Nizhny Novgorod Sunrises and sunsets

That otpolyhali on spring hunting bivouac fires, rainfall has rung passionate decoy spills, died down echoing rifle blows. Another spring hunting season came to an end. Another read page of the book of hunting travels ...Photo by Sergey Fokin This year, the spring hunting season I was lucky enough to spend on the Nizhny Novgorod land among my old friends — Ivan and the Jura. Because we were specifically dedicated to the spring hunting calendar holidays, then our plan envisaged to meet the two season-opening — in the south and north of the region. We were going to hunt Read more [...]
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Field output Podolsky Center 02.01-06.01.2013g.

Well, here's how it proiskhodilo.Otchet not full, and confused, so ask questions, and remember something else and sunset will correct and add if that ... So-output multi-day training students Podolsky Center, attended by all age groups, even the younger trained kazhny day, in the morning came the evening subsided, Part One night held at the base in zemlyanke.Programa was extensive, and perhaps begin with such an important part as a bivouac work bivouac camp fire, the organization points obogreva.V drying firewood, carrying them even participated small, and many of them have used an ax and not Read more [...]
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survival tips

The usual method is to find the time to sunset with your fingers. It is useful to know how much time is left until the moment when the sun will hide behind the horizon and begins to darken. Not important, whether you are Hiking or just chilling somewhere in nature, it is better to prepare in advance for the night. There is a very conventional method to find the time before sunset with the fingers of your hand.As a different source, all you need to do is to pull the hand so that the sun seems to lay on your index finger. Now consider the number of fingers to the horizon. If you have more or less Read more [...]
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The League of Extraordinary Patriots again or visiting Sunset.

The League of Extraordinary Patriots again or visiting Sunset.Hello again! Such a drive and positive energy I did not get for many years! From January 31 to February 3, on the basis of the camp "Dream" by Archpriest Podolsky conducted regular fees for military-patriotic education of youth. The event was organized as always was Sunset. zakat. /Calling him later all, I still remain a place on this great ship-minded. Ok, so let's go!DAY ONE Arrival.Safely to the camp sites that appeared in the main body is gone, but especially for us discovered the adjacent building and settled Read more [...]
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Visiting Sunset or report with its bell tower. Continuation.

Start here: from the site to the camp, I decided to clean up the mess in your backpack, because there walked mom with an army, not without my help, of course. All laid on the bed and then received an urgent command to exit to another site. All grabbed backpacks and ran out of the room, but I also had to leave everything back, and I realized that "after Mamaia" I still had a relative order. Running out into the street saw the car leave the camp. Tatiana ran track and said that visits will be more. Although I guessed that the car was already full, and therefore Read more [...]
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Visiting Sunset or report with its bell tower.

Visiting Sunset or report with its bell tower.Long wanted pouchavstvovat in such events at Dusk. And finally managed to escape. Earlier it was planned to dock in Moscow and Dmitry Boatswain (orskdealer). But unfortunately Boatswain unwell and we went together. The problem was one (for me) - is the lack of information. With questions like I got all! But better perebzdet than nedobzdet! And despite the fact that I put half of the cargo, its volume is still not pleased with me, and the more weight. We are not looking for easy ways! We had to take the car directly from the station, but in a way Read more [...]
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Sunset Weekender/Gym Bag

Lilypond Sunset Bag     Exposure: Courtesy of Lilypond

Lilypond’s Sunset Weekender/Gym Bag organizes the changeover from sour animation to passive privileged Zen with six zippered pockets, a principal compartment, and adjustable straps. Evening Lululemon’s joint-protecting, five-millimeter-thick The Mat fits interior.

Sword: Lilypond$99
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Orange sunset in the south-west of France

Beautiful orange sunset observed in south-western France, Reuters reports. Powerful clouds, lit from below the lowest of the year the sun, gave an unusually bright, vivid orange tones.

By happy coincidence the photographer managed to shoot against the orange beauty flock flying away to warm geese.

Unusual photo made Dec. 22 in the south-west of France.

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Solar halo in Perm

January 25 Perm residents witnessed Solar halo in the sky that lasted until sunset.Here's what he writes images Lena Rodnikprikamya: "I'm watching the Jan. 25 halo, was surprised by the beauty that is before me at this day and the fact that the halo was kept in heaven until sunset! The sun slowly hid behind the horizon, and, in practice, it was not visible because of the clouds, and the halo stand fast in my joy and surprise! I share with you my fotovpechatleniyami! It was the most enchanting halo for the time of my observations. When I looked at it at sunset, that by itself I have Read more [...]
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Solar halo diamond sunset. South Ural, Orenburg region, Novokievka

In the Orenburg region Novokievka observe the solar halo. In addition, witnesses say Observatory of the Sun at sunset, which was visually - Lozenge.Photos by (member of the local meteokluba): "It started last night, when the temperature began to fall clearings. By midnight, it was already slightly below 20 degrees. Light wind and preserved. Night-time cooling of the wind was not strong, and in the morning my sensor recorded minimum temperature of -22.4. I saw myself in the morning only -22 on an ordinary thermometer. Generally the sun at sunset was a strange. I'm used to, it is usually Read more [...]
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Strange huge pillars of light in Brazil

December 17, 2012. The author writes: \"In the end of the day happened at all something strange during the sunset through the clouds causing the reflection effect on the opposite horizon, and we see the footage\". Source: YouTube Comment: Protivokomarinye rays (eng. Anticrepuscular rays) - diverging fan of rays observed at sunset from the side opposite to the sun (i.e., East). Protivokomarinye rays in nature and visually very similar crepuscular rays (eng. crepuscular rays), but unlike them visible from the side opposite to the sun. Cm. also pictures atmospheric phenomena. Read more [...]
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