Legally put on record the ATV is practically impossible

Queues for the registration of the car in the traffic police seem to be nothing compared to what awaits the owners of ATVs and snowmobiles, wanting to put the equipment on the account in Gostekhnadzor. After spending a few days in an attempt to register a significant number of citizens decide to travel at all without numbers.One of the main problems is that there is no single Gostekhnadzor schedules for vehicle owners, and days of admission to the capital and the region vary greatly, and for the production of motorcycles registration required many additional documents.Thus, in addition to the passport Read more [...]
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Untouchable food supplies

All at the disposal of wrecked human dolgosohranyayuschiesya products constitute emergency reserve. You can use it in a pinch. Unfortunately, often a person starts saving only after he had left the last biscuit.I remember situations of conflict arising in the sea due to the fact that most starving crew members insisted that it is easier to go hungry when there's nothing left than chronically malnourished, watching the foods gradually deteriorate!In other words, they offered time to eat all the food, and then forced "fold the teeth on the shelf". Alas, such a straightforward logic is typical Read more [...]
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Jamaica is not enough drinking water

Severe drought in Jamaica caused serious disruptions in water supply in hospitals, schools and homes. The government was forced to spend millions of dollars on temporary help to save the situation. About 100 of the 460 water supply systems in the country, which are under the responsibility of the national water commission, affected by drought. The amount of water in them was reduced by 50-70%, according to a representative of the Commission, Charles Buchanan. "We have some customers who have not experienced such drought for the past 23 years," - he added. Last week, the Government of Jamaica Read more [...]
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The heat has left Eastern Georgia without electricity

Unusually intense heat, led to a temporary cessation of operation of high-voltage power lines on the West of the country, caused a power outage in Tbilisi and most surrounding areas and cities. In the last days in most parts of Georgia, the temperature is kept at around 37 - 40 degrees Celsius in the shade. On the eve of the day in almost all cities and regions of Eastern Georgia was disconnected the power supply. As a result of termination for one hour of electricity supply in Tbilisi was stopped the movement of subway trains. Several thousand passengers in cars and stations, out Read more [...]
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In the regions of pure water becomes a luxury

Lake went under the earth completely. The funnel began to fill with ground water. Near Moscow more smoke than fire, and in some regions the situation is different. In the Nizhny Novgorod region the flames of a forest fire with a speed of 80 kilometers per hour rushes to the villages. The offensive trying to stop the fire trucks and heavy tractors. Dozens of residents of the village of Great Ivanovo region per night became victims. Firefighters were waiting for the fire to one side here, but the wind changed direction. Evacuees will have to live with relatives. In the Samara region is in trouble Read more [...]
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In the Perm region ten thousand peasants were left without water

Experts of Rospotrebnadzor Perm banned to supply water into the houses of the village of New Lyady from the Sylva river. As a result, ten thousand inhabitants the second day without water. Because of the heat wave in the river Sylva several times increased the number of algae. Algae accumulate in the shallow water and rot, while river water is allocated manganese — its concentration in the river has reached such a number that the township filtration plant was not able to deal with it. Eventually sanitary doctors took the decision to ban the supply of the Sylva. Now and specialists, Read more [...]
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Normally live!

Records 1st place in the world in proven reserves of natural gas (32% of world gas reserves); 1st place in the world in production and export of natural gas (35% of global gas production); 1st place in the world for oil and the second largest of its exports; 1st place in the world in proven reserves of coal (23% of world coal reserves); 1st place in the world reserves of peat (47% of world reserves of peat); 1st place in the world in forest resources (23% of the world's forest resources); 1st place in the world reserves of salt and the second largest reserves of potash; 1st place in the world Read more [...]
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Natural tin +

Since many people here make food reserves in case of BP, and most of these stocks make Pickled products such as canned meat, condensed milk, canned vegetables and etc ... I propose to look "habitat". Original plate. This food could be called a dream Oblomov in a tin. Canned very convenient for buyers: tasty, long kept, it is not necessary to cook. However, they - the temptation for unscrupulous manufacturers. In opaque bank can hide anything. Still preserves open only at home. SRI specialists canning and Vegetable Drying Industry, Research Institute of Brewing, nonalcoholic wine industry will Read more [...]
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Without electricity due to bad weather remain 13 thousand residents of three Russian regions

Due to the bad weather almost 13 thousand inhabitants Kursk, Belgorod and Orel regions remain without electricity. Work on restoration of the power supply is de-energized settlements continue. They will be completed before the end of the day. October 28, 2010 in the storm winds with gusts up to 18 meters per second and sleet on the wire transmission lines without electricity remained almost 58 thousand people. In the Kursk region, the electricity supply was disrupted in 60 settlements. At 18 hours, according to the Central regional center of EMERCOM of Russia, without electricity remain a number Read more [...]
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In Transcarpathia flooded 1133 economy and 13 bridges. Photo. Video

Na morning, December 10, in the Transcarpathian region due to bad weather flooded 1133 households, 214 basements of houses, 404 wells, 121 ha of agricultural land damaged about 305 btw, coast protection and 6 thousand 200 LM of roads, 4 concrete and 9 wooden bridges. As reported ZAXID.NET in regional emergencies Department, suffered the most from the weather settlements Svalyava, Vinogradov, Agency, intermountain, Khust, Perechyn, Tyachiv, Irshava, Rakhiv and Mukachevo areas. Recorded 5 mudslides, and disconnected from the power supply 10 settlements completely and 10 partially suspended Read more [...]
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More than 60 thousand households in Northern Ireland were left without water

In Northern Ireland on Sunday to continue the disruption of the water supply. She went out about a week ago, when as a result of unprecedented frosts in this part of the United Kingdom began to burst pipes. About 60 thousand homes today for 12 hours were disconnected from the water supply. At this time, the local water company filled the tank water level has dropped below a critical level. The water in the tanks periodically dry up because of the constant leak of thousands of burst pipes. Therefore, utilities have to resort to «fan off» water supply for filling storage, transfers Read more [...]
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Snow left in the dark over 30 thousand Astrakhantsev

February 6, 2011 as a result of complex adverse weather phenomena on the territory of the Astrakhan region there were power failures, associated with damage to transmission lines and disconnect feeders (453 transformer substation 8,98 kW of power). At 10.30 in 7 districts of the region without power supply (partially) remained 35 settlements, residential buildings with a total population of 31102 man, 78 socially significant object, 14 boilers. Violations of water supply no. All sources of water supply, boiler connected on a temporary basis. To prevent a disaster involved 66 people and 15 vehicles, Read more [...]
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In Sochi repair crews are trying to restore electricity to homes

Without light remained apartment is almost seven thousand residents of the resort town. Due to hit the Sochi shower was 140 is de-energized transformer substations. For elimination of consequences of disasters caused additional crews from the village of Krasnaya Polyana, as well as Lazarevskoe and Khosta district of Sochi. It is reported that the supply of electricity in many houses is difficult, because the basement flooded and the walls are damp. In such conditions, the resumption of power supply life-threatening. How long will the dry wall — still unknown. Source: The first channel Read more [...]
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Georgia: Oil instead of water

on 4 September. In the Georgian village Barchana in Batumi (Adjara) of cranes instead of drinking water is the oil, said on Sunday the Agency «News-Georgia» with reference to InterpressNews. According to the publication, contaminated the local water supply system, local residents have failed water heating appliances and washing machines. Residents use rainwater for drinking. Experts attribute the circumstances of the emergency rehabilitation works on the water: because of them in the area is often cut off the supply of drinking water, resulting in water system gets oil from nearby Read more [...]
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In Finding there is not enough water because snowless winter

on 7 February. On the background of the water deficit, which worsened in the village of Wrangell due to the dry autumn and snowless winter, became worried and residents of the seaside capital. And suddenly cranes will dry up and in their apartments: snow in Vladivostok there, as well as in the city. But experts state. - Snowy winter does not threaten the water supply in the South of Primorye, \" they say in Primocanale. - Has the resources to supply water without restriction, even if it will not rain for several months. There and back water - shkotov and Stukowski, built in 2004, when because Read more [...]
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Australia is stored donor blood for 30 years

on April 30. Protected from natural disasters blood Bank and the centre for processing was opened in Melbourne in kapuso former car company. It is intended to cover the demand for the most important components of blood over the next 30 years. Melbourne Central processing blood, outdoor April 30, and cost the Treasury 213 million dollars, is the largest in the southern hemisphere. It can withstand an earthquake of magnitude 7 points and to operate autonomously without external supply of water, gas, electricity, and without sewage for four days.The Chairman of the blood service Australian Read more [...]
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Toronto has experienced an unusual storm

01/22/2013 Thunderstorm storm, accompanied by rain and winds gusting to 90 km / h, with twisted roots of trees and dozens of traffic light poles on the Gulf Uellers in Toronto. The storm raged so that from the Gulf to the land issued a set of ice blocks. Ice, moving towards the land, almost completely destroyed the local dock.Almost a day in most of southern Ontario in Canada, there were storm warning. Trees and debris blocked the road dock Rosedale Valley, connecting Bayview Avenue and Park Street in Toronto. Throughout the city swept a series of supply disruptions of electricity, leaving Read more [...]
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Shortages of water and heat for one day touched almost 250 thousand Russians

Accidents on the water supply systems of power plants and heating for the last day raised almost 250,000 Russians, the effects of PE are already eliminated, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, a representative of the National Center for Crisis Management (National Emergency Management Center) Emergency Ministry. "There has been a violation of the water supply in the two towns of Khabarovsk Territory and the Tula region (with a population of 156,000 people), power supply was disrupted in Dagestan (without light were two areas with a population of 70,000 people and 110 socially important facilities)," Read more [...]
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In Primorye, 35,000 people were left without electricity due to the accident

The accident broke the power supply to eight settlements Khasan district of Primorye, according EMERCOM in Primorye

According to authorities, the de-energized villages live about 35 thousand people, there are 48 social objects.

Emergency and recovery operation. While not reported, when the power supply is restored.

Category: Factors and accident
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Bishkek left without Kazakh gas in 20-degree cold

16/12/2012 Kyrgyz capital Bishkek left without gas in the 20-degree cold because supply constraints JSC "KazTransGas". Because of failures in electric several areas of the city off from the power supply. Now, according to the JSC "Kyrgyzgaz", Bishkek TPP runs on oil. Its reserves are sufficient to continue providing citizens with heat and hot water. Natural gas supply stopped for Bishkek TPP, in the areas of private building capital and its suburbs, gas consumption in the industrial plants in the north of the country. Air temperature dropped in Bishkek to abnormal temperature Read more [...]
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