Choosing a sleeping bag: Synthetic or fluff?

What heater you choose? This question is better to resolve before going to the store. Well, if you already have some experience in the tourist life ...What heater you choose? This question is better to resolve before going to the store. Well, if you already have some experience in the tourist life and you represent in any natural weather conditions will be traveling.But even if there is no experience, we analyze characteristics of a filler and can help you decide this is not a simple matter.Before considering fillers, it is necessary to clarify one point:not sleeping warm person, and the person Read more [...]
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STERLITAMAK synthetic rubber plant

STERLITAMAK synthetic rubber plant Regular. Sterlitamak, in 1962 obtained the first rolls of the product in the head. As part of the company formed by three Mfr .: to develop butadiene monomer, isoprene monomer and rubber in the total volume of approx. 500 thousand. Tons. In 1979 completed page. Second stage of the s-da by Mfr. isoprene and isoprene rubber. In 1992 the plant was converted into a joint stock of of (AO) closed. AO has ties with Belgium, South. Korea, Hungary, Finland, Bulgaria, Romania, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Poland, China, Czech Republic, Cuba, with the CIS countries and 30 Read more [...]
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Good day I would like to introduce to you the method how to break the synthetic rope naked hands, which taught me one a Navy submariner, at the far edges.

Not always at hand is a knife, but from time to time you want to cut the rope. Comes to the aid of our method.The rope is wound on the hand method as in the photo, a sharp jerk (or a few jerks) and she is torn. The principle is simple - she herself peretiraet.Best rope for practice - synthetic, which tied cakes. With considerable experience, can run on linen. One day, on a dare, I ripped this method (with 30 some jerk) tow rope (). Together with rope broke and hands, but the dispute was won :-)The video (shot only) is enclosed.How to break a synthetic cord hands 0:37Read more [...]
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For tourist: A few tips for choosing the thermal underwear

1. If you need thermal underwear for everyday wear you can actually choose what though - wool, mixed with cotton, a purely synthetic, etc. Need not only to be mistaken with a choice of thickness - fine linens for the warm, thick for winter.2. If you are an athlete skier, snowboarder or are fond of winter fishing is the best one would be like linen with natural fibers and purely synthetic. You is fundamental as the ability to drain away the laundry and its insulating characteristics.3. If you are a climber, traveler, kayaker, sailor, then your choice is limited to 100% synthetic fabrics Read more [...]
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New 3D-printer can print drugs using synthetic DNA molecules

This allows you to quickly and accurately design the structure of any drug and still be completely sure that every atom is in a special place of manufactured moleculesSynthesis of new drugs, even conducted in laboratories with the latest equipment, employment is very time consuming and leads often to the results are strikingly different from required. To solve this problem, created a new system Parabon Essemblix Drug Development Platform, which is a combination of specialized software-aided design (CAD) inS? Quio production technology at the nanoscale. This combination enables the production Read more [...]
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Which is better — down or synthetic?

Controversy about what is best - down or synthetic insulation, is not the first and is still far from being resolved. Here, for example, the opinion of the famous Russian explorer Vladimir Chukov expressed during his expedition to the North Pole. "More trouble with sleeping gear, warm jacket, gloves. They accumulated condensate and turns to ice. Group sleeping like an ice box, however, we can not sleep, without suffering from the cold. The main thing, of course, is that it is a synthetic insulation, which works in any condition. If we had a sleeping bag and down jackets, fur or wool, Read more [...]
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Synthetic resins

Synthetic resins - macromolecular compounds formed by the reaction of polymerization or condensation of chemicals (styrene, ethylene, vinyl chloride, epichlorohydrin, etc.). Getting products from synthetic resins (adhesives, paints, fiberglass, construction materials, etc.) is done by molding, injection molding, molding, spraying. In the manufacture of varnishes, adhesives, fillers and compounds mixed resin and hardener, plasticizer, filler or diluent. Most synthetic resins in its final form at normal temperatures are chemically inert and have low toxicity. Some of them have a stimulating effect Read more [...]
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Choosing a sleeping bag

To any field trips was really comfortable, and not God's punishment to seriously think about how to provide good nutrition and night comfort. Relatively recently, hunters, tourists, and all the traveling had a very limited choice of sleeping bags. Today, thanks to modern technology in any tourist shop provided more than a dozen different sleeping bags, different variety of consumer properties and characteristics. We want to help navigate this abundance and make recommendations that will help you not to give up on their purchase.Temperature settings Ha modern sleeping bags, indicate temperature Read more [...]
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White Chinese servants

So what exactly are the the same "synthetic", the danger is always emphasize knowledgeable doctors and lawyers? Focus on one of the synthetic drugs - on trimetilfentanile, also known under the name "Chinese white" ("Chinese white"). In 1979, American chemists have 0.2 grams trimetilfentanila and were delighted. As! A new drug to relieve withdrawal in drug addicts than all known to relieve withdrawal in drug addicts than all known analgesics (eg, morphine - five thousand times.) And a dozen or so years beginning Butlerov pets dissolute Russian higher education, Read more [...]
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Drugs. Conclusion

The material contained in this book is mainly based on data from foreign sources. This seems to us to be justified, as the U.S. and European experts are faced with a mass phenomenon of drug addiction and began the organized struggle against it is much earlier than we had - a few decades ago. Of course, the rich experience of foreign Addiction deserves close attention, but narcologists from the former republics of the Soviet Union, except the experience of foreign colleagues, to the realities of modern life and a number of specific conditions prevailing in our society. First of all, it concerns Read more [...]
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The classification of drugs and dependency types

All drugs in terms of their origin can be divided into two groups - natural and synthetic. The use of certain plants and their juices for a magical, therapeutic eyforogennyh purposes is as old as the world and how the human desire to protect themselves from physical and spiritual pain. Some of these plants have a calming, others - a stimulating effect. Separate group of plants that change the state of consciousness and cause hallucinations and visions. The term "synthetic drugs" refers primarily to the many substances that have emerged since 1939, causing different types of addiction. Read more [...]
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Influence of drugs of alcohol and nicotine on the fetus

The book highlights current understanding of the mechanism of transport of drugs across the placenta. Are clinical and experimental data from the analysis of the literature on the pharmacology and toxicology of the fetus. For obstetricians and gynecologists, pharmacologists, toxicologists. Foreword An extensive program of social development, provides for further expansion of activities aimed at protecting the health of pregnant women, the fetus and newborn. In this case, special attention should be problem of the influence of drugs on the fetus. Environmental impacts of the global spread of xenobiotics Read more [...]
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Reproductive period-1

Prevention of functional disorders of the reproductive system in this period is much more complicated due to the fact that there are many new factors that complicate the course of this period the woman's life: sexual life, pregnancy with different outcomes, contraception, gynecological diseases. Also important are psychological factors: family and work conflicts, occupational hazards, etc. First sexual experience - a very important moment in the life of a woman. In healthy young couple first sexual experience is virtually complications. However, complications may occur, which affect the Read more [...]
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What to choose — down or synthetic?

Pooh, by far, the best insulation to weight ratio - insulation. You have to understand that things are not "warm" you, and vice versa, and it can only be to reduce your heat loss. Heat loss, the smaller the thickness of the layer of air between the inner and outer walls of the sleeping bag. Recall the thermos, double glass windows, etc. So, down the least weight, filling the air and a specified amount - plus it first. That is why the down sleeping bags are so popular around the world. The second big plus - less than similar synthetic heater temperature, the size of a pack-packed Read more [...]
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