012, more than four times, say the authors of a study published in the journal Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. Noah Difebo and Martin Scherer from Stanford University evaluated the impact of climate change on the frequency of abnormally hot summer weather in the United States, where the summer of 2012 was followed by an extended drought and forest fires, and July was the hottest month in the history of American meteorology.The Read more [...]
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End of the world is canceled?

Today climbed on the net and found an interesting statyu.Ochen positive in my opinion infa, and our ancestors is not too bast soup slurped! Today, at least go to sleep peacefully!Finally made it to us real information about the so-called "Maya calendar." These Indians - good, but narrow-minded guys - long ago gave calendar Slavic-Aryans who settled on this planet more than 600 thousand years ago ...Mayan calendar - a calendar is converted SlavsImmediately a number of serious scientists and researchers indicate that the famous Mayan calendar is under a more ancient source - Slavic calendar. Read more [...]
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If the abnormally hot summer abnormally cold winter?

What kind of weather awaits us this winter? The forecast, which recently issued Polish meteorologists, many were shocked. According to them, Europe will be frosty as ever for the last thousand years. Barely recovered from the unprecedented hot summer, it is time to prepare for an abnormally cold winter. Meteorologists already frighten 30-degree frost, who allegedly now will fall on Europe and Russia. But we still have time to prepare. To the promised forecast the winter for the last Millennium to meet fully armed, better to really stock up on warm clothes according to the weather service. Read more [...]
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Victims of the summer’s heat and smog were more than 40 thousand Russians

The Federal service of state statistics has calculated how many people skillfully from abnormal heat and smog this summer. Thus, according to Rosstat victims sultry August were more than 40 thousand Russians, including nine thousands of Muscovites. Mortality in the last summer month was a record: just died 192 thousand people. It is 41 thousand more than in August last year. Then the figure was $ 151 thousand. Read: The mortality rate in the capital returned to the previous indicator Among the causes of deaths, the strongest growth was observed in those that are associated with heat and smog, Read more [...]
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After the heat wave especially interesting forecast for the coming autumn and winter

20 August 2010. A lot about the weather, you can tell not only forecasters, but also specialists in other areas. They make predictions on their own methods and sometimes looking for answers in the past. The questions are answered by the Deputy Director of the Institute of Geography RAS Arkady TishkovQuestion: Good day, Arkady Alexandrovich. Floods in Europe, hurricanes in America, an unprecedented cold in Peru and Chile, in the end, sustainable heat in Moscow - this weather can't be an anomaly, right? Answer: No doubt about it. This anomaly, climatic anomaly, a weather anomaly. But we cannot Read more [...]
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