Can Recitation Trip Superman Ebb?

Ramping up your breeding propels ancestry to aside from the stomach—and stomachic juices everyplace you don't neediness them.     Pic: Jupiterimages/ThinkStockA:Bet you didn’t cerebrate this would come in your fittingness regime, but your gorge necessarily dearest during preparation, too.Acute workout can give to pyrosis and gastroesophageal ebb upset (GERD), and thither's a effective bump that ramping up your function may be causation your symptoms, says Walter Coyle, M.D., drumhead of gastroenterology at Scripps Clinic Torrey Pines in LaJolla, California. In fact, roughly Read more [...]
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When Should I Concern Some El Nausea?

Tents sprawled about the fundament of Backing Everest.     Pic: Meiquianbao/ShutterstockA:Yes it is a headache, evening though you’ll probably be o.k.. Everest Fundament Bivouac sits at 17,600 feet, and that’s eminent plenty to produce—on rarified function—black weather for masses who don’t contract precautions or regard the cautionary signs of el nausea. Near guided expeditions to Stand Encampment are heedful approximately ensuring that you acclimatise decently.The trouble that too many mount climbers deliver—and I’ve been hangdog of it—is Read more [...]
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5 Slipway to Fighting Asthma

Via Shutterstock    Exposure: Aleksandar TodorovicA:We posed your inquiry to Dr. Timothy Craig, father of Penn Nation’s Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Education Programme. “Inhalers may calm be essential and should incessantly be carried,” Craig says, but thither are pentad things you can do to assist debar your asthma symptoms sans drugs:WarmWhen asthmatics example, they frequently see bronchoconstriction, or a tapering of the airways in the lungs that restricts airflow. Indiana University researchers showed that wheezing athletes who finish a high-intensity, separation Read more [...]
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Remote On-line Archives

International cartridge, January 2000Page: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5Entire Steamer Beforehand When you do precipitate with a inhuman, use the "cervix normal," recommended by many sports physiologists to shape whether or not it's Hunky-dory to exercise yourself. If symptoms happen supra your cervix (fluid nozzle, sneeze, rough pharynx, but no febrility), elaboration isjust okay; if your troubles lie under the cervix (cough, sickness, aching Read more [...]
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Workout Could Aid Concussion Retrieval

A concussion is a discomposing footslog to your head, so it makes visceral sentience—evening to the aesculapian community—that prevarication rattling, really quieten should offer the quickest retrieval. But concussed patients whose symptoms conclusion thirster than tercet weeks may profit from acquiring up and workout, according to a late bailiwick by researchers at Canisius College.Preceding studies get shown that recitation helps knowledge and reduces symptoms of impression, and we cognise it improves counterbalance , says Karl Kozlowski, the investigator who spearheaded the field. Read more [...]
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Swine Flu (H1N1)

Swine Flu (H1N1)- A special form of the virus, which through long mutations took forms that can infect humans. The disease has claimed many lives throughout the world, because at the time of its occurrence and distribution it has not been studied. Until the first human cases of swine flu in Mexico, swine flu is not dangerous for humans and therefore not investigated in detail.Constant mutation of swine flu do not allow scientists and doctors to even predict the time and location of the next epidemic. Throughout the world, not so long ago adopted strict measures to prevent the spread of the virus, Read more [...]
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Mountain sickness

The intensity of altitude sickness, depending on the altitude. The most effective way to prevent altitude sickness is a preliminary acclimatization, the consumption of vitamins and carbohydrates. Important condition - complete rejection of alcohol and nicotine. First aid: reduce muscle strain, in case of fainting - artificial respiration, rest. Prevention: the appearance of the first signs of altitude sickness to halt until the body can not adapt to the new conditions. In very severe cases, it is recommended to go down, where mountain sickness itself will take place. Preventive agents Read more [...]
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Endocarditis - One of the most frequent forms of rheumatic heart disease, the most common cause of heart disease (over 80%), disability in heart disease and premature death. With the energetic timely primary care endocarditis (See) with surface and shallow valvulitom overlays can end without significant deformation valvular and without clinically detectable heart disease. Small, soft systolic murmur at the apex of the heart and a weakening of the first tone are signs of myocarditis, the symptoms of which overlap the symptoms of endocarditis. If, in spite of treatment, systolic! noise at the Read more [...]
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Encephalitis in children

Encephalitis in children is more common than in adults because children are not only all known forms of primary viral encephalitis, but rare in adults secondary encephalitis, resulting in infectious diseases and certain vaccinations (smallpox vaccination, rabies vaccination). Encephalitis in children are characterized by a polymorphism of clinical symptoms. Encephalitis should be distinguished from encephalitic reactions with no etiological specificity. They can occur at any infectious disease, and appear in the form of impaired consciousness and seizures in young children, delirium, hallucinosis Read more [...]
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Encephalitis with anthrax

Hemorrhagic meningoencephalitis can occur as a complication of any form of anthrax infection, but especially septic. There are so-called brain disease, in which the place is not revealed introduction of the pathogen, although the cerebrospinal fluid revealed a large number of anthrax bacilli. Meningeal and cerebral symptoms rapidly. Ends fatal disease with symptoms of deep coma.

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Rubella Encephalitis

Rubella Encephalitis there is a 2-6th day of the exanthema. Acute, subacute rarely, develop meningeal symptoms. All events can restrict serous meningitis syndrome. Less often the symptoms of focal disorders in the form of hemiplegia, ataxia. Sometimes disease begins with seizures, coma ending. A case of the disease by type of Landry's ascending paralysis. When rubella during pregnancy (especially in the first 4 months.) Are frequently observed defects in development (microcephaly, deafness, cataracts, heart defects).
In such cases, shows an abortion.

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Epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis-3

Clinical presentation and course. The incubation period for meningococcal meningitis lasts from 1 to 4 days, but it may take longer. Disease begins abruptly with fever up to 39-40 °, chills, headache, vomiting, sometimes with loss of consciousness and convulsions. Prior to the use of antibiotics, high temperatures lasted 7-10 days. Only in cases of abortive temperature was 24-48 hours. With time begun treatment by modern methods febrile period is significantly reduced. Fig. 3. Neck stiffness and crowding head at an epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis.The most constant feature of the disease Read more [...]
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Epidemic (lethargic) encephalitis

Epidemic (lethargic) Encephalitis (synonym: encephalitis A encephalitis Economy Class). Clinical manifestations of epidemic (lethargic) encephalitis varied. Temperature is more often subfebrile, rarely above 38 °. The fever lasts from a few days to 2-3 weeks. In the acute period, there was a moderate leukocytosis, mainly due polinuklearov, relative lymphopenia, eosinophilia. Cerebral symptoms are mild. Often it is a small headache and sometimes vomiting, heart rate may be a little slow in relation to body temperature. The most characteristic symptoms include sleep disorders: an irresistible Read more [...]
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Japanese encephalitis

Incubatory period 4-15 days. The disease develops very acute. Body temperature in the first day disease reaches 39-40 °, often stunning chills. There was a sharp headache, vomiting, impaired consciousness (delirium, confusion, stupor, coma). Occasionally you may experience bouts of motor excitement or seizures. In the study reveal: mild meningeal symptoms, increased muscle tone in the limbs with cataleptoid events (often), the unevenness of reflexes, pathological reflexes (Babinski, etc.), pronounced oral reflexes, lower abdominal reflexes (sometimes they do fade away.) In the acute phase Read more [...]
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Closed head injury

Treatment of traumatic brain injury Closed head injury - arises from blunt trauma and is characterized by symptoms of brain damage, with or without integrity against the skull. In this case, the skin of the head remain intact. There are three main forms of closed head injury - concussion, contusion and compression of the brain. Concussion (Commotio cerebri) - Closed mechanical damage of the brain to the development of a specific symptom of violations of its functions without clear focal deposition develops most often in trauma occipital and frontal regions. On the severity of the clinical picture Read more [...]
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Cystinosis - an inherited disease,  associated with metabolic disorders of cystine crystals are deposited in the tissues and cause various functional disorders of the internal organs. The disease manifests itself in the second half of life, a marked loss of appetite, weight loss, thirst, constipation, fever. Often found photophobia, enlarged liver and spleen. Gradually develop rachitic curvature bones, osteomalacia (see), and children behind in growth and development. Sometimes these symptoms are dominant. Then joins pyelonephritis, and children die from uremia. In acute disease course death Read more [...]
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Trauma ear nose throat larynx and esophagus

Trauma ear, nose, pharynx, larynx and esophagus arise from the effects of mechanical, thermal and chemical factors. Thermal factors of greatest importance burns from heat, ionizing radiation (radiation injury), And under the influence of low temperatures - frostbite. Chemical injury usually in the form of burns alkalis, acids. Distinguish between production and work-related injuries. Production called injuries while working in industry, agriculture, transportation, and other non-production related to household and outdoor injuries. Gunshot wounds in otolaryngology are more common in wartime. When Read more [...]
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Burn the larynx

Burn throat often occurs from chemicals and rarely wears thermal nature. Throat burns often are susceptible to this body of various strong acids, alkalis, ammonia, iodine tincture, methanol, etc. Their origin is possible in the home and in the workplace. Along with local phenomena, with burns throat very often reveals symptoms of the heart, kidneys, etc. Emergency. Greatest value may be symptom shortness of breath, which sometimes makes recourse to emergency tracheotomy, and severe general condition of the patient - to his hospitalization. Hospitalization of patients in LORotdelenie shown in Read more [...]
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Objective symptoms of spontaneous

The clinical diagnosis is often attach major importance not only feelings of the patient as an objective spontaneous symptoms, especially nystagmus, and reactions to the artificial stimulation of the labyrinth. But spontaneous symptoms of chronic occupational injuries are very rare. However, in respect of vibration disease in the literature provides evidence that "a neurological study, the vast majority of patients can detect horizontal nystagmus or long nistagmoidnye vibrations "(A. Melkumova). But does not provide clarification on the frequency of nystagmus. Other authors considered Read more [...]
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The mechanism of action of vibration

In modern literature, there is a tendency to attribute a dominant role in the pathogenesis of defeats maze frequency of vibration. In this case, based on the resonance phenomena, of which it was said above. This situation, we show the graphs relating to the dissemination of the body vibrations of different frequencies. They show that the vibration transmitted to the head with a frequency of up to 40-50 Hz. But now available clinical data as well as data on the physical parameters of vibration on different sites can not determine the role of different frequencies of vibration in the range of Read more [...]
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