Ide at the water surface

Ide – fish is beautiful, it is very interesting to catch. Ways how to take lots of ide. Let us catching surface.River ide prefers muddy areas, and loves the lake at night to go to utility bills in the reeds, where it can pick up from the surface of the insects. Summer menu at ide variety, it is practically omnivorous: molluscs, insects and their larvae, worms, Shelkovnikov, Malek, the young shoots of cane. Willingly eats grains and seeds, if they fall into the pond. In the southern regions of Russia, he takes even the berries, which can also catch the top. Summer ide suited Read more [...]
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Rainwater harvesting

Production of fresh water It is crucial for survival in any terrain. But in the jungle and the forest, and the steppes and mountains of rains. Somewhere very often, and in some cases rare, but go. Rainwater, that neither is fresh potable. So, when it starts to rain, it should not lose time in vain, and we must try collect as much rainwater. In this article we will talk about effective methods of collecting rainwater.It is necessary to fill the jar, and if possible any more capacity. Rainwater really clean, without salts and impurities. Rainwater – Moisture is evaporated from the surface Read more [...]
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Optical devices such as optical sights, binoculars, rangefinders very precious equipment, which, though designed to operate in harsh criteria, it is still often subject to contamination, and asks painstaking care. Of course, optical devices need special care if you want long they have served you faithfully. • Care for the Supervisory device.Will consider more General issues relating to the care of Supervisory devices. To them, first, you need to attribute everything to do with maintaining the cleanliness of the optical surfaces of the devices (lenses, eyepieces, filters), because we understand Read more [...]
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Filter NF 10

Found on the Internet now such a thing: Manufacturer's specs: Wearable filters SF-10, SF -50 and their modifications before assigned to clean fresh water from surface water sources, wells and pollution from natural, chemical agents, radioactive B SDYAV and BS in order to obtain drinking water. Individual filter SF-10 for the sustenance of non-urban survival in extreme situations. Source water quality indicators: fresh water from surface sources Turbidity - 200 dm 3 Salinity - 2 g/dm3 Colour - 200 degrees Contents OB, PB SDYAV BS mass destruction, according to TTF 7.1.206-92.Worth such a contraption Read more [...]
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On signs, on which a prescription footprint, huge impact external conditions such as the condition of the soil, nature of terrain, weather, time of year and day, the state of vegetation or snow cover. Traces rapidly recorded snow, sand or dust, changed and destroyed. The study of these configurations disposition traces eventually external criterion and is based mechanism for determining the limitation of the track, allowing to judge about the time stay in this place troops and equipment.In dry calm weather tracks left in the sand or soft earth, there are very clear, perfectly visible and therefore Read more [...]
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Commercial use of the Taz River. Anthropogenic impact.

Feature of the Taz River here gt; gt; The main reasons that affect the state of the river Taz: hydrocarbon production, human settlements, agriculture, shipping, rafting, mining of minerals, the introduction of the waters of the River Basin. Production of hydrocarbons. Economic activities in the river basin in the main Basin based on the extraction, processing and transportation of partial of minerals. The main wealth of the subsoil Basin Basin are oil and natural gas. Also conducted limited extraction of sand. On the terrain of the watershed Taz posted naikrupneyshie promising gas and oil fields Read more [...]
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Absorbed radiation Urals

Absorbed radiation is that part of the incoming radiation that is absorbed by the Earth's surface. Its value depends on albedo the reflectivity of the underlying surface, so the albedo varies throughout the year depending on its condition. Within the territory in question from October-November to April-May, and in the far north from November to June snow, t. E. Underlying surface has the same properties substantial part of the year. Due to the large reflectance of snow at this time absorbed less than 30% of the total radiation coming. Minimum absorbed radiation observed from November to January. Read more [...]
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Climate KhMAO

Given that much of the modern period occurs neotectonic uplift with amplitudes (0 to 200 m), and climate change are directed toward a periodic decrease and increase of moisture, it can be assumed that the main trends in the development of landscapes associated with these conditions. The trend of modern climate change is characterized by phases of low and high moisture. The last phase of increased moisture was recorded in the first 50 years of this century. The duration of such periods of peak-to-peak at A.V.Shnitnikovu [19] is 45 years old. In the 60s, 70s and 80s there was a relatively dry period, Read more [...]
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Source Tyuba

View Larger Map Water priemuschestvenno rainfall absorbed myagenko, rocks eroded by water Ufa plateau. As they say karstovedy-absorbing. Through underground channels and tectonic cracks water rushes markups channel. Unloading or egress occurs in plain rekiYamanelgi, a few kilometers from its mouth. At the point of exit on the surface Your Tube, Yamanelga itself nachinaetpostepenno come to the surface and flows into a creek. Joining right Tyubaznachitelno adds debit Yamanelgi. With all this power stain vodyrechki in whitish blue-green color. In place of the power in the riverbed is dovolnoznachitelnoy Read more [...]
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CONSERVATION Tools: atmospheric corrosion.

The basis for reliable operation of any mechanism, including small arms and guns, is a timely and constant care. The experience of operation of automatic rifle guns indicates that its wear is justified by the subsequent reasons: penetration of the bullet into the rifling when fired;the abrasion of the rifling when cleaning; the influence of powder fouling chrome coating and the base metal when fired; the influence of high temperature gases in the shot.For these reasons, the failure guns are 50 - 60% of the total number of failures. Only through preventive measures the failure rate of small guns Read more [...]
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The influence of topography on the formation of clouds

 Distribution of the clouds in the territory depends largely on the nature of the circulation processes of individual seasons, but at the same time throughout the year affects influence relief. In the winter, when the air is saturated with moisture, influence of the relief may be more pronounced. This is confirmed by changes in cloud cover at perevalivanii cyclones across the Urals. On the eastern slopes and the adjacent parts of the lowlands in winter Cloudy partially eroded as a result of downward movements or changes its structure. On development cloud formation and hence rainfall affect watershed Read more [...]
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If you fell into the water. What to do?

When a sudden loss you may experience shock and in time will no longer control their actions. How to help yourself? 1. To hold the breath and hold the nose in order not to nhlabatsi water. 2. Try to find standing on the bottom, if you are near the shore. 3. If a deep, try as soon as possible to get rid of the shoes and heavy clothing, so it is not pulling you down. 4. If, at the time of the fall you had rubber boots, don't throw them away. Turn the tops down, hold them under your arms, turning in the air cushion. So it will be easier to stay on the surface. 5. Get swim Read more [...]
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The influence of land surface on the climate

 The role of land surface in climate KhMAO lies mainly in the influence of the continent itself, within which it is located, and is manifested in different ways depending on the time of year. The influence of the continent manifested in the transformation of inflowing Atlantic from west and north of the Arctic air masses. This process is most powerfully manifested in the summer and is the warming of the sea air and further its moisture due to increased evaporation during this period. Very clearly traced the transformation of Arctic air masses in the summer when they move south. The influence Read more [...]
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Moscow will fall in underground sea

geological hazard map of Moscow Muscovites face a much greater threat than the global financial crisis, and even World War III. Russian authorities are aware of this danger, but hide it from the people of Moscow. Many people know about the so-called "underground Moscow Sea." Its existence was made by Academician Gubkin that proizvodilgeologicheskuyu exploration to detect oil directly at Moscow and its suburbs. Instead of oil, Academician Gubkin discovered a huge water tank, suggesting that this part of the sea, which at one time blanket Central Russian plain. For some reason, this part of the Read more [...]
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Suitable for soldering dishes.

Bought recently on the market for such a device. Requires no electricity, running on an open fire.TouringUniversal soldering without using a soldering iron and acid. Designed for brazing steel, including stainless steel, iron, cast iron, copper, bronze, brass, aluminum and its alloys, galvanized iron, enamel ware, ceramic and plastic products Braves t to 300 degrees and pressures up to 5 atmospheres.Terms of use Grind large sandpaper damaged surface 1 Ignite i die and cause the molten mass on the cleaned surface after 30 seconds, according to extinguish the solder molten mass.2. Strip Read more [...]
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Underground, the heater will melt the Greenland ice

August 12, 2013. Climatologists reported that unusually thin crust beneath the surface of Greenland partly explains the abnormally high rate of melting of its ice cap, as the hot magmatic masses beneath the surface serving as one giant «boiler», reports the journal Nature Geoscience. The temperature at the foot of the glaciers, and accordingly, their condition, at the same time depend on the flow of heat from the Earth and temperature fluctuations on the surface. Thanks in Greenland there are areas where the foot of the glaciers melt, and which are located adjacent to absolutely untouched Read more [...]
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survival tips

The lock and load ROPE FROM Plastic BOTTLES.• Material is any empty PET bottle, the smoother the side surface of the bottle, the better.• Remove the label from the bottle and cut off the neck a bit above the beginning of the narrowing. The desired cylindrical bokhoven bottle.• Parasnath the edge of the slice.• Cut in a spiral from the cylindrical surface of the bottle tape width of about 3-mm• Cut should be smooth without burrs. The more tape, so it is stronger, but then it will be shorter.• Finish cut the ribbon as you reach the bottom of the bottle (the end of the cylindrical surface).• Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Wobbler walker

Volcker born long ago in the United States. They conduct their ancestry to 1922 from the bait Zaragossa Minnow, betrothed after the street, "the Reds Lantern" in the town of Pensacola, Florida. In 1939, James Heddon began to create the bait of plastic, changing the title to the Zara Spook. Since then, much time has passed. Become better technology, new materials. Virtually all companies producing lures, offer their model Volcker.Abundance of shapes and sizes impressive at least some fisherman. But all models Volcker connects voedinyzhdy one - walker must move on the water Read more [...]
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\»Freezing rain\» went to St. Petersburg

In several districts of St. Petersburg on Sunday started \"freezing rain,\" said an employee of the city center. \"The intensity of the freezing rain is not great, therefore, is not expected to have such adverse effects as were in other regions.\" — said employee meteorologist RIA \"Novosti\". According to him, currently, the contrast between the temperatures at altitude and in the surface layer of the atmosphere is small. \"Now in St. Petersburg around zero degrees, and in the next few hours the temperature will be slabopolojitelen, so this phenomenon will soon stop\", — Read more [...]
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In Barnaul on the street Kutuzov came to the surface groundwater

on January 24. In Barnaul on the street Kutuzov came to the surface groundwater. On this day, January 24, reported the press-centre of the city administration.

At the scene blocked the traffic. Water left on the surface, floats and freezes, told in the city administration.

In the MOE about the withdrawal of groundwater nothing could not say, citing a lack of information.

Source: PolitSibRu

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