Arcsecond Wanting California Tramp Establish

An 18-year-old tramp befuddled in Trabuco Canon since Sunday has been establish and airlifted to a infirmary. Kyndall Knave was constitute desiccated and worn-out in Waterfall Canon astern a tramp heard her shouting for avail Thursday. It took a deliver squad 90 transactions to lift her from a absorb canon surround. One deliverer drop 60 feet into the canon during the outgrowth and too needed an lift.Rescuers constitute her company, 19-year-old Nicholas Cendoya, Wednesday nighttime, upright one-half a mi from the brace's car. Both teens are expected to shuffling a full-of-the-moon recuperation, Read more [...]
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Tramper Institute Deadened in Gunnison Home Common

Rangers in Gunnison Internal Commons let healed what they trust to be the eubstance of a tramp absent since Sunday. The unknown tramper obtained a license indicating he’d parting the commons on Saturday. When rangers establish his car at the trailhead Sunday cockcrow, they began a lookup of his intended itinerary.The consistency was set Tuesday in the common’s Lightlessness Canon, 1,000 feet beneath the canon’s southerly rim. The tramper is believed to birth fallen to his last. Rangers are presently attempting to retrieve the personify but sustain been hampered by an on-going Read more [...]
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Lacking Yosemite Tramper Constitute Idle

The eubstance of Kenneth Stensby, a 73-year-old tramper lacking since Sunday, has been establish at the fundament of a pop falls in Yosemite Subject Green. Stensby’s soundbox was spotty by searchers at the bag of Youthful Downfall former Monday and was cured noontide on Tuesday.Searchers began scrub Yosemite’s Fog Chase astern Stensby failed to counter from his tramp on Sunday as scheduled. He had been staying in the green for various years and had odd a billet with the Ahwahnee Hotel relation them when he expected to counter from his travel.Commons officials aforesaid in a assertion Read more [...]
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Crews Brand Procession on Big Meadows Flack

Flack crews made progression on a outside ardour in Jolty Batch Subject Common on Sunday, but aforementioned they feared eminent winds and lightning could efface approximately of their gains. The Big Meadows firing was 75 precent contained as of Sunday, with 604 demesne consumed. Blast managers aforementioned they would can one reconnaissance planer and a expectant chopper assigned to they incidental, and aforethought to freeing two genius crews.Likewise on Sunday, a fireman assigned to the blazing had to be evacuated by eggbeater subsequently woe a checkup pinch. Info officeholder Beak Kight wouldn't Read more [...]
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Baneful Storms Hit the Midwest

A serial of knock-down supercell thunderstorms furled crosswise the Midwest on Sunday triggering an eruption of tornadoes that dismantled towns and killed leastways 7 citizenry. According to AP Word, six multitude died in Illinois, which suffered the brunt of the tempest. The one-seventh dying occured in southerly Michigan.By Sunday aurora, forecasters at the Home Upwind Help had issued a rarefied PDS (Peculiarly Grave Post) twister sentry for Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin. This was the kickoff PDS sentinel since May 31, when a serial of tornadic storms ripped crosswise Read more [...]
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Hurricane «Xynthia» covered Europe. Photo

Andernos, France Hurricane that formed in the Atlantic and struck first on the territory of Spain, reached the French coast on Sunday night. He swept through the central region to the east of the country and across France got to Belgium. Wind gusts in some areas exceed 140 kilometers per hour. Together with showers, who accompanied him, the hurricane pulled down the dam, felled trees, tore off roofs, forcing airlines to cancel flights and delayed trains. Killed dozens of people, disrupted transport connection, there is no electricity.The number of victims of the hurricane struck France Read more [...]
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Duvansky district, village Mesyagutovo. Church of Elijah the prophet and the prophet Ilyinsky Monastery

During the Russian church authorities snachalaispolzovalas under machine-traktornuyustantsiyu later not ispolzovalos.S 1963 building Elias tserkvirekonstruirovali under cinema, hotyado that it tried to blow up. In 1994 the building was vozraschenoTserkvi restored parish. 28 dekabrya1998, Bishop. Nikon at p. Mesyagutovo bylobrazovan prophet Il'inskii muzhskoymonastyr. Elias Church with. Mesyagutovastala main farmstead. 1st namestnikmonastyrya - Abbot Sergius (Bezrukih) c 4 October 2001 Acting governor bylnaznachen Abbot Seraphim (Penquin), approved by the Holy Synod in dolzhnostinamestnika December Read more [...]
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SUNDAY SCHOOL uch. Head. with classes on Sundays for all comers. In Russia, emerged on the initiative of progressive intellectuals in the late 1850s, at the U. in 1860. In particular, in Perm. lips. in 1901 there were 32 VS, in 1914 only at the beginning. UCH-127 VS cabbage soup intended for illiterate and semi-literate slave., artisans cross. and their children. They were taught reading, writing, arithmetic principles, at certain history, geography, drawing, drawing. In 1864, monitoring of the religious and moral education was entrusted to the priests. In VS teachers worked for free or for a Read more [...]
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Temperature record in the UK

Sunday June 27, as predicted by weather forecasters, was the hottest day of the year in the UK, said in a statement posted on the Twitter-channel of the British Met Office. The air temperature at the meteorological station near the London airport "Heathrow" on Sunday afternoon reached 30.5 degrees Celsius. Previous temperature record this year in the UK was established on May 24, when the air in London warmed to 28.8 degrees. Languishing in this year of unusually sultry weather viewers Wimbledon tennis tournament, however, were able this time to escape the heat, as on Sunday at Wimbledon break, Read more [...]
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Heat Khabarovsk breaks all records

Forecasters registered in Khabarovsk on Sunday, June 27, the highest temperature for this day for more than a century of weather observations - 36,4 ° Celsius, told RIA Novosti on Monday, the Khabarovsk meteorologist. "In the last three days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday - Khabarovsk were exceeded absolute maximum temperature for these days for all the 110 years of observations. On Friday and Saturday in Khabarovsk temperature reached 34 ... 35 °, and on Sunday - 36,4 °, which is more than the record June 27, 1987, when it registered 32.6 degrees, "- said the meteorologist. He noted that the Read more [...]
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Another landslide in China

The number of victims of landslides in northeast China on Sunday had increased to almost a hundred people, hundreds of residents remain under the rubble, according to local media, referring to the rescue. Torrential rains fell in the night from Saturday to Sunday on County Jocul in the Tibet Autonomous region Gagnant in Gansu province. The disaster has caused numerous landslides, breaks, transmission lines, spills, lakes and rivers. In currently known about 96 killed over a hundred people injured. According to the leaders of the rescue operation, yet managed to save 680 Read more [...]
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Storm on the Black sea has claimed the lives of six people

The storm continued on the Black sea, in the resort of Yalta on Sunday ashore the bodies of four drowned people. In the Ministry of emergencies of Ukraine specify that the identity of three dead already installed: died Minsker, a native of Gurzuf and tourists from Lugansk. The fourth body of a drowned man not yet been identified. Previously «» reported that on Sunday morning in the area of Alushta drowned two residents of Kursk — they were washed out to sea by a wave. Rescuers Crimean emergency management to date, found the body of one of the drowned. Source: Read more [...]
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Hundreds of flights and trains cancelled due to snowfall in the U.S.

WASHINGTON, 27 Dec. Hundreds of flights and trains cancelled because of the snowstorm that hit the northeast United States. Train Amtrak announced on Sunday about the suspension of messages between new York and Portland (Maine), as well as between the cities of Newport news and Richmond (Virginia). The governors of the States of Virginia, Maryland and Massachusetts declared a state of emergency in connection with the approaching snow storm - it means changing Parking rules, and enables local authorities to dedicate more resources to overcome the consequences of the disaster. On Monday, in these Read more [...]
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In Samara fell brown snow

January 2, 2011. In the night of Sunday in Samara snow with shades of brown. Environmentalists immediately took the snow on chemical analysis. The analysis showed that the risk to human life is not. As reported on Sunday the head of the press service of the regional EMERCOM Michael Metelkin, most likely brown snow — the consequences of a sandstorm in Kazakhstan. A similar phenomenon could be observed in March last year, the inhabitants of the Amur region, when dust storms in Mongolia in the region, the snow is yellow, reports \"Interfax\". Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Tourist note: Do not jump with a parachute on Sundays

Florida, United States. United States have become famous all over the world dozens of useless and obsolete laws, that no one bothers to cancel. So, girls, if you are in Florida, before a parachute jump, a look at the calendar! The fact that unmarried ladies, specializing this on Sundays, can be brought to administrative responsibility. About married says nothing. Certainly, it is understood that on the weekends they are so loaded with household that such joy in their time left. Read more [...]
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For tourist: Kayaking family of Uglich

River Pirate!Kayak tour for lovers of comfort(B. Uleyma, p. Yuhot)A day or 2/1 night (every Saturday - Sunday from May to September)Wanted weekend, but such later to remember and tell your friends! You are not mistaken, such vacation will you find on this tour. All what secretly want: quiet river plains, nightingale at dawn in the mist and naturally soft songs in the evening bonfire!The program of the tour:1 day(Saturday) 11-00: Meeting in the town of Uglich, familiarity with the instructor and chef, issuing sports tools;11-30: Check out the beginning of the route, lunch Read more [...]
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A series of earthquakes in Ethiopia and the eruption of the volcano Kit

Eighteen earthquakes occurred in the South red sea A series of eighteen aftershocks of magnitude from 3 to 5.6, struck the countries of Eritrea and Ethiopia, which are in the southern part of the red sea. The first earthquake of magnitude 5 have occurred last night, eleven and a half hours ago. After the interval was followed by other tremors. With a final push, a magnitude 4.4, recorded five and a half hours ago. Note that the average power of the tremors was about 4. Information about casualties or damage through foreign news agencies, have been reported. As you know, the Red sea is an inland Read more [...]
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New Fastness Immortalise on Appalachian Tail

A 27-year-old womanhood set a new all-time fastness disc on the Appalachian Lead on Sunday, screening 2,180 miles in 46 years 11 hours and 20 proceedings. Jennifer Pharr Davis, from Northward Carolina, rhythm Andrew Thompson's 2005 commemorate of 47 years 13 hours 31 transactions by more a day. Davis, no Appalachian Chase beginner, had set the women's speeding platter of 57 years, 8 hours, 13 proceedings in 2008. She began her 2011 trek June 15 on Maine's Rise Katahdin and plumed Georgia's Impost Hatful to a satisfying bunch on Sunday. Davis hiked near years from 5 A.M. until wickedness, finally Read more [...]
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Eubstance Plant in K Canon

On Sunday, green rangers healed the consistence of a man who went absent end workweek in the Chiliad Canon close Sixpence Beach. Two backpackers had ascertained the man as he was tramp out of the canon on Friday and, determination him disquieted by the estrus, urged him to counter with them to the river. When the duet returned to the tail on Saturday, they plant but the man’s deserted camp and no foretoken of the tramper himself. They subsequently alerted rangers, who launched a look process by eggbeater. The bunch spotty and cured the man's consistency in a backwash supra the chase on Sunday. Read more [...]
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Failure in Jefferson city, United States

On Sunday, heavy rain in Jefferson city has resulted in a failure on the Hub Street and the subsidence of the road surface. The storm that swept across Jefferson city on Sunday morning, has not passed unnoticed. Old pipe storm sewer on the Hub Street street between West main and West McCarthy, founded in the 1920s, when this residential area was established, collapsed due meek, but heavy rain on Sunday, and left the failure of about 1.2 m in diameter and 1.2 m in depth. After a day of failure using video cameras, the utilities stated that maintenance crews will make a \"patch\"to open the road Read more [...]
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